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Chamberlain PD752D 3/4-Horsepower Heavy-Duty Premium Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
List Price: $219.00

Our Price: $152.99

You Save: $66.01 (30%)


Product Description

If you have a carriage house or solid wood garage doors, you'll need a dependable, heavy-duty garage door opener to lift them. Our Power Drive 3/4 HP Chain Drive garage door opener is the perfect solution. Its finely-tuned, yet ruggedly designed 3/4 HP motor, combined with our patented Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS), provides the precise synergy needed to open heavy garage doors quickly and quietly.

  • 3/4 HP motor with industrial-strength, rugged chain drive
  • Ultra-quiet operation featuring our exclusive Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS)
  • Auto force-sensing technology constantly monitors garage door opener system and adjusts forces to temperature fluctuations, floor height, and door track movement
  • Enclosed gear case provides continuous lubrication and protection for longer life and smoother operation
  • Quick-install rail system provides faster and easier installation
  • Delivers 200 watts of light with adjustable light time delay
  • HomeLink compatible with the in-vehicle remote control system
  • Includes two 3-button remote controls

Safety and Security Features

  • The Protector System safety sensors with Rapid-Snap brackets project an invisible light beam across the garage door opening and automatically reverse the door if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down
  • Sensing technology will stop the door from closing if contact is made with a person or object
  • Opener lights turn on automatically when The Protector System's infrared beam is broken
  • Security+ anti-burglary technology assures a new code is sent every time the remote control is used
  • PosiLock theft protection assures that once the door is closed, it says locked
  • Manual release handle in case of power failure
  • 3/4-horsepower chain drive is strong enough to lift even the heaviest garage doors
  • Quick Connect terminals enable easy installation of the Protector System and door control wires
  • Quick-Install 5-piece rail system
  • Garage door opener lights turn on anytime the Protector System beam is obstructed
  • Includes limited- lifetime motor warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Chamberlain Chain Drive Door Opener is a good deal
    I bought this product because my old garage door opener died and a neighbor volunteered to put it in. The price was lower than I would have paid at Home Depot or Lowe's for a half horse power unit. It was easy to put up and so far the troubleshooting has been easy. Also, the chain drive technology has been around a long time and is highly reliable. It's easy to add extra opener remotes. I've added a remote and a number pad opener so far. ...more info
  • Top shelf
    I have had the 3/4 horse model in for several weeks now. It performs flawlessly. I am using is on a 18x8 door with high wind bracing, very heavy door. Once I got it adjusted, as instructed, it performs very well.
    It did take several hours to install as I was working alone. Get help with the install and it will go alot faster.
    You might need to pick up some additional hardware for supporting of the unit, especially if you have a high ceiling.
    Also, the dual lights really add to the amount of light and makes this a more desirable product over a single light unit....more info
  • Solid product, good design, good instructions
    The product was complete, well packaged, and included comprehensive instructions. It easily opens our relatively heavy door. ...more info
  • Garage Door Opener
    The garage door came quickly and in good condition. It was easy to install and it is amazingly quit like the other reviews said. It is working great....more info
  • Well Designed Product
    I recently purchased 2 of these openers to replace 10 yr old Chamberlains. Replacement is relatively easy for the do-it-yourselfer and the units are much faster and quieter than the older models. Electronics including the control panel, remote openers, and Protector system saftey sensors are not compatible with the older units, so pretty much everything must be replaced. The overhead rail system is a bit longer than the old one piece rail, so the new opener units must be moved about 3 inches further away from the door to compensate for this. Not a big deal - a couple of lag bolts. The units provide a good deal of light with two 100 watt bulbs in each unit. The wall mounted control panel is a motion detector, so the lights come on automatically when you enter the garage from the house. They also come on when the doors are opened or closed as did the older models. Be sure to replace the old springs when installing the new openers. Thanks to my son for the installation....more info
  • coachvance
    not a bad deal here, good price easy instructions to put up your
    self seems to work fine...more info
  • Great Unit, Straightforward instructions
    Ordered with free shipping and received unit within 3 days. Great instructions and relatively easy installation but I was replacing and existing unit with most of the bracing and wiring in place and I am a fairly competent handyman. It took me about 4 hours including running the wires for the safety sensors. Very quiet operation and looks like a great unit. ...more info
    This opener is easy to install, very quiet and has a lock feature so it cannot be opened from the outside using a different remote, making me feel very safe. It only took about 1 1/2 hours to install and it worked beautifully from the beginning. I am very happy and recommend it to anyone looking for a bit more than the usual opener....more info
  • Opener fine, extension kit wrong, keyless pad wrong
    The garage door opener worked fine. Very easy to install but the Amazon documentation for accessories is lacking or wrong. I ordered the extension kit for a "chamberlain chain drive" but found out after receipt that there are 2 different types of chain drives. The correct kit for this model is a 7708CB which you have to search for by model # in order to find it on Amazon. I also ordered the keyless CLK1 which is listed as an accessory for this drive. It is incompatable with this opener and I had to return it. The correct compatable model is a Chamberlain 940D. Amazon doesn't carry that model and since the descriptions for other keyless openers did not give enough information to insure that I would not get the wrong item again, I ordered it elsewhere. ...more info
  • Excellent product
    The door opener works great even with the very old and heavy door I have. It was fairly easy to install although it took me about a day to do it. The only issue I had was how to attach it to my garage joists so that the motor does not sway. The hanging brackets, provided in the box, were too thin and I had to design my own system with sturdier materials....more info
  • Not hard to install, quiet and powerful
    My Brother and I replaced my old, lousy Genie with the Chamberlain. We did it in about two hours and the Chamberlain has been working flawlessly for about three months now..... ...more info
  • Chamberlain PD752D 3/4HP Heavy Duty Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
    I just installed the second opener......the first one worked for a short time while I was adjusting the limits then quit working. I thought it had overheated per the troubleshooting guide but after going through all the possiblities, I concluded that the electronic board must have went bad. When the second opener arrived only a few days after I contacted Amazon (excellent response from them), I installed it with no issues and it's working fine.

    I had to give the product three out of five stars due to the issue with the first one. Had it not been for that, it would be at least four out of five stars.

    As for Amazon's sense of urgency in shipping me a second unit, I give them five out five stars......great service.

    -Brad from Michigan ...more info
  • Garage door opener
    I have an eight foot garage door and ordered and extention also. Everything is working fine as I needed it to in order to get my tractor into the garage. I like the features of this opener like the lights coming on when I come into the garage. The only downside is I had to get extra parts to manufacture the brackets for the opener....more info
  • Chamberlain garage door opener, 3/4 hp.
    Item was delivered by UPS in a well-packed and cushioned container - unpacking and layout of parts confirmed that everything was there and in the proper amounts - the instructions were straightforward, well illustrated, and clear. - detailed steps were logically arranged and easy to follow.
    From start to finish, it took about 3 hours to complete the installation, taking my time, and with no help. - setup instructions were easy to follow and comprehensive, and troubleshooting hints were helpful.
    One of the remote control units (of 2) in my unit proved bad. A call to the support number given got me a real human who could also speak english! - a new unit was quickly sent with no need to return the bad one.
    Coming from a maint. background, I can say that this was an easy, well documented installation. - the unit has proven to be very reliable, strong, and quieter than the older unit it replaced. I can reccomend it with no reservations...more info
  • chamberlain garage door opener
    great shipping inexpensive and arrived before estimated arrival date. garage door opener was easy to install. all parts necessary for installition were includied. opener workes great, met or exceded all my expectations. thanks for great shipping and a great product....more info
  • Chamberlain chain drive is a quality product
    After getting a quote from my local garage door installer to put in a new garage door opener, I decided to do it myself. He wanted $1200. The directions were written well and I was able to use the mounting brackets from my old unit. I also used the existing wiring so that only took a few minutes. The biggest surprise was that when I tested it, it was super quiet. I have a really heavy wood sectional garage door, and you can barely hear it opening. Took me a few hours but I saved a ton of money....more info
  • Great Garage Door Opener
    I bought this garage door opener to replace a broken Genie H2000C 1/2 HP opener that was present when I purchased my house. The chamberlain 3/4 hp opener came with all necessary parts for an easy replacement of my existing garage door opener.

    Being someone who is technically and mechanically savvy, I was not worried about installing the opener. The instructions were clear and concise and the install went off without a hitch. I would put the difficulty of installing this unit at a 2/5, which means that I think just about anyone who has a simple understanding of how to use hand tools could accomplish this task.

    It's been installed for about 3-4 weeks now and I haven't had a single issue so far. It is a very quiet unit compared to the one in our other garage door. ...more info
  • Incompatible Remotes!!
    Installation no problem, works fine, replaced a 10 year old model with stripped gears. BUT, the new opener and remotes are not compatible with existing remotes for my other Chamberlain garage door opener (about 5 years old) and the overhead console remote in my Yukon. Very annoying. Of course, I can buy a converter to adapt the old to the new, but then I will need additional openers also, and still wont work with Yukon remote! Seems like a bit of a racket, unless it was some government intervention in frequency use or something! I notice other door opener companies do not seem to have changed frequency....more info
  • Chamberlain 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener
    Nice power, straight forward set up, easy to make adjustments, and it operates fairly quite. Overall, very pleased with it. I fitted this one on an already existing ceiling bracket and had to adjust it back 3 inches to accomodate its slight longer rail set up. I drilled some holes in the extra brackets provided to match up the fasting holes. This one replaced another Chamberlain that was 20+ years old that stopped working due to lightning striking very close to our home.

    Little Cons: the light bulbs sockets do not easily fit florecents and the motion sensor tends to keep the light on a long time. This is the only knock to keep it from getting a 5 star rating....more info
  • Fathers Day Present
    Product arrived as described. Installation instructions were excellent with full sized photos of which hardware to work with. We liked the "eyes" on the motion sensor having color to tell us when they were aligned....more info
  • Excellent Replacement
    I have a side by side metal garage door and it was installed with an old Chamberlain 1/2 HP Lift Master model. I read reviews from the others and purchased this PD752D Model as a replacement. It took us two hours to install the new unit and it was a perfect fit. This is our first time install garage opener and it worked exactly what the instruction said. It is also much more quiet than the older model....more info
  • Powerful opener
    I looked around and did some research and decided to buy the Chamberlain.
    The installation was very easy since I used some of the hardware from my old door opener, even though I really took my time (total of 6 hours)and installed it by myself. Instructions were written out very clearly so you cannot get confused. I had this new opener for 3 months and its performance is outstanding, it is very quiet and lifts the door without any problems although the door is all wood and is very heavy....more info