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Peerless ST660 Universal Tilt Wall Mount for 37"- 60" Flat Panel Screen with one Touch Tilt
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Product Description

The ST660 delivers enhanced screen compatibility, accommodating large flat panel screens including those with VESA? 800 x 400 mm hole pattern. Its open wall plate architecture delivers placement flexibility and increased electrical and cable management access. Unique pre-tensioned universal tilt screen adapters provide one-touch tilt viewing angle adjustment completing the perfect flat panel installation.

Customer Reviews:

  • Saved me plenty of work.
    I purchased this mount after much research. I had originally purchased another brand's mount for 3 times the price... and 3 times the trouble to mount my 52" LCD on. At the end, this Peerless mount saved the day. My TV was secured on my wall in about 40 minutes. Great product designed for quick, easy, and secure large LCD TV mounting....more info
  • Not Quite
    The product isnt quite what they say it it. Really doesnt tilt the way I wanted and I even had to modify it a little to work the way I wanted. Overall it works just fine but this whole ONE TOUCH TILT is a lie bc it really doesnt tilt at all. All things considered its a good deal for the price. ...more info
  • Pay attention -- this is a well made wall mount.
    Read the instructions several times. They are very poorly written. The online support at[...] is very good -- use it.

    The tilt mechanism is very stiff.
    Squirt some WD40 on it to loosen the mechanism.

    Practice putting the brackets on the wall mount before mounting anything!It is not straightforward.

    Mount the brackets on the TV FIRST! Lots of variables and choices so you may not get it right first. Use a level to true the brackets.

    Put the brackets in a "tilt" position to make it easier to mount the brackets on the wall.

    Mount the wall bracket using a level!

    Mount the TV to the bracket with a friend)

    The tilt has several "screw in" settings. It also has an "infinite" number of settings through the toggle bolt -- be sure to tighten it down.

    Tighten everything using the funky looking tool provided.

    ...more info
  • Very well built
    This is a very high quality mount. I saw many other that were very cheaply built. The only negative is that this is a little hard to adjust, but once it was adjusted, it will never move again. Would definitely buy again....more info
  • Worked great and price was even better
    Ordered this wall mount for my 52' Samsung LCD. No problems mounting it and it fit perfectly. Exactly as described. Not to mention 1/2 the price of any mount at Best Buy....more info
  • Mount is holding my 52" LCD perfectly!
    I am using this mount to hold a Samsung LN52A850 LCD over my fireplace in my living room. Thus far I am happy with the way it is working, although it took me a while to get it the way I wanted it. I got the frame mounted to the wall just fine and the arms mounted to the TV, and then I hit a snag. The instructions never said anything about loosening the nuts holding the screws in the middle of the arm (just under the tightening ratchet). I initially removed the bottom pinned rod from the arm to allow it to move, as it would not previously. This only allowed the locking screw above the tightening ratchet to move between 2 of the 5 defined locking points. I realized the problem and loosened the nuts in the middle after replacing the pinned rod, and the mount then moved as intended. The long alan security wrench provided was a life-saver, as it is almost impossible to get your hand behind the TV once it is placed on the wall. I used it to tighten the bottom security screw to the bottom of the frame.
    Be aware that if your TV has the majority of the ports on the back, if the TV has a flat back as mine does rather than a recessed back, you will probably not be able to get the full downward tilt out of the mount as the cables coming out of the rear inputs will be touching the wall.
    Other than the initial problem getting the tilt to work, this mount is performing as expected. You also get just about every conceivable mounting screw you would need, which is nice.
    As a side note, the one-touch tilt feature does work if you use the tightening ratchet rather than the locking screw positions. Just make sure you get them fairly tight before placing the TV on the wall, because your hand will likely be too big to fit behind it to tighten or loosen it once it is mounted on the wall....more info
  • Used for 42" LG and 50" LG
    We have 7 hanging plasmas in our sports bar application. We used these wall mounts for all of them, and they were easy to install and work well. The delivery was timely, as well. ...more info
  • Does the job....
    This was very easy to install. I specifically wanted this design so that I could bring power and cabling in between the supports. It comes with a variety of screws to mount almost any LCD/Plasma/LED imaginable. The Allen Wrench that comes with the unit is a little ackward to use when locking the unit in place but not a big deal. ...more info
  • Tilt mount that doesn't tilt
    Purchased this Flat Screen Wall Mount after reading several online reviews. Not as easy to install as stated in these reviews. You really have to pre-plan the mounting location on the wall, height, width and find the best stud locations. Direction not that clear. Also the TV has it's own instructions and the biggest problem was getting the proper wall height for viewing. I thought I had it, but ended up 4 1/4 inches to high becasue the TV instructions said one thing and the Wall mount said another. Mount comes with several different mounting screws and spacers. I had to call the support line to determine the right ones because the instructions didn't identify my SONY model. That didn't work out to good either, becasue the ones the support person told me to use were the wrong ones. The material package that came with the unit was short one of the screws I needed. Actually it had four screws, but only 3 were the correct size and the fourth didn't match the others. Had to find another replacement. So after I got it installed tried the tilting feature we couldn't get it to tilt. Reviewed the instructions and the mounting brackets themself and couldn't figure out how it works. To this day I still can't use the tilt feature. Would not recommend this mount because of the instructions, difficulty installing and the tilting feature problemsit. By the way I have built my own home, so I know alittle about construction....more info
  • Easy Instal
    Easy to install. Find the studs, drill the holes, make sure the bracket is level. Have a socket wrench available. Before you put up the TV turn the adjustable arms one half turn away from tight. You can only turn the arm one half turn once it is up. ...more info
  • TV Mounting Bracket by Peerless
    Excellent item...great bang for your $$$
    Easy to hang in less than 1/2 hour.
    ...more info
  • Easy To Install
    Recomend this product to anyone who is not handy, like me. It was very easy to install and it comes with a variety of screws/bolts to fit almost every TV. Very sturdy and dependable. Great product and worth every penny....more info
  • Great TV mount!
    This mount worked great for my 42" Hitatchi plasma screen. It is very sturdy and looks good. I haven't used the tilt feature yet but it's there if I need it. The model I bought had security fasteners that include a center protrusion to prevent the use of a standard hex head tool. A special (hollow) hex tool is supplied with the mount.

    The discount through Amazon for this name brand mount was impressive. The final cost to my door was about $80, with a list price of around $280. ...more info
  • excellent and easy to install; it's very well constructed.
    excellent and easy to install. I've installed several and this one was breeze and well manufactured....more info
  • Great wall mount, confusing instructions.
    This wall mount works perfectly, but the instructions are way too complicated. I understand the need to explain everything when dealing with expensive monitors and TV's, but if you have any sense whatsoever, you can install this without any problems....more info
  • Peerless ST660 flat screen tilting wall mount.
    PEERLESS TILTING WALL MOUNT FOR MEDIUM-LARGE 32-60 LCD SCREEN UNIVERSAL (Black) (#ST660) (Retail)This is a well designed wall mount for flat screen HDTV's. I was concerned because I had a space on the wall that was almost exactly the width of the TV and wasn't sure that I would be able to be able to access the studs properly. The worry wasn't necessary!! The bracket is very well made and quite adequate to hold my 100 pound 52" LCD firmly without flexing. There is also a wide selection of mounting hardware and there are enough mounting holes to accommodate a wide variety of wall arrangements. Also, the exact size of screws are sent to mount the bracket to the TV .... in fact, hardware of different sizes is included for most major HDTV flat panels. My wife and I were able to install the ST660 to the wall and mount the panel on the bracket without a hitch....more info
  • Works great. Really "One Touch" for me!
    I bought this to mount my 52" Samsung LN-T5271F LCD. I'm so glad my wife insisted that we wall mount our new TV. This wall mount is awesome.

    Construction: it' s constructed from thick metal that seems very strong to me. It seems to be well designed and assembled.

    Installation: installing it wasn't that hard. If you're handy with tools, you shouldn't have a problem. The hardest part was figuring out which provided screws, spacers and/or washers were needed for my particular TV. The provided list of TV's didn't have my TV listed so I chose a very similar Samsung model at the same size from the list and my selections worked. Use a good stud finder and double check your findings. Be sure to have a powerful drill with the proper drill bit and hex socket, or a socket wrench. It took some serious torque to get the nice, large provided screws into the studs in my wall. My drill wouldn't do the trick so I used my socket wrench. The back plate is mounted SOLID and is not going to go anywhere. Mounting the rails onto the back of the TV was easy. Make sure you don't get the right and left rails backwards. Once you have the back plate on the wall and the rails on the TV, have someone help you lift the TV and put it on the back plate. Then tighten the lower screws to keep it the TV firmly in place.

    Usage: this is truly "one touch" for me. With the tilt adjustment finger-tight screws all the way loose, my TV doesn't budge and is balanced amazingly, but I lightly tighten one or both of the finger-tight screws to keep it from moving in case I bump it. The extra screws that will lock the tilt angle are an extra bonus for me but totally uneeded. Also, the upward tilt angle is high enough that I can connect and disconnect the cables from the back with just a little neck strain. Depending on where your connections are, you might want to connect the wires before puting it on the wall. Also, I can slide my TV to the right and left about 3 inches each way for fine tuning the centering on the wall. Depending on the distance between the mounting locations on the back of the TV, you may have more or less side to side slide room.

    Final thoughts: great product, does its job simply and effectively. I also realized that my TV is quite secure on the wall. The TV would have to be practically destroyed if someone tried to swipe it off the wall without the special tool.

    You should check the Peerless website for compatibility with your TV before purchasing this mount....more info
  • Skip this one
    I as pretty disappointed with this mount, having used it to mount a samsung ln52b750. Several reviews talk about this being a high quality mount. I will echo that and say that yes this mount is made out of metal, unlike the cheaper straw, baked mud, and cardboard mounts (avoid those, especially with plasma). The problem with this mount is the instructions.

    If you follow the instructions to a T, your tv will be mounted 2-3 inches above the point you expect. This is a major error in the instructions, which you'll see mentioned in a couple of other reviews here.

    Furthermore, the instructions say nothing about how to actually tilt the mount, despite this being a "tilt mount". After more than 5 hours, I finally discovered that it takes more than 200 pounds of torque before the mount will actually tilt the first time (be prepared to do pullups from the bezel of your new wall mounted flat screen tv, wearing a keg of beer like a backpack. And I only got wind of this after desperately searching these reviews as a last measure. (Note the couple of reviews which indicate they never did figure out how to tilt the tilt-mount). But once you break the "tilt seal", it no longer requires so much weight. Now that the tv is mounted and tilted, the mount functions as desired, but I do wish that I had used a different mount, even the cheetah ones have got to have better instructions (?).

    Last complaint--it comes with a very long Allen wrench to tighten various screws, including the security screws. But if you happen to be mounting above a mantle, forget using it, because it's length will prevent you from doing so. Meanwhile, your existing Allen wrench collection won't help you because this is a "special" version that is hollowed out in the center, and the screws won't work with a regular Allen wrench. Without a means of tightening these screws, we've had to forego using the security screws, since there is no way to tighten them, thanks to the proprietary screws. But to be fair, proprietary screws aren't necessarily a bad thing when you consider security-- it would be pretty hard for someone to steal the tv unless they had a special peerless Allen wrench.

    If peerless had included a corrections, or a "known bugs" sheet with this mount, it would be good. But given that they have failed to do so, I would avoid this mount, just like the straw, cardboard, glass and Bakelite mounts, as it will waste your time and at worst, destroy your tv from ambiguous instructions. Buy a different mount unless you don't mind the potential of wasting a lot of time from bad instructions ...more info
  • Wall mount
    Great product for the price.. Alittle tricky to self install but with a little help works great with my 52" Flat screen TV...more info
  • poor adjustment
    this wall mount is working well with a 52inch lcd tv we were able to install it in about an hour with little problem. the only downside is the long allen wrench needed to lock the tv into place could not be used because we mounted the tv over a fireplace and the mantel was in the way. We had to cut the allen wrench down to fit straight up to lock the tv in place....more info
  • excellent product
    Reading the previous reviews helped me pick this mount. It was very easy to install, and it works just as advertised. I don't change the tilt regularly, but it was easy to set the tilt correctly for the spot I mounted the TV and clamp it down. No problems since....more info
  • should do the job
    Picked this up for a 52" LCD that'll be coming. Looks good. Decent quality materials and workmanship. Installation looks straightforward enough. I'm expecting this to be just fine for what I need....more info
  • Solid mount, easy to install.
    My wife and I mounted 52" Samsung onto studs very easily. I like the ratcheting system....more info
  • Really pleased with this
    After reading a number of reviews, and looking in the "big Box" stores for similar products, I bought these, and have nothing but good to say about them. Now, even though the manufacturer says don't mount it on a brick fireplace, I did, and it is on SOLID! We had a gathering at Christmas, and everyone was impressed with the mount, and that I did it ( hhmm).
    My only issue, if I can call it that, is that the tilt mount part isn't the easiest to get to once the TV is on the wall. I'm not a big guy, and I had to work to get the adjustments adjusted. But once I did - BINGO it is up there. As an aside, a local rental group wanted $50 to rent a hammer drill for the day, so I bought one for $59 at a big box hardware store.
    The package comes complete with about any combo off nuts/bolts etc - you just need some time and another body to help you put your TV up on the wall. My wife and I did it easily.
    TV - 46inch Samsung LCD...more info
  • Awesome wall mount
    I'll be honest... I didn't like the idea of dangling my $3000 investment on the wall. But after searching (with no luck) for a TV stand I decided to hit the web and do some research to find a Wall Mount. And I'm glad I did. My Sharp Aquos 52" weighs in at about 85 pounds. I wanted something that would hit at least two studs and this mount fit the bill.

    Installation was easy and the instructions were pretty straight forward. Once I found the center of the studs I used my laser level to make sure this baby was level. I drilled the pilot holes for the top two screws and then secured the mount to the wall (but not all the way right). I then drilled the pilot holes for the bottom two screws.

    The kit comes with plenty of screws for a variety of different TVs. The included installation instructions tells you what screws to use with your TV. Check out Peerless' website ( to see if your TV is compatible with the mount.

    All in all... This thing is awesome. The mount is rock solid which means... so is the TV....more info
  • Good product
    Very happy with this TV mount. Easy to install and reasonable price.
    Just be sure you realize it is not made for bigger plasmas.
    I hung a 42" plasma but that is about the top of its weight capacity....more info
  • Do the measurements on your wall first......
    I bought the ST660 based on the reviews on the site. Once I received it, I checked stud positions with my stud finder and found that they were 20" off center, so I needed a plate that would be at least 40" wide in order to install this properly. Instead, the wall plate is 31" wide, which won't work at all. All of these Peerless mounts have the same instructions, and assume 16" spacing between studs. That is not the case for some of us, and then we're left with a big box of steel that has to be sent back or put on craigslist........more info