SVAT GX5200 Wireless Color Indoor LCD Handheld Monitor and Camera
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Product Description

2.4ghz Wireless Signal With Up To 300 Operational Rangecolor Camera With 12 Ir Leds For Low-light Viewing2.5 Tft Lcd Handheld Monitor With 4-channel Switcher And Tv Outputcamera And Monitor Can Be Ac Or Battery Poweredincludes 2 Ac Power Adapters Rca Cables Mounting Bracket And Window Warning Sticker

  • 2.5-inch TFT-LCD screen provides crisp images
  • Range up to 300 feet (clear line of sight) (ideal range 100 feet)
  • Eleven infrared LEDs let you see in the dark
  • Monitor and camera are battery operable
  • Easily connects to a TV, VCR, computer or DVR for recording
Customer Reviews:
  • Good night picture but monitor breaks easily
    Fuzzy reception, but night vision is better than another system I bought after the monitor jack broke. Regarding that power jack... it'll break very quickly depending on how often you plug and unplug it (or stress the plug when its in). I've had to open it and solder back down 3x. Batteries don't last long so you have to use the plug!

    If you buy one, just keep it one place. Otherwise, I guarantee you the power jack will break within a few months....more info
  • A Good Choice
    SVAT GX5200 Wireless Color Indoor LCD Handheld Monitor and Camera

    We needed to monitor my grandmother without sitting in her room around the clock, so I bought the SVAT GX5200. The two best things about the camera are the handheld monitor and the sensitive microphone on the camera. The picture quality is acceptable (not perfect, but good enough). The camera and monitor are small and lightweight (feels a little cheap, but works fine). The LCD screen on the monitor (that works on batteries and has a stand, so you can carry it around the house) is clear and big enough to see. The camera doesn't have a lot of features (zoom, etc.) but gets the job done. The monitor plugs into a TV or VCR (using a supplied RCA cable), which makes viewing even easier.

    The microphone has adjustable volume and is super sensitive. This works well for my grandmother because it lets us know when she turns over or wakes up. The sound quality isn't exactly CD quality, but it works.

    The only negatives are interference and the camera stand/wallmount. Throw the camera stand/wallmount away, it's useless. You can't adjust it easily, it's difficult to mount, and it won't support the camera when used as a stand. But the camera fits on a standard tripod (a much better choice). It does pick up interference from a number of household items, like the microwave, computer, TV, VCR, etc. We can usually find a particular spot that works, but it's like an old radio with an antenna - you have to place it just right to avoid interference.

    I'd recommend this camera and buy one again if I needed another. Consider the extra camera if you've got more than one room to monitor. I don't think it works as well with three or four cameras (per the product's own description), but the option is there....more info
  • Not just a baby monitor
    In my office, I have an obstructed view of the door. When I am working at my computer, people often enter my office and start talking to me without my even seeing them enter.

    I use this monitor to keep an eye on my doorway so that I know when someone walks in.

    The picture is crisp and the color is great....more info
  • BEWARE!!!
    Ordered gx5200 with the additional camera. Spent approximately $300.00 on 9/20/06. There was no antennae attached to the receiver when opening the box. Called Customer Service and they stated that the wire hanging outside of the receiver was; in fact, the antennae. They further informed me that if I would like to return the item to them, I could have it replaced.

    After noticing a horrible buzzing every time I tried to use the volume, I decided to return the item. This was Overnighted to them on 10/13/06.

    Today is 11/27/06 and I have yet to hear anything from them. No email, no receiver, NOTHING.

    After calling SVAT, I was informed that my return has yet to be processed. All that needs to be done is to snap on the plastic antennae, or replace the receiver with a new one.

    Overall, it seemed fairly acceptable. The night vision worked, and the picture was clear. I thought that this missing antennae could help with the loud buzzing of the audio.

    I do not approve of this manufacturer because they ship out damaged merchandise and do not follow up on it. After three months, it has only been used for about 1 week.

    Please use caution if you are going to buy this product, I would recommend a different manufacturer.
    ...more info
  • Mostly Good... Mostly
    We're using this as a baby monitor. The camera is mounted in the nursery above the crib.

    The Good:
    -Great display - very clear color picture and fantastic viewing size.
    -Has night vision, so I can see our daughter clearly in the middle of the night.
    -Great sound
    -Four channels
    -Adjustments for brightness
    -Peace of mind!

    The Bad:
    -The red light on both the camera and recieve is like a laser beam at night. The red light shines right on my daughter's face, and the red light on the reciever is more blinding than the display itself at night. I covered them with a bandaid - that helps a lot.

    -Sometimes there's interferance from somewhere. Could be from outside or from other devices in our home (2.4 ghz). It causes static (which is loud and annoying at night) and will sometimes cause the display to be black and white instead of color.

    -The channel is sort of a pain to change on the camera unit. I have to use a bobby pin to change the switches.

    The Ugly:
    -After only 2 months of use, the channel changing button somehow became jammed and sunk into the unit. It's difficult to change the channel.

    -For no apparent reason, the channel would occasionally jump back to channel 1 on the receiver (I was using channel 2). I got sick of it and am now using channel 1.

    -The power cord connection to the unit is loose, and we sometimes lose connection.

    All that said, I'm still glad I have it. It's way better than a sound only monitor, although I'm not sure I'd buy another SVAT monitor... we're having quite a bit of trouble with the receiver. The company will send out a replacement, but I have to first send mine in... the turn around time is approx. 1 month. That's too long to be without a monitor.

    UPDATE and down graded rating.
    I finally did send in for a replacement (buying a MOBI monitor to get us by in the mean time). The replacement had the same issues as the first one, and since the 1 year warrenty had expired on my original purchase,they wouldn't replace it - but said they were discontinuing the model (Gee, I wonder why?) and told me I could buy another model (yeah right). We're still getting by with it, but it's loud (a lot of static), the on/off button is totally stuck in the 'on' possition, the cord is so loose from the input point that we've had to use duct tape to make sure it doesn't come out, and it takes about 7 minutes or longer to warm up before it starts working. It skips like a badly scratched record before it'll finally stop and show the picture. Also, for no apparent reason, either the sound, the picture of both will stop working and I have to jiggle the cord to make it work again. What a horrible product. I'm pretty fed up with it at this point. By the way, I wouldn't recommend MOBI, either (see review on that one). Not sure if there are any good, long lasting video monitors out there. What a shame. I had originally given this 4 stars, but I'd like to make it 2. Amazon won't let me change that part....more info
  • Worst Customer Support Ever!
    If they let me give ZERO stars I would. I bought this unit 8 months ago and it worked for a total of about two days. I have returned it three times (at $20 shipping each time) and SVAT's customer service is less than useless. I will never buy another SVAT product....more info
    My rating is Zero stars but you have to put one to rate it. Great picture and audio, even in backyard but within 3 weeks antennae popped out just by flipping it up. Sent it back to SVAT, cost $25 to ship. Replaced with new one that lasted only 7 months. It completely malfunctioned/died, on/off switch didn't always work, channel buttons all lit up,no picture, etc. SVAT told Shoptronics to accept a return and provide refund. Cost to ship, $41. I was refunded only for the price of the monitor and not for the tax, shipping supplies, and international freight. Neither SVAT nor Shoptronics would reimburse me. I lost $77 in tax and shipping costs. Do not deal with SVAT or Shoptronics. ...more info
  • Don't buy!
    We thought that this monitor was going to be great. The reception is awful (needs to be in the exact right position) and has a faulty cord. It would be great if it worked, but half of the time, the screen is dark! ...more info
    The quality of this monitor is terrible!! The batteries only last a few hours defeating the purpose of its portability. The antenna BROKE off, the reception is fuzzy anywhere you place it, and the AC power jack completely BROKE rendering it useless now, and we've only had it for 6 months!! BUYER BEWARE!!...more info
  • kinda disapointed
    i was hoping for a lot better reception than it is giving me. it is so frustrating when i have to get it in just the right position to get a good reception....more info