Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Combo Cooker
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Product Description

10-1/4", Pre-Seasoned, Cast Iron, Combination Deep Skillet & Shallow Skillet/Griddle With Lid.

  • Includes 3 Qt deep skillet / Dutch oven and 10 1/4" shallow skillet / griddle / lid
  • Great for kitchen or outdoor cooking
  • Pre seasoned and ready to use

Customer Reviews:

  • Super versatile - one of my favorites
    I own a lot of Lodge products and especially enjoy the pre-seasoned combo cooker for the versatility, great size and seasoning. Simple to use, easy to maintain and the perfect size for so many dishes/recipes. Whether using inside or out -this is the one to buy first. In fact, own two of these because like it so well. The lid can be used as a pan - essentially you are getting two for one money on this one. Will last a life-time and never a need to worry about aluminum or teflon coating coming off. Wonderful set!...more info
  • Such a simple thing...but so great!
    I purchased this combo cooker to start my cast iron collection because of the variety of ways it can be used. I have no previous experience with cast iron, so I am reading everything I can on the subject.

    It arrived quickly, safely packaged, preseasoned, and ready to go. I decided to season it again per others' suggestions, but not sure I had to. There was no rust or questionable spots; I just wanted to be sure it was properly seasoned. I did this by putting a thin layer of vegetable oil on all surfaces and baking upside down in my oven: 350 degrees for an hour. I let the items cool in the oven. The surface was a bit sticky afterwards but read on....

    I made a hashbrown, egg, bacon breakfast casserole in it this morning and was very pleased with the process and end result. I used both the lid and the pot to brown the bacon (to further season my new items.) The cast iron heated up quickly on the stove top using only medium heat. There was no need to raise the temp higher on my stove. Then I put all the ingredients together in a 350 degree oven and let it cook for about a half hour. Great results. Steaming hot, crispy on the top, sides, and bottom. No hot spots.

    The best part was clean up. It needed minimal scrubbing with hot water, then I sprayed on Pam while it was still warm. That's it. And the surface is now MUCH smoother than it was when I first opened the box a couple days ago. No more stickiness either.

    I chose this greasy recipe because I figured it would do the best job at furthering the seasoning process.

    Love it, love it, love it, and I can't wait to try more recipes. I also purchased the reversible gridle and a camp dutch oven. Can't wait to experiment with those items too.

    Doesn't take much to make me happy.......more info
  • Basic All-In-One pan.
    This is a great basic all-in-one pan. Excellent for small kitchens and for those getting their first pieces of cookware.

    This is also known as a Marmitout in France and is often gifted to newly weds or kids moving out on their own. The top pan is a deep skillet and the bottom is Lodge's chicken fryer which is deeper than a skillet but shorter than their dutch ovens. These two pieces combined give you 3 basic pieces of cookware: a dutch oven, skillet and saucepan. This will be the most often used pot and the first one many reach for.

    Although both pieces are preseasoned, you will still need to cook in it 10x or so to get it perfectly seasoned. The best (and quickest) way to do this is to fry something in each one.

    The only downside to this and all cast iron when gifted to college kids is that someone will invariably soak it in the sink, stick it in the dishwasher and/or otherwise ruin the seasoning. However, Lodge's price of $40 is less than 1/3 of Le Creuset's porcelain-enameled cast iron Marimitout, and the coating doesn't chip or scratch off with normal use. Perhaps this is the ultimate gift in more ways than one.

    Overall an excellent workhorse and with a little attention and care a valuable addition to anyone's kitchen.

    ...more info
  • Love this lodge logic combo
    Receive this cast iron combo cooker today. This is a quality product and look really nice. Planning on getting the 10 1/4" pan which is less expensive but saw this combo and decide to get this instead. It is a little more expensive but very versatile and save a lot of space without an extra cover. 12" is too big and heavy to handle for me. This is just the right size. It looked pre-seasoned but I am going to season it a few times myself just to make sure it is all protected and non stick. Planning to use this for a long time. Would recommend this product....more info
  • Fantastic and practical
    This is the first piece of cast-iron cookware I have ever owned. I purchased it when I was looking for a dutch oven for baking bread. This was the only one that I could find that was the appropriate size, and the fact that the lid is also a skillet was a big plus.

    I have since baked many loaves of bread in it and it has performed wonderfully. I also use the skillet for searing steaks before they go on the grill, and have been braising a lot of meals with it.

    Make sure that you clean it well and thoroughly dry it to prevent rust. This is one of the best multi-taskers I have ever owned and I am thrilled with it. Practical, flexible, and VERY reasonably priced.

    ...more info
  • stove top or fireplace oven
    I bought this to try as an oven using only the heat from my range burner on the top of the stove. We had been without power for a week from an ice storm, and were able to cook stew over the fireplace, but not able to bake anything. I tried this yesterday by baking cornbread in a glass casserole pan that would fit inside the bottom part of the pan. I placed the glass dish on top of 3 metal canning lids in the bottom part of the Lodge pan and then placed the Lodge lid on top, with the lid handles not lining up exactly for easier lifting to check on while cooking. I preheated the lid and the bottom part of the pan on my stove burners while preparing the cornbread. I also have a small, 6" Lodge skillet that I preheated on the third burner. After putting the batter into the glass casserole dish and placing the lid on the bottom part, I put the hot 6" skillet on top of that for additional top heat. This is why I like the "no loop lid" top: a loop lid would not allow me to put extra heat on the top. After 11 minutes, with the setting on Medium, I had nearly perfect cornbread. It was slightly burned on the bottom, and could have been a bit more browned on the top. I will try it again today on a lower heat setting on the bottom, and try heating the top skillet again halfway through the cooking , or try coals in it while using in the fireplace for more top heat. I am really excited about trying this the NEXT time my power goes out, and I need to bake something over my fireplace grating. PS My fireplace is too small to use effectively the Lodge camp ovens that are on legs. I already tried that, without success.

    update: The canning lids put off a bad odor in the oven that transferred to the food, so now I am using two small inverted mini cast iron fry pans in their place. I am considering getting the trivet listed for sale. The lower heat worked great, and I had a perfect gingerbread cake today for lunch....more info
  • Cooking Like A Pro
    I LOVE this combo. These pans last forever with proper care. They get really hot.There are certain things you cannot cook properly without cast iron. I have had so much fun learning new recipes. I will be buying more of this brand that's made in the USA. Yes, they are heavy. To me, that's great because I don't have to grab the handle to stir or saute. It's so heavy it stays in place. I can't rave about these enough. I see people complaining about imperfect seasoning. Whatever. It's pretty simple to do it yourself when you first get them and you really should anyway. ...more info
  • Triple purpose pan
    Love the Lodge cast iron, nicely pre-seasoned. Can be used as two separate frying pans or as a covered roasting pan....more info
  • Cast Iron, great cookware
    This is great stuff, not only have I bought one for myself, I bought some for friends and family. Try cast iron, it's a little work to season it and make it a great pan, but stick with it, and don't use a harsh detergent on it....more info
  • one of my very favourite!
    I can't believe people are complaining about this product.All you have to do is to read a booklet that comes with it and follow simple instructions, there will be no discoloration or rust. This pan is very well seasoned. From the very first day I used it the food never got stuck or burnt. This pan works the same way as a non-stick but without harmful fumes of non-stick coating. Cast iron is one of the healthiest cookware to use and you can't beat the taste of the food prepared the old fashioned way. The fact that you are buying not just one but 2 functional pieces is also a great help. Remember that this is an American manufacture, this is very important: a)the quality is tens of times higher than "made in China" b) at this time we should support our economy buying real American products. I own a whole bunch of Lodge products in every size and shape, this is one of their best!...more info