Canon OPC1-P Outdoor Pendant-mount Clear Dome
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Product Description


The Canon OPC1-P Outdoor Pendant-mount Clear Dome not only helps you protect your Canon VB-C10 or VB-C50i surveillance camera, but also allows you to deploy your camera outside. Designed for outdoor use, this dome housing lessens regular wear-and-tear and protects your camera from both moderately-inclement weather and intentional manipulation or vandalism. To add further security, the OPC1-P allows for sleek and tidy feed-through wiring for both the power supply cord and the Ethernet cable.

This outdoor dome housing is constructed of durable, UV-protected plastic that meets UL94V0 flame-resistance standards. Easy to install, the OPC1-P has a pendant-style mount with a 1.5-inch pipe thread. This unit also features a right-angle power plug and a 24-volt AC input for when you require longer-distance cable runs. Included in the OPC1-P are heater and blower units to maintain a good operating environment for the camera, which allows it to operate in temperatures ranging from -20 to 120-degrees Fahrenheit. This unit has a total electrical power capacity of 40 VA (Volt-Amperes), and includes a plug-in 110-volt AC to 24-volt AC wall transformer.

Technical Features:

  • Construction: UV protected plastic
  • Mounting style: pendant-style with 1.5-inch pipe thread
  • Total electrical power capacity: 40 VA
  • Network connection: Ethernet
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 120 F
The Canon OPC1-P is the easiest and most cost-effective way to protect compatible Canon surveillance cameras. The OPC1-P even includes a built-in power converter that provides 12-volt DC power to your camera, as well as all the necessary camera-mounting hardware.

About Surveillance Camera Housings
Most video surveillance systems can be deployed for outside use when a proper camera housing is used. Key features for housings are a blower/fan to keep the camera cool in the summer, and a heater for the cold-weather months and to keep the glass from fogging up. Most housings can accept many types of security cameras. An outdoor dome housing is used for external mounting when tamper resistance or pan/tilt functionality is desired.

What's in the Box
OPC1-P housing, mounting hardware, and 110-VAC to 24-VAC transformer.

  • Constructed of durable, UV-protected plastic
  • Outdoor-use with pendant-style mount with 1.5-inch pipe thread
  • Power converter inside the housing provides 12-volt DC to the camera
  • Feed-through wiring for both the power supply cord and the Ethernet cable
  • Meets UL94V0 flame-resistance standards