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Panasonic ES8043SC Pro-Curve Pivot Action Linear Wet/Dry Shaver, Silver
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $75.94

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Product Description

It's about speed and comfort. Most shavers give close shaves but what do they do to your skin? Panasonic ES8043SC has a multilateral pivot head system that rides the contours of your face to deliver a sense of smoothness and comfort that you've never felt before. A linear motor achieves maximum speed from the ergonomically angled triple-blade system to deliver rapid performance for those late mornings. Low Battery Indicator Lamp Turbo Cleaning Mode Washable Shaver for Easy Cleaning Universal voltage 1 hour Charge Time for up to 45 minutes Operating Time Includes travel pouch & charger Panasonic 1 year manufacturer's warranty

  • Independently floating triple heads
  • Counter directional inner blades
  • 1 hour quick charge with 5-minute emergency charge
  • 5 stage LED battery monitor/auto voltage
  • 5 stage LED battery monitor with charge indicator

Customer Reviews:

  • not very good
    just got it and tried. it's a little noisy, and have to push hard many times to shave clean....more info
  • Does not work as good as an old fashion razor
    I really wanted to like this product, but after testing it for almost a month I decided to return it for a full refund. The biggest problem I had with this shaver is it does not give you a close shave. Right after I shaved it looked like I had a 5 o'clock shadow already. I will recommend anyone who uses a regular razor not to make the change....more info
  • Great Shaver
    This is an awesome razor for the price. I bought this shaver to replace an old Panasonic wet/dry shaver when it finally died. This one delivers a closer, more comfortable shave, and the charge lasts a lot longer. I preferred the old model's charging stand but this is an overall superior razor...more info
  • Great Way to Shave Your Follicles
    ShaveITS (TM) Panasonic Pro-Curve Pivot Action Linear Wet/Dry Shaver, Silver is a cordless razor designed for men with medium to light weight baldness on top of their head. Can be used in the shower, with or without soap, I prefer the soap myself, a cool, refreshing blend of citrus and Vit E cream designed to combat pimples, tooth decay and plugged pores. This unit isn't difficult to use, one can recharge it quite conveniently near the sink top, comes in its own handy "egg top" (TM) case. For those with heavy, thick set beards, full of skin scruff and fleas, this works wonders after a few moments in the warm shower with a cream of pea soup nearby. ...more info
  • Best shaver under $100
    I have owned two mid level Braun and two mid level Panasonic shavers before this one and I can say this Panasonic is by far the best. It is the closest, fastest, and most comfortable shaver I have used. Never having owned a shaver with a pivoting head, I was skeptical, but it actually improves the shave.

    The only thing I can find wrong with this shaver is it is a little difficult to clean. It's not a deal breaker by far, but I understand why one of those slightly expensive automatic shaver cleaners would work well.

    I'm going to guess a high end Braun might work just as well as this shaver, but I have always liked Panasonic a little better....more info
  • Great shaver...For wet or dry use.
    This shaver is heads and tails above the shaver I used to use. The linear motor is very nice. It does sound like a bumblebee, but since it cuts so nice, that part is easy to forget.

    Many features like a locking/unlocking head are nice to have. Trimmer works well. Easy to clean out. Good cut. Long battery life.

    Highly recommended and at a good price....more info
  • not for sensitive areas.....
    i made the mistake of trying to shave my pubic area with this product. not a good idea.

    you see, i am really, really hairy in the crotch area. i was tired of the razor burn i got associated with my single-blade womens disposable Bic razor . it worked well on the upper areas of my pubes, but when trying to shave the shaft (my shaft is hairy all the way up to the tip) and the testes, i got cut up like i had been using weed-eater. ouch!!! believe me, band-aids just don't want to stick in this area. especially on those really humid days...... what a pain!!!!

    i never tried using this product on my face. i didn't know it was intended for facial use. i like to shave my face with a single-blade womens disposable Bic razor.

    other than those complaints, this baby is great!!!! it looks cool and sounds great, and feels good in your hand!!! oh, and the price is just right!!! this sucker is built like a tank!!

    i highly recommend dropping the dough to buy this premium jap-built peice of shaving artillery!!! BAM!...more info
  • "I haven't had this little hair on my face since I was twelve"
    My boyfriend loves this razor; apparently it gives a much closer shave than any electric razor he's tried. My only complaint is that it's also substantially louder than other electric razors....more info
  • Panasonic ES8043SC
    I purchased this shaver to replace an older Panasonic (Model ES7018) that had served me well for many years. This new shaver is much improved over the older one. I especially like the speed of the motor and it is much quieter. I use wet shaving and find I can get a good close shave much faster than before. This shaver model does not come with a stand for charging and, if I had known, I would have gotten the ES8044 instead. There is a charging cord that plugs into the bottom so the shaver has to be placed on it's side. Depending on where it is stored, it's more susceptible to damage. ...more info
  • Redesigned charger - Hooray
    This is the fourth Panasonic wet/dry shaver I've bought. They usually die after about 3 years because of battery problems. The last three all had inductive loop chargers. Panasonic have gone back to a plug-in charger which allows room for a bigger battery. Now I get two weeks of shaves on a charge rather than 4 days.

    Very good product before, I'd now rate excellent. Shaves well, too!...more info
  • Great shaver for the price
    I've owned this shaver for over a year now and I have replaced the blades only once, maybe twice. I have owned 2 other Panasonic shavers before this one, and this is by far the best bang for the buck. The best part is the battery still keeps a good charge. Which is the only reason I had to replace my previous Panasonic's....more info
  • Best Electric Razor
    I've used all the other major brands over the years and I like this one best....more info
  • Good value and close shave
    I have been using the Panasonic razor for about a month. It is a nice upgrade from the Braun I had. It holds a charge for a good long time. I have not used it in the shower yet, so I can't comment on the wet shaving capabilities. Dry it works real well....more info
  • Excellent razor for MRSA
    I have an unusual shaving situation. I have MRSA, which periodically creates facial lesions. Shaving with a blade in these circumstances can be quite painful and often causes a lot of bleeding.

    So I decided to switch from the best of Gillette's systems to an electric razor. I have used Remington and Norelco before and have not been satisfied with them. I weeded down my choices to a Braun at the same price level and the Panasonic razor. I decided not to get anything with a charging stand or a self-cleaning system, since these appeared to be something of a nuisance, cost more, and did not add to the overall performance.

    I finally picked the Panasonic. The reviews were somewhat more positive, the shaver was somewhat higher in the popularity ratings, and the shaver design was distinctly more stylish.

    I think I made the right decision. This shaver is not only a great value, but it shaves extremely well for an electric shaver. In dry mode, it is about as good as a generic three-blade system such as that from CVS. In wet mode with shaving gel, it is almost a match for Gillette's vibrating razors; there is somewhat more skin irritation in this mode, but it's not to an unusual degree. The Panasonic shaver is clearly the winner hands-down on economics. Blades just cost too much right now, and they don't last long enough.

    I have used the shaver on beards ranging from one day to three days old. It performs well in all these circumstances. Heavier beards might require a bit more time, but I have not found this to be significant.

    I agree with other reviewers that the speed and pivot head are advantages; the speed in particular makes for a very comfortable and fast shave. Unlike some others, I do not find that hairs are left requiring a blade razor. The lack of an LCD screen showing remaining charge is pretty irrelevant--I might as well ask for one showing weather reports....more info
  • The best shaver I ever had
    I am NOT new to the electric shavers. I have had a braun for almost two years. Then I switched back to razors for almost 5/6 years because my Braun was not wet/dry. Then I decided to switch back to a wet-dry electric shaver because I shave in the shower. I have less time to shave also. The wet/dry is a huge deal for me. Man, I am so glad I did switch. It does an excellent job. The shave is so close, you feel like you just used a mach 3 only without the clutter in your shower (you have to invest in a shower mirror though). It does a clean job on the neck areas.

    I almost bought a philips rotary shaver that also dispenses gel. But after looking at the reviews in Amazon, I was convinced to buy this shaver. You can use any shaving gel (my favorite is the Nivea alcohol free gel) with this shaver. The battery is superb quality. One one-hour charge lasts a week! That is a whole week!!! Can you imagine that. Maan, you don't have to plug in the thing every time you shave. It cleans itself using regular shower gel or hand soap in seconds.

    The only con I can think of is that, being a linear shaver, the in-grown hairs on my under-chin area needs a pass or two extra. But if you consider the time it saves me, that extra pass is nothing.

    I did not want to invest in a seperate body groomer. Now I do not have to worry about shaving other areas in a seperate time with a dry-only groomer. Surprisingly, it does not try to cut a chunk off from your sensitive areas. It is very assuring to have this thing handy in your shower. I have had the shaver only for a little over a week. The pop up trimmer is the secret for the under arm and groin areas.

    I am OK with the one year warranty that comes with it. I think, if it lasts a year, I have my money's worth. I had a $20 gift card from Best Buy. That made it a good buy. I'll be back to update the review if things pop up....more info
  • Really don't like it
    I was honestly wanting to like this, after all the great reviews. However, it's been over 6 months and I really don't like it. It takes forever to shave every morning. I have to go over spots on my neck 4-5 times different ways to get a clean shave. Once I've finally gotten a clean shave, it's cut my skin so it bleeds as bad as if I used a blade. I kept thinking that I wasn't using it right, but I've tried every direction and always end up the same. I used a cheap Norelco in the past, and think I'm going back. While it may not be quite as close as a shave, at least it doesn't take 10 minutes and need a styptic pencil to stop the bleeding. I've never been a blade fan, but have even tried the Gilette fusion and I am quicker but more bleeding with this. I did give 2 stars intead of 1 because it eventually does give a close shave and the charge lasts a long time. The final straw was this morning when I accidentally dropped it in the sink, and now that pivot won't work without making a horrible squealing noise....more info
  • The best shaver yet
    I bought this shaver 4 weeks ago and I am still amazed at its speed and the quality of the shave. My wife gave me a Norelco Spectra 8892 xl as a Christmas gift in 2002. It seemed like an upgrade compared to using a razor blade and only shaving 2 or 3 times a week. It was a good starter electric shaver until I found out she spent $180.00 After it started to die and after replacing the heads a few times I decided to part with it. So here we are in 2008 and found myself struggling to shave without major touch ups with a disposal blade. After reading the reviews I researched Panasonic linear shavers. The one reviewed in Consumer Reports as a "best buy" was unavailabe at the time. I won't say I settled on my Panasonic it is more than I dreamed. First cleaning is a snap, no messy expensive alcohol cleaners, just soap and water. Second speed, this thing vibrates rotates at an unreal speed, giving a quick shave. And third this thing shaves my face as close as a blade. I still have the occasional hair that will lay down and not get cut, for that I still use my thirty cent Bic.I don't think an electric shaver will ever be made that won't require some touch up with a blade. But after owning 4 electric shavers the Norelco being the only other shaver I used on a daily basis this shaver blows them all out of the water. Forget the fact that this model costs around $65.00 it is three times cheaper than the Braun, it is $115.00 cheaper than my Norelco and it works great. It has become a pleasure to shave daily. I had charged it out of the box and that charge lasted 3 weeks. If I have any complaints they are the fact it doesn't have a digital display to let you know how much charge is left. I also don't like the fact you can't shave while its plugged in. But like I said those are minor complaints I now overlook due to the fact the shave is so darn good. I would definitely reccomend this shaver for quality of shave and it's cost....more info
  • Great shaver!
    This shaver shaves very close. It's quiet. Cleans easily with water. Stays charged for a long time. An excellent product. Glad I bought it. ...more info
  • Noisy but awesome shave
    Was skeptical at first, but after reading a couple of reviews decided to try. Was a long time Norelco shaver and had a previous bad experience with a Braun shaver. This shaver rocks. The only slight complaint is the noise level - a little noisier than the Norelco. But the first shave was so close it impressed me to the fullest. Now, after a couple of weeks, am totally sold on it. It is wonderful...more info
  • Works right out of the box!
    I ordered this because I am tired of dealing with shaving cream. Ordered it for $50 on sale thru Amazon and got it today. Took it out of the box and it worked like a charm. Very clean shave.

    I love Panasonic!...more info
  • Works well.
    I've been using this for a few weeks and it works really well - the head pivots and everything. My only complaint would be that the blades seem to be really fine and it takes me a little while to do my whole face. But not a big deal. ...more info
  • Good and Bad
    This shaver has strengths and weaknesses.

    Strengths: It is fairly good shaver, that works quickly, wet or dry.

    Weaknesses: The extension for sideburns or other hair is almost worthless, and the razor has trouble picking up some neck hair, even after repeated passes.

    Overall, a good value for the money, and performs as well as the 300 dollar Braun (which I had). ...more info
  • Second Panasonic Linear Shaver
    As stated, this is the second Panasonic linear shaver that I have owned. Firstly, I would say that I have an average beard growth on an average face. No unusual nooks or crannies and average to slightly above average beard growth. In addition, I shave my head with this unit.

    I have had no problems with any areas that I shave and the unit is actually quieter than my previous Panasonic. The reliability is fine, noise is not an issue and shave quality is very good. So in a nutshell, based on my experience with Panasonic shavers, you would be pleased both short and long term with this purchase.
    ...more info
  • Panasonic ES8043SC Wet/Dry Shaver
    For many years now I have been using a relatively simple Panasonic ES7016 wet/dry razor. I used another wet/dry Panasonic before that although I don't have it any more to give it's model number. The first one was a little better than the ES7016 but I have to say for a razor that cost me one-third the price of the ES8043SC and not having the pivot head and linear motor, I prefer the clunky 'brick'-like ES7016. I'll keep the new one but it just takes many more passes to get what the older ones were able to shave off....more info
  • Good razor for face and head
    For those of you who have never used an electric razor, this style of razor (linear) gives a much closer shave than the 3 blade rotor razors at the cost of a little comfort. It is important to alow your skin to get used to your new razor (about 2 weeks).

    I use this on my head and my face and it works great for both. It gives a nice close shave and is fairly comfortable. The only downside is that you can't use ot while it's pluged in since it's a wet/dry razor so once the battery dies it's useless....more info
  • Great Razor
    I've had this razor about six months and it works great. i dislike the cost of blades though. ...more info
  • Almost Perfect
    Product arrived in great time! This razor is an exceptionally good razor when used wet with shaving cream or soap. Closest to a blade then anything else I've used. However if shaving dry it is just a mundane adequate, my old Norelco was better. As long as you use it "wet" you'll be very satisfied....more info
  • Fantastic Razor
    This is an easy review. It's the best electric razor I've ever owned. I'm never, ever, ever, ever buying another Braun electric razor again. I've bought many and now regret it. This Panasonic is so much smoother and quieter and recharges quickly. The last Braun I bought I shelled out $120 for and it died 6 months later; not to mention the $10 packs of cleaning fluid I had to buy for it. What a rip off it was. With this awesome Panasonic, I just take it in the shower with me and pop the foil off and rinse it off after I use it. Something else that I really like about this razor is the way you can lock the shave head in position or switch over to one that can give and pivot with the contours you are shaving. ...more info
  • Excellent razor for daily shaving
    The ES8043SC works as advertised. Works well both wet and dry. Used on a daily basis for face and head shaving. Provides a close shave and have not had irritation or bumps that i have had with other shavers (Braun). Battery lasts about a week before recharge needed so far (6-10 minutes) Ability to clean with hand soup and running water is very nice and cost effective. No complaints so far after 2 weeks of daily use. ...more info
    I have been a wet shave, blade guy forever..40 years....not anymore! The wet/dry feature was what attracted me. I can't believe it. The wet shave is great and I'm dry shaving with this razor daily and have no irritation. My beard is heavy and the results are nothing short of remarkable. Even the "hard to get to spots" are no problem once you get the hang of it. Gillette Fusion Power blades are really expensive...this product paid for itself in no time. I'm not going back to expensive blades and blood in the it! ....more info
  • Great dealer
    This dealer was very promp in sendig this shaver. It arived in less time than given and was in great shape. I think you can depend on them, Thanks...more info
  • Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazin'
    This is an amazing product. Excellent value. Shaves as close as any shaver I've used in the past....more info