Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves
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In Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves you'll become a master thief and a master of disguise, as you preapre for an impossible robbery. Sly may be the best thief around, but even he can't pull this one off alone. Recruit five returning as well as new members of the thieving gang to take down the maniacal Dr. M. With the pursuant Carmelita Fox and the mad professor on his tail, Sly learns of his family's thieving heritage and the one great secret his father kept from him for years. It'll take all of his team's abilities to take on this last great heist!

  • Steal your way through Multiplayer mode - Players will be able to play in split screen in head to head cooperative missions as well as mini games
  • Sly becomes a master of disguise, enabling him to sneak into heavily guarded areas unnoticed
  • Players can go back and replay levels with new moves, disguises and abilities
  • New vehicles, gadgets, mini-games and moves all wrapped in a great animated story

Customer Reviews:

  • Players get gyped!!! bet, this game was the very best of all the Sly's, except there's just one little bitty problem...when you get to 57% completed, THE GAME IS O-V-E-R....that's right fans, the game company ripped us off. So, what up with that? Plenty, the seller should refund us 43% of our purchase price, that's what! Maybe there's a second half to part 3, that we don't know about or a second disc that we were cheated out of?...more info
  • Funnest Video Game Yet!
    The wait is over! Sly Cooper 3 is now out on Playstation 2. Its new features are new playable characters, multiplayer, and new moves. Here are a list of charcters and levels.

    Venice, France: Play as Sly, Bentley, Murray, and Carmelita
    Difficult: No
    Funess: 8/10
    Boss: Don Octavio
    Unlock: Murray

    The Australian Outback: Play as Sly, Bentley, Murray, The Guru
    Difficult: somewhat
    Not really a boss
    Unlock: The Guru

    Holland: Play as Sly, Bentley, Murray, The Guru, Penelope, Carmelita
    Difficult: A little
    Boss: Black Baron
    Unlock: Penelope

    China: Play as Sly, Bentley, Murray, The Guru, Penelope, The Panda King
    Difficult: Yes
    Boss: General Tsao
    Unlock: The Panda King

    Pirate Place: Play as Sly, Bentley, Murray
    Funess: 10/10
    Boss: Le Fwee
    Unlock: ?

    Now lets talk about multiplayer. It's pretty cool. There's one where you play as Sly or Carmelita. Sly tries to steal loot and return to a certain point while Carmelita tries to stop him.

    Hacking: Bentley and Penelope team up to hack lots and lots of computers. BORING!

    Biplanes: Best one. Play as Sly or Carmelita. First one to 10 kills wins!

    Pirate Battles: Play as Sly or Bentley and try to destroy each others ship. Attack the other ship or repair your own ship.

    Overall: 10/10. This is better than 1 and 2 because of multiplayer, new moves, and new chacters.

    Buy: Yes
    Rent: Sure (if you don't have 39.99)
    Must-Have: Yes
    Better play Sly 2 or Sly 1 before you play this. You won't get a thing.

    ...more info
  • Just your normal Sly fix now with added multiplayer
    Wait... hold up... Sly with multiplayer? What does that involve? 2 custom Slys race to pickpocket guards? Two custom Carmelitas trow thugs in jail? Not really but... those two ideas are actually in one of the 2-player (Yeah. Only 2-player) modes.
    The best multiplayer mode. Player one is Sly and he either has to steal loot or kill Carmelita 5 times to win. Player 2 on the other hand, is Carmelita, trying to "stop" Sly by killing him 5 times. Wait, don't go! It's fun. Really. Just try and you will get hooked. Promise.
    Back to the game, shall we?

    Let's get one thing straight... I have NOT cleared the game. I'm established in the "Protect Coopeer Hanger(or something like that)" mission in Episode 3, "Flight of Fancy". It's a tad too hard. I am Icelantic so it was great to see that Iceland made it into the game. You break into an hotel room Icelantic... deers... are renting. It has their flag and everything. Also one of them fancy viking helmets. It's in the "Frame Team Iceland" mission. I don't feel all comfortable framing my own country but hey. IT'S FUN!!! I enjoyed the "Frame Team Belgium" mission more. You frame Team Belgiu, for stealing Team Iceland's lucky Ice statue. Oh, in case you are wondering WHAT THE HELL ARE ICELAND AND BELGIUM DOING IN TEAMS then here is the answer: hey have entered some dogfight competition called ACES.

    I have experienced the pleasure to play as five characters: Sly, Bently, Carmelita, Murray and Guru.

    1. Sly
    He is the one you start with. He is still really stealthy but this time around he is really athletic. Take that Prince of Persia.

    2. Bentley
    Early in Episode 1 "An Opera of Fear", you unlock Bentley to play with. He is wheelchair bound now but he is still just as fun to play as. Even more fun. He has a huge amount of sexy gadgets.

    3. Carmelita
    She is not in the gang but you can still play as her and that is a total joy. Soon after having unlocked Bentley, you can play with Carmelita. She can jump super high and has a cool shock-pistol. I think she's hot.

    4. Murray
    Soon after having cleared Carmelita's mission, you can play as Murray but you don't unlock him until you've cleared Episode. 1. He is still strong and now has a Sonic style Spin Dash. Cool!

    5. The Guru
    I haven't unlocked him yet but I have already cleared two of his missions. He is a little fella who can jump on guys and contol them. He can also transform into an object, making every guard on your tail go away. Ace!

    Let's talk about the graphics. As you'd expect, this is still cel-shaded but the game comes with some cool looking 3D glasses that adds a new twist to the game. Instead of doing like the not-so-recent movie Spy-Kids 3-D, that generally FORCED everything to jump out of your telly and smack you in your face, this keeps everything the way it is, and adds a more realistic athmosphere (did I type that right?) to the game. Like when you're in a cave, the dust floating around looks like it's actually inside your room/living room/bathroom/jail cell etc.

    Here is a rundown of the character voices. I haven't heard everyone speak but most of the game crew talks in the opening mission.

    Sly: Same as the last game. Still sounding great.
    Bentley: Same as last. Still sounding he has a cold or something.
    Murray: A bit deeper than last but still okay.
    Carmelita: Better in Sly 2. She now speaks like a single mother with an southern accent.
    Penelope: Awful. Ever want to hear how Britney Spears sounds like a kid? Thought not. When she speaks, put your TV to mute. The subtitles will inform you whats happening.
    Dimitri: Early on he sound like a zombie but is fixed in episode 3. Sounded better in Sly 2.
    Panda King: Whatever.
    Octavio: Awesome. Sounds like an actual opera singer.
    Black Baron: Yeah... he sound all right...

    My fav mini-game is:
    The rythim action opera singing in episode 1.
    The game is good enogh but hearing Bentley sing is priceless.

    Characters: 9.5
    Scenery: 10
    Effects: 8.5
    3D: 9.9
    Overall: 9.9

    Voices: 7.5
    Music: 10
    Effects: 10
    Overall: 10

    Fighting: 6.5
    Stealth: 10
    Puzzles: 5
    Athletics: 10
    Replay Value: 9.9
    Lenght: 6.5
    Difficulty: 9.9
    Overall: 10

    Overall overall: 10/10

    Get it: YES!

    Better with: Sly 2

    Recommended?: YES!!!


    That was "Goodbye" on four different languages. Spanish, English and Icelantic.

    So long....more info
  • you people don't know ANYTHING about sly gamz, u suck!!
    Ok no one loves sly as much as me so u don't know nuthin about him. First of all Carmilita's voice in sly 3 is the same FRENCH accent as she had in the 1st game!!! And u people must stink if your'e only on Episode 3 or 4. and if no one has noticed, penelope haz a crush on sly. 1 bad thing about sly 3 they don't put nelya in it!!!! But, leamoneade brawl rox and in that level there IS a boss people who think there isn't one. you could say it was that mask or GIANT Carmilita. over all I'M SLY'S #1 FAN SO NO ONE BETTER THINK THEY LOVE OR LIKE HIM MORE THAN ME CAUSE I ABOUT DIED WHEN HE SHOWED UP IN A TUX IN SLY 2!!!!...more info
  • 3 out of 3...Keep up the good work
    The Sly Cooper Series has lived up to it's expectations. Ever since the first one (which I got for my then 9 year old cousin as an alternative to GTA and the likes but got hooked when he asked me to help him with certain levels). They've consistently brought out fun, G-rated games that even the "older kids" can play at a really good price!...more info
  • One of the games that get you hooked
    Six words: THE BEST SLY COOPER GAME YET. The location is much bigger, the story is much better, and the fun is much cooler. I love the jokes and gags but there were several stuff that really bothered me. First, it's short, second several of the mini games like hacking into computures and picking locks are really annoying.
    But for people who love tense and funny games, check it out. But i suggest renting before buying....more info
  • One of the greatest platformers for the PS2 ever!
    Sly 3 was a fantastic game. not like in the former sly cooper games this one has eight different playable characters(!)The game is mostly a platform game and has many mini games. the graphics are cute(for people who like comics style) and the audio is fantastic. So, if you like platform games or generally any video game and you don't know which game to pick take this one!...more info
  • this game is a must have
    if you enjoy smoking up and playing video games, this is the game for you. this game has awsome graphics and its really addctive and fun. it has everyhting a game should have: good plot and action. and great artwork too. and its one of a kind yo. ...more info
  • Very happy with the product
    My girls (ages 7 and 10) have been playing Sly 2 for some time now. And asked for Sly 3 as a Christmas present. They are very happy with all of the updates and changes. They have taken well to the new game and like the fact that they are already familiar with the characters. The graffics are detailed and sharp. It has been a good purchase. I would recommend all of the Sly series games....more info
  • Really fun game.
    This is one of the best games I've ever played! It is so fun the way you get to climb, swing, and battle enemies in tons of different ways. I also think the way the plot keeps on changing with each person you get on your team is interesting. ...more info
  • Sly 3 as good as the first 2
    Sly 3 did not disappoint. There are some gimmicky elements, (e.g. the portion with the 3-D graphics) that don't really work as well as they should, but on the whole the puzzles were new, the dialogue amusing, and the animation well done....more info
  • A fantastic game
    Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves is a lot of fun! Sly Cooper is a master thief, with good stealth skills, high agility, and good disguises. Bentley, Murray, and Carmelita are the other characters in the game that are playable. Bentley is a turtle in a wheelchair who is smart and a little scared in a battle. Murray is a hippo who is big and strong. Carmelita is a fox who is trying to catch the Cooper gang with her shock pistol which fires stun blasts. Every episode has a level in 3-D and they are extremely realistic. The areas are Venice, a mine in Australia, Holland, China, Blood Bath Bay, and a secret island in the South Pacific. The huge battles are on land, air, and sea. Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves is a fantastic game that everyone can enjoy....more info
  • The Best Games in Year- Sly 3
    I know you know the introduction

    Sound, Magnifico!


    Dr. M's Island
    1. An Opera of Fear (Venice, Italy) 10 jobs
    2. Rumble Down Under (The Outback) 8 jobs
    3. Flight of Fancy (Holland, Netherlands) 9 jobs
    4. A Cold Alliance (Kunlun Mountains, and China) 9 jobs
    5. Dead Men Tell No Tales (Blood Bath Bay) 8 jobs
    6. Honor Among Thieves (Dr. M's Island) 8 or 9 jobs

    If it ain't as big as Sly 2, it's still good! lookout for Jak 2!...more info
  • The Magnificent Sly three
    A wonderful magnificent challenging game. Great Graphics and one that keeps you on your toes...I have played Sly 2-Band Of thieves and Sly cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus also and they are all great...I will play the next one they put out......more info
    I think this one of the best games ever. It is very exciting and some parts are a lot harder than others. I have beat this game four times and everybody in my family enjoys whatching and playing this game. What's cool is you have to unlock multiplayer games in story mode.This is my explaination on why I gave it 5 stars....more info
  • awsome but a little easy
    this game is awsome!your missions are all about master theives
    joining your gang.the reason why is because sly needes them to get to his familys vault and get into it.It also has realy fun multiplayer games like
    cops and robbers.If there is a flaw its that the games a little
    easy.But besides that the game rocks!
    These are the bosses levels ect

    boss:Don Octavio
    master theif wanted:Murray


    boss: no boss
    master theif wanted:the guru 'a mind possesing koala

    master theif wanted:Penelope

    boss: dragon
    master theif wanted: PANDA KING

    master theif wanted: dimitri

    boss dr.M
    master theif wanted:none this is the last level

    ...more info
  • A must have.
    I have been following the Sly Cooper series since the very begining and it has been one of the funnist series I have ever played. I really recommend Sly 3. It made me want to cry at the end because I loved it so much. If you havent played the first 2 you should go pick them up for they are wonderful as well. They sort of tie every thing together. It combines alot of action with a good since of humor. It would be great for children....more info
  • No, I'm slys 1# fan
    No, Sorry I'm his number one fan so, just go god...Slys mine....Anyways in sly 5 its pretty fun. I think many will enjoy sly. Not nearly as much as I I hope you like this game if you bought it....more info
  • Awesome Game
    This is a Great Game and i recomend it for everyone!...more info
  • The Best Game Ever :)
    I just recieved this game for my birthday present and I am loving every bit of this game. The cons of this game are that there is alot of characters to play with such as Carmelita, Guru, Bently, Murray, Dimitri, Panda King, Penelope, and SLY of course. What is really good about this game is that the addition of the multiplayer mode. You can play co-op in a hacking game as sly or bently. You can play biplanes as sly or carmelita. And the best of the multiplayer games, cops and robbers where you get to play as sly or carmelita. Carmelita's job is to defeat sly 5 times, sly's job is to collect loot around the city. As you explore the city in this cops and robbers game you will find many power ups such as shield, super jump, hypnotize, heat seeking missiles, rocket boots, teleport, and more. Another excellent addition to this game is the 3-D feature where you will get to play levels in 3-D using the enclose 3-d glasses in the manual. You will have a option of using 3-d. In this game you play and think as Sly because you get to answer as Sly using a thinking bubble. This is probably the best game for 2005 so far. Thanks for reading my review :) ...more info
  • Really Great Game!
    I love this game! I was so excited to play this game after playing both Sly Cooper and Sly 2. I was especially curious about the two-player games and the 3-D. When I finally recieved that game, I was very pleased! The graphics are as intriging and incredible as the first, and the movements of the chracters are so fluid, it took me a while to get used to the technology! The game-play is awesome and being able to play all of the characters was great. The improved gadgets and thief net were great as well because all I had to do was purchase my items and not have to worry about selling the loot, too. Also, it's much better that I can pick-pocket with Sly, Bentley and Murray because it was very hard in the second game to be out on the field with Bentley and not be able to get extra loot. Now, I wasn't so pleased with the 3-D. I think it was really unneccasery, but the two-player is awesome! I've heard a lot of bad stuff about it, but it's really REALLY great, especially when I have friends over. We can play together and not have to fight over the controller! Over-all, this is a must-play game that anyone will enjoy.

    1. improved graphics and moveability
    2. great gadgets that far surpass the old ones (just wait until you see the disguises!)
    3. awesome two-player games includings Cops and Robbers (my favorite, who hasn't wanted to play Carmelita?), Bi-Plane Duel and Boat Fight (complete with cannons)
    4. great chracters that pose a challenge, not the same hum-drum of the other two games
    5. awesome worlds to visit (plus awesome guards to fight)
    6. fun jobs (like a lemonade drinking contest and a pirate talk duel)
    1. not much replayability
    2. no clue bottles (that was the biggest dissapointment)
    3. a bit fast, but you can go back and re-do missions
    4. the Hazard Room is neccasery for new players, but it's repetative for skilled players and you can't move on without completing it
    5. very confusing order of events (it's starts at the end, goes to the beginning and then continues to the end, but skips over the part you did at the beginning and I was really REALLY confused until I got to the end)
    6. the boss fights are a little boring

    Buy this game!!!...more info
  • Third time's the charm
    I really really love the Sly games, it's no secret. They combine amazing platforming with tons of weird minigames, interesting and unique storylines, and some beautiful cell-shaded graphics. However, I thought that the second installment, Band of Thieves, fell off a little bit, mainly due to the platforming, or lack thereof. Well, if you expected this to be remedied, you were wrong. The platforming elements are even fewer than Sly 2. Most of the game involves a main base, where the characters run around the area for different missions and, at these mission points, complete one or more minigames. These minigames have tons of variety, and are really fun, but they came at the cost of the platforming elements. Personally, I think it makes for a fun game either way, but diehard fans of the first game may complain about this. the boss battles are quite impressive, boasting a huge variety of villains and ways to defeat them. The graphics, as I mentioned before, are top-notch, and the level design is superb. The voice acting is also pretty good, though some of Murray's lines will actually make you cringe with embarrassment. Seriously, does this guy think before he opens his trap?

    So what's wrong with this game? Not much, but the game gets a tad repetitive, esp. in the fourth and fifth missions. Of course, when I say repetitive about a Sly game, I still mean tons of variety, just not up to the norm. And then there's the difficulty factor. I breezed through this game in four days, playing about 1 1/2 hrs. per day.

    Bottom line: great game, but the difficulty and slight repitition hold it back from perfection. You should buy this game....more info
  • It's good
    I bought it as a gift for my son and he loves it! Won't get off of it as a matter of fact!...more info
  • Sly is the best
    My kids (age 10 and 13) received a playstation from Grandma, with a few games. None of us had ever had one before. She included Sly 2, which was by far the best and quickly had us hooked. We didn't realize how great it was until we tried to play others that were just not as well organized, or more difficult to manage, or had REALLY LONG loading times, etc. So far, then, Sly 1 & 3 are the only games I've shelled out money for. Highly recommended!! Each is slightly different but all were easy to learn (each skill is introduced gradually) and great fun to play. (My only complaint in Sly 3 is the "% done" calculator . . . I thought I had a lot more game left when I reached the end of the narrative portion. I only hope there's more to come!)...more info
  • One of the games that get you hooked
    Six words: THE BEST SLY COOPER GAME YET. The location is much bigger, the story is much better, and the fun is much cooler. I love the jokes and gags but there were several stuff that really bothered me. First, it's short, second several of the mini games like hacking into computures and picking locks are really annoying.
    But for people who love tense and funny games, check it out. But i suggest renting before buying....more info
  • sly3honor among thieves
    This game is a bit harder then the other 2 before it,But its worth the money and alot of fun....more info
  • Players get gyped!!! bet, this game was the very best of all the Sly's, except there's just one little bitty problem...when you get to 57% completed, THE GAME IS O-V-E-R....that's right fans, the game company ripped us off. So, what up with that? Plenty, the seller should refund us 43% of our purchase price, that's what! Maybe there's a second half to part 3, that we don't know about or a second disc that we were cheated out of?...more info
  • My son loves it
    My son wanted this game for his b'day, and has played it constantly since. He loves it....more info
  • Never Heard
    I never heard of sly cooper before. But my friends have it. Fun. A little cartoon violence. Says one bad word. I don't have a play station. It is pretty hard because i'm a girl. I get confused. The only characters I know are Bentley,Murray,Sly,Carmelita,Octavio, and that purple lizard guy in jail (I forgot his name.) Love it....more info
  • YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THE GANGS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But a few changes...

    This game sometimes feals wrong to play becouse of the stealing... but ask your self this

    wouldint you rather play this then Grand theft Auto.

    Cons: Very short.

    Pros: Every one has a chance to pick poket Murry Can shake the coins and loot out of gourds Bently can use a magnet,

    And there's more characters Joining the gang I wont say who...i don't want to spoil it for people who have not finished it.

    Please do yourself a favor and BUY THIS GAME NOW! ^_^...more info