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Premier Mounts AM2 Swing-Out Arms For 17-Inch to 40-Inch LCD Screens (Silver)
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Product Description

The AM2 Universal Swingout Arm fits 17" to 40" flat-panel TV displays and allows 360-degree screen rotation. Features include VESA 75/100/200x100mm compatibility. This revolutionary design features patented Radial Glide Technology which offers smooth tilt adjustment of +/-15 degrees. You can pull your LCD or Plasma panel up to 17" from the wall and push it back to just under 3.5" off the wall when collapsed. All of your cables can be hidden inside the AM2's innovative cable management ports. Plus, it's backed by Premier Mounts' industry-leading Lifetime Guarantee for reliability and quality assurance.

  • VESA 75, 100 and 200 compliant mounting brackets included
  • Fits 17"-40" displays
  • Arm collapses to less than 4"
  • Arm can swing 180o, and allows for 360o screen rotation.
  • UL Certified, Lifetime Guarantee

Customer Reviews:

  • Inexpensive, sturdy and easy to install
    I think that this is a great product at a great price. I was delighted to find how easy the installation was. It took me less than 30 minutes....more info
  • Solid product, complete with hardware for mounting your TV
    I was impressed with the quality of this product - it is solid. Comes with necessary hardware for various types of installation - wood stud mounting, cement walls, etc. Excellent communications and support. The swing mount is very flexible, allowing you to easily adjust for the best viewing angle.
    After my first purchase and use, I bought two more for members of my family....more info
  • Easy to use and install
    I just installed this arm and one for a larger TV. I liked this best. This arm fit perfectly on my Oelvia 32". It works well and is very adjustable. It is a great arm. For the price is it is even better. Easy install. ...more info
  • Nice Mount!
    Since there is so much negative feedback about articulating mounts in general, I wanted to get one that would actually work well. This mount not only works well, but has exceeded my expectations. I have had no problem with it and it keeps my 20" perfectly straight since the mount has a round face on which the monitor can swivel. I definitely recommend this wall mount. Oh, and its easy to install....more info
  • The Premier Mounts AM2 Swingout Arm Mount is truely premier!
    I considered an arm mount from [...] that was about 25% cheaper, but I was glad I went with this one. I had a confined corner space and the one added degree of articulation made all the difference. Besides, it was about half the price of similar products I'd seen in the local retail outlets.

    The mounting attachment to the TV rotates on a horizontal axis which makes the vertical alignment of the wall mount less critical. This is a very solid, smooth working product. It has a complete set of hardware for the standard 100mm or 75mm VESA compliant LCD TV. Our TV was a 20 inch, but this could easily support larger TVs....more info
  • Solid as a rock
    There's not a lot of romance in a monitor mount, it either works or doesn't. I have a 22" LCD mounted to mine and there is zero droop, free-play or tolerence problems. Even if I try to shake the monitor it hardly budges. Maybe it could look a little more contemporaty to go along with the shiny black of my monitor and computer but as a functional accessory it couldn't be better. The reviewer who said it wasn't compatible with VESA 200 is incorrect. The mounting adapter was included, he probably threw it away with the packing....more info
  • Nice mount, replace screws!!!
    I bought this mount for both a 32" and a 37" TV. Anyone who buys this mount most replace the cheap screws that come in the package. It is much easier to install when buying hex head bolts instead. I tested the weight limit of the mount with my 37" tv with it only being 4 pounds under specified max. The swing arm flexed in two locations so I had to remove the plastic bottom caps and tighten the bolts with the socket given to you with your order. It holds the TV up, but I would never swing it out because it is just to tight and seems to bend after pulled from the wall. As for my 32", this mount is prefect!...more info
  • Perfect
    I now have 2 of this mount, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. It's small enough to not be seen behind a 23" TV and powerful enough to hold a 32"......more info
  • TV wall mount, easy as pie!!
    Great product!! Took me all of about 15 minutes to install on my wall. Feels solid, moves with ease. TV mounted to arm with existing holes, no drilling to mount or TV. Silver color matches TV....more info
  • TV mount
    We are very satisfied with this TV mount. We needed a way to mount a 26 inch TV so it could be seen from two different rooms. We mounted it on the door frame. Then it can be swung to view from either location. ...more info
  • Great Mount for 32" or smaller LCD
    After reading all the review and comparing pricings from all the local stores, this mount was the best bang for the buck. For the price, it's very well made and the material is of good quality. Like some of the other reviewer, I had to buy a separate Vesa 200x200 adapter for my 32" LCD. This mount does come with Vesa 200 adapter, but it's Vesa 200x100. Most 32" or larger LCD will require 200x200. The adapter was $30 at Sears. I also took the advise of other reviewers and got some hex head screws to replace the ones that came with the mount. This is VERY helpfull and I highly recommend this for anyone that's considering this mount. The installation is very straight forward and took about half an hour.

    Overall, I'm very happy with the mount, but there are a couple of minor items I had concerns with. I notice a little bite of flex in the mount, especially if you loosen the swing arm nut to allow for better movement. I have a 32" Toshiba that weights ~45 lbs, which may be causing the flex. I would not recommend anything over 32" if you intend to move the mount alot. Also, the wire management system is total useless, because the cap keep coming off everytime you move the mount and if you are using component cables, there are no way to fit all the cables in the tubing. I posted a couple of photo of my mounted TV for reference. I would recommend this mount anyone, but remind potential buyer to check their TV mounting spec. If you have a 32" or larger TV, you will mostly likely have to spend another $30 for a vesa 200x200 adapter. ...more info
  • Works great with my 19" Samsung
    I received this as a Christmas gift, from my Amazon wish list. I'd been wanting to mount a 19" Samsung LCD in my bedroom since I bought it a year ago. I'm impressed with how sturdy this is, though my 19" TV isn't anywhere near the weight limit at 11.5lb. I feel confident I can mount a larger tv, up to the 50lb weight limit, down the road.

    My only difficulty with mounting to a wall stud was getting the screws into the wood. I ended up using a larger pilot hole than suggested, and still couldn't hand tighten them all the way. Luckily I had a heavy duty drill with screw attachment that did the job. I wish the mount had come with a hex nut screw instead. A socket wrench would have then sufficed for the installation....more info
  • Works as advertised
    Found this mount to work well. I use it for my 24" LCD computer monitor which weighs about 18 pounds. I used the screws that came with the unit for installation. All that was needed was a larger phillips bit for my drill, and install was a snap. If you use a standard phillips head, you will strip the screws....more info
  • Doesn't Work for VESA 200x200 flat panels
    The product is fine, Amazon's misleading description isn't. This product will not work with a VESA 200 x 200 flat panel even though the product description says: "VESA 75, 100 and 200 compliant mounting brackets included." To use this mount with a VESA 200x200 panel another adapter must be purchased for ~$30 delivered. Shame on Amazon....more info
  • Very solid mount and arms
    I bought this for my 32" LCD. Unfortunately that TV had a 200 x 200 mounting setup so I had to buy the LCD Adapter Plate. $19 so not a huge deal, just wish it would've came with this instead of the 100 x 200 plate.

    This is so easy to mount, anyone could do it. Simply find a stud and you're in business. I did use the Phillips head screws that came with it but I used my cordless drill to screw them into the wall. It would've been hard work with a screwdriver!

    I was a bit worried that such a large TV would cause the arm to sag when fully extended. Not so. This is a solid built, heavy duty arm. Every thing is nice and tight, no play anywhere. I wouldn't have any problem mounting a 42" Plasma on this thing, it could easily handle it if mounted correctly into a solid stud.

    Another thing, the plate piece you put on the wall first and then hang the arm on makes it so easy to mount!
    ...more info
  • Sturdy mount, but...
    This is a great mount, very sturdy and easily supports my 32in TV. Be careful because the description leads you to believe that it is VESA 200/200mm capable, but it is not out-of-the-box. The included mounting plate is only 100/200mm. You must purchase an additional adapter plate (for about another $30) in order to mount TVs that are VESA 200 or larger. Go with the Peerless mount if you have a large TV....more info
  • Heavy Duty Mount
    Great mount. Very heavy Nice finish. Exactly what I was looking for. Similar mounts are $150 @ circuit city...more info
  • Excellent!
    As with all mounts, wall studs determine your ultimate location. Make sure you're realistic with your final location (especially with a swing arm mount). That being said, this mount is great! It took less than 5 minutes to install (after deliberating where to locate it). The enclosed mounting screws are way more than sufficient as long as you have a decent screw gun. Don't bother ordering an adapter plate either, as one is provided. I mounted a 26" Samsung LCD that I swing about 90 degrees and tilt slightly down to view in bed. Looks great, it's beefy, the tension is completely adjustable and the Amazon price blows away the $129 Sears/K-Mart price. I looked at everything before ordering. This mount can't be touched even when comparing to significantly more expensive units....more info
  • A really good wall mount
    I was really inpressed with this wall mount. It is super easy to install, comes with ALL the mounting goodies,, has the parts to attach to all the commmon LCD mounting patterns, and will easily hold a 37" LCD on the wall. Plus, the cables all snake through the arm which neatens things up. The unit has a wall plate that attaches to the wall (stud or concrete wall) and the end of the arm has a clamp that fits over the wall plate. The attachment is very secure and even more so when the set screw on the arm is tightened on to the wall plate. Each joint on the arm has its own tension adjustment so you can lock the arm in any position. Two sugestions: do not use the enclosed screws to mount to a wall stud. Go out and buy some lag screws. They have a much better bite on the wood and, with the hex head, are much easier to drive into the wall stud than the supplied Phillips head screws. Also, although the mount is easy to attach to the wall, have someone help you mount it. Catching the arm on the wall plate is tricky when you only have 2 hands....more info
  • Great Product
    High quality product; very substantial. Relatively easy to install and to adjust. Heads up: the 2" screws that came with the arm mount were a bit too long for my wall studs. A quick trip to the hardware store for 1 3/4" screws solved the problem....more info
  • Very solid and compact
    I used this mount for a 40" Samsung as well as a couple 26" Samsungs, it worked perfectly in all locations. I agree the Philips-head mounting screws they give you are wrong, you should switch to something you can put some torque behind, like a 1/4" hex head lag bolt.

    My only real complaint is that the articulating feature is too stiff. I like to swivel the TV so I can watch it from the hot tub, but it takes considerable force to move it. I've seen others that can be moved with your little finger, not this one. Also the tubes that you run the wires thru are small, you won't fit more than two or three cords (HDMI sized) in before the little plastic breakout caps no longer go back on.

    One other odd thing, two of the mounts came with the large VESA plate for bigger TV's, one did not, same model number though. Lucky I only needed one....more info
  • great for the price and quality
    i just purchased a panasonic lcd tv model TC-26LX70.the mount worked great the mounting plate did fit my tv without drilling or making a new plate like some of the reviews. smooth operation and easy to install. matter of fact i had more trouble fishing the cable through the wall than installing this mount. i would highly recommed this mount....more info
  • Great TV Mount
    I have two of these and they are great. Very strong with a low profile
    on the wall. These mounts have endless positions and can be pulled away
    from the wall quite far. You can't go wrong with this mount....more info
  • Excellent product!
    This product is awesome! It is very stout and well built, heavier than the 22" LCD I have mounted to it. It came very well packaged, with hardware that was neatly packed in individual sealed bags. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, though installing it is pretty straight forward. The tension on the swing out arms can be adjusted, as can the tilt up to 15* (though that must be locked in once set). It swings out up to 17" from the wall. The finish is clean and blemish free. Although I have nothing but praise for this product, I will say that the included #14X2" screws that are included to mount it to the wall would be better replaced by 1/4"X3" lag screws (which I used as did others). I used some blue thread locker on the set screw used to lock the arm to the plate on the wall, and also on the screws used to mount the arm to the TV. Installation took me about ten minutes. Highly recommended! ...more info
  • great product at a great price
    recently bought 2 of these, one for a 26" lcd the other for a 37" lcd. works great for both sets and this mount is very sturdy. i had worries about mounting a 37" tv on it but no problems at all. the plastic caps can be a little hard to pop off to adjust the arms but once it's adjusted you usually wouldn't need to adjust again. for the money it's hard to find a more flexible mount with the easy of use and build quality....more info
  • Awesome Arms!!!!!!!!!
    If you happen to come across this arm, grab it because just as everyone who buys it is saying.......excellent product, especially for the money!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great mount, better price.

    I bought this for my 26" LCD TV and it works great. This mount is perfect for mounting your TV to a corner of the room, where my old TV was and where I wanted my new one to be. The swing arm is perfect for angling the TV to where my vantage point is in my bedroom, and has a built-in system for hiding cables if you want to put in the work to do that. My TV holds sturdy on it with no problems.

    Admittedly I was a bit worried after checking the price on this vs. some of the other over-priced mounting systems that cost almost as much as another TV, but after buying it, this is all you want and need from a mount for a cheap price. ...more info
  • Great deal
    I paid like $40.00 dollars for this thing, and it works great!, I was a little worried at first as I have a 37" Olevia that was right of the spec limits of the mount, no worries, it could easily take more, very strong. Don't be fooled by you're local box store's stuff, it's nonsense, to do the same thing as I did, Best Buy wanted 300!!!! dollars for the same thing!...more info
  • Premier AM2 Mount Very Good
    This is an excellent mount for the price, especially from this site, but the manufacturers instructions are deceiving. First, they say that the mount is VESA 200x200 compatible. I just bought a 32 in Samsung LCD in April which has a VESA 200x200 mounting setup and it did not fit without the Premier adapter plate. Luckily i had ordered the plate just in case. Overall the mount has a great appearance and seems to be very sturdy...I certainly hope so considering it is holding up my brand new tv. I would recommend this to anyone, but their instructions are horrible and if you have a vesa 200 200 setup get the adapter plate. installlation time isnt too bad, just requires some extra tools and screws and lots of patience...more info
  • Good little mount
    ive already bought two of this mount. one for a 30" lcd and another for a 32" lcd. the mount definitely holds these tv's nicely. one good thing about the mount is that it is more forgiving when installing. if you dont get it perfectly level you can adjust the pivot of the tv to level it. also nice, it mounts on only one stud. makes installation faster....more info
  • Great Mount for the $$$$
    This is a great TV mounting system and is very heavy duty and well built. We bought a different mount for the same price and it would not hold the TV up without sagging. Great mount for the money....more info
  • Excellent
    I shopped around for an articulating arm to hold my 23 inch widescreen Samsung LCD (the white cased one). This worked great and I am very happy with the purchase. My only complaint is the "tunnel" inside that is to be used for hiding wires from your stereo/wii/etc. is very tight at the entrance and exits and it is difficult to get the wires through. Furthermore, you can only fit like one set of Composite cables in there....more info