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The Warrior's Code
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Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 06/21/2005
Genre: PUNK

Customer Reviews:

  • CD review
    Great CD!, I got to listen to segments of all the tracks before puchase. I plan to by more. Pricing was comprable to retail stores. Delivery was fast. Amazon kept me informed on the status of my purchase from the time I bought it until it was deliverd, with tracking info, est. time of delivery. They even continued to follow up after delivery to assure customer satisfaction. Since this purchase I have bought a few more items with the same great results and I have even been able to take advatage of free shipping offers. This is great because I am a soilder in Iraq and sometimes getting the right box, or getting to a post office is challenging. Plus it saves me money and time. Thank you Amazon for doing a great job for me. I will be doing my Christmas shopping here....more info
  • Step Right Up
    I have a confession to make; initially, I did not like the Dropkick Murphys. Like so many others I was reintroduced to them through their audio cameo in The Departed and I decided it was time to give them the time of day. I was hesitant though, screaming, rough music isn't generally in my taste, but I was starving for some new music. I made the mistake of buying 'Sing Loud, Sing Proud' which I did not enjoy, finding it too abbrasive.
    However, a short time later I was reccomended The Warrior's Code, and I gave them a second chance...
    This whole album is awesome. Being an artist, I often listen to music while I work and I can listen to this 4-6 times in an evening. I listen to it in my car, and at work.
    If you are hesitant, or curious about the Dropkick Murphys, start with this. From the other albums I have listened to since, this is by far the best all around. It's rough and gruff, but also so much fun. It's impossible not to smile while belting out the lyrics to 'Wicked sensitive crew'
    Dropkick Murphys are one of those bands like Tom Waits, where if on your first listen you do not like it, then wait a bit, and give it another listen and it will grow on you like a Chia Pet.
    Buy it. Try it. Love it. Share it....more info
  • Celtic + Punk = more fun than you can handle
    The Dropkick Murphys have singlehandedly given both punk and Irish music a much needed shot in the behind. If you haven't heard them, they sing a mix of original and traditional Irish songs LOUD complete with rock sentiment and yep, bagpipes.

    "The Green Fields of France" penned by Eric Bogle will break your heart if you hear it sung quietly. This warrior's lament starts at the graveside of a fallen World War I soldier and tells of the senselessness of war. DKM changes the whole complexion of the song.

    "Tessie" commemorates the love affair between Boston and the Red Sox. Could turn even me into a baseball fan.

    Can you really be tongue in cheek when you're screaming lyrics? "Wicked Sensitive Crew" is wickedly funny.

    If you like either Irish or punk, give these songs a listen. In my opinion, "Warrior's Code" is the best of the DKM music---so far!

    Rebecca Kyle, June 2008...more info
  • Dropkick Murphys Must Have
    this HAS to be in your collection if you're a fan of old school IMO. ...more info
  • Loud and Proud
    Great CD, hard core but inspired. My first Dropkick Album but I will buy more.

    ...more info
  • a quitter never wins
    perfect use of bagpipes....the murphys seem to be back in the game with this one(picture gangs all here redone with all the irish elements)..sure its not as amazing as do or die..better use of bagpipes than sing loud..sing loud sucked big ones in my say its better than about on par with gangs all here if not a tad that would make it the second best DKM cd!
    ok heres a track rating...

    1.your spirits alive-perfect use of the bagpipes is shown here..lyrics arent overly irish which helps makes this song good

    2.warriors code-i love the bagpipes on this song..about a of my favs

    3.captain kellys kitchen-i like this song a lot too so far a strong album

    4.walking dead-sounds like it could have come straight off of blackout, but done better.

    5.sunshine highway-fans of the poppy murphys songs will love this. i think its good but far from the best on here.

    6.wicked sensitive crew-another song that sounds like a blackout song..did the bagpipes replace the guitar? yeah i know they didnt...i like this song but again far from the best

    7.burden-this song is different sounding than normal murphys songs. good from time to time.

    8.citizen cia-finally a political song!...this songs fast and no bagpipes...since they dont need to use them every song. fields of france- i love this song. its not the typical murphys songs, but the do slow stuff really well. al barrs voice is great here

    10.take it and run-i like this song..typical though

    11.shipping up to boston-i dont really care for this song. id say its maybe the worst on the album. still not bad

    12.auld triangle-yes a great song..thats all i gots to say the first song but not as good..yeah itll do

    14.tessie-eh its not the best..coulda done without it...more info
  • !!I'm Shipping Up to Boston!!
    The DKM's continue to crank-out the tunes, their use of traditional instruments combined with those voices.... Just can't hear 'em enough. ...more info
  • An Amazing CD
    I usually listen to tracks of the songs here on before buying CD's but for some reason I bought this CD without hearing anything form it first. I guess I got lucky because they may be my favorite CD, there is not a bad song on it. Not one! My favorite songs are Sunshine Highway, Captain Kelly's Kitchen, and Walking Dead. There is one slow song on the CD, Green Fields of France, which I didn't like too much at first but the more I listen to it the more I like it. The guy has such a great voice but you don't notice it in any other song because he's more yelling than singing. As a big St. Louis Cardinals fan I could do without the last song which begins with the last outs of the 2004 World Series but I can't complain because it's such an amazing CD. If you liked the previous Dropkick Murphy's CD's or Flogging Molly I would highly recommend this CD. Even if you don't like the other stuff I still recommend it, it really is awesome. ...more info
  • Classic Murph
    This is a classic dropkick murphy cd. Highlights are Shipping Back to Boston, and Tess. It's the best Irish Punk group around....more info
  • A solid balance of new and trad filtered through a punk sensibility
    Sounding like a concert, The Dropkick Murphys power through another mix of new and traditional Celtic flavored tunes. The emphasis here is on the personal as tales of triumph and courage are the mainstays; all pulled off with the Murphys typical bravado. Particularly clever is "Wicked Sensitive Crew" that has some fun with the whole idea of this punk band becoming "touchy-feely." It's nice to hear the band actually sing on songs like "The Burden"and Eric Bogle's beautiful "The Green Fields of France." because occasionally all the yelling can become grating, but you can't deny the energy. Woody Guthrie's "I'm Shipping up to Boston gets the Murphy treatment and is transformed into a pounding rocker and the closer of the Red Sox anthem "Tessie" seems an appropriate finish to this collection of sentiment and emotion, as presented by Boston's preeminent Celtic punk rockers....more info
    It won't. This album rocks steady from the first track to the last taking a slight break in "green fields of France" then immediately going back to full steam ahead. This was my first Dropkick Murphy's album and you better believe I'll be buying more after what I heard here....more info
  • Another gem
    If you like their most recent releases, well, then, you'll like this one.
    There's the usual mix of hard fast celtic punk with songs about loyal friendship. Still lots of bagpipes where appropriate. A couple of songs that have the more accessible "Walk Away" sound to capture the MTV community (that's not a bad thing). A pleasant surprise for me was "Citizen CIA" which could have come from a Dead Kennedys session.
    As with their more recent stuff, there are some slow numbers that have something to say, even if you wouldn't include it on a party playlist. (Good for when you're crying in your beer at 2AM)

    Like ac/dc, one could accuse these guys of making the same album over and over. Yeah, so, what's your point?

    Oh yeah, there is the bonus cut of Tessie. Of course they put Tessie on this CD!

  • played out
    do or die was kickass and righteous, blackout would have been lame if it werent for a couple songs like fields of athenry, but warriors code makes me want to slam my wiener in the toilet seat. the auld triangle is the only good song on there. theyre starting to sound like everyone else. i hate mtv....more info
  • The Warrior's Code
    First, I'll admit that I don't actually own this CD. I saw this band live at a local club and they kicked ass, though. The volume was cranked up to the fullest extent and the Murphys did everything in their power to put on a good show.

    Anyway, they played repertory and songs off this album so I got the idea. This band transforms their power chords into 1,000 volt energy and makes excellent use of traditional styles and bagpipes put them almost up there with the Pogues.

    Speaking of the Pogues, the Murphys cover one of their tracks on this album, The Auld Triangle with intensity. My favorite track on this album is Tessie for reasons of musicianship and fun and not because it's the theme song of the Boston Red Sox.
    Buy this album as well as the Tessie EP and If I Should Fall From Grace With God by the Pogues....more info
  • I miss the old Dropkicks.
    Although I'm still a fan of whatever they decide to do, I still miss the days where they were just considered a great local band in my community, the Do Or Die days. Those were the best days for Dropkick Murphys, now they're famous and known throughout the country.

    When "Blackout" came out, I wasn't too happy with it... it was too produced... the songs were too long, they weren't the fight anthems that I remembered them as. Then this one comes out and it's basically the same thing, although some songs are still great to listen to (but I'm not too keen on the single, "Sunshine Highway")

    All in all, the guys in the band are good guys, one of my old boss's used to play with them when they weren't so popular, and they still stick to their Irish/Boston roots. I know they're not in it for the money, but they're just getting too popular for me....more info
  • Much Better
    To start: I'm not a kid, but I really didn't feel like registering, so I'm sure you guys can let that slide. Anyway...

    This album really helps. I loved "Do or Die" for it's fast fighting songs, "The Gang's All Here" for it's great introduction of Al Barr, coupled with several good songs, and "Sing Loud Sing Proud" for it's great drinking ballads. Then "Blackout" hit, and I thought "what the hell man?" This wasn't the Murphy sound I remembered, and had also attracted an enormous fan following based upon that album alone, with no prior knowledge of the former great work the band had done. But despite the mobs of new "fans" and the not to wonderful sound of the album, I stuck with DKM, knowing they would make up for it. And they have.
    What you are going to see on these review pages are poorly written reviews about how "Do or Die" was better, and DKM has BETRAYED them, but these are simply people who think they're the entire fanbase, and are selfish enough to think they should have a say about what the band does. I want you to forget them.
    But anyway, the album. It's a great mixture of the older sound of the band and some newer stuff, "The Green Fields of France" being a slow-ish song, and one of my favorites from the album, surprisingly enough. If you are a fan of the Murphys, you should certainly pick up this album, especially if you are choosing between it and Blackout. While all in all, this album takes a slight backseat to the older stuff, it's still great, and I'll stick with the band despite their choices.
    The rundown of this long-winded interview: Despite what you might hear from certain angry people, this album is great, and the band will stay great, despite the disappointment that was Blackout. Every band is allowed one bad album, and this band recovered very well from theirs. ...more info