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Dirt Devil MBV2030RED Rechargeable Broom Vacuum, Red
List Price: $69.99

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Product Description

Ditch the dustpan and broom for one convenient and rechargeable power-operated vac. Featuring 60 percent more suction power than the original broom vac, this lightweight invention sweeps and vacuums hard floor surfaces in one easy swoop. A foot activated on/off switch for hassle-free operation. Choose from a variety of colors that match any decor. Weighs less than 4 pounds. One-year warranty.

Sweep up the kitchen floor in record time without repetitive bending with this lightweight broom vacuum from Dirt Devil. The 9.6-volt broom vacuum sucks up dirt and debris from hardwood and other bare floors with ample power, eliminating any need for a dustpan or the accompanying bending over.

The cordless broom vacuum sucks up dirt through a 10-inch wide nozzle. Debris travels through a replaceable filter to collect in a dirt cup. The dirt cup removes from the broom vacuum with ease and is see-through for external fullness monitoring. A foot switch engages the broom vacuum's motor. To operate the broom vacuum, employ a standard sweeping movement. The broom vacuum is designed to tackle dry spills rather than puddles and soggy messes. Cordless in design, the vacuum eliminates tangled cords while providing endless range of movement. To recharge the unit, plug the unit into its adapter. For the best results and safety, read all enclosed material prior to use. Imported from Royal Appliance Mfg Co. in the United Kingdom, the broom vacuum necessitates some simple, tool-free assembly. Vacuum parts and the motor are both covered by one-year limited warranties. Upon shipping, the vacuum measures 21 by 13 by 4 inches and weighs approximately 5 pounds. --Jessica Reuling

  • Broom vacuum measures 21 by 13 by 4 inches and weighs 3-1/2 pounds; limited 1-year warranties for parts and motor
  • From Dirt Devil, rechargeable broom vacuum for sweeping hard floors without the cumbersome dustpan
  • Broom vacuum sucks debris through a 20-inch nozzle; transparent dust cup collects dirt
  • Cordless 9.6v broom vacuum plugs into the included adapter for recharging; foot start-up switch
  • Clear dirt cup for power you can see

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't waste your money
    I wanted this broom the minute I saw the TV commercial. I quickly assembled it - the only positive thing I can say about it! - and became quickly disappointed in it's cleaning ability, once I had it charged. It does not pick anything up. I have tried different angles, sweeping, putting it on top of crumbs. It would be faster to get out my Dyson and vaccum my tile and wood floors. Better yet, I will just use my broom and dust pan....more info
  • Handy Dandy Broom Vac
    I bought this as a gfit, and my sister was very happy with it. It charges quickly out of the box, and picks up even the smallest crum. I may purchase one for myself!...more info
  • Not Bad, But Still a Swiffer Sweeper Vac Fan
    My home is comprised primarily of hardwood and tile. I have children and pets which leave my floors in need of frequent sweeping/vacuuming. I had previously left this chore to my handy Swiffer Sweeper Vac, but when it finally gave out, I decided to try another product. After reading through several reviews of cordless vacs, I settled on the Dirt Devil Broom Vac. So far, I have found it holds its charge very well and this is after leaving it on while sweeping as opposed to sweeping first and then sucking up the debri. It does do a decent job of sucking up small particles and pet hair strands, but I have found you really need to hold it just right for this to be effective. I have been disappointed so far with its ability to pick up larger particles (i.e. dog food crumbs, hair balls, Cheerios). The other issue I have is its relative bulkiness. Unlike the Swiffer Vac, which will fit underneath some furniture or even very low furniture to a degree, this product is not made to accomplish this. While I like that I do not have to spend money on Swiffer Dry Cloth refills, if I had to purchase a new cordless vacuum all over again, I would definitely stick to the Swiffer Sweeper Vac. The Swiffer Vac's strong sucking power, ability to swivel, slim design and pick up of dust just fits my needs better and makes my daily hard flooring upkeep much quicker and more efficient. I will end by saying, though, if you are a fan of the traditional broom and dust pan, but are looking for an upgrade, the Dirt Devil Broom Vac may be worth a try....more info
  • Beats the old broom and dust pan by a mile
    I buy a lot of stuff at Amazon online because I trust them. I ordered this item several weeks ago and it was delivered promptly. Amazon does that very well -- and it qualified for free shipping, I am a 70 year old man and have two cats that leave an abundance of scattered dry food, cat hair and litter on hard serface floors. The Dirt Devil broom vac does a good job on all these items. I haven't had a chance to use it in other situations but I am confident that it will work well. It takes a little practice to get it to work as advertised and you also have to get used to it being heavier than a regular broom. That isn't hard to do. The overall engineering of this product is exceptional and is easy to use , clean and empty. I will buy another one if I ever wear this one out....more info
  • Good for light pick-up only!
    Bought one of these for each of our kids and ourselves. For some reason, certain colors were cheaper. Red was $15 more? The first time I used it on my tile floor in the kitchen, I was satisfied but not thrilled with it's pick-up. I have dogs with long hair and didn't expect it to perform miracles just a quick clean up in between my daily vacuuming but you have to go slow with it and you do have to stop over the bigger items such as large crumbs. The first time I used it, the charge lasted 10 minutes or so and that seems to be the extent of the charge even after being left on over night. It is angled to get into corners and works great for that. Empties easily as well. Overall I would buy this again but I would pay $25 at Wal-Mart instead of the $39 I paid for it online at Amazon. ...more info
  • I LOVE it!
    I had been waiting for my birthday to get one of these and DH got it for me!! I was able to put it together in a snap and use it. I LOVE IT!! I needed something besides the ole broom and dust pan and this solved that problem. I just flip it on and go! It sucks most everything and what it doesnt can be easily picked up. (Saves me from sucking up loose change too!) It is a bit heavier than I imagined but who cant stand to get a little workout when the clean?! Just another added plus!!!!!...more info
  • Not good for pet hair!!
    The dirt devil is fine for sweeping up dirt/sand/crumbs, but it is terrible for pet hair. Any hairball keeps the rubber diaphragm flap thing open or clogs the opening or tube to the dirt holder area. I have to keep emptying the chamber (at least a dozen times)to try to complete sweeping a 1400 sq ft area. I've given up & will give this away to someone who doesn't have pets....more info
  • Cute Red Broom
    I was very disappointed in this broom. I works more like a squeegee than a broom in that the bristles are very short and don't move. It is messy to empty. It's cute but I don't use it. I would not recommend this broom to anyone. ...more info
  • A rechargeable "broom" that makes sense
    Clean ups are fast and easy with my Broom Vacuum. No more cords and loud noise to do a quick clean up. On the down side....fuzz, hair and crumbs stick to the filter so that it needs to be cleaned often. However, I don't mind since the Broom Vacuum is a good value for the money....more info
  • Disappointing
    I found the broom/vacuum cumbersome due to it's weight - it is heavy! To sweep my first floor using this is a workout - and it really hasn't saved my back from not having to bend to use a dustpan - my arms just get sore. The price was right but I wouldn't recommend this to a friend....more info
  • Dirt Devil Broom Vac.
    Horrible! Does not pick up dirt or other items on the floor/rug unless you continually run it over the spot again and again. Was told by Dirt Devil to bring in for service but basicly this is a lousy product that is not backed up by the company. AVOID!...more info
  • Awesome!
    I love this thing!

    I was a little hesitant when I read the other reviews that talked about how you had to hold the vacuum at a certain angle to get it to work well but I disagree. Ask my toddler, whom I let pull and drag the vacuum all over the house. You really can't see the ninja dog hair or other tiny particles of schmutz it's picking up but you can definitely see how well it works when you are emptying the bin and a little puppy pops out.

    Don't get me wrong; it's not a full-on vacuum nor was it meant to be. But it totally solves my problem of having to do a daily sweep of the tile floors we have. I have to say, it's pretty great for a house with a tot who loves to do grown-up stuff (don't call CPS, he's supervised) and a dog who sheds like it's going out of style.

    For the price I paid and the convenience and function I'm getting out of it, five stars may not be enough....more info
  • Just the best!
    A pet hair magnet, dust bunnies live no more in our home! This really is a fantastic , easy to use, hard floor touchup cleaner! I'll be grabing a spare one of these at this price!...more info
  • Dirt Devil MBV2030YL
    This is a convenient broom vacuum for picking up dirt quickly. Must clean filter frequently for it to work properly. Good product....more info
  • Not the best
    I was so excited for this product...but after a few times you have to really clean the brush that actually sweeps the floor. I have only had this for a few months and it's already beat up. I hae a one bedroom apartment with a five lb dog...i need something better then the broom vac....more info
  • Picks up kitty litter. Will replace your broom and dust buster, not your Dyson.
    I had one need to fill that has driven me through many trials with vacuuming products - I need something that will pick up kitty litter, that can be stored away easily without taking up the bathroom, that is cordless and convenient, and will save my back. Well, this did the trick.
    I can set it in the corner of the bathroom behind the toilet, practically out of sight, stored in a place formerly only used by the toilet bowl brush.
    I use it every time I go into the bathroom to pick up kitty litter. It does exactly what I need. It's not a power house, and yes, as the power runs out, suction gets dimmer. So, charge it. No big deal.
    No more bending over to sweep or chase the kitty litter around the floor. In one minute, the job is done.
    Unlike some of the cordless vacuums, this doesn't send debris flying up into the air. Everything is trapped inside the two sets of bristles until it gets sucked up.
    Don't expect this to take the place of a vacuum cleaner, but it'll beat the heck out of your short handled dust buster, while being much kinder on your back.
    For my purpose, which was a litter free bathroom floor, I love this thing!
    ...more info
  • Good idea, but needs improvement
    I had high hopes for this product, however, I was sadly disappointed in it's performance. They made the intake area at the bottom of the broom way too small. If the intake went across the entire bottom to suck things up, it might work better, but as it is, it can barely pick up anything....more info
  • A must have for people with hardwood floors
    It works as advertised. I have been using it for more than a month & have no issue with this product....more info
  • Ok, but would look for a different option
    This is a great product in concept. I have two dogs and lots of linoleum so I needed something easier than a big vacuum for everyday pickups. At first I liked the broom vac, then after a few uses I noticed the battery seemed to hold less and less charge. I have had it for a year now (but honestly don't use it that often because I have grown to hate it) and as soon as I turn it on after being fully charged, you can noticeably hear the motor start to get softer and softer instantly. It maybe holds a charge for 3 minutes now. I have to sweep as fast as possible in order to get all of my main living area done before we have zero charge. The suction power diminishes obviously with the battery power so you are almost holding the broom perpendicular in order to get some objects up. If this had more suction and better battery life it would be a great product. Unfortunately Dirt Devil won't take any returns after 90 days so mine will be going in the trash soon. (And I won't be buying a replacement!)...more info
  • worthless
    This is the poorest excuse for a vacuum product that Dirt Devil has ever produced....more info
  • Dirt Devil
    I have been quite happy with this does light vaccuming of non-carpeted floors and is easy to empty. The grandkids also enjoy using it which is a plus......more info
  • works ok
    the dirt devil broom works ok. its a good broom for the entrance of my house, picking up light debris, I wouldnt try to do any heavy dirt pick up it just doesnt have enough power for that...more info
  • waste of money
    Over a year ago, I bought this broom for $29 after reading the reviews. It sounded like a good product. Unfortunately, I never quite utilize it mainly due to the weight of the broom. It is too heavy for my wrist and it takes more time for me to clean up. I still haven't figure out which angle is best for suction. I had charged it for days and it can only be used once. Maybe I received a defective product?...more info
  • cj review
    Broom vac has been very useful in small jobs, but, the battery only lasts a short time so you have to get the dirt swept together first before you turn it on otherwise you will run out of battery power....more info
  • Waste
    I dislike this item. It's pretty heavy for it's size. You have to hold it pretty much straight up and down to pick up anything. I always resorted to a broom....more info
  • Seems like there is a design flaw...
    My new home is 80% hardwood and I bought this product primarily for my kitchen. The filter clogs continuously and the suction does not seem powerful enough. The tube that brings the dust and dirt into the canister seems too long and the filter gets clogged up easily with dog hair and dust bunnies getting jammed between the end of the tubs and the filter itself.

    There must be a better product....more info
  • Great and valuable product in your household
    This vacuum is a must have with children and/or pets. It actually works more effectively than Rumba which takes 2 hours for something that can be sucked in a couple of minutes with this broom vac. I also noticed that if you don't press down to hard it collects better. Great product overall very happy with the purchase.
    ...more info
  • perfect for tile in my kitchen
    This broom vac works great for the new tile in my kitchen. I've used it multiple times already, and I have only charged it once (the initial charge when it arrived). I use it with the suction feature on, and work in sweeping motions, just like a regular broom. Works great for my small space!...more info
  • Very handy
    Holds a charge for pretty long; I don't need to charge it more than every 2 weeks. It's recommended to sweep first and then vacuum the pile you've swept but even if you keep the vacuum going while you sweep, the charge still holds. Sweeping with it takes some getting used to because it's much heavier than a regular broom and also shorter (they should make the handle longer!). It's very handy to vacuum the stairs (which are hardwood) b/c it's much lighter than trying to carry a vacuum cleaner up the stairs. But if you vacuum a lot of dust and hair, the filter does get clogged pretty quickly (crumbs fall into the canister but don't clog the filter) and it was hard to find the replacement filter in stores. I finally bought more at Amazon after I could get it w/free shipping.
    Overall, I'm happy with the product. No, it's not perfect, but I really hated bending down with the dustpan and this saves me from that....more info
  • Needs redesign
    We have hardwood floors and dogs, so there's always hairballs in the corners. I thought this would be a great daily quick sweep, but the design makes the hair clog very quickly. If there was a tad more room between the filter & the tunnel where the dirt is sucked up, the hair wouldn't accumulate so quickly. Seems like this would have easily been noticed in the design phase. Otherwise I really like this product!...more info
  • Great extra vac
    I really like it. I use it to clean corners that Roomba does not get into or for quick clean up of small messes. It will pick up dust, dog hair and small dirt, but it has problems sucking up bigger items like pins or big crumbs, and sometimes dog hair gets stuck in the opening. But I still think it's excellent as an extra helper for hard wood floors and tiles. I would not buy it for carpets though, as it's not powerful enough, ...more info
  • LOVE IT!

    I just got my broom vac in the mail and am already smitten. I have two small dogs and a tile floor. Between their fur and every day dirt tracked in, this is the best thing that I have found to date. Believe me, I have tried a lot! This works great! Before I bought this, a co-worker tried to talk me out of it; she had purchased it a few months ago and returned it.

    Truth be told: this is ideal for my home, and what it is intended for. If you are expecting it to pick up rocks and books, you are going to be unhappy with the product. If you use a broom regularly and hate when you are trying to sweep up that reoccurring "dust pan line," this is perfect for you. It eliminates the dust pan, and gets every last bit!

    Highly Recommend!
    ...more info