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3 Pack Snack Trap
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  • Love it!
    While obviously not fool-proof this cup is a life saver. My son tends to shake a huge mess all over the car, but he will calmly and neatly eat from it while playing at home or at the park, etc. Great invention! ...more info
  • Great Idea
    I bought these for my 23 month old son because my backseat of my car is beginning to look like a warzone of snacks! The first time I tried them he figured it out right away. the second time he discovered how to take the top off and havent used them since. its too bad because its a great idea they just need to figure out how to get the top on tighter....more info
  • Great for toddlers!
    I found and used these with my youngest. They did not have these for my older children. He was able to get the cheerios and other small snacks out with no problem and when he inevitably dropped it, there was not a mess to clean up. Now he did figure out how to hold it open and shake it upside down to make them come out, but it was a lot less mess when he did that than an entire container. Definitely worth buying!...more info
  • Snack Trap
    This is the greatest thing ever invented for little kids. My son would take an entire handfull of snacks/fruit if he was able. These snack traps control the amount he can take out at a time. I also appreciate that this vendor shipped to an APO....more info
  • We love it!
    This is not a mess free snack solution. As the other reviewers stated, the lid can be removed, and if you hold it upside down & shake repeatedly, crumbs will come out & some smaller snacks can also come out.

    BUT, before this product was invented, what was the alternative? A bowl? My 1 year old dumps those over within seconds. The snack trap works great in our house. My daughter loves to be "independant" so holding her own snack cup is great for her. I don't fill up completely - just enough for that particular snacktime. I usually carry some extra snacks in the diaper bag to refill for her.

    I also really love the stay fresh lids. They work great in the diaper bag to make sure that the snacks stay "good" and don't go stale to quickly.
    ...more info
  • loved the idea, hated the product
    It worked great the first time my 14 month old son used it but the second time, he figured out how to take the lid off and spilled his Cheerios everywhere. I tried it a few more times after that and got same result. The lid is WAY too easy to remove. ...more info
  • Love these cups!
    I just love our snack trap cups! My 19 month old has been using them for 4 or 5 months and enjoys "doing it himself". They're great for shopping, driving, or anywhere! ABSOLUTELY NO SPILLS! Highly reccommend this product!

    -Happy mom of 1 so far...more info
  • didn't hold the snacks!
    My son figured out how to dump all the cheerios out of this container within 5 seconds. Unfortunately it was not the anti-spill container that it advertised.

    ...more info
  • A winner!
    Toddlers want to carry around their own snack containers, but they can make such a mess. I used this for my daughter and got lots of queries as to where I got them. It was so obvious how well they work. She could carry around her Cheerios or fish crackers and eat them without spilling. Her hand fits in just fine, she grabs a fistful and takes it out and the lid keeps the rest from falling out. Great invention....more info
  • Great idea, poor execution
    For the first couple of weeks the Snack Trap worked perfectly. After that, my daughter (7 months old) figured out how to remove the top (it is just a soft plastic cover like a tupperware, but easily removed), and we have since been struggling to keep her from dumping, throwing, or shaking the snacks all around the house.

    On the positive side, the flaps for the top are very soft, and when she does reach in, there is no worry about her harming her hands or fingers. If only the lid had a locking mechanism or was screwed on, then this would work perfectly. As it is, my daughter loves it, but we hate cleaning up the mess....more info
  • Lousy service or actually no service at all!
    After we use the snack trap a few times, I noticed dirt can go into it and the food is not kept fresh because there is an opening on the lid. I tried ordering a cover lid for these, but their website was not processing my credit card. I called AND emailed the company more than once and no one responded back to me. What kind of business are they in when they only listen to their voice mails once a week? And what is the point of a "snack trap" when it doesn't really trap the food in? And it doesn't keep the food fresh but make them stale. I don't like to just throw the snack trap containers into the diaper bag without putting a plastic over it. Anyway, have changed over to the Munchkin brand. They are cleaner and BPA Free. At least, someone from that company answers their phone like within 2 rings. Anyway, we tossed these out and I gave my family and friends the Munchkin brand.
    ...more info
  • must have
    great for cheerios, etc... although its not 100% spill proof, it is the best think i used with toddlers...i buy them as gifts...more info
  • Trapping those snacks
    These snack traps are so great for my two year old. She was dumping snacks everywhere inadvertently, and since we started using the snack trap, that has stopped. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone with a messy eater....more info
  • Great idea, though it still isn't foolproof
    I love this product - it's been a lifesaver for our household, as our 1-year old twins love to walk around the house with snacks, or take them in the car/stroller with them. They have figured out, however, how to hold open a portion of the lid while shaking snacks out - so it doesn't entirely contain the snacks, but it's much better than giving them an open container of cheerios, which they are bound to dump on the floor. ...more info
  • Good if your kid learns not to take off the lid
    As others have said, the lid is easily removed even by a very young child. The first time we used it, our son took the lid off and spilled the snacks. But after a few times, he figured out that if he took the lid off the snacks would spill, and stopped taking the lid off. We find it very useful for our now 27-month-old (we started using it probably a year ago). It is not perfect but we have not found a substitute....more info
  • easy to use, make spill a minimum
    Great product. I bought it with the lid included. It works great. Sometimes Cheerios would come out but it does keep spills to a minimum. Handles are great that you can use it to secure it on stroller or high chair. If the flap could be just a little bit softer, that would be perfect. Overall, I would have purchased it again and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Can't live without it!!
    We love this product. It is perfect while we are shopping, traveling, or just hanging around the house. It greatly reduces the mess of other options. ...more info
  • MUST HAVE for EVERY Toddler
    This is the best, wish I'd invented it! No more ziploc bags being wasted, no more Cheerios all over the supermarket floor! This little cup lets the child reach in with fingers pull out several treats (cheerios, goldfish, etc) and munch away without spilling. No more mess or crumbs all over the car, store, house, etc! I LOVE IT! Bought a 3 pack, twice! I keep one in my diaper bag for road trips! My daughter was using it at 1 yr old!...more info
  • LOVE IT! Worked great for my kids - a lifesaver on long car trips
    My sister bought this for my kids and I loved it. We take long trips from Iowa to Georgia and this Snack Trap was the perfect way for my children to have a snack in the car without the mess. Although my kids never did take off the lid, the lid isn't real tight. The flaps are really soft as to not trap your child's hand inside. I've used two for over 2 years and they are still working perfectly. The cup itself is very durable - it's been tossed and dropped MANY times and still not a crack! I liked all the character designs on the cups - my son has a lion, my daughter an elephant. It's a must have for me - so much that it was my first new purchase when I was pregnant with my 3rd child - she got a turtle design.

    It's a worthwhile purchase! ...more info
  • Almost perfect
    My 14-month old daughter loves these snack cups. She can monitor her snack time, eating as much or as little as she needs. She loves carrying around a snack cup in one hand and a sippy cup in the other.

    The only reason I give it 4 stars, is because she has a tendency of keeping her hand in the flaps while walking around. This makes single Cheerios fall out here and there. But, nothing compared to giving her snacks in an open bowl. I've only used them on Cheerios so I can't comment on other snacks (she tends to choke on Goldfish so she only gets those while sitting in the high chair).

    She hasn't tried taking off the lid like other reviewers, so that's not a problem for us (at least not yet). We use them all the time and I definitely recommend them....more info
  • Great for car rides!
    My floor was becoming a sea of crunched-up Goldfish crackers and smooshed raisins. Car rides consisted of me with a Tupperware of snacks passing them back to my one-year-old because given the chance, he would dump the whole thing. So Snack Traps are a life-saver. He can still reach in, grab a handful and throw if he wants to, but mostly they've helped keep things clean. ...more info
  • Got a toddler? Get these.
    I don't know why I didn't buy these sooner. I can give them to my 18 month old son, and it takes considerably less time for him to dump them all over the place and trash the back seat! He loves being able to eat independently, rather than have me dole out one goldfish at a time. Well worth the money....more info