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Learning Resources Jumbo Farm Animals, Set of 7
List Price: $29.99

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Product Description

Let's take a field trip to the farm and round up the animals! Realistic details of barn animals provide hours of imaginative play. This set of seven durable plastic animals includes horse, pig, cow, goat, sheep, rooster and goose. Horse measures 7.5" H x 10" L.

  • Realistically detailed barn animals
  • Set of seven durable plastic animals
  • Horse measures 7 ? x 10
  • Hours of imaginative play
  • Award Winner

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect!
    These animals are just the right size for little hands. My 15 month old granddaughter loves them and enjoys trying to make the sounds she thinks goes with them. Very good for the imagination and completely safe to play with. I am very pleased with these animals....more info
  • 20-month old loves these animals
    I thought this toy was a bit expensive, but these are a nice size and nice quality. My baby daughter, 20 months, sets these up in a row and makes the animal sounds and entertains herself. It's a favorite toy in our house and worth the money in the end, I think they will last a long time....more info
  • Poor quality for the price
    I agree with the other reviewers who have said the quality of the animals is quite poor given the price! My 2 yo thinks they're great, though, which is why I gave this set 3 stars overall. When I looked at similar German-designed animal sets which sell for about the same cost I was very disappointed with this set -- the paint job is poor, the seams where the heads connect to the body are prominent. Just poorly made!...more info
  • Great infant toys- no batteries!
    My 9 month-old got these for Christmas and they are just perfect. She enjoys inspecting them and I talk about the names of the animals and the sounds they make. I know she will use them for a long time. The child I watch is almost 2 and he LOVES lining them up and making their sounds. They are fairly light, so when the kids whack each other with them it won't hurt much! The sizes are good and the paint is well done for the low price. I just hate when toy animals have human-like dopey expressions and these don't! The jungle set is just as nice (we got that, too)....more info
  • Over-rated for the price! Bad craftsmanship. Dissapointment!
    Bought all 3 sets (jungle animals, domestic pets & farm animals) based on the raving reviews but only to be disappointed! Thank goodness though I bought them on sale, it's definitely not worth what they are charging for! Poorly crafted, the bigger animals (dog, gorilla, horse, cow) all appears to be "decapitated" - the sewn line right around the animal's necks; Mr. Giraffe occurs to have a severe hemorrhage - rather unpleasant!. Where the sewn line met, edges are jagged, bad paint job (lead based paint?) not that realistic as some reviews claimed.
    My 18 month old son did have a blast with them (bravo for those jumbo sizes); however to an animal friendly/loving/savvy parent, it's rather disturbing to have to explain to the young child why the cat and the dog (catzilla & dogzilla?) are much bigger than the cow!
    Paid almost 3 figures for all 3 sets (total of 15 animals). Look around - I found same quality, tag smaller animals for a fraction each at Walmart. Only set-back with those from Walmart are that there is only limited variety of animals. Ugh, we could have had a safari of 90 animals at that price!
    ...more info
  • Very realistic.....Large
    Very realistic and the large size are great for small hands. Worked very well with the large John Deere Barn purchased at the same time. Highly recommend....more info
  • Not Impressed
    I ordered the Jumbo Farm Animals, the Dinosaurs, and the Jungle Animals. The Dinosaurs were the only ones worth the money. The horse and the Elephant (Jungle) do not stand. The legs are not all the same length, so they tip over. My 2 year old son loves playing with them, but I just don't think they were worth the money. I was definitely disappointed. Like another reviewer mentioned, the animals all have rings around their necks where they were molded together. The size is good, but the quality is bad....more info