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Mad Gab
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Product Description

Canoe Key Pace He Grit? Mad Gab is one of the most entertaining and fun talk-out-loud games you'll even play. Teams square off against their opponents in trying to be the first to 25 points, which are earned by solving word puzzles. The puzzles are mondegreens of small words that, when said together, sound like a phrase, famous person, place, or thing. For example, "Canoe Key Pace He Grit" when pronounced quickly sounds like "Can you keep a secret?"

Mad Gab
300 cards, a timer, and a score pad are included. "Eiffel Tower" and "A Model Citizen" are the shown puzzles.

Talking to yourself might have people looking at you funny any other time, but it's almost a prerequisite for Mad Gab. Simply reading "Sea Grit Dress Up Ease" may not be enough to solve the puzzle. But once you start sounding it out slow, fast, slurred, or with quick repetitions, you start to hear "secret recipes" and have the answer. But players should be careful, because if they don't guess correctly before time runs out, then the opposing team has a chance to steal for the point.

The game includes 300 cards featuring 1,200 puzzles with two levels of difficulty. An easy example is "Sand Tack Laws" being Santa Claus, while a hard clue might be "Thigh Sing Gone Thick Ache" (the icing on the cake). A timer, a flipper, labels, a score pad, and instructions are also included.

Introducing the new game that has everyone speaking a strange new language called Mad Gab. Read a group of simple words aloud, like: "Ask Rude Arrive Her." You and your team-mates have 30 seconds to sound out three puzzles. Guess right and snatch that card. Miss it, and the other team can steal the point.

O.K. the time is set, the card flipper is loaded, and everyone's ready for a laugh riot. Just remember, when it comes to scoring points in Mad Gab, it's not what you say, it's what you hear.

Includes 1,200 Mad Gab puzzles on 300 cards, timer unit, flipper unit, timer/flipper label, score pad and instructions. For 2 to 12 players.

  • Teams work to decipher groups of unrelated words into real phrases before time runs out
  • Timer included to monitor each teams time
  • It's a game sure to spur laughter
  • Includes 1,200 mad gab puzzles on 300 cards, timer unit, flipper unit, timer/flipper label, score pad and instructions
  • For 2 to 12 players

Customer Reviews:

  • fun for all ages
    We have taken this game to several holiday parties. We have played it with family member and friends of all ages. Our boys like to read the cards to the grown ups and let them figure out what they are saying. The game gets everyone talking and laughing. Very easy to use--no game board. There are so many cards in the box that we will never memorize the game. It will be fun for years to come. I highly recommend this game for people who love word games. ...more info
  • So fun, however...
    I absolutely LOVE this game. I love the fast-paced hilarity that it creates. However, why don't they make refill cards? It's not quite as fun when I play with someone who's never played before, and I know the answer right away because it's a repeat. While 1200 puzzles is a lot, I would like to buy some more if they were available....more info
  • stew pid gay meh may kiss nose hense in lassy our drawn cuh
    in case you are wondering or are stuck on this example i made up from this game, it says "stupid game makes no sense unless you're drunk". that says it all. this game is rather stupid and annoying unless you are really plastered drunk, but then again, what kind of exapmle does that send to your children? "hey kids, if you drink lots of guiness you will have more fun!" i dont think so...though it would be a lot funnier, thats still out of the quetsion and beside the point. this is the perfect drinking game. one thing about this game that was really irrataing was the fact that the timer it came with was loud enough to shatter eardums within a 10 yard radius! utterly rediculus. do not try to follow the rules, i guerentee you wont understand, its much more fun if you just have a bunch of people and have one person try to figure out one of the stupid puzzels on the card [btw one side is SUPPOSED TO BE hard and the other easy...not the case...they are both equally stupid]. i do not recomend this game. it had a great commercial, but it gets really old in about 5 minutes unless alcohol is involved....more info
  • Worth every penny!
    This game was so much fun! We all laughed so hard that we had tears in our eyes. Can't wait to play this again! It's now my new favorite board game!...more info
  • So much fun!!!!
    I purchased this a year ago and i love this game! It brings out the laughs and is so much fun to get a bunch of people together and play it. Its keeps you on your feet. Buy it!!!! ...more info
  • Lots of fun!!
    This game is a lot of fun if you are a certain age/precocious child. I wouldn't recommend to ages under 13 unless they are very intelligent. Some of my family (mid 30's) can't seem to figure it out, or they just don't see how it's fun. I am a teenager, and I enjoy playing this game with my 40 year-old dad. We love it! I guess you just have to like puzzles and educational fun. It is mainly a word game, so you have to be pretty good with words and phrases. I hope this was helpful....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    This is such a fun game! It's great at a party (as a drinking game) and even in my classroom as a reward. Everyone I know who has played this game loves it. ...more info
  • Enjoyable
    My family recently received this MAD GAB as a Christmas gift and played it at a recent family gathering. I had played the game several times before as had some of my siblings, but most of our family had never played before. We had a wonderful time playing the game and it is now included on a list of games for future gatherings. The game revolves around the box of cards. The cards have a list of words on them. Read silently the words don't make much sense, but when read allowed the words sound like familiar phrases, people, places, events, etc. For example, "Dock Terse Ooze" is Dr. Suess, "Dry Fin Moo Fee" is Drive-In Movie, "Ace Height Force Oar Rise" is `a sight for sore eyes', etc. There are 300 cards total with 4 puzzles per card. The game includes the box of cards, a timer, card flipper, notebook, and rulebook. Like most families with many games, we didn't really follow the "official" rules and just played. I've played the game with people who are a stickler for the "official" rules and the game was just as fun. The suggested game winning total is 30 points, but you can play to as many or few points as wish or none at all. There have been some that have suggested that this game is no fun unless you are drunk. I've never been drunk while playing MAD GAM, but I have played the game with drunk people before and the game is just as fun with drunkards as it is playing with sober people. I have also used the game before as a time-filler at the end of class in school and have used the game as a way to give a short lesson about enunciation in high school public speaking classes. The only drawback to the game is that like many word games that require a reservoir of previous knowledge, MAD GAB is not a game that young children will probably understand or relate to very well. They might enjoy listening to some of the hilarious words that are spoken or reading the funny mixed-up words, but they probably will not be able to guess many of the answers. Overall, MAD GAB is an original game that can provide a family with older children hours of family entertainment....more info
  • Mad gab
    It's fun to just read cards with friends even if you don't follow the rules ...more info
  • Mad Gab
    Mad Gab is the most fun Game I have ever played, you will laugh and have so much fun, and you just won't want to stop playing. You learn how to sound things out in a very different way. It is great!...more info
  • You won't want to stop playing!
    Ok people, if you like to spend a fun night with family and friends laughing hysterically, this is the game for you!This game is challenging enough not to be boring, but not so challenging that you get frustrated. It will make you laugh, and it will drive you a little nuts too, but in a good way. Putting strange sounds together to make a well known saying or phrase, is the name of the game here. You'll sound silly reading this stuff, and it sounds funny when you hear it, but that's the whole's all part of the fun. I definitely recommend getting this game for your family. It's great for any kind of get together... holidays, slumber parties, cammping trips, or game night etc. I DON'T recommend paying this price though! $69.10?!! Are they serious?! That's insane!! You can get this game at a toy store, or department store for between $19.99 and $29.99. So for the love of god, DO NOT pay this ridiculous price!! Ok, so run out and get this game, and let the fun begin. Happy Holidays. Note to the makers of this game--please make refill cards. This game is so much fun, that we'll play it quite a bit, and soon we'll recognize the cards. ...more info
    Great, great fun, and lots of laughter! We play this game every summer on our camping trip with 4 to 20 players, ages 7 to 60. The only problem that we have with this game is that we have gone through all the cards at least 3 times and need a 2nd edition!!!

    If you are looking for fun for all, look no farther!!!...more info
  • It doesn't pay to be a visual person
    Mad Gab is a very fun and creative game. It's a team game whereby the team reads the totally random put together words and tries to guess what is really being said. For example: "New Disc Hollow Knee" answer: "Nudist Colony". It is great to watch as people clamor for the correct phrase or name, and as the card holder hears it he/she can't understand why the team isn't guessing it when they sound like they are saying it correctly. If you are an audio person you will have a field day, but if you are a visual person, you will have fits....more info
  • Not good if you're prone to hysteria!!
    My daughters are as prone to hysterical laughter as I am and we've had this game for years. My oldest and I quit playing this as a game with the timer. We would just gather with her friends with no rules to figure out what the cards said because that was just so much fun. We would laugh so hard we couldn't see straight as the tears streamed down our cheeks. This was when she was in middle school.

    If you are easy to entertain this is definitely the game for you, if you like a challange this could be it for you also! It's still just as fun, we sit it aside for awhile and forget what the cards say then pull it out again, plus with so many cards we can't remember them all. ...more info
  • So fun!
    Great for parties, or any sort of get together. Great for groups as well!...more info
  • Fabulous Game!
    I could not believe how much fun this game is! Its pretty much where theres some words (ex. Eye Felt Hour) and you say them and you hear that they really sound like something else (ex. Eye Felt Hour is Eiffel Tower).
    We don't play with the timer and all that stuff, we just look at the card and try to figure out what it really is. Its really funny and competitive. I really think this game is great, but I'd say for ages 13 and older....more info
  • Great Group Game
    We received this game for Christmas, and it is so much fun. We had a group of nine playing on Christmas night. We all were laughing, and having a great time. I really do recommend this game for a fun family game night. You won't be sorry....more info
  • Mad fun!
    My friends have this game and we've played at some of their parties after a few drinks. Hilarity ensues.

    I agree with previous reviewers that this make not work with young children, but older kids, teens and adults can ALL have fun with this game. Drinks optional. :D...more info
  • Good Brain Excercise
    If you like word games and figuring out puzzles, then you will enjoy this game. It takes a bit of logic and a good grasp of popular sayings to figure out. Also, must not be ashamed of sounding insane when mouthing off phonetically. If on the other hand, you do not like word games and are not familiar with idioms, then you will not enjoy the game. As an educational toy, I believe it is a good exercise for the brain and for honing listening skills. Again, this game is truly for people who enjoy word puzzles, all others probably best to steer away....more info
  • It makes us laugh!
    We have had such a great time with this game. It is hysterical! Great for those of all ages who can read....more info
  • Fun game to make fun of yourself
    I bought this as a gift for my dad, who enjoys games. I don't think he really liked it, but I have enjoyed it. You read a card that doesn't make any sense and try to figure out what you are saying. It is really difficult and makes a great party game. The only thing I don't like about it is the noisy, annoying timer. Other than that, this game is really fun....more info
  • Lots of laughter
    My daughter (21) requested this game; I hadn't played it before and it's very entertaining. We played with the whole family, age ranges from 11 through 50+ and everyone got into it. Some of the references were more difficult depending on your age, but there is enough variety that it all evens out. We laughed a lot, and that's always a good thing!...more info