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The Jerk (26th Anniversary Edition)
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Martin's screen debut, as the adopted son of a poor black sharecropper family, whose crazy inventions take him from rags to riches to rags.
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Media Type: DVD
Artist: JERK
Street Release Date: 05/22/2007

Carl Reiner (Where's Poppa?) brought comic Steve Martin to the screen in this mostly funny 1979 movie about a relentlessly stupid but innocent man, whom we get to know from childhood (where it never occurred to him that he was white as he was raised by a family of black sharecroppers) to romance (where he doesn't quite know what to do with Bernadette Peters). Martin is game as the moron, and this is the kind of film with funny moments people still talk about. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • A Favorite
    I couldn't find a copy of The Jerk at any of the local retail outlets. I was surprised to find a copy with such ease and also a great price. I love the movie and couldn't be more pleased....more info
  • High quality transfer for "The Jerk"
    This is certainly a Steve Martin classic. Very funny, timeless comedy.
    The audio and video is the best I have ever seen it on this tranfer.
    I can only remember the countless times I've seen this on regular TV, with the outdated audio and video. Never again!
    A must own for "The Jerk" fans that do not have Universal HD from their cable provider....more info
  • Martin In His 'Wild & Crazy' Days
    This is very popular movie in its day in which I saw twice at the theater! Years later, watching it on DVD wasn't the same. Oh, it was still funny but just not the "hilarious" movie I always remembered it as. Maybe its reputation and memory exceeded its value, or maybe it's funnier when you are younger. The movie didn't change; I must have.

    Whatever, there is still a lot of good laughs in year, subtle and slapstick variety. Now I laugh more at the subtle things. Almost all the characters in here, beginning with Steve Martin's "Navin R. Johnson," are totally wacky. Bernadette Peters, by the way, never looked prettier.

    This was in the earlier days of the ratings system and that PG rating would be at least PG-13 today. It still fun to see it after a long absence. Martin was on a roll back in those days, "a wild and crazy guy," and it's good that he's still entertaining us 30 years later, although in a more subtle way. Hey, he's getting older, too.
    ...more info
  • A DVD with a Special Purpose
    Steve Martin created several loveable offbeat characters in the late '70s. This is one of them. Now he's writing for the New Yorker and composing novels. Go figure. He's smart, he's funny, and he's King Tut.

    This is a great comedic movie and it receives proper treatment in this release. If you can't figure out why some people hate cans of oil, this is the DVD for you.

    ...more info
  • No movie on disk
    No movie on disc. Just a blank CD. Not amazons fault but just beware...more info
  • Steve Martin At His Best! Too Bad About the DVD Though!
    Steve Martin shows his comedic genius here on this late 70s comedy that ages very well to remain funny in most parts even for today's audiences. The only problem is with this version of the dvd which although isn't too bad picture quality-wise, the sound quality comes only in the mono and so isn't very good. Also there are no special features of any kind which makes it probably wise to wait for a properly restored and remastered version with at least 5.1 surround options to surface in either the standard or Blu-ray formats. Also, this full-frame version seems to leave out a lot of the original film and so I would recommend at least an anamorphic widescreen version to do justice to your 16:9 screens.

    Great work by Martin but perhaps you should give this particular version of the dvd a miss....more info
  • Classic comedy
    One of the best ever. Not much off color stuff, so you can watch it with your kids! You will be using lines from this one for years to come....more info
  • Great program but poor bonus materials
    This is a great DVD on how to play "Tonight You Belong To Me" with a Ukulele! With lots of practice and this great program, after a relatively short time, I was able to play "Tonight You Belong To Me" on my Ukulele!

    However, the special bonus features leave a lot to be desired. One lame extra was a movie about some jerk just because the song "Tonight You Belong to Me" was played on a Ukulele in it....more info
  • No need to sell your old copy . . .
    In terms of the extras that come with this "special edition" of THE JERK, if you already own the film there is nothing compelling you to sell your existing copy and buy this. But as someone who saw THE JERK at the movies 26 years ago, it has held up well. The jokes are still funny and you can't accuse Steve Martin of offering too few of them.

    Watching this D.V.D. of THE JERK, I realized a couple of things I had fogotten. Steve Martin was in great shape in those days. And Bernadette Peters was shapely to the point of distraction. Towards the end of THE JERK, Ms. Peters sports a low-cut top and a midriff-baring dress that make it difficult to concentrate on the movie. ...more info
  • a classic...
    That I shopped, bought, delivered and have never watched... but if the time should come when I would like to see a previously seen movie, I now have one....more info
    First I want to point out that I like Steve Martin! I just don't think this film is that funny. He has been much funnier even in recent years. The jokes fall flat and some of them are just plain dumb! I know I may offend a lot of Martin fans who adore this movie,but I just don't get it.......sorry! I would have rated this 2 1/2 stars if possible. ...more info
  • Never received.
    I have been very disappointed as I never received this dvd and was told it was an lost item in the mailI never got any reply when I sent to find out why I did not receive another.I am not willing to pay for another one and am disappointed to the way this was handled. Thelma...more info
  • Steve Rocks!
    Nobody's better than Steve Martin...This is the film that started it for me and is an essential for anyone's DVD collection....more info
  • Classic
    A complete imbecile struggles to make it through life on his own, until a strange invention makes him unbelievably wealthy.Well, the first thing you know, old steve's a millionaire
    Kin folk said, Steve, move away from there
    Said, Californy is the place you oughta be
    So he loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly
    Hills, that is, swimmin' pools, movie stars

    Well, now it's time to say goodbye to steve and all his kin
    They would like to thank you folks for kindly droppin' in
    You're all invited back again to this locality
    To have a heapin' helpin' of their hospitality
    Hillbilly, that is, set a spell, take your shoes off

    Y'all come back now, hear?
    ...more info
  • I love the "Jerk"
    Laughed like crazy the first time I saw it and still laugh each time I see it again. I let my grandkids watch it too. A couple scenes are a bit racy for their age group but what the heck! (6-8-9)

    Steve Martin is a natural born comic, I think. If you don't like him, you won't like the movie....more info
  • Never Got It
    . . i ordered this movie over a month ago and still never recieved it. ....more info
  • Widescreen At last! I'm Very Happy!
    The Jerk is a very funny movie and definitely one of my favorite Steve Martin Comedies! I'm glad that they finally put out a widescreen DVD and I'm glad I didn't buy that edited pan andd scan DVD! As for the DVD not having alot of extra features, well I'm just happy to finally be able to watch this movie in it's original widescreen theatrical aspect ratio and I hope they will put out a widescreen DVD for The The Man With Two Brains and the other Steve Martin movies that only got pan and scan DVD's!...more info
  • One of the best comedies ever. Martin and Peters both at their peak.
    I bought the widescreen version of the DVD and have no complaints. For the most part, all I look for in my DVDs is a quality picture, widescreen and/or the choice of it. I don't necessarily buy for the extras, which didn't come with my early generation wide-screen version of "The Jerk," one of those movies that never gets old. That applies only to the unedited version of course. The successful formula for this movie has been imitated, but never duplicated. Martin was at his comedic peak when this movie came out, and that's obvious throughout The Jerk. And perhaps my favorite female celebrity (yeah, yeah. I get lots of slack for that) of all time, Bernadette Peters plays Martin's love interest, perfectly setting up Martin's unique sense of humor throughout the movie. There are times I merely scroll through the movie just to watch her scenes. Complete infatuation. The whole ensemble in this movie is perfectly cast, as they deliver regardless of amount of camera time. The funniest scenes are gutbusters, many of them embedded in pop culture history. I lost count of how many times we quoted scenes from this movie whenever the opportunity presented itself, often in a drunken delight I'll admit. There's never a moment in this movie where you didn't drink your beverage carefully for fear of spitting it out in sudden subtle, or explicit hilarious moment, and many of those moments have aged well. It's shame Martin has become so reluctant to doing comedic material and given us more paternal roles as years haver rolled by, though it's understandable that he'd stretch himself out. And to be fair, Martin comedies that followed were hit and miss for the most part. They all paled by comparison to the gold standard set by The Jerk. And if that's all you're asking from you're DVD, you'll be more than happy. If you want more extras, I've seen several versions of this since I bought mine varying in content....more info
  • Steve Martin's best work
    Steve Martin is at his best with non-stop comedy. This is not a family film but this is adult humor at its best. It's one of those movies you can watch over and over again. A wonderful piece of comedy....more info
  • Great movie, great song, mediocre extras
    There just weren't any extras in mind when this was filmed. However, one of the extras provided is worth the price of admission, "Tonight You Belong to Me" sung by Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin, is excellent. It's nice they made it an extra so you can find it easily.

    Martin is his usual funny self. Sing along with "I'm Picking Out a Thermos for You."

    Peters is absolutely gorgeous. Her performance is worth the price of admission too.

    A must have for any Peters, Martin, or Comedy Fan....more info
  • What about the Sound?
    I have the orginal DVD and the sound quality is awful. The volume level changes throughout the film. I want to know if the new DVD has solved this problem before putting out more money for a movie that I already own. Thanks. ...more info
  • Not for Kids
    I thought I was buying the original funny movie I saw in the late 70's, but I was shocked and disappointed at the bad language and suggestive scenes that weren't part of the movie I knew and loved. I turned it off and threw it in the trash. I'm just glad my kids weren't in the room.

    ...more info