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Microwave Spatter Screen
List Price: $7.99

Our Price: $1.99

You Save: $6.00 (75%)


Product Description

End hard-to-clean microwave messes. Just place this reusable 13" diameter mesh material over a plate or bowl and it catches the spatters! No need for waxed paper or paper towels. Weighted to stay in place. Stain- resistant, easy to clean-just rinse it. For microwave use only.

  • 13 inches
  • Wahsable reusableSpatter free Microwave

Customer Reviews:

  • Microwave Spatter Screen
    Microwave Spatter ScreenThis is a very useful product. Stays put on dish, easy to clean, and small to store....more info
  • This Splatter Screen is the greatest!
    What is so great is that I no longer have to clean out my microwave on a daily basis because of the mess that warming some items in it can make.
    This screen is so fine that it doesn't make a mess, it is easy to clean and even if you are feeling lazy and don't want to clean it right away it is still easy to clean. Buy more than one, because you won't find them available easily at a store and with shipping and handling the way it is, it won't cost you anymore than if you purchased just one....more info
  • Excellent
    This product works! I was cleaning up tomato sauce all the time from soups, etc. Now I place this on top and wrap under the container and no more mess!...more info
    Love this. No more paper towel or trying yo keep plastic covers from getting pitted or stained. I hate that dirty look.
    This is so easy to keep clean and sanitary...more info
  • Great item
    Needing to replace my original purchase, I was happy to find it available online. This screen really keeps the microwave splatter free and is a breeze to clean, dries quickly, too. My only negative is the price: $5.99 seems steep compared to my $1.99 purchase 4 years ago. However, I did get free shipping....more info
  • microwave spatter screen
    This is the second order of this item. I'm very pleased with it. I recommend it. Delivery was prompt....more info
  • Better than plastic
    This product is easy to clean and reuse and almost eliminates the need for plastic in the microvwave....more info