IDView Digital Video Recorder Security System Remote Monitoring
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Product Description

The IV-100CD is a drop in replacement for a time lapse VCR which uses hard drive disks to store images versus VCR tapes. It provides the flexibility to monitor security cameras via a network connection with the software provided. It also has an expandable hard drive slot that will accept up to 160GB drives from a list of verified vendors provided in the instruction manual. It is compatible with most multiplexors on the market. It allows features such as frame by frame playback, quick access to event by time of recording, and can be upgraded in the future with software.

  • Monitor your assets remotely with this digital recording system for CCTV camera systems.
  • 80GB internal and one removable drive. Supports drives up to 160GB.
  • 10Base T connection allows for remote viewing of cameras.
  • Included software allows for system to display multiplexed video individually (see list of supported multiplexers)
  • Use with stand alone camera or a multiplexor for multiple cameras