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The five, young, good-looking and classically trained singers who comprise Amici Forever have a lot to offer. They have taste, and they make, for the most part, beautiful sounds (one of the sopranos is wobbly; the other singers--a soprano, two tenors and bass-baritone--are splendid). Their debut CD, The Opera Band, has sold over a million copies. Their arrangements, though somewhat sappy, are attractive, and they're very imaginative with both classical and pop repertoire. I Amici are not just good singers who add a beat to the classics; they think things through. Defined offers a fine arrangement of the Allegretto of Beethoven's 7th Symphony with a text that turns it into a Hymn to Liberty; a Bocelli-Celine Dion duet has been transformed into a densely harmonic quintet; an original work tells a Maori legend; Dalila's "Mon ceur s'ouvre a ta voix," once past the wobbly soprano, becomes a fine blend; Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto and Rodrigo's "Concerto de Aranjuez" form the basis for two other pieces. This is a handsomely produced album which could alert pop fans to some beautiful classical melodies and, in and of itself, it's good listening. --Robert Levine

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome!
    I love this album already! Not sure if it's better, as good or worse than their last (Opera Band). Never heard anybody else sing these sings before so I'm not comparing, except Nella Fanatasia and The Prayer. I especially love La Fiamma Sacra (third fav), So Far Away (second), Adagio(fourth), Core 'ngrato (Ungrateful Heart)-love the big neopolitan sounds, and my absolute favourite: Land and Freedom. Love the melody and the huge harmonies! I LOVE Amici Forever....more info
  • Well Arranged but Overproduced
    This is a novel concept for opera lovers and fans. There are some original songs and also some classic arias and ensembles with a modern update. Most of the pieces have been "enhanced" with additional voices (e.g. an aria sung as a two-soprano piece, with three male voices as backup).

    Unfortunately, this album has so much echo and reverb that it is almost impossible to hear the artists' actual voices. If you just like opera music, this is a wonderful album, but if you are a student of the operatic voice, look elsewhere....more info
  • Copy Bypass
    This is an average CD. I do not think it as good as the first. I am really not a fan of The Prayer sung by anyone.

    You can bypass the loading of the software by holding down the shift key while the disc loads. Once it stops spinning, it will show up in media player or your other audio program. I am still working to get the software off of my computer, but at least it will not infect any of my other machines. Not that I will purchase any other of this type of disc, ever....more info
  • Consumer Alert regarding the copy protection system
    There is a consumer alert regarding Sony Digital Rights Management software included on some of their music CD's. The Illinois Attorney Generals Consumer Alert can be found at

    Beware that this CD in particular is mentioned since the CD case appears not to include the specifics relating to the Sunncomm software.

    As I recall the Sunncomm protected disks also install the copy protection systems even if you decline the EULA agreement that is displayed when you insert the disk into a computer, so extra care should be taken when inserting these disks into any computer. You don't get the opportunity to decline installation, the software contains security flaws, and the disks do not contain software to uninstall the protection programs. You need to contact Sony directly to uninstall.

    The patches they describe are patches to the uninstaller software, early versions of which add more security flaws into Windows than the original CD software does.

    With any luck, SonyBMG will recall these disks as well and replace them with either properly tested and functioning software, or as a standard CD without the copy protection in place (as they have done for the rootkit infected CD's created using First4Internet software)....more info
  • Fantastic
    These are truely wonderful singing voices,backed up by a beautiful orchestra.The first song actually gave me chills.I can't wait to buy another one of their CD's.I recommend it highly to anyone who loves REAL music....more info
  • Amici Defined--Gorgeous Music
    Need something romantic, beautiful and sensual to listen to..perhaps with your loved one, your Valentine or just all by youself? This would be the CD for you to give yourself or a friend. Their voices are phenomenal, and combined with the orchestral backup, this is music/artistry at it's grandest. ...more info
  • Mergie USA
    I have four comments

    Breathtaking, Exquisite, Balm for the Soul, Bravo!!...more info
  • Classic, with a few cuts of brilliance
    All one would of expect of this exceptional emsemble ... with a few pieces that soar....more info
  • Wonderful
    I am so glad to find this wonderful group. I will be ordering more from them....more info
  • Audio Ambrosia
    Amici Forever is one of the finest singing groups to come along in many, many years. Their musicality is awe inspiring....more info
  • Beauty all around
    The first album by Amici Forever was a wonderful experiment, a twist in the "boyband/girlband" concept, and it worked since they have sold over 1.000.000 copies world wide by now.
    This second album follows the same formula of the first one, basically classical songs and operatic songs sang with a choral arrengement and assigned parts, pop/classical songs that are more towards the A/C audience that enjoys Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman, etc.
    And speaking of Sarah Brightman, they have covered 2 of her songs in this album (as they covered one of Josh Groban's songs in the first album) "Terra e Liberta" takes the same melody that inspired Sarah Brightman's "Figlio Perduto" and gives it a different twist, still very powerful switching from minor key to major key and back to minor, and also "Nella Fantasia" is longer than Sarah's and the distribution of the voices makes up for a powerful effect.
    They also cover other standard pop/classical crossover songs such as "The prayer" that has been recorded by about everybody in this field, yet one more version doesn't bother (neither contributes).
    Some of the brightest moments are "So far away" a beautiful nostalgic song sang in a tenor pop voice, "The Sacred Flame" which is sang in a mix of english and Italian takes a more choral connotion, "Adagio" which is a more classical and slowed down version of the Lara Fabian version of Albinione's Adagio, "La Mia Nostalgia" which is a beautiful classical/operatic version of "All by myself" made popular by Celine Dion as they already covered in an operatic way "Unchained Melody" (with outstanding results), and "Aranjuez" that has a melody so beautiful that fills up everything around as a golden wave, you can envision yourself in the gardens and such they are describing.
    Overall the album keeps the quality of the first one, with beautiful moments all through out.
    If you enjoy the music of Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli and Charlotte Church, you would enjoy this album from beginning to end. ...more info
  • Solution: Copy Protection Is Easy to Bypass
    There is an easy way to bypass the content protection on this CD. The protection software does not work on Apple Mac computers. If you do not own a Mac, but you want to have this CD in your music library on your Windows computer, simply find a friend who owns an Apple computer, rip the CD to iTunes on the Mac, and then transfer the files to your own computer....more info