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Schumacher SSC-1000A Automatic Speed Battery Charger
List Price: $88.85

Our Price: $59.99

You Save: $28.86 (32%)


Product Description

For 12 volt marine, deep-cycle, automotive, farm, AGM, gel cell, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and lawn tractor batteries. 3 charge rates, 10 amp fast charge - charger monitors battery condition and adjusts charge rate downward to prevent battery damage; fo r car, truck, marine, RV, farm equipment, AGM, gel cell and deep-cycle batteries, 6 amp medium charge - self-adjusting charge rate for everyday charging needs and keeping a battery in peak condition. 2 amp slow charge - for charging small batteries and ma intaining large ones. Charges motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and lawn tractor batteries. System test helps diagnose problems with battery and charging system, with easy to read digital meter to display battery charge status and test results. 5

  • Electronic push button select between display mode, charge rate, or battery
  • Digital meter helps to display battery charge status and test results
  • System test helps to diagnose problems with battery and charging system
  • 10-amp fast charge monitors battery condition and adjusts charge rate
  • 2-amp slow charge helps charge small batteries or maintains large one for motorcycles, snowmobiles, and lawn tractor batteries

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product!
    Awesome product! Charges car battery extremely fast. The digital readout of the charge % is very useful....more info
  • Excellent Smart Charger, Look No Further
    I used this charger on my red top Optima battery at least three times. If you've got a weekend cruiser, this is the charger for you. It did a great job of topping it off and the battery wasn't even warm when it was done.
    The Good: Charger can also test batteries. Displays both battery capacity and voltage. Very good build quality; it doesn't feel cheaply made. Can charge all 12V battery types and has three different rates. To top it off, the price is very reasonable.
    The Bad: Really nothing that I can think of. ...more info
  • Do not use in permanent trickle charge mode!
    First, let me say that this charger performs flawlessly and deserves five stars when it is in charging mode. I have used it for three years and hundreds of successful charging cycles on a dozen different batteries of various sizes and types.

    However, on two different occasions and with two different batteries (both brand new when hooked to the charger) I left them in "trickle charge" mode. The batteries were part of an emergency communications station that must to be ready at any time with full batteries. This charger burned up both batteries after three months of trickle charging. This mode is supposed to allow a battery to be hooked up indefinitely and maintain it at peak performance. Not destroy it. Other folks in the emergency communications service use other chargers and leave them in trickle mode for years. DO NOT use this charger for that kind of operation. ...more info
  • Battery Charger
    Very easy to use and works well. Recommend to anyone needing a multifunction charger....more info
  • battery charger
    the charger worked great. it's only flaw is it needs a high amperage boots. my battery was completely dead and i had to use my old charger which had a 50 amp boost. this put enough life in the battery for the 1000a to see a charge and Finnish the job. my old charger wouldn't charge the battery any more but the boost portion still worked, thank goodness. i also use it to maintain the battery as this car sits most of the time. ...more info
  • Top of the line Charger!
    I've had many chargers in the past, but the Schumacher SSC 1000A Automatic speed charger beats them all. It has great flexability, and does everything it's meant to do. The display is easy to read at a distance, and the push-button functions are easy to use, and laid out in a logical format. For a full function charger, this is it. Highly recommended....more info
  • Beyond expectations
    When I selected this battery charger I was aware it was more expensive than others hoping for a quality charger. When I used it it performed better than expectations. It even detected a battery I was charging with another charger was defective....more info
  • Easy To Control
    This charger is as easy to use as the other reviews have stated, and I would recommend the item to a friend. My only very minor disappointment is with the 2 amp charging mode. It cannot be used as a trickle charge. Nevertheless, it's a good product. ...more info
  • Got a charge out of this!
    Charger was a gift for my son who was ALWAYS using mine, a similar older model. Unit is very easy to use and features help determine issues with battery. Diagnosis and charging couldn't be easier. Highly recommended. Unit is a real plus to have on hand and I can't think of any negatives (every pun intended)...more info
  • Best charger ever
    If your dumb about battries,like I am, get this charger. It is like a PHD camera (push here dummy) plug it in push a button or two and it takes care of the rest...
    ...more info
  • battery charger
    easy to use and does the job of battery charging in fine style. no complaints....more info
  • digital automatic charger
    Great product. It allows me to see percent discharge and charge different battery types. FAST CHARGING!...more info