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SOCOM 3 U.S. Navy Seals
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Product Description

In SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs, you'll get as close as a civilian can possibly get to realistic warfare, as conducted by a SEAL team. Defend America from the various forces which threaten it, as you use new weapons and tactics in an increasingly hostile world. Featuring larger maps, land and water vehicles you can pilot and an innovative new weapon customization system, you'll feel like a veteran when you're done. New swimming and water combat tactics - Use water for cover or pilot strike boats for waterborne assaults Larger maps provide much more varied and rich gameplay experience - multiple mission paths bring replayability and variety to single-player mode Advanced particle and graphic effects for more realistic weaponry, environments, and equipment

  • Travel to all-new Areas of Operation like Morocco, Poland, and Bangladesh
  • 31 authentic weapons and 21 compatible attachments - Nearly 1,000 different weapon combinations for customized combat execution
  • Team Command Actions let the player direct the fireteam quickly with a single button
  • Complex AI behavior makes use of cover positions, blind firing, and fallback behavior to better simulate urban combat
  • Leader AI provides rallying behavior and coordinated chain-of-command scenarios

Customer Reviews:

  • As Good As It Gets! ...for now
    Wow , Wow , and Wow., was i ever so surprised at what a fantastic game this is. The levels are gourgeous. And the overall ambiance of the game is great. Ive read so many reviews on this game , and the one thing i hear is most of em skip the single player portion , or they play only a few levels,and jump into online. Well i gotta beg you please play(ALL) the single player missionS to the ending. You'll be happy you did. I absolutly suggest you put it on the hardest setting. Dont let the first few easy levels lull you into thinking this game is a walk in the park. It gets pretty intense into the later stages. I said the HARDEST setting not the wimpy ones. Yes, Yes I know.. your teamates are dumb@zzes and cant shoot to save there grandma. I usually kill everyone myself anyways. (Im greedy that way.) ...I wish there was a LONE GUNMAN mode where I could go into all missions ala-mode style a.k.a- by myself .err uh well you get my drift. SOLO ...Just when I thought i completed the game and i killed the boss...Whamo another country , another series of missions with a new different head boss to capture/kill. Other game publishers couldv'e easily made this game into 3 separate $50.00 dollar releases. But SOCOM3 definalty filled this disc to the max and used every last ounce of power the PS2 can leash out. If your a fan of SOCOM 1 & 2.....number 3 just might be the very best yet. WELL it is to me. Did i mention I like oreos?...more info
  • better than Socom II... not that that was hard to do...
    SOCOM shocked my socks off, but i was a disappointment with SOCOM II's ease, and graphics. but SOCOM III is a little better, and instills my hopes that maybe they'll make an even better one.

    SOCOM III introduces you into the world of sniping. No longer do you HAVE to get up close and personal, now let's stay six miles away and shoot someone. Very fun, but not exactly realistic, because once again... You shoot the guy in front of another guy, and he calmly keeps on walking, But, there are times when they dont do that and they miraculously shoot at you, even though no one in his right mind would see you. You shoot the guy in the head, he doesn't necessarily die [however, tangos do die in the first levels of the game], and thirdly, since when does a rifle that can be used for sniping have automatic firing?
    Your buddies are a bit blind guided, and will do almost anything. The health bar is known to rise as you finish parts f the level and reach check points [they have those now], and the levels are extremely large, and the use of heavy machinery is... Excellent. But...

    The graphics that arent cut scenes, are taking a turn for the worst in the SOCOM series. Spector is in the early stages of looking like a cartoon character now. However, the dialague is a whole lot better now, and jester's jokes are actually funny now [i especially like his crack about the peace keepers].
    The AI isnt all that special, and in fact in some places, your enemies are just plain stupid. I do like the addition of swimming [finally, it is kinda sad you couldnt swim and yet were called a Navy SEAL in the first two games]. and finally, your enemies dont always tell you they're coming, and some actually do hide in the shadows.

    There are a few good missions where it is actually safer to not shoot anyone. And there are others where, if you don't shoot, you're gunna die. however the vehicles cant go just anywhere, and sometimes your buddies definitely need to go back to Basic for shooting lessons. The storyline is actually worth watching, and the cut scenes are a lot better graphics wise.

    All in all, very fun game but... but again like SOCOM II extremely easy. ur buddies dont exactly earn their tridents, and u dont really need to be all that sneaky overall as much as u needed to be in the first game.
    If you have no idea about the SOCOM series, then this is a really good game. If you know what Im talking about, and have played the other two, then this may fuel ur interests for a good four or five hours... before you finish the game completely.

    there is a really cool Navy SEAL commercial in the goodies, other than that, SOCOM has lost it's SEAL recruiting edge from the first one which was... let's just face it, freakin awsome!

    It was fun the first time i played it, the fourth day i played it, it was getting old mighty fast...


    I must admit i have never played the multiplayer segment of this game....more info
  • Pros and Cons
    Yes, the game has its strengths, but the message board system has become just nasty. The massive number of racist-driven postings are listed are absolutely wrong. What's even worse is the fact that SONY or Zipper won't moderate these boards and apply some regulation. IYuck.

    Meantime, the game more resembles SOCOM 1 than SOCOM 2 in play and design, and that's a good thing. A few more maps could have helped, but there are enough hiding spots, nooks and crannies to keep everyone busy for a while. At least until SOCOM 4 comes out on the PS3.

    ...more info
  • Just as good as SOCOM 2...
    Okay, I will write my review for the single player portion of the game as I have not played the online portion yet. I have focused on the single player portion only. I enjoy online for the most part but there are too many idiots out there who ruin it by talking smack and cussing like they think it is cool, most of them are kids. Anyways, onto the review.

    In the single player portion, you will play in three different locales. Each locale will offer multiple levels up to around 6 or 7, based on how soon you achieve your bonus objectives. If someone escapes who you could have caught as a bonus, then you continue to another level to try to apprehend that suspect again. The missions are nicely laid out and varied this time around. There are vehicles that have been introduced as well that you can drive such as the standard combat boats, buggys, 5 tons and a few others. Weapon lay out is nicely added with multiple weapon combinations that you can use. SOCOM has always been the leader in the realistic approach of special warfare. The bullet impacts in the game are extremely realistic, whether that is hitting the body of the enemy or shooting thru different materials such as glass or crates. The bodies will react to each and every single shot as in real life with the force of impact driving the body in the game. Nice touch to me for realism.

    I have to say though that after SOCOM 1 and SOCOM 2, there was a short time frame between those games, only a year, and there was a 2 year hiatus between SOCOM 2 and SOCOM 3 that I would have expected a better gain in graphic performance. While it still looks good, I wished it would have looked slightly better in overall terms. Zipper has gone through a lot of work to get the little details included in the game such as the different sounds of the weapons and the sounds of the different materials they are shot through. This game would have rocked in my opinion even more if they had included the methods of insertion such as scuba diving or sky diving. Would have brought the immersion factor up even more.

    The Sony PSP will be gaining the SOCOM Fireteam Bravo for it and from what I have read the two games are supposed to be interoperable by connecting the two console units to one another, but I am not positive on this so it will be interesting to see what comes of that.

    All in all SOCOM 3 is a great game and definitely keeps the lead for the best shooter on PS2, and in my opinion one of the best shooters over Xbox as well. The realism is there, the immersion factor is there and the attention to detail is there. At the very least give this game a chance with a game rental. You will most likely be headed for the store when the time comes to return the game and pick up your very own copy. Enjoy....more info
  • Over-rated, still no split screen co-op
    This game, in my opinion, is over rated to say the least. Its a solid game, believe me. Nice enough graphics, some good gameplay etc. But the devs seemed to think that the world revolves around online play--it doesn't. Online is really fun, yes, but how about we get a good split screen co-op in there so two friends can play together without having to go online on more than one machine? In three games they haven't added this feature. Makes you wonder if they play test these with actual consumers at all.

    The much hyped AI is so riduculous that I'm embarassed for the guys that bragged about it at Sony. They should lose their jobs for being so stupid, sorry to say. The vehicles are a nice touch but poorly implemented and a bit clumsy to drive.

    The new weight system is nothing short of annoying. If we wanted that kind of lame realism, we wouldn't be playing video games in the first place.

    A fun game, but there are better ones out there for sure. Worth a rental, but certainly not 50 bucks. ...more info
  • Battlefield 2?
    K, so i get home from my local gamestop with socom 3 and pop it in my PS2 and get my login and validate it and all and start my first game... than I has to double check the box to make sure I didn't some how get an early copy of battlefield 2, only this time the enemy doesn't have those dumb stealh killing icons over their heads... with a game of this quality I am sitting back wondering if I even need to pick up BF2 for my xbox or ps2 in a month... i can sum up the online with one word "airbrust"... meaning that being able to bolt on all kinds of useable addons to your guns is awesome there is nothing like dialing in a range for the airbrust and waitting for some guys to run past or drive past and letting them have it right over their heads with an friendly pop... makes the M8 with airbrust from GR2 seem like an overly difficult hand cannon... great game....more info
  • What a piece of crap !
    DON'T BUY IT !!!

    Socom I & II were the best ever... I mean that... THE BEST... but III is one of the worst games ever... AARRGG ! poor imitators of Valve's Counter Strike(which is bad as well... at least if you are above 12 and like the challenge of THINKING!!!)... its all about mass market.. forget the challenge of the first two games... Socom III is all about running and shooting... Zipper: either you go back to the old (good) formula) or Zip IT to YOU ! Bye-Bye......more info
  • Awesome
    I got this game for christmas and it is amazing. I played it every chance I had. There is a larger weapons choice and they sound even more realistc. The missions are longer. I really like how you can take control of allied or enemy vehicles/boats. The only thing I think could have been better is that there weren't enough missions. ...more info
  • best the market has to offer
    When i heard that zipper was making socom 3 last spring i was pumped. I reserved at gamestop in june. I just got it.
    comperable graphics and very fun gamesply. good weapon selection and customisation. team and enemy ai is better (no more boomer the retard). the huge maps are fun and vehicles ad a very cool new style of fighting to the can finally silence almost all guns. I thought that it was better than halo but that is debateable. you can put big scopes on normal assault rifles. Many usefull extras like pistol grips and 12 guage slugs. using a credit card to be in a clan should cut down on cheating (finally).

    Still no 2 player mode. There are still no good 2 player combat games for ps2. they changed the team command interface. It isnt hard to manuver but it seems forin when your use to socom2. That is a minor nusance. L2 is now quick command and it used to bet secondary weapon so i allways accidentaly order bravo when i try to get out my pistol. its ok though cause you can just tap L1 again to take out your pistol. online its hard to tell who is who because your crosshairs dont light up red on enemys anymore. I accidentaly killed a teammate because of that.

    All in all i would rate it as a 9.3 out of 10. But it is the best onthe market right now as of 10/14/05. But thats cause i dont like halo as much. Its deffinitely worth the 50 bucks.or if you dont even have a ps2 its woth the 200 for the ps2 and the game. ...more info
  • Actually 2 and a half
    I shouldnt even write a review for this game as it is extremely different from the game i came to love that is Socom2.Online on this game didn't compare to the excitement and addicting gameplay of socom 2.Sure everything is bigger but not better.Ex:grand theft auto3 to san andreas.In socom2 you didnt worry about having to find anyone because the maps were just the right size so there had to be a winner at the end.

    Dont get me wrong the game is not all that bad and I do play online now and then but the changes that were brought to this game dissapointed me very much.Vehicles were a nice idea but they aren't any fun to drive.Swimming was added but this is also a pointless added feature.The weight feature pissed me off very much.I don't care if this was added to make it "realistic" I mean come on its A VIDEO GAME.something you play to escape reality.The controls are also more tighter...much more tighter.

    But beside all that i actually enjoyed playing single player more than on socom 2.But i didnt buy the game for single player(who does?)I wanted online to be fun but i guess that wasn't the plan.16 on 16 is not fun at all as everyone said it would be.Maps aren't even(in almost everymap The terrorist will have the advantage or the seals will.)If you loved socom2 i do wish that you play this game but dont pay 50 dollars like i did.wait until it goes down 30 bucks...more info
  • Info regarding both online and normal gameplay
    Much Better than SOCOM 1 or 2. I have played in normal mission mode on thi game and it is pretty intense. The actual missions are much more difficult than previous versions but if you can master the art of close combat or just being quiet itl come as a sixth sense. A new added featur e for this type of gameplay is that after completeing a primary objective it automatically saves this as a checkpoint in cas you die so you can go back to that point.
    I Although prefer to play online, and there are some down sides. IF you are a underage user you will not beable to unlock all of the features of online play such as clans friends liusts and ranking because you must validate you account with a major credit card. Online play is free but will not accept fake credit card numbers and only one account may be used per credit card. If you are an older gamer you may find this beneficial like i did because it keeps all of the "little kids" out of the rooms who always vote you for dumb reasons. Once you authorize your account you will notice that the ranking are mostly based on how many games you have played and won, but if you are an experienced player you will rank up quickly and be able to play with more experienced players. Online lay now allows 32 people per room (16 per team) and there is almost no LAG!!!!! One of my favorite ways to play online is snipers boundries and let me tell you it is better than ever before wth exteneded rrange scopes and better sniper rifles with more power. But Overall all online play is pretty awesome. But be warned some maps are xextremely huge, probobly about 10 times bigger than vigilance on SOCOM 2 and having someone shuttle teamates from the spawn point to where all the action is may be vital due to long distances you may have to travel.

    Feel Free to add me tou your firends list on SOCOM 3 to :Jester_King, and if you still play socom 2: Jester King (notice no underscore this time)I am leader of the legandry [pos] clan on both socom 2 and 3!!!!!! ...more info
  • good but could be better
    it would be nice if there was more blow up option...more info
    THE ONLY GOOD DAY WAS YESTERDAY, before I sold my SOCOM 2 to get this game.

    The only people who will like this game are unemployed couch potatoes. I tried playing the game and I swear I was sniped 15 seconds into the game, run over by a truck... basically I suck. I didn't buy the game to watch other people play after I get shot in the first minute. But, how do you learn by just watching other people play. The maps are too huge to memorize.

    The game SUCKs big phat hairy donky Ballz!!!...more info
  • just what i was looking for
    this game is great. if you like the 1st or 2nd one you will love this is also a good one to start on if you want to try it out. it is like you are realy there. but its not realy scary. and if you have ever played area 51 you know what scary is and this hardly compares to that. you get to drive trucks,hummers,doom-bugys,boats and more. new awsome weapons and acsseries are added. and the controls hardly changed there was just a few added like the L2 button comands your team to go to a spot which your aimer points at and so on. the game is great and awasome online. so i gave it overall five stars*****. atleast rent it. but buy it if you liked and played the first two or if you like war games. thanks...more info
  • The magic of SOCOM 1 and 2 is lost.
    I have been waiting ever since I heard SOCOM 3 was coming out to get my hands on it, but must say I am fairly disappointed with it. The magic that 1 and 2 has seems to be gone. This review strictly pertains to the online version of the game because I really never cared about the single player version and always found it pretty boring. The game is actually worth 2 ? stars but 1 and 2 were worth 10 stars each.

    The good and cool changes:

    The weapons can be customized and changed which is pretty cool. Most weapons can be silenced and scopes can be added to most weapons. Vehicles with turret weapons are pretty cool. I was skeptical at first but if you give them a shot they are actually a cool addition. The actual game play is good. New theme games which include convoy (which I haven't played yet), control, where you pop smoke at different points and try to control the different area and all of the original games from 1 and 2. Also all of the maps can be played with any theme game. There isn't just map A is demolition, map b is suppression. Any map can be played with any of the other themes. 16 man teams which I am not really sure whether or not I like yet. It was always hard enough to get 8 guys to work together but 16 will certainly be a challenge. You have to use a credit card to get ranked which helps keep 10 year old out of the ranked rooms but some room are not scored at all.

    The Bad:

    All new maps, no old maps. No more fox hunt, no more mixer, no more frost fire, NONE OF THE OLD MAPS. The new maps all seem way too big and sprawling so that the vehicles could be incorporated and in my opinion the new maps do not compare to the old maps. In 1 or 2 if you came home for a lunch break and wanted to get a quick game in with lots of action you logged into frost fire or cross roads and you were shooting at someone before you knew it and if you got killed, no problem, the round would be over in a minute anyways and you would be back at it. Not any more. You will literally spend a lot of time just looking for someone to shoot at. The size of the boards lends completely to snipers which if that is your style of play you will probably like them but if you like to run and gun like me the maps tend to be boring sometimes. Also the size of the maps means that most of the games end because the clock runs out not because one team wipes out the other one. So 99 out of a 100 games is not a decisive victory but a very slow tick of the clock. If you get sniped in the first 30 seconds you can plan on waiting for 5 minutes before you get to play again. This also means that you stay stuck in the same map for at least 11 rounds and to complete 1 game takes at least an hour or more. If they wanted to make some big boards OK but they should have added some small boards too. Because there are 16 man teams now the name tags on your team mates cannot be seen until you are very close to them and the result is a lot more team kills.

    It feels (like is the case with many other games with many sequals) like in trying to improve the game that they lost site of what made them so good to begin with. The game has gone from a fast paced game with lots of action and quick game play to a very slow game with a lot of waiting around and hoping you run into some action. Like I said it can be boring. With 1 or 2 I couldn't wait to log on but my excitement for the game is gone and it is a shame. It is still worth playing but pales in comparison to the other 2. The Magic is lost but I hope they will redeem the SOCOM name with part 4.
    ...more info
  • Worth the Price of Admission
    The SOCOM series is so good that I am nearly too spoiled to enjoy other video games. The controls are great and the missions are fun and well thought out. ...more info
  • socom
    great video game.very high replay value.would recommend all socom games to
    gamers around the world....more info
  • Wish I could Play more
    Got hooked on Socom I, and loved it. Same deal with Socom II. Now with Socom III, it's even better. Very similar to PC games like Counterstrike now. Unfortuanately I don't get to play as much as I'd like anymore, but when I do, it's easy to kill a few hours at a time. They did a great job with the new game, and I can't wait for future versions down the road!...more info
  • Good improvements but still needs work.
    I'd give it two-and-a-half if that were an option. The addition of vehicles seems like they are trying to compete with the Halo and Conflict series, but poorly. The vehicles are nothing more than a quick way to get from point A to point B and unlike Halo, you have to drive. Using the fire-power on the vehicles in a static positon (and you will do this rarely) is good but other than that the vehicles only speed up movement and are no more than a gimmick. Often when you encounter a lot of enemies you will have to stop the vehicle take over at the guns and clean up, this is more AI related and I will get to that now.

    The team and enemy AI is improved over the other in the series but not hugely over SOCOM 2. Your team will respond to orders better but they still have problems. Tell one of your teammates to go somewhere; they will do it unless there is an object in their way and then you get the terminal running in place behind a barrel or trying to walk through walls. Also, I can set my teams to "Fire at will" and they will be more than glad to tell me "Tango spotted" and I wait for their gun-fire which never comes, then have to do all the killing myself. It may be more realistic than the other iterations, but less fun than the others in the series, that your teammates now do not spot enemies as soon as they are in the rendered area. This made your teammates valuable as extra eyes and guns in the previous iterations of this game. Now, you will generally spot them first and so your Bravo team is relegated to securing your flanks or doing overwatch as you and Jester rack up the kills. You can never let Bravo wander around out of your sight or range now since they will often get cut to pieces.

    Your teammates are also not nearly as accurate as they were in the other two of this series. This is a step down since it makes playing harder and it feels like you are a grizzled veteran babysitting a bunch of raw recruits instead of all of you being four of the most highly trained warriors on the planet. If they want to continue to do this then they should give you the ability to swap weapons with your guys so you do not have to find a one size fits all weapon. You can pick up enemies' guns so why not be able to grab a sniper rifle off of your guys for the one spot you need it and the rest of the mission requires an assault rifle or machinegun? There is also still the problem of your teammates seeing a threat and firing on it...only to pump all their ammo into the tree/rock/wall the threat is obscured by rather than move into a better spot to do some damage. Back to the sniper rifle thing, would not a real sniper in a small tunnel or room pull out his pistol and wait for large open areas to use the sniper rifle? Yes, but not in this game. A guy with a sniper rifle will carry it until it runs out of ammo. The Conflict series allows your squad mates to pick up enemy weapons so why can't this one? You can so they should be able to as well.

    They do clear rooms better now. They no longer stand directly in front of the doorways to get shot-up while trying to arm and employ a frag or flashbang. They realistically offset out of the direct line of the door and execute the clear order given. I also like how the enemy is generated already rather than popping up out of thin air as was a problem in SOCOM 1. Clear them out of an area and they will not return unless it is someone from another area of the map patrolling or nearby enemies alerted to gunfire. The enemy also no longer just stand around getting shot, they will take cover or drop to the ground. When they find out where the firing is coming from, groups will move on you about as well organized as you would expect in real life and lone enemies will retreat to cover or fire back.

    Some of the other attempts at realism fall short. The lasers have no cool effect and only produce a large red dot in the center of your reticle. Also, you can miss while moving (i.e. the expanded crosshairs depending on whether you creep, run or stand still) but a laser in real life shows you where your bullet will impact. They should have made the red laser dot bounce in the center circle of the reticle while moving, more realistic in my opinion, or have the laser give you some kind of bonus other than a dot in your reticle. You will never use this after you find out how useless it is, so why is it in the game? I also wish they would go to the actual gunsight views, when you do not use scopes, as an option like the Conflict series has gone to and Brothers in Arms has.

    The weapons all seem to have the same ballsitics. Carry a M14, the M60 or M240 machinegun, which all fire the .308Win (7.62x51mm) in real life, and you will notice no difference in their killing effects over the anemic 5.56x45mm (.223) weapons or pistol rounds. I was in the Army and can say that if you hit someone in the chest with a single round from these guns (M14, M60, M240) then they will not get up. They might be alive still but will be in no condition to fight back and they will bleed out quickly. I once counted 6 shots before killing a Tango with a M14, both legs and arms, chest and finally the head. Another guy took two bursts (6 rounds) in the chest from the M60 at close range and still managed to stay alive and then kill me. You have to go for headshots in this one or you will blow all your ammo and get shot back at. That or drop your weapon and pick up the terrorist weapons since the developers have said that they want the NATO weapons to be more accurate but less powerful and the terrorist weapons to be the opposite. They should have guys be able to bleed to death after that much damage rather than just limp around or hold one arm slack and fire back less accurately. The weapons accessories are a good improvement and furthers your choice for weapons to use. You are no longer restricted to using sniper rifles or sub-machineguns when you need silence but really need an assault rifle besides the silenced M4 for the mission. Now any gun can be a sniper rifle with the scope choices and the bipod improves your rate of stabilization between shots or when setting up for one. It is also good to see that your team is now competent/trusted enough to use all the weapons you can such as AT-4s.

    The weight thing sucks and is also just a gimmick. I can see if your guys had to carry these kinds of loads for miles but just the small amount of running around in these types of missions would do nothing to guys in the physical shape SEALS are in much less slow them to the point they are at in this game when you carry a heavy load. They should scrap this feature and maybe go for noise penalties to the equipment you carry. The larger and more numerous the stuff you carry, the more likely it is going to bump something or clank around while moving. Finally, women? I know of no special operations force (SOF) in the world that uses women in their SOFs. I am not sexist but this would go along with realism in keeping the characters a boys only affair and I think it is nothing more than Zipper trying to pander to PC currents in society or be inclusive to the growing number of women picking up controllers.

    If you liked the other two then you will like this one, but only slightly and more out of brand loyalty. That and the fact that online players will disappear for the other two as they pick up this one. The weapons accessories are the one great improvement over the last two as well as the AI, but the AI is to a much lesser extent improved. If you do not own any of the games in the series and want a good 1 player experience, then buy SOCOM 2. You still have some glitches in it but it seems on the whole more fun and the team AI problems are acceptable when compared to the lack of lethal weaponry and teammate abilities in this one. They are both about equally realistic when you factor in the pluses and minuses of both. ...more info
    Of coarse it is!-SOCOM and SOCOM II are better than GR aswell-XBox fanboys are jealous of Sony`s SOCOM,so they use GR to compete-PS2 is for FUN-XBox is for un-nessesory REALISM-That explains why SOCOM is more FUN than GR-and GR are more realistic than SOCOM,thats why Metal Gear Solid is better than Splinter Cell-Metal Gear Solid is FUNNER than Splinter Cell-Splinter Cell is more REALISTIC than Metal Gear Solid(though MGS has better graphics than SC!)
    and its all Ironic ain`t it-MGS and SOCOM are PS2 games,GR and SC are XBox games-And that all does not end there there are loads of games on PS2 that compare to similar XBox games-and the result is the same-the PS2=FUNNER/XBox REALISTIC.

    But I play Video-Games for FUN,more than REALISM-I like GR but i prefer SOCOM-Splinter Cell SUCKS,Metal gear Solid is MUCH better!
    Sam fisher vs Solid Snake-Solid Snake will kick his A$$-So would Big Boss(OLD style) as he is the greatest soldier of the 20th Century-Fisher is just a common ex-Soldier probably never earned a medal in his life-Big Boss got the Distinguished Service Cross,the 2nd HIGHEST U.S. Military Medal-plus Big Bos got himself Cloned for his greatness-Fisher is just some old man who lives with his daughter....more info
  • Requires credit card validation
    Be aware that Socom 3 REQUIRES credit card validation to play on-line, INCLUDING your verification code and answer to your "secret" question. This is a huge risk and an unnecessary security violation. Just wait until their servers are hacked or one of their employees decides to cash in on the database of complete credit card information (currently worth $100 each record). Can you say "hello, identity theft"? Unacceptable. My purchase is going back....more info
  • The best tactical shooter out there
    ok, i am new to the socom franchise and loved it since i got socom 2 for christmas last year and wanted socom 3. I got it and i love it!!!!! you can drive vehicles and the multiplayer is the best. i got into socom when i tried out the multiplayer. There are i think 38 weapons and 20 vehicles to use. you can customize your weapons with over 21 attatchments. the weapons are
    552, m16 ,m4, rtk 74, ak 47, mk48, m8, G36, LA96W, m401, m14, sr25, marine bolt action, ag94, hk5, 9mm sub, stg77, iw80a2, f90, f57, d.e, m18, m82, svd, mark 23, 9mm, m60, ra 14, at4, rpg, c4, frag, smoke, flashbang, and more. the granades and explosives and rocket launchers cant be customized and the the other con is you can hold only 2 attatchetments per weapon but it is an awsome game so buy it

    ...more info
  • Socom 3
    A great game that brings many things into play that were not in the other Socom series...more info
    I am a big fan of the first two and have been waiting for a long time for III to come out. Got it for Christmas and it stinks. The voice recognition softwear sucks. I ended up yelling in the microphone only to have 1 in 20 commands understood or note that they had been givein. SAVE YOUR MONEY, GET THE FIRST TWO....more info
  • SOCOM 3 is awesome
    first thing i would like to say is that SOCOM 3 is a lot different than SOCOM 2. some of the weapons on SOCOM 2 can be silenced now and all the automatic rifles can have a scope also. the graphics are good overall, i would say SOCOM 2 has better graphics tho. Oh yeah i give this game 4 1/2 stars.

    THE THING THAT SUCKS: u need a credit card number for your friends list and a clan. if your parents won't let you use your credit card number, there could be a problem.

    Overall the game is very nice so far. i've only played the game for about 3 or 4 hrs so far, and i haven't tried the single player missions yet. yes, there are 32 players online at once, but 16 on 16 is pretty laggy sometimes. so its better if u do like 10 on 10 or less if u don't want any lag....more info
  • Socom 3 needs a credit card for "verification"
    Socom 3 is a step up from socom 2. Now you can drive vehicles which adds extra realism to the game. The online play is great
    although i still miss blizzard from socom 2.

    What is UNFORGIVABLE is SOCOM 3 needing a credit card for online
    verification. They even ask your mothers maiden name. Zipper and sony need to rethink this policy. Obviously this is a major security threat to everyone that gets "verified". I will never buy another zipper game or the ps3 if sony and zipper continue with this invasion of privacy.

    I will stick with my xbox live and halo 2 and next battlefield 2. Xbox live you need a credit card but at least the network seems to have less lag and hopefully more secure. ...more info
  • great game but relax
    The game is great, and I recomend getting it. If you are a novice player, and got frustraited with socom 1&2 you will like this one better. You can now save your progres throughout the game at checkpoints. Although I have to somewhat dissagree with the good reviews that the team AI for this game is getting. Jester or bravo will sometimes run out ahead of you only to messup a mission or get killed. Bravo sometimes will not follow you when you are in seperate atv's. So if they don't just mount everybody into one. I also noticed is is sometimes hard to kill the enemy unless you get a good head shot. Another thing is when you give them a voice command you have to repeat it 2 or 3 times. Overall though I love the game,and suggest buing it. The glitches you have to deal with, and it's not that bad once you get into the game....more info
  • Better than I and II
    I was a big fan of Socom I and II so i couldnt wait 'till III came out! The multiplayer is great and even better than the multiplayer in II.The weapon customization is cool.But the single player campiagn was much easier than Socom I and II's campaigns it took me about 6 hours to beat the game on commander(the 3rd highest rank), captain (4th highest)and admiral(5th highest).before commander comes ensign and lt! i give this game 5 out of 5 stars because of great graphics,outstanding multiplayer and singleplayer gmaeplay and just fun overall!!...more info
  • Great Game!Except one big problem that occurs in every socom game...
    Dont get me wrong Socom 3 is a must buy. Single player is fun but online is simply awesome. The only complaint I have is somthing that has occured in every socom so far, the dumb A.I. I mean really it gets annoying sometimes. For example when you are driving a veichle, you can order your bravo team to drive in a seperate veichle. However you may not want to do that because 99.9% of the time they will either run into a wall and end up not following you, they may just take forever(if you are at your destination it may take about 5min for them to arrive), and somtimes enemys come up near your fireteam, and your dumb teamates wont even notice. Even the enemy, its not uncommon to find enemys running into walls and just running into that same corner. Like I said before this has been a problem for all the socoms, however it is still a very fun game. Especially the weapons and ghillie suits. Online mode is fantastic! No problems there!...more info

    Though Socom has it's flaws, it still rocks. Definately get it. Slipping into a lake for a midday swim-sneak attack is definately a good time. Hummers and boats are good time. Car jacking enemy technicals is always fun. The new controls take some time getting used to but your team operates much more seamlessly now: You don't need to talk so much because they've given you a quick option to only use hand signals (which real teams use anyway)... "On me." "Go there." And the "one button" quick exchange from rife to side arm come in handy on-the-fly. It definately shows how much thought they put into this one.

    And where as in past games where you had to verbally order your guys to crouch or lay prone, when they're in FOLLOW MODE, they automatically mimic your stance which is a definate plus -- and oh yeah, Boomer's still not in the game. Hopefully he's not at BUDS teaching anyone either.

    One of the flaws it has, and will probably always have is the AI. Though it definately is better then the previous incarnations (now the enemies run, duck, take cover, hunt you down; all making for cool, realistic pitched firefights) at times they still act like complete dummies: ie... "What was that?" Who's there?" "Did you hear something?" -- yeah, the round i accidentaly fired off not 20 feet away from you 'cause i'm unfamiliar with the controls, but for some unimaginable reason you and your buddy Mustafa aren't thye least bit alarmed -- half the fun is "steathing it" and it can be disheartening at times to spend 20 minutes sneaking around, only to realize that you didn't have to because they wouldn't have seen you anyway...

    The other flaw is that though I throughly enjoy the expansiveness of the maps, the enemies are few and far between. I'm not expecting a battalion around every corner but if a terrorist group has taken over a North African village, you'd expect a presence of more than 20 tangos. Granted the the maps in the previous game were smaller, but it felt somewhat more realistic. I assume it's due to the PS2 engine's inability to handle so much happening all at once (as seen by the PS2 / Xbox comparison i made with "Brothers In Arms."

    Overall though, your team's graphics are still kick-ass and the weapons choices from the armory are steller. Jay still gives it 2 thumbs way up!...more info
  • Awesome series finaly
    -single player greatly improved
    -multiplayer is the best on the playstation 2 yet
    -on multiplayer, you have to enter credit card number to play ranked games(keeps team killers and a-holes out)
    -vehicles are a nice touch.
    -single player checkpoints are the best

    -graphics were ok, but could have been improved a lot.
    -online maps way to big
    -online not "noob" friendly(just a warning)
    -AI still sucks
    -voice command sucks a$$

    Single player:
    Socom 3 is the best one to come out hands down. The single player actually has a compelling story and makes you want to play through. With the addition of in game check points, you dont have to spend an hour on one mission because you missed tht 4th headshot or you forgot to tell jesterto hold fire. The bad part is voice command almost doesn't work at all. they either say "excuse me sir, but how the hell am i supposed to do that", or just stand there. Most of the time you have to give commands via tapping the O button. The AI needs some improving too. When i give killjoy the command to mave over there, i dont mean in front of me so i shoot him and the team declares me insane. Also, vehicles are a great way to just run in gun when there are to many enemies, and make getting around the giant map easier.

    What do we all play socom for? of course online. First of all i ask the question, is bigger better? Not when it comes to socom maps. In some maps, being bigger helps, but in others, it makes getting lost and hiding easy. I have never played so many deathmathces where the timer runs out becuas the team couldnt kill the last guy out of 16. C'mon, vigilance from socom 2 is about one half to one third the size of most of these maps. Still, all the things about socom online we love are all there, and it makes for a fun play that will last. The new ranking system is pretty cool too. It lets you search for random people and actually seems to have a point system this time. Lag is also not too much of an issue, sometimes when there are 32 people in a battle it gets a bit slow though.

    Overall socom 3 is a definite buy for series fans, and if you've never played before, single player is a must but online will take some getting used to.

    lasting appeal-10
    single player-9.5

    look out for Rastah...more info
  • Glitches are too damn much!!!!
    I own the first two SOCOM games, I love them too, despite the mild glitches and such. This game is alot like the first two but with changes to the engine, most of them are positive changes making the game very enjoyable such as graphics and controls. On the other hand, these positives are heavily overwhelmed by the oversights, poor testing and shoddy programming destroying the enjoyability of the game. The worst change is that your fireteam is the most retarded and blind group in any game EVER!

    In the early installments of SOCOM your team was picking the enemy off at great distances before you even saw them. Well, in this installment, often times I found a teammate getting shot by an enemy in the open and not returning fire, and this is when they weren't getting lost or stuck in the environment. I quickly found myself "carrying" the team, and babysitting them, not a very fun thing to do when trying to be an elite team of heroes.

    Enemies just seem to appear out of nowhere at times, and they don't seem to die!!! How many 30 calibur rounds can a malnurished asian guy take?! So while your trying to put a super human weighing in at 98 pounds, your team isn't even helping you, they're most likely stuck on a post at the other side of a bridge while "Charley" pumps him full of rounds that work much better than your own. Some of the encounters with the enemy are scripted so they don't come from off map, they just appear from around a water line, a hut, or out of thin air. Very frustrating since your once amazing and well trained team are now blindfolded and stoned and firing blanks.

    I never got into the multiplayer portion of the game, I never actually bother with it on any game, but the single player potion of the game is aweful. It really could have been great, it could have been a fun and unique experience, but sadly, it was plagued by so many problems, that it really came off as a third rate game slapped together and thrown down our gullets to try to appease the demand and create dollar signs. The SOCOM game has always been sprinkled with glitches and programming issues, but this time it's wayyy worse and it really kills the experience, I can't recommend it at all....more info