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JWIN JDVR80 External USB 4-Channel Digital Surveillance System 4 Channels;NTSC/PAL supported;4 sensor inputs;4 alarm outputs;Display speed: 60 fps NTSC max, 50 fps PAL;Recording speed: 60 fps NTSC max, 50 fps PAL;Compression method: MPEG4/MJPEG selection;320 x 240 image resolution;Recording modes: Continuous, Motion Detection, Sensor and Scheduling Multiple Recording;Motion Detection: X4.4 Capture mode, X2 and x4 Playback mode;Image verify: Water-Mark;Remote access control: fully available via PSTN, ISDN, LAN, Leased Circuit or Internet connection;Remote setup supported via the Internet;Pan Tilt and Zoom;Cameras supported by aftermarket hardware interface and jWIN(R) Sheriff software,which requires PC support for either RS-232C, RS-422 or RS-485 serial connections External USB 4-Channel Digital Surveillance System

  • Converts PCs into an observation system with digital recording & remote access
  • View up to 4 locations simultaneously with built-in 4 camera ports for digital video recording
  • Monitor & configure from remote locations
  • Digital recording to computer hard drive for later viewing
  • Connectable to laptop computer through USB port