Safety 1st Color-View Video Nursery Monitor
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Product Description

Safety 1st Color View Video Monitor A baby monitor is a very important accessory in today's nursery. Parents need to have a clear view of their baby while it's in the nursery or crib. The high resolution 2.5 inch, color LCD screen on this baby video monitor gives parents all the reassurance and security needed. The camera on these baby video monitors are crystal clear and can mount to the crib or wall for a close up view. The camera can also rest on a nearby dresser or changing table. This Safety 1st Monitor can monitor a sleeping or playing child. Safety 1st is one of the premier names in the baby business. It is no surprise that there version of the baby monitor is among the top selling items in the market.

  • 2.4 GHz technology provides superior clarity
  • 2 1/2 Inch High Resolution Screen gives parents a clear and in-color image of baby
  • Crib mounted camera (transmitter) attaches safely and conveniently to side of crib, mounts to most cribs, encases cords inside mounting fixture.
  • Auto night sensor advises parent unit is on and functioning
  • Birth and up

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent monitor value for money
    Excellent monitor value for money. Sometimes it does interfere with the phone but the apartment is small and almost never happens. I am very satisfied....more info
  • DON'T BUY from BABYAGE or this monitor!!!
    My review is ditto those below it, but it is worse! My monitor also will not run with my wireless devices in the home, yet unlike all other unhappy customers before me, BABYAGE REFUSES to take it back, won't even give me a refund, all with much attitude on the phone! I called Safety first and Amazon and all can do nothing apparently, but now I am out the money and stuck with a monitor that to me is useless. This babyage site is UNBELIEVABLE...DON'T BUY FROM THEM WHATEVER YOU DO!! BUYER BEWARE!...more info
  • I hate this baby monitor
    This baby monitor I bought a year ago and has never worked right since day one. I bought it before my daughter was born so by the time we used it and found out how horrible it is as a product, it was too late to return it. The sound never worked. I hate it. I bought it for $250, what a waste of money. ...more info
  • It was just what I needed
    I have read some bad experiences with the product, specially interference with wireless routers and stuff like that. Since my home internet is wire LAN based, it does not bother me. The only thing I would have liked would be a battery for the camera. It is comfortable to use, friendly, and it has been quite reliable, so far....more info
  • not good for apartments
    I would like this item more if I didn't live in an apartment building. I have to turn off the sound because it is all static the picture is ok but has static on it too. I can not find a monitor that is good for apartments. I hope to not live in one forever and it still helps me out a little to see the baby. In the end I am keeping the monitor but it needs some inprovements....more info
  • Did not work well
    This monitor did not work for us at all. I could hardlry sleep through the crackling & static. The picture had lines running through it. I returned it!...more info
  • Okay Monitor, Not Great
    We purchased the most expensive video monitor thinking that we would "get what we paid for." I certainly hope there are better ones on the market. The sound on this monitor is not clear, there is a constant electronic-type hum. Pretty annoying when you're trying to catch some much-needed sleep! Also, while advertised as a color monitor, beware that the color is very "washed out" (reds look pale pink)and not significantly different from a black & white video monitor, even after adjusting the brightness. Additionally, the rechargeable batteries run down rather quickly (3-3.5 hours).

    Having said that, it IS wonderful to be able to "peek" at the baby without waking him/her. A video monitor is the way to go, but perhaps there is a better one out there....more info
  • What a waste!
    I bought this monitor at the babiesrus store based on a reccomendation from one of the employees. She said a lot of people bought this item and she never got any complaints or returns. Well I took the monitor home and sset it up and it worked wonderfully from the next room. Well that night I took the monitor in the bedroom (about 30 feet from her room) and the reception went horrible. It got a lot of static and became very annoying. I tried putting it on different channels and finally decided that channel 3 was tolerable (although it still got a bit of static). The next day my laptop went haywire. I couldn't get my wireless card to see the router and after hours of frustration figured out that it was the monitor interfering. Do not buy this product if you have a wireless network in your home. It's a complete waste of money. ...more info
  • Horrible monitor
    This monitor has horrible reception. With my first child I bought the Sight and Sound Assurance Video Monitor. We love it. It gets awesome reception and I like the additional cordless sound monitor. Our only complaint was that the video monitor is a bit bulky. When we were expecting our second child we decided to buy this color view monitor. We liked the fact that the video monitor was compact. We tried it out and the reception is fine as long as we are no more than 10 ft away. The sound is horrible as well. It's very "crackly". I called the company and they stated there was nothing they could do. We unplugged our cordless phones to see what the difference would be...there wan't any difference. Not a great buy. ...more info
  • Not as clear...
    I like the idea of this camera, but it has to be very close to your child at night to be able to see anything. we wanted to use it to make sure a 12-18 mo old was ok at night and not crawling out of bed, can not put it close enough to see her....more info
  • Great monitor
    I love this monitor. We use it all the time, but just for the visual. The audio isn't great. We use another monitor for that. I would totally recommend this monitor to any parent. Before using this monitor I was only using an audio monitor. One day after putting my son down for a nap, I heard a little cough through the audio monitor. I thought my son might have been just stirring, but I went in to check. I found him lying on his back, as recommended for SIDS safety, choking on his own throw up. I immediately picked him up and tapped his back and he was breathing again. Imagining that I had never heard that little cough....I was terrified. Now that I have this camera monitor, I am so much more at ease. And if he does make a little noise I can look over to see what going on....It's great. Definately buy this monitor....more info
  • I love this monitor! Brings great Peace of Mind.
    I agree with the other customers on the interference. I notice that it only interferes when I'm on my cordless phone, while in her room. Other than that, the monitor works well. I can overlook the minor interferences when I compare it to the overall workings of the monitor.
    My daughter has had several episodes of turning blue (for no real reason), we've had a couple ambulance trips to the hospital because of them. After the first event, we went out to immediately purchase a video monitor upon discharge from the ER(the hospital wouldn't give me an apnea monitor and I didn't know how I would ever sleep again). This monitor gives me so much peace of mind. I wanted the color monitor so I would be able to assess her color during day nap times and the clarity of the video at night is pretty surprising. It's so sensitive that when I wake up to check her, I can look at the monitor and actually see her chest movement. Once I see that she is fine, I can go back to sleep. The other thing that I love about this monitor is that I can darken the video screen with one push of a button, so that the light from the monitor doesn't keep me awake at night. When I wake up, I push the button and the video reappears. The monitor is still on and the sound is active when the monitor is dark.
    My only complaint would be the range. The monitor works great when close by... however, we do get interfernce (lines in screen) when I take the video base downstairs. We live in a colonial (approx 1700 sq ft) and when we are on the main level (with bdrooms upstairs) on opposite ends, I will notice some interference. Again, I can overlook that with the overall satisfaction and comfort that this monitor provides.
    I would buy it again....more info
  • I Love This Monitor!!!!
    I have recently bought this monitor. I figured that even with the reviews I had read, I would atleast give it a shot. My home is 2 stories and my children's rooms are upstairs. I was nervous about putting my little guy upstairs because of him being so far away from me. But with this monitor I don't have to worry about it. I can easily check on my son no matter where I am and see that he is just fine and even see him breathing!!!! I will have to say that sometimes there is a little interference, but it is really not that bad and when you weight it against the benefit of seeing your baby all the time-it is defiantly worth it. I will defiantly recommend this monitor to any one especially those first time moms who are worried about everything!!!! Once again I just love this monitor!!!!!...more info
  • Well worth the $[...] price from!
    I read some really bad reviews on the product and still went ahead to buy because the price was very attractive. I understand that some reviewers spent $200 on this and expected perfect performances.

    Yes, it does shut down your wireless router just like when I pick up my 2.4GHz telephone. But when you turn the baby camera off, your router comes back to life automatically. The camera does not seem to interfere with my audio/video sender (used for my FTA satellite receiver for foreign TV). I can use the audio/video sender to watch TV and the baby monitor at the same time with good pictures for both. When I select particular channels, I can even use the baby monitor to watch the TV signal sent by the audio/video sender. Nice! I also have an X10 wireless surveillence camera. One of the baby monitor's channels can pick up the video signal from the X10 camera clearly. This is nice for me since I turn the X10 camera on only when someone knocks on my door. If you turn the X10 camera on all the time, I guess you lose a channel.

    The LCD viewing angle is narrow as mentioned by other reviewers. The statics on the voice channel of the LCD monitor are indeed obvious. If I turn the volume down, I don't hear much statics and it still can pick up baby's cry.

    A happy buy for me! I really love the multiple uses. Buy the way, the night vision is awesome and the LCD minitor has built-in rechargeable battery!...more info
  • it does not conform
    I articulate I arrive defective, the shipper or damaged transfomador of energy. ...more info