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In Your Honor
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It's likely that a decade after its debut record this band now has fans who might ask, "You mean Dave Grohl was in a band before the Foo Fighters?" But they, or any Foo followers who pine for the increasingly refined vocals and polished pop-punk uniformity of the first four albums, will swallow this one whole--or at least half. For as much as vocalist/bandleader Grohl and Co. mix a similar concoction on the 20-song double CD, they manage to agitate the formula ever so slightly. Disc one follows the Foo's classic sonic blueprint: lip-smacking melodies and enigmatic lyrics, double-barrel guitars and drums that attack. But songs take a gentle turn on the second CD, showcasing Grohl's underrated vocals amidst a high-energy ensemble of acoustic guitars, piano and mandolin (by studio guest John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin). Singing, not shouting, Grohl flips potential teen-rock anthems like "Miracle" and "Cold Day in the Sun" (with drummer Taylor Hawkins handling lead vocals) into impending adult-oriented radio staples and, 11 years after Nirvana, the Foo Fighters may finally have their triumph. --Scott Holter

The DVD side of disc one contains a `making of the album' documentary video and an enhanced stereo version of disc one. The DVD side of disc two features a hi-res DVD audio surround sound version of disc two.

Limited Edition Japanese pressing of this album comes housed in a miniature LP sleeve. 2007.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Album, Once You Circumvent the Copy Protection
    Hold down the SHIFT key the first time you insert they disc into your computer's cd drive, then immediately rip it to your hard drive, and that will prevent the obnoxious auto-protect software from auto-installing on your computer.

    The album was amazing, a new, charged-up sound for the band that was refreshing to an old fan's ears. The first disc, the hard-hitting side, is solid from start to finish. It's too bad that "Best of You" was acutely overplayed on the radio; songs like "No Way Back" and "DOA" were superior songs.

    The quiet, acoustic side, was a departure (an experiment, if you will) for the band. Musically, I think Grohl wanted to prove he could do something besides scream into the mic. Unfortunately, an entire disc of this is a little bit unbearable. Overall, the quiet side is not memorable, but songs such as "Cold Day in the Sun" and "Still" are hidden gems on what is essentially the B-side for the album. Thankfully, they have struck a balance between hard and soft with 2007's "Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace."...more info
  • in your honor
    This album is in my oponion the Foo's best to date. It allows you to see a new side of the Foo we have not seen yet. it has their sound that we know rock you out and a new acoustic cd. We have not heard anything like this from the Foo as the acoustic side really shows how musically talented they really are. The first cd really just rocks put it in and let it go, and the acoustic you really have to listen to as the lyrics can mean something different everytime you listen to it.
    In Your Honor has to be by far the best song on both cds. It pays tribute to whatever you get out of it in traditional Foo loudness. DOA is another song that will rock you like the Foo know how to.
    The lyrics of the new cd seem different from previous cds. These lyrics are much more deeper. It seems that Dave has let go of some skeletens hiding in his closet. He puts it out there for you
    and you interpert it anyway you want.
    If you like loud than you will defenetily be drawn to this cd and if you like soft there is a cd for you also. Thats what is so great about this cd whether you are hard core or like it soft and slow buy the cd
    I would have to rate this as my favorite Foo cd to date but it ranks up there with The Color and the Shape....more info
  • Love FOO
    This is my favorite Foo Fighters CD. 2 disc set that is diffenetly their best work. ...more info
  • if it wasn't for the record industry being sneaky...
    if it wasn't for the record industry being sneaky, i would have give this album more stars.
    The cd itself is awesome! my favorite song off of it has to be DOA.

    It was very disappointing that the cd had a malicious copy right protection software on it. In fact, I believe it was ruled illegal for the record industry to put this software on any more cds after this big mess. A couple states filed lawsuits.

    This cd is great to put into your stereo and play. But keep it away from your computer because it will crash your computer to no repair.

    Why the Foo Fighters let them do this to their supposive "epic" (at the time) 2 disc cd is beyond me.
    ...more info
  • Great album, but a sub-par DualDisc
    I'm only reviewing the DVD sides.

    Disc 1 is the normal album in Enhanced Stereo which basically just means that Sony BMG didn't want one of their signature albums to be released in a rival format to SACD. The Enhanced Stereo is just 2.0 48/16 which is technically a barely noticeable difference from 44.1/16 which is the standard Red Book spec. I suspect it is possible that the Enhanced Stereo mix may have less dynamic range compression, but I would have to look at the waveforms to confirm this (don't want to go through the trouble).

    Disc 2 on the other hand is the acoustic album in full DVD-A MLP 96/24 5.1. This disc is excellent and makes the whole deluxe set worth purchasing if you have a DVD-A player.

    With all the technical stuff aside this is a great album. I would give the CD of this album 5 stars, but this is a special edition and I feel that it should be rated on those merits.

    Definitely a must buy if you like the Foo Fighters....more info
  • Warning...Skip second album
    I was impressed with the first disc and disappointed with the second disc. Also, there were very few b-sides, but that's neither here nor there. I don't know, if Dave wanted to release some slow stuff then he should have released a solo album of content from the second disc. But like I said, first disc, hard-hitting, epic and a return to full form....more info
  • I love Foo Fighters...and this cd might be my favorite!
    Ok, so the copyright protection thing sucks...this is true...intellectual property is a hot issue right now and probably won't be resolved anytime soon. I have it on my worked just there...
    But just because I don't agree with copyright laws doesn't mean I am going to deny myself the bliss and wonder of the music of Foo Fighters. It would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face. The music moves me and every song is wonderful! I especially like the second album with the more acoustic set. It's just so beautiful...I'm listening to it right now and just love it. I have played it non stop for a few years now and am no where near tired of it yet. You will find yourself singing along to every song and just loving every second of it. Foo Fighters remains my favorite band of all time...with Led Zeppelin close behind...yes that's right...behind Foo Fighters.
    ...more info
  • Don't Buy this one.
    The way to get the music industry's attention is through economics. If copy protecting (using sneakware) a cd causes it to be worth less, in terms of sales this practice of infecting your computer with the rough equivalent of a worm wil be stopped.

    Supply and demand, remember?...more info
  • Foo fave
    I have every CD from Foo, and although the first one, with Grohl doing all the vocals and instruments, is my fave, this one is great. Foo is hard to beat in this genre. They are original, but still appeal to mainstreamers. The rocking tunes are way better than the "softies." One star lost for the Norah Jones tune; I skip it every time I spin this disc. Should be on HER album, not Foo's. ...more info
  • Even more Foo.........
    Yummy!Dave is so hot.Wish Kurt was around to see him now.
    If so,would the be a Foo Fighters?Hmmmmmmm........more info
  • mine worked fine
    track 1 has such a crazy riff of only three notes, and no real structure a great intro song. It takes off from there with the next 9 songs full of energy, no complaints at all. Free me really stands out for me, that guitar riff is very catchy but has sunstance i must have heard that song 100 times and its still good. The acoustic cd is awesome too but does not have the same consistancy as cd1 BUT its pretty damn relaxing, again no complaints....more info
  • Copy Protection is a disgrace!!!
    Reguardless of how good the CD is, I will not purchase something with this ridiculous protection! I like to make mixes of my favorite songs on CD, but with this CD it isn't possible!! What about putting the songs onto my MP3 player? Again, it's impossible with this protection. If I pay MY hard earned money for a CD, I sure as heck better be able to put it on my portable music player!! Wake up, the rights of the consumer are being infriged upon!!! The solution is simple, don't buy this trash!!

    I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER, but a CD with this protection!!...more info
  • and im on the mend my friend.
    brilliant!! unsurpassable by Foo's standards. this CD didnt quickly become a favorite of mine until i found myself constantly grabbing it if i was going somewhere for a long drive or if it was nice out. i dunno why i just really liked it.

    disk 2 stayed in its case for more than a year before i listened to it after the first time i got it. i remember thinking, ok this is good, better than i remembered and then after a few spins within a few days it hit me that it was actually AWESOME, the songs are so so good. On The Mend being a favorite of mine and undoubtly one of my all time fav Foo songs. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    Dave Grohl is such an awesome musician. The whole band totally rocks this record. It's a favorite for sure....more info
  • A Note or two.
    This is a terrific album and a real artistic evolution for Dave.

    Sadly, a lot of people have gotten caught up in the copy-protection issue.

    Firstly, you should all know that Sony BMG Music was sued for copy protection on albums like these. They are offering a settlement of 7.50 cents an album and a download of the music without protection or a new copy to anyone who fills out a claim form.

    Secondly, there is no complicated fix requiring you to go into your computer registry and delete system files. Instead, when you first insert the CD simply hold down the shift key. On a Windows Computer this disables auto-run applications and will work to make a copy of the music on this album for your portable devices....more info
  • The Best Album Yet!!!
    I don't know why everyone whines about copy protection but whatever. If you know what your doing you can get the song on your PC. Anyway, this is the best Foo album yet. C'mon, you get 2 full length discs for the price of one, what's to complain about? Disc 1, the rock disc, contains great songs and the progression from beginning to end is great. Well done! The acoustic side showcases the Foo's stripped down and raw. It shows how great these guys are as musicians with minimal sound effects. If you don't like it don't listen to it. The material is great. This is some of the finest to come out from the Foo's. I cannot keep this album out of my CD player. Bravo to Dave and crew for their finest work yet. Its' epic! Rock on!...more info
  • try cdex
    this is a great cd. and if you rip cd's with wm player it's your own fault. try cd ex. ...more info
  • Copy-protected, come on!
    Well, I won`t buy it. I'll just download it, like the criminal the label thinks I am......more info
  • Very good one ! A must for every foo fighter fan
    Dave and his band shows that foo fighters are the best when it comes to music. Lyrics are really good and, in my estimation, In Your Honor is one of the best I've heard before....more info
  • Wow
    I was first sucked into this album when I heard the single "Best of You" and couldn't seem to get enough of it. And I waited patiently to get this album as soon as possible. When I finally did, and unwrapped it from it's plastic casing, it was like unwrapping a piece of gold. I love this album that much.

    Soon after bying this album, I took a trip to Chicago and their was a lot of downtime and this was the only album I happened to have. So, basically, I listened to it constantly. And every time I did, it got better, and continues to get better now. Whether it be the sheer power that comes from the title track, or the hypnotic rythem of "Razor" every song on this dualdisc album is a masterpiece in my eyes.

    I recomend it to everyone, or at least go and try to listen to some of the singles for free first if you're skeptical, but just give it a try. It's worth it....more info
  • One Of Their Best!
    This album is actually one of the Foo Fighters' best albums. I love the way that the two discs on this cd are put together, with the hard songs on the first disc, and the soft songs one the second disc. I think that all of the songs on these two cds are pretty good, but these are the best:

    Best Of You
    No Way Back
    Resolve, and

    Overall, this may even be their best release, and it has some of my favorite songs by them on this cd. Also, I have songs from this cd on my Ipod, and they play just fine. Maybe I just have a different copy....... ...more info
  • Malicious software warning!
    Potential buyers who wish to play this "copy protected" CD on their computers are advised that their machine will be infected by malicious software if they attempt to do so. THIS SOFTWARE WILL BE INSTALLED, WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT, EVEN IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO ACCEPT THE LISCENSE AGREEMENT!!. Additional deceptive practices are used to make detection and removal of this software difficult (e.g., by altering the datestamp of the installed file)

    This practice should be unlawful and, indeed, in most countries it is. Unfortunately, the US government is more interested in protecting the rights of corporations than it is the rights of its citizens. The only recourse Americans have is to expose manufactures who use such deceptive practices and to refuse to purchase their products

    In response to the commentator (June 29, 2006) who wrote that the software was "annoying, but very easy to surpass...If you don't mind doing a little research": Even if you have the time and expertise necessary to research the issue, PLEASE consider the broader implications of buying products like this. If corporations are allowed to succeed in such relatively benign experiments, there is nothing to prevent them from installing more sophisticated and ambitious software in the future which would be more difficult to remove and which would pose a greater threat to your privacy. For example, the software installed by CD could easily be modified to serve as spyware or to sabotage programs the manufacturer doesn't want you to use. HELP STOP THIS THREAT IN THE BUD: PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE "COPY PROTECTED" CDS AND BOYCOTT THE COMPANIES THAT MANUFACTURE THEM.

    For help in repairing systems compromised by this CD, I suggest you begin by searching the Web using the keyword "SbcpHid.sys" (the name of a file installed by the CD in the Windows\System32\Drivers directory).

    ...more info
  • Forget the copy protection, this cd SUCKS
    I've read all these people who're pissed bc they can't play this cd on their computers and copy them onto their ipods or whatever. I couldn't care less about copying. The music on this album for the most part sucks. Out of TWO DISCS, there are 2 good songs. The rest is boring, muddy, noise. Don't waste your time or money here....more info
  • A History Of "Hit Or Miss" Albums; Falling Short But With A Few Foo Classics!
    Named after the World War II term "foo fighter," a mysterious aerial phenomena, the Foo Fighters have adopted a history of "hit or miss" albums with their newest release "In Your Honor" leaning towards the "miss" category. The "hit or miss" routine began with a "miss" in 1995 with their self-titled debut. It seems as if every other album afterwards followed the same fate while the albums in between, "The Colour And The Shape" and "One By One," exude flawlessness. Continuing this method, "In Your Honor," contains a few classics but as a whole it leaves something more to be desired. The first four tracks of disc one, "In Your Honor," "No Way Back," "Best Of You," and "DOA" are the highlights of the album while the remaining six songs show promise at times but they tend to become a bit monotonous as they seem to be drum-driven rather than vocal or guitar-driven. The 10 songs on the second disc, containing more peaceful, acoustic arrangements, is clearly their worst collection of songs to date as they lack depth vocally and musically. Below, please find the rating for each song individually:

    {Disc 1}

    In Your Honor - 8/10

    No Way Back - 9/10

    Best Of You - 10/10

    DOA - 10/10

    Hell - 6/10

    The Last Song - 6/10

    Free Me - 6/10

    Resolve - 6/10

    The Deepest Blues Are Black - 6/10

    End Over End - 7/10

    {Disc 2}

    Still - 5/10

    What If I Do? - 4/10

    Miracle - 6/10

    Another Round - 3/10

    Friend Of A Friend - 2/10

    Over And Out - 3/10

    On The Mend - 4/10

    Virginia Moon (Featuring Norah Jones) - 3/10

    Cold Day In The Sun - 2/10

    Razon - 2/10...more info
  • The Foo are Fantastic
    This album rocks. I have no idea what everyone's complaining about with the whole copyright issue...I imported the songs onto iTunes just fine. Listened to them on my iPod just fine. Oh well sucks to be you if you can't I guess.

    Anyways the Album great, I enjoyed both the "Hard" side and the "soft" side. I thouroughly recommend if you've ever liked anything the Foo Fighters have done, pick it up as soon as you can....more info
  • Amazing album from the foo
    Before i even got this album i read the reviews for it, in which i learned about that it is protected. After reading the first review i saw that it said to press down the shift key. I actually have a zune so i didn't know if the same thing would happen, but either way i pressed down the shift key. I was happy afterwards to know that the ripped trackds were fine and normal. So i listened to the cd and it is really good. I just got it in 2007 but i remember all the hype it was getting back in 2005 like having 24 hours of the foo on Mtv and all that. And let me tell you all the hype is well diserved, In Your Honor is a great album. The first cd which is all electric is good there is not one song that i don't like, it starts with in your honor, and goes into the 4 singles from the cd, then into some other amazing songs. The second cd which is acoustic is just as good. All the songs are good and fun to listen too, What if i do, miracle and all the others are great, you won't find a better foo fighters cd than this....more info
  • Shut Up, the album is freakin awesome!
    I am disappointed in all these douche bags complaining about the copyright issue. The album is awesome. I love how they set up the two discs, with a slow one and a heavier one. You don't need to screw around. This is Dave at his best. Don't rob the band of their well deserved praise. ...more info
    First of all, this album is worth the trouble i just went to.

    I, like many of you, hate the fact that my itunes won't import this album due to copyright protection. What I found though is that if i allow it to copy to my computer through the designed copyright program and import the copied files in Windows Media Player, I can then burn a new copy on a blank cd-r. Once i have a cd-r copy of the album, i then pop it back into the computer and import the cd-r. It rips without the copy protection crap. My itunes picked it up and imported it fine and I am a happy customer.

    The only thing i regret is that i had to make a copy of something i own but it was worth the trouble to get it on my itunes with the other Foo Fighters albums. Go Ahead, Try it if you want the album....more info
  • Muy bueno , tranquilo
    este es un disco muy tranquilo , contrario lo que se podria esperar de este grupo , con muchas y bellas baladas , salpicadas con algunas tonadas ms movidas , creo que le gustara a la mayoria ...more info
  • This Represents the Band Extremely Well
    As many of you may know, this band is very talented, and it really shows here. The idea if a diuble disc with 1 being loud and the other soothing is just groundbreaking. Every song from the screams of In Your Honor to the gutar noodlings on Razor will just blow your mind away. If you buy the cd, and just put it in a stereo it will work just fine, but of course all you Ipod people have to do it the hard way and try to download it. It wont work and it makes you mad, I think downloading is a waste. Just buy the CD at the store and enjoy. ...more info
  • Not Perfect, But Damn Good.
    You can always count on the Foo Fighters to deliver good music everytime an album comes around, and this, their ambitious two-disc set, is no exception. While it may not be the definitive Foo's release, "In Your Honor" shows that the band is aging beautifully. Entering their second decade together as an act, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel and Chris Shiflett, are showing no signs of slowing down. "In Your Honor" is the band continuing their legacy as possibly the best pop-rock act still standing on Earth.

    As we all know, disc one is the rock side, while disc two is the softer, acoustic side. Opening tremendously with the instant hits "In Your Honor" "No Way Back" "The Best Of You" and "D.O.A." the first disc starts on the right foot, in a big way. Unfortunately, I have to admit that the rest of this disc sort of peters off rather quickly. Songs like "The Last Song" and "End Over End" fail to induce the same excited feelings the first half of the disc did. However, I have to say, on the second disc, there are no disappointments. While I had been hooked on what the first disc had to offer, I completely forgot about the second part, which offers up quite a few classics itself. The opening track, "Still," a somber, slow moving number, sounds like something Nine Inch Nails would do if Trent picked up an acoustic guitar and lightened up a bit. Songs like "Another Round" and "Cold Day In the Sun" (which places drummer Taylor Hawkins on vocals) definitely have their place amongst the best in the Foo Fighters catalogue, and are just as strong as any song they have done, plugged in or not. The closing track, "Razor," which features Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme on guitar, is the perfect way to round out the set, as it combines the traditional Foo's formula with a few curveballs.

    "In Your Honor" may not be the "Best Of Foo" but it certainly is another excellent entry from the band. And since you're getting two discs full of material here -- 20 songs, 10 on each disc -- it's definitely a worthy effort. Here's hoping that the experimentation done here serves them well in the future and helps the Foo Fighters break down some walls into new territory....more info
  • "I've got my hands on a miracle..."
    Foo Fighters dual disc In Your Honor is the coolest album of 2005. The first disc has hard-rocking songs including the first and incredible single, Best of You. Disc two is full of ballads, great as well. Standout tracks include: In Your Honor, Cold Day in the Sun, DOA, No way Back, Miracle, What if i do?, Over and Out, Resolve, and On the Mend. A lot of fans consider this album to be the weakest well...I love it!!!!!!!!! All the tracks are catchy, intimate, and impressive lyrically. I heard this album so many times last summer, just a gorgeous album all around. I highly recommend this under-appreciated gem!...more info