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The Complete Thin Man Collection (The Thin Man / After the Thin Man / Another Thin Man / Shadow of the Thin Man / The Thin Man Goes Home / Song of the Thin Man / Alias Nick and Nora)
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Product Description

Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 08/07/2007 Run time: 592 minutes

Almost as welcome as a shaker full of martinis, The Complete Thin Man Collection represents an eagerly awaited DVD milestone for fans of the fizzy MGM movie series. The best film in the series came first: The Thin Man (1934), W.S. Van Dyke's marvelous adaptation of a Dashiell Hammet novel. The movie gods were in a generous mood when they paired William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles, the upper-class sophisticates whose sleuthing escapades somehow joined the classic form of the whodunit with the giddyup of screwball comedy. Among the series' many attributes, one of its most radical notions was the idea that a married couple might find each other delightful and view life as a goofy adventure together.

It is common wisdom that the Thin Man sequels adhere to the law of diminishing returns, and while none of the follow-ups reach the diamond level of the first film, all afford pleasures. There's the cocktail-swilling chemistry of Powell and Loy, for one thing, as well as the considerable satisfaction of average movies made during the studio system: the craftsmanship of studio hands, and a gallery of terrific character actors filling in supporting roles. First sequel After the Thin Man (1936) is very good, with the couple in San Francisco and a supporting part for rising player James Stewart. The scenery moves again, to Long Island, for the rather impudently-titled Another Thin Man (1939), which adds baby Nick, Jr., to the mix (a "bad idea," thought Pauline Kael, perhaps a sign of the domestication of the series).

Shadow of the Thin Man (1941) sets the action around a racetrack, and is the last of the series to be directed by the fast-working Van Dyke. The Thin Man Goes Home (1944) finds Nick escorting family to his parents' house for a visit. Song of the Thin Man (1947) engagingly adds a jazz milieu to the Charles's detective work; at this point, Nick, Jr. was played by child star Dean Stockwell. The series stuck with certain staples: the unveiling of the guilty party, a wirehaired terrier named Asta (who became a star in its own right), and booze. When Nick opines, in the first film, that a dry martini should always be shaken to "waltz time," you know why audiences fell in love with these guilt-free comedies. --Robert Horton

Customer Reviews:

  • In the morning, In the evening, don't they have fun!!!!
    I would love to have lived the life of this husband and wife! No mundane daily rituals for Nick and Nora. Life is a party for the two of them and someone is usually murdered at the event. The Thin Man series is just plain fun. As the series moves on, they do wear a bit thinner, but still enjoyable. Crime looks very glamorous in this boxed set. ...more info
    Excellent!! These movies takes us back to a time before "political correctness" interfered with our lives. For those that remember Saturday afternoons in the theater for a quarter, or people like myself whose parents gave us an appreciation for those times, this is the movie collection to own....more info
  • The Thin Man Collection
    I love The Thin Man movies, and any other movies with William Powell and Myrna Loy. They are very enjoyable. I really love the old movies, much more than most of the movies produced today. My husband and I get all the premium channels available, and there are really very few movies made in the past ten or fifteen years that we consider memorable. Mone of the trailers for movies for upcoming release excite any desire to go to a movie theater to view, so we mostly watch the Turner Classic Movies channel because they spotlight great actors and actresses from less fearful times, and the movies usually leave you with a good feeling at the end. ...more info
  • Finally!
    I've been a fan of The Thin Man series since I was a kid. I fantasized about growing up and living the life of Nick and Nora. With a fabulous marriage, martinis, cigarettes, and lavish parties. Of course reality turned out to be bitter singlehood, beer, and falling asleep while watching TV...but I still enteratin the dream!

    As much as I love the movies, I find the plot secondary to watching Nick and Nora. William Powell and Myrna Loy are phenomenal and play off each other beautifully. They rate as my all time favorite fictional couple and on-screen duo. ...more info
  • ole movie buff
    great cant say enough about this series. loved the thin man movies as a kid and still do. Wish there were more...more info
  • The Thin Man Collection
    This is a wonderful collection of the Thin Man movies. If you like the Thin Man, you will love this set....more info
  • Hours of Fun and ENjoyment
    This is such a relaxing and very entertaining series... great show to watch at bed time. Laughs....bit of intrigue and lots of fun....more info
  • Diet of The Thin Man
    Careening wit barbs, great old cars and lingo, and murder mixed with dog tricks--swell entertainment. Plus Myrna is a dish! Well worth the buck for mystery enthusiasts! ...more info
  • Thin Man Rocks!
    The Thin Man is a wonderful collection for both young and old. If you like a good mistery....more info
  • The Complete Thin Man Collection
    From the first time I watched a Thin Man movie, I was hooked and had to have my own copies. Thanks for making them available in a collection....more info
  • Nick and Nora Review
    The entire series depicts the engaging relationship that Nick and Nora Charles have; played by William Powell and Myrna Loy, they are coyly sexy.
    The suave William Powell is always charming and Myrna Loy is sexy without trying to be. While the subsequent movies are short on story line, the husband and wife banter make up for it. They all represent the old fashioned "whodunit" black and white movies we grew up loving where the star gathers all the characters together into a room and we discover who the guilty party is.
    Ken Blasingham...more info
  • Stylishly Engaging!!
    I thoroughly enjoy the Thin Man movies. William Powell is marvelous as the ever-bombed, but never unobservant detective; and Myrna Loy is exquisite. I could gaze into those bedroom eyes forever. She's beautiful and witty and as down to Earth as they come. She's the wife we would all like to come home to, and the interplay and chemistry between the two leads is perfect. I dropped a star because the stories are a little flat in places, and the supporting cast can't keep up with Loy and Powell (with the exception of James Stewart's appearance in "After the Thin Man"). Asta is a little annoying, and the Asta jokes are corny. I thought up a nice parlor game for showing these films to your friends. Have them choose which lead -- Nick or Nora or Asta they want to follow through the story. Line up a lot of shot glasses filled with the liquor of choice. Then, when your character takes a drink or is cut away from while lifting a glass to their lips, you take a shot. The first person that can then correctly identify the killer in the particular film you are watching wins. The one who takes off the most clothes also wins....more info
  • The Complete Thin Man Collection
    Absolutely outstanding. I have thoroughly enjoyed these movies. It is wonderful that you are helping keep the classics alive. I enjoy watching movies that do not contain foul language, overt sexual activity, etc. Keep up the good work....more info
  • "The Thin Man" Collection
    If you're old enough to remember this series, you'll love
    this collection plus the extra disc which discusses the
    careers of the two stars!
    EXCELLENT VALUE!...more info
  • Thin Man Series is not Tinny
    Have always been a fan the Thin Man and this collection has it all. I viewed the films in chronological order purposely to notice the changes in quips between the two . They were more witty and sophisticated with each film. To tell you a secret, I really never cared for the explanation of why the killer did it but rather the scenes to catch the killer is what makes these films. Yes there is a formula to the series but I don't care at all. I now can watch them on a snowy Sunday afternoon with my Kaluah and vodka while Nick has his champagne. A true toast to Nick, Nora, and Asta (not to forget Nickie Junior too!)...more info
  • The Thin Man Movies
    I love these classic movies and now I can watch them any time, instead of only when the television stations happen to play them. Yay!!!...more info
  • Thin Man Series
    This is one of the best video series I have purchased in a while. The collection contains Nick and Nora on murder cases and their whimsical way of solving these crimes. Their chemistry is highly entertaining as Nora continuously tries to help her husband Nick on each case. They remind me of Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy and the movies they did together. You do not necessarily have had to watch them in a row for each movie is its own separate identity. The last dvd is a synopsis of both actors', William Powell and Myrna Loy, biographies. ...more info
  • So much enjoyment in one boxed set!
    This set is wonderful! If you're not familiar with Nick and Nora Charles, do introduce yourself and get ready for a wild ride of the smartest banter, the most stylish deportment and much fun and mystery too!

    Reading other reviews, I would say that most every reviewer here has commented very well on the movies themselves and I heartily concur: they are truly wonderful and a pure pleasure to watch again and again!

    I wanted to mention that this is a nicely assembled set, the DVD authoring is very nice, as would seem to be the case with all of the recent offerings of classic films from Warner. Is it that Warner is so astute in their DVD design and packaging or is it that other publishers are so inept? Who knows, but the classic film releases from Warner on DVD are the only ones I've found that are not insulting to watch - there are no heavy-handed anti-piracy warnings, you can pretty much get right to the main menu without being castigated as being a criminal. I don't know about you, but I get very tired of being treated like I'm a crook that needs to see all the warnings, threats and propaganda, especially considering that I've just plunked down a considerable chunk of change to buy a DVD title. It sure does cast a pall over the family room when everyone is gathered to watch a movie and the FBI warnings, or worse (like on a number of Fox titles) you get beaten over the head with a short propaganda message about copying copyrighted material. You get none of that on the Warner sets, including this great collection of The Thin Man movies, for which I am so thankful.

    The Thin Man series are a joy to watch and this is a really nice set in every way which I would heartily encourage anyone to buy! ...more info
  • Witty, engaging fun
    Having seen only 2 of the movies in the "Thin Man" series on late-night TV (marred by numerous commercial interruptions and merciless editing), I still enjoyed them enough to try buying this full set.

    What good luck that I did! Nick and Nora Charles are even more fun when viewed without commercial interruptions.

    If you enjoy slapstick comedy, razor-sharp writing and talented stars who are perfect foils for one another, this is a near-perfect choice.

    Having been made in another era, these black-and-white movies make light of Nick's excessive drinking. With the exception of that one caveat, though, I wholeheartedly recommend you sit back and prepare to enjoy a wonderful ride through the mad world of the Charles family....more info
  • The Complete Thin Man Collection
    I have always loved the Thin Man movies and to have them in one collection is great....more info
  • Nostalgia
    I am very satisfied with my recent purchase of "The Thin Man" series. I loved to watch them on TV when I was young and they are just as entertaining now. William Powell and Myrna Loy were wonderful together....more info
  • Nick and Nora
    Anything that I can write would be redundent. William Powell and Myrna Loy had such chemistry between them, I think it's impossible for cinemaphiles NOT to love Nick and Nora Charles....more info
  • Great Thin Man Movies
    William Powel and Myrna Loy are great as Nick and Nora. I really enjoy the way they work together sovling murders in a comedic way. Good family movies and a must see....more info
  • Thin Man Collection
    I really enjoyed the Thin Man Collection. All of the movies are great and I would recommend them all....more info
  • Simply Wonderful!!!!
    I absolutely loved the Thin Man movie series. The chemistry and the humor was perfect. I wished they made movies like this now....more info
  • I think I'm in love
    "The Thin Man" was my introduction to the impeccable teaming of William Powell and Myrna Loy. I went from never having heard their names, to (thanks in part to this boxed-set), owning all but one of their released-to-DVD films. I can't see why these two aren't more well-remembered today - they are absolutely fantastic!

    Though the detective story-lines of these films are far from perfect (but really, who watches these for the mystery?), Powell and Loy, especially under the direction of Woody Van Dyke, provide highly enjoyable, entertaining films. No other couple could pull off these characters like William Powell and Myrna Loy, with their combined flair for comedy, charm, wit, and beautiful chemistry.

    The supplementary disc, "Alias Nick and Nora," provides two wonderful documentaries, great for any Powell-Loy fan, and those wanting to know more about the actors who made Nick and Nora one of the best and most lovable on-screen couples in Hollywood history. ...more info
  • Nick and Nora and Asta too!
    This is a perfect box set containing all six movies of the popular Thin Man series. The first movie was based on the novel by Dashiell Hammett and teamed the great William Powell and wonderful Myrna Loy for the second time. Their first feature, also released in 1934, was "Manhatten Melodrama." To say that the pair exuded chemistry is an understatement. Though the best of friends, Powell and Loy, were never romantically linked. This did not stop fans from believing that they were. And why not, Powell and Loy managed to create an image of marriage that is as sexy as any courtship. In many romantic comedies,the dramatic tension ebbs when the romantic pair gets together. Powell and Loy manage to transcend this limitation, not only in these films, but also in seven others which run the gamut from comedy to melodrama.

    The Thin Man films also owe a great deal to the writing, Hammett continued to be somewhat involved in the early spin offs from the original, but the series also benefited from the scripts produced by Albert Hacket and Francis Goodrich, who were married in real life. This point of view probably contributed to the success of series as a whole.

    This boxed set contains all of the movies in the series along with biographies of Powell and Loy. There is also an episode of the 1950s TV series which only goes to show just how well the original film series was executed.

    The films range from excellent to good. The sixth film in the series probably is the weakest of the lot, It appears that the producers were attempting to inject elements of film noir into the light hearted detective series and this just does not work. However, Powell and Loy managed to turn in excellent performances which rise above the problems with the script and its execution.

    Probably the only thing that would make this boxed set better would be if it included the other seven films which starred Powell and Loy since they are always interesting, no matter what the subject matter. ...more info
  • Good Seller
    Product came in a timely manner and in excellent condition. I would buy with confidence from this seller again....more info
  • Love the Thin Man
    If you like mystery and comedy together than this is the collection for you. Myna Loy and William Powell are so good together, they should be up there with Hepburn and Tracy, Bogie and Bacall. I know they made alot of movies together beside the Thin Man series. The Documentary disc is really good because you can't find to much information on William Powell anymore and that is a shame because he was always one of my favorite stars. I loved all the movies in this collection and so glad that I added it to mine and you will be too......more info
  • Enjoyable Time Capsule
    This set is an enjoyable time capsule if nothing else. The humor is sometimes a little corny but now and then, Bill Powell comes out with some saracastic humor that is more like todays. Extras are also very good. If you like to get an historical perspective of the times while being entertained, then I would recommend this set. If you like to watch cars chases and buildings being blown up-------then probably not for you....more info
  • Thin Man
    This is a great collection. William Powell is wonderful. Love these old movies!!!...more info
  • Its The Thin Man!!
    Its The Thin Man. It's William Powell and Myrna Loy. What else is there to say!!!...more info