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Racor PIW-1R/PIW-1W Pro Wall-Mount Bike Hanger
List Price: $11.00

Our Price: $4.48

You Save: $6.52 (59%)


Product Description

Store one bike vertically by the tire with this handy bike hanger from Racor. Great for corner storage where a bike can be hung by one wheel, the bike hanger has a PVC-cushioned sleeve to protect wheels from scratching or gouging. The unit mounts from the ceiling or the wall, for handy versatility. Made from epoxy coated, laser cut 12-gauge steel; the hook won't bend or rust for years of reliable storage. With no assembly required, the hanger mounts easily to the wall in minutes. --Brian D. Olson

  • Mounts on wall or ceiling
  • Durable epoxy finish for corrosion resistance
  • Cable-lock slot for optimal security
  • Laser-cut, 12-gauge steel for unsurpassed durability
  • Easy installation with provided hardware

Customer Reviews:

  • Great, inexpensive bicycle hanger!
    These can be found all over the place for twice the money as I found them here. They are inexpensive, rubber padded, simple and work great!.

    I use mine to hang from the ceiling instead of the wall as pictured....more info
  • Works Great; Easy Storage Solution
    This product is easy to install and even easier to use. Simple, functional, practical. Best of its kind that I've seen....more info
  • Elegantly simple
    Mounts easily (make sure mount is in wall stud or other wood, not simply a molly through drywall); holds bike well. Nothing fancy, nice single digit price....more info
  • Simple. Effective.
    This product worked as advertised to get our hybrid bikes off of the garage floor and onto the wall. I see no reason why it shouldn't work with any type of bike, since it holds them by the wheels. Installation was as easy as you would imagine - just make sure to screw it into a wall stud....more info
  • JUNK : scratches rims
    The rubber covering the hook rips within two weeks of using the hook, coming off and then the sharp metal edge of the hook scratched the wheel rims. TWO of these hooks did this, so its a major design flaw. and the metal bends out over time, meaning that you have to bend it back in.

    Look elsewhere for a good hook, one with a a round metal hook and rubberized coating rather than a cheap rubber cap like this one. ...more info
  • A Simple Solution
    This product is all you really need. There are other bigger, more expensive, and complex products that you for this purpose, but they all do basically the same thing....more info
  • Works great. Nice and Simple
    Does the job just fine. Pretty decent price. I ordered two but only got screws for one, but I just used two drywall screws I had. ...more info
  • bike hook
    simple, effective, space saver... if installed on an interior wall you will want to include something to protect the paint where the rubber tires touch the wall.

    Worth the money!

    5 stars would riquire they make all the edges of the hook rounded but that would require casting instead of bending and would raise the price....more info