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Bride and Prejudice
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A bollywood update of jane austens classic tale where mrs bennet is eager to find suitable husbands for her 5 unmarried daughters. When mr bingley & mr darcy come to live nearby the bennets have high hopes though circumstance & boorish opinions threaten to get in the way of romance. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 09/01/2006 Starring: Aishwarya Rai Daniel Gillies Run time: 120 minutes Rating: Pg13

The exotic sounds, vibrant colors, and ecstatic dancing of Bollywood collide with the cunning storytelling of Jane Austen in Bride & Prejudice (from the writer/director of previous East/West hybrid Bend It Like Beckham). When smart, outspoken Lalita Bakshi (Indian beauty Aishwarya Rai) meets Will Darcy (Martin Henderson, The Ring), she finds this American businessman arrogant and conceited--but because his best friend is falling in love with her sister, Lalita agrees to travel around India with Darcy. On the trip, a childhood friend of Darcy's named Johnny (Daniel Gillies, Spider-Man 2) both tickles Lalita's fancy and confirms her worst suspicions about Darcy. But as events unfold, Lalita wonders if she hasn't misjudged Darcy--and Johnny. Austen fans will be find much to criticize; Bride & Prejudice transplants the basic plot of Pride & Prejudice to modern India, but not much of Austen's sly wit or her insights about character and society have survived the translation. Henderson, though handsome, lacks the intimidating charisma of previous Mr. Darcys (including Laurence Olivier and Colin Firth). Thank goodness for the delightful Rai, here making her first all-English-language movie. She commands the screen like a true star (unsurprisingly, she's hugely popular in India, and previously starred in a more homegrown Austen adaptation: I Have Found It, based on Sense & Sensibility). For Western audiences unfamiliar with the freewheeling exuberance of Indian movies--wild musical numbers can break out at almost any moment--Bride & Prejudice offers an engaging taste of this fantastic cinematic style. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Bollywood
    Bride and Prejudice is a very entertaining Bollywood film with lots of singing and dancing and loosely based on the more famous book of Pride and Prejudice. It also makes fun of the Bollywood industry with "over the top" scenes of boy meets girl and choirs singing in the background.

    Lots of memorable song numbers but the objective of the film is to make the audience smile.

    ...more info
  • Bride and Prejudice
    I love the storyline. Very nice colors,songs and dance and the actors were terrific. However, I did not like the format I received. I believe it is called wide screen (with a border on the top and bottom of the screen)...more info
  • Very entertaining movie
    I really enjoyed this movie. The colors, culture and customs of India were on display. ...more info
  • Bollywood Westernized
    This is a wonderful rendition of Pride and Prejudice with a little asian flare. Loved It!!...more info
  • 5 stars to this seller!
    The condition of this movie was excellent!
    The Dvd arrived in the alloted time,
    and I'd just like to say thankyou!

    ...more info
  • Amazed and Impressed
    I did not want to watch this movie. Pride and Prejudice (by Jane Austen) is one of my favorite novels, and I did not want that book to be marred by a stupid comedy. My brother, who has never read Pride and Prejudice, made me watch it (I had fully intended to sneak out of the room once he got into the film). I definitely didn't expect to love this movie; but I do. It was wonderful! This was one of the few GOOD romantic comedies (and it followed the book pretty well).

    I'm not going to go into plot much because if you didn't know the plot of Pride and Prejudice before reading this ; I'm sure you picked it up by now from reading other reviews. So, why did I like this movie?

    The scripting is wonderful, and even though some characters/situations are changed (not to mention the whole modern setting thing) it keeps the integrity of Pride and Prejudice intact. This is a Bollywood film; and as such the music and dance (a LOT of music and dance)is very different than what I, as an American, am used to. However, it was fun. The tunes were catchy, and most importantly the movie was funny and you ended up caring about the character (though Jane Austen deserves most of the credit for that; the actors did a good job too).

    The scenes are all colorful and the setting is just enjoyable to watch. There really isn't much dull time, either. I remarked to my brother that this was like Pride and Prejudice for people with ADHD. Quick moving (the movie is only 112 minutes) and easy to watch.

    If you, like me, were reluctant to watch this movie; I ask you to put your prejudice aside and just try it. If you don't get into it I'll be surprised. I watched this movie with family and everyone ended up liking it.

    Me, don't like romantic comedies much: LOVED IT
    My brother (hasn't read book, 24, not much for musicals)and my
    sister-in-law (Chinese, not used to American/English culture, knew very little about the book) both really, really liked it.
    ...more info
  • Funny movie!
    While this movie isn't classic Jane Austen, it is a very good modern adaptation. It is really funny and definitely a must have for all Austen fans....more info
  • No Life Without Fun
    A lot of people love Bend It Like Beckham. Personally, I thought that movie was extremely boring and gave it away as soon as possible. So, I must admit, I was a little skeptical when my best friend made me watch this movie (especially since Pride and Prejudice is my all-time favorite book).

    Within minutes, I was in love. The random song and dance numbers, Kholi, the irony, everything was perfect. It was a wonderful twist on Austen's beloved book.

    I fell in love with Darcy and Lalita. "Take me to Love" has become one of my favorite songs. The Cobra Dance has me falling off my chair from laughter everytime.

    This movie couldn't have been better. I've watched it well over twenty times and each time it just gets better!...more info
  • awful, cheesy...poorly written
    oh my...i was shocked and disappointed when i saw this film. after seeing MISTRESS OF SPICES and being a fan of bollywood and indian films, i was dismayed at how horrible this film was. had it not been for aishwarya, im sure this movie would could have a B rating.
    the script was poorly written and the acting was bad. the costume design and colors were pale (not really representative of bold bollywood colors), i didnt care much for the music, and it was just plain cheesy.
    i am surprised by all these great fact, that is why i bought the movie...*sigh*...lesson learned.

    overall, this film was a disappointment. i would not recommend it, unless you like a bad script and poorly acted films. ...more info
  • Fun Flick!
    Very fun and well done version of Pride and Prejudice. Lots of India style song and dance....more info
  • I recommend this movie for everyone!
    Brilliant colors abound from beginning to end, costumes, glittery scenery, fabulous dance sequences with some of the best musical music ever! But a musical with a real heart and soul...a happy joyful movie that will sweep away all your concerns about the Real World, and hopefully will take you away, as it did me, to the magical escape land most movies today do not do! The lovely and talented actresses that play the 4 sisters were so dear and charming and believeable and the scene where they are all singing in their white pajamas about a suitor their mom was touting...well you just have to see it! Very cute and catchy. The actors and actresses were SO good, so sincere that it made me care very much about the outcome. The times they would break into song worked so well! I hope to see more from the Indian director as she created an outstanding movie ( I am sorry I dont have all the names in front of me)
    All of the actors and actresses were so talented and believable, from the parents, to the 4 sisters, to the comical suitor, to the gorgeous Darcy, to Naveen Andrews, but I do have to especially note Aishwarya Rai...Not only does she possess the kind of other worldly beauty that is beyond human, but the woman is a fantastic actress, singer, and dancer! Not for nothing was she a Miss World!
    Make sure to watch all the extras! Aishwarya is interviewed, she is brilliant and articulate, and it is fun to see how they made the movie and other cute escapades on the sets, there is also a very charming interview with the handsome actor who played Mr Darcy.
    Please do yourself a favor and rent, borrow, or buy this treat! Pure happiness! ...more info
  • Silly - but addicting
    Good Bollywood for clueless Westerners. The usual improbable mass song-&-dance scenes, but close enough to Austin to follow the plot & characters. Absolutely GORGEOUS color, costumes, scenery, music, etc. Confusing at first, but it sure does grow on you, & the music rapidly becomes familiar & lots of fun. Very enjoyable. Wish I knew of more like this....more info
  • Jane Austen? Well, It's More Like a Well Made Romantic Comedy, Joy to Watch and Listen to
    Rich American Mr. Darcy (Martin Henderson) meets strong-willed and beautiful Lalita (Aishwayra Rai) in Amritsa, India. They dislike each other because of a slight misunderstanding, and then find themselves attracted to one another after knowing more about the other. There are sub-plots to the main story, about Lalita's meddling mother, tormented father, and sisters and their suitors (and lovely cobra dance that you should not miss), the love story told in Bollywood fashion is absorbing enough.

    Gurinder Chadha's "Bride and Prejudice" is in fact a delightful combination of romantic comedy and Bollywood-style musical. The film is, as you know, a loose adaptation of Jane Austen novel, but though the storyline follows the original's pretty faithfully (except cultural background), the film, unlike the incisive narrative of Austen's book, refrains from commenting about the difference of culture between the East and the West, stressing the fun part of so-called Bollywood films.

    The film does not take itself very seriously and it works. You may find the film is too light and Henderson's Mr. Darcy looks a bit too sweet and definitely less glum-looking than Colin Firth, but that light-heartedness is, I think, is exactly the point. Anyone who has seen Indian-made films would notice that not all real `Bollywood' films are merry and happy throughout its long story. Many of them actually deal with serious social issues and moreover, often end with tragedy. `Bride and Prejudice' observes several conventions of the films made in India, but not them, pessimism or fatalism that I find obtrusive or even off-putting.

    So please don't try to seek Jane Austen or Bollywood films here. This is a well-made romantic comedy `inspired by' Jane Austen and `shot in the style' of Bollywood films. It's a joy to watch. ...more info
  • Just couldn't
    I soooo wanted to like this movie, but I just couldn't. The breaking out in song and dance was just too much. I love musicals normally, but this one was just so cheesy. And the main female character was too "modern woman". Her character was trying too hard to come across as independent, it caused me to not like her. I'm sorry I bought this movie. ...more info
  • Wonderful!!!
    I watched this movie with my 26 year old daughter. We loved the romance of the movie and the cultural differences. The set and costumes were fabulous!!!! The actors enchanting!!! Aishwarya is lovely and I now want to see more of her movies. ...more info
  • "Life Is Great, Let's Celebrate!" ~ Bollywood Without Subtitles
    If you've ever been tempted to rent or purchase an Indian film but declined because of your iniate fear of reading subtitles fear no more. Released in '05 'Bride and Prejudice' is a wonderful revisioning of the classic English love story 'Pride and Prejudice' done in English but in indelliable Bollywood style. Aishwarya Rai is perfect as the intelligent and irrepressiable Lalita and Martin Henderson is likeable and amiable as her rich American suitor who must overcome his American prejudices and the influence of his rich Mother in order to give into his growing feelings of love for the Indian beauty.

    Give it a try, it's harmless enough and when you find yourself swept up in the colorful, flowing costumes, the heart pounding music and exotic ambience of the Indian culture you'll know you are ready for the real thing, subtitles and all!...more info
  • My favorite film of 2004
    I can't say I am a fan of musicals. I find most musicals to be annoying (like "Grease"), "Bride & Prejudice" isn't one of those annoying musicals. "Bride & Prejudice" is one of my favorite films from 2004, if not all time favorite film. The film is loosely (and I mean loosely) based on Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice" which is given a Bollywood treatment.

    India's biggest film star Aishwarya Rai plays Lalita Bakshi, the second eldest daughter in the Bakshi family. Her mother is obsessed with marrying off her four daughters to well to do suitors as quickly as possible. This doesn't sit well with Lalita because she is strong-willed, independent, and doesn't want to settle for any man. When Lalita meets the wealthy William Darcy (Martin Henderson of "Torque" and "The Ring"), sparks immediately flys between the two but so does strong opinions as well. Lalita also meets up with a grifter named Johnny Wickham (Daniel Giles) who shares a past with Darcy.

    The good: I loved the music. The music was irresistably catchy. The first time I saw this film in the theatre, the music immediately got stuck in my head. The songs had the right hooks to leave an immediate impression on me. I just loved the musical numbers period. The comic relief of Nitin Ganatra as Mr. Kohli, the would be suitor of Lalita. Nitin is absolutely hilarious as the goofy, obnoxious but kind Mr. Kohli. The costumes were absolutely beautiful. Loved the outtakes during the credits at the end of the film.

    The not so good: the writing of the film is a bit spotty but if you watch the behind the scenes making of the film, Gurinder Chadha explains how she wanted to capture the essence of the Jane Austen novel. Anyone who is expecting a word for word interpretation of "Pride & Prejudice" will be sorely disappointed in the film. I wished Gurinder would have been a bit more detailed about Johnny Wickham's past.

    DVD features: there is a fifteen minute behind the scenes footage of the making of the film, extended musical numbers, and interviews with Martin Henderson and Aishwarya Rai.

    Overall "Bride and Prejudice" is a massively fun film to watch. The music is catchy. The pace of the storyline is brisk and never slows down for a moment. Great cast. I never tire of watching this delightful film....more info
  • Neeley Review-Friends University
    The Bollywood production of Bride and Prejudice is a comical, musical, and analytical look at what can happen when a traditional Indian woman and a typical American man fall in love. The film confronts the theme of clashing cultures, as two couples struggle to build a relationship despite differences in their upbringing and worldviews. The issue of marrying for love versus a family-approved, arranged marriage situation is addressed, as well. The movie also focuses on themes of family/friend relationships, as the characters in the movie demonstrate love and loyalty in their friendships and relationships on both sides of the cultural divide.
    The film begins when American hotel heir William Darcy visits India with family friends Balraj and Kiran, Indian natives. Darcy meets and is immediately attracted to Lalita Bakshi, the film's protagonist. Lalita, the second-born in a family of daughers, is of "marrying age," and her parents are eager for her to wed. Her eldest sister, Jaya quickly becomes involved in a romance with Darcy's friend Balraj. However, Lalita's independent personality clashes with Darcy's, as she becomes increasingly defensive of her Indian culture. She is more attracted to another American visitor, Johnny Wickham, who Darcy seems distrustful of. The visitors soon leave, and while Lalita feigns indifference, Jaya becomes lonely and sad. In a persistent effort, though, Mr. and Mrs. Bakshi continue in their efforts to find husbands for their daughters. But when the family travels to America for a wedding, Lalita and Jaya meet up with Darcy and Balraj again. Lalita discovers Johnny Wickham has betrayed her family, and in helping each other, both couples can overcome their personal and cultural conflicts and can finally be in love.
    Not only entertaining, this film also reveals several viewpoints of Indian culture and identity. It is clear to the viewer that the issue of westernization in India is often in direct conflict with traditional Indian customs. These issues must be even more challenging for Indian citizens of each new generation. The movie also has factual information about the country of India itself, especially in scenes where the characters visit and discuss cities like Bombay and Goa. For these reasons, the movie also serves as an effective instructional tool in analyzing Indian/American cultural differences and similarities.
    This enjoyable movie is highly recommended, especially to those who enjoy romantic comedy, singing and dancing. It is not, however, purely a guilty pleasure film. The movie confronts common themes of love and the human condition, while also sparking thought about the similarities and differences between world cultures, and how these issues function in human relationships. The film can serve as educational, but should be commended on its instructive and educational qualities, as well.

    ...more info
  • Delightful DVD - More Special Features would have been appreciated!
    I really like this movie, so I enjoy viewing the special features on this DVD. However, I wish there were more. On YouTube I discovered a deleted scene (Kiran grilling Jaya and Lalita about their family connections during their vacation at Goa), bloopers, and the version of "Show Me The Way, Take Me To Love" with the character of Darcy singing. These are not included on this DVD. Even so, I appreciate how the director/writer's & co-writer's commentary provided cultural & personal references as well as charming anecdotes about the production of the movie. Also interesting are the director's brief descriptions of the Bollywood style of filmmaking and her desire to and difficulties in making this film a balance of Bollywood and Hollywood (Eastern & Western) styles. "The Making of Bride & Prejudice" feature is delightful to watch with insightful interviews. "The Crew Does the Songs" shows hilarious footage of the crew singing and dancing once the filming of a musical number is completed. Much like the movie, there is an infusion of joy and fun in the special features which makes viewing this DVD a delight....more info
  • Bride and Prejudice
    I thought the movie was not as good as it was rated. I prefer the original version on pride and prejudice. This bride and prejudice is a poor reflection of the movie pride and prejudice. On the other hand for pure entertainment its alright to watch....more info
  • This movie is hilarious!
    This movie is hilarious! If you like musicals and are looking for something a little different, I recommend this movie....more info
  • No Life Without Wife

    Personally to me the main plot of the movie was the concept in Indian culture that there is, as one of the musicals in the movie informed us, "no life without wife." I feel that this is the plot because the whole movie is based around a man, his wife, and the daughters they are trying to marry off. The mother spends most of her time trying to find wealthy husbands so that her daughters will have security while the father lets the daughters have a chance at love. There are many themes in this movie including the first two obvious themes of pride and prejudice.
    The movie wanted to show a glimpse of how marriage works in the Indian culture and the kind of prejudice that those with western ideas show for it. The pride part is seen when the characters in the movie realize that first impressions aren't always correct and sometimes we must swallow our pride to take a chance to find out what we have been missing out on. We see prejudice from William Darcy because he feels that marriage should be based on love and he thinks Indian moms and their daughters are just gold diggers. We also see prejudice from Lalita Bakshi who thinks that westerners are just greedy and don't care anything about the true culture and beauty of India, even in the parts that are more run down and more like "true" India, unlike that of the big bustling "westernized" cities of India. Both of the characters must break through their pride to see that these ideals are untrue.
    Money and love are a huge theme in the movie; some marriages are based on wealth while others are formed around the love that two people have devoted to each other. With Indian culture the people feel love is something that will grow with time and commitment while western ideas feel that love must be there from the start before a marriage has taken place. This also means that there is the idea of western cultures verses eastern cultures. While western culture views India as a slow-moving, backwards-thinking place eastern culture is viewing western culture as a greedy, capitalistic, cold-hearted society that feels very little towards "real" India and her people.
    The importance of this movie is to teach understanding and compassion for new people and ideas that are out of the norm to us. Even in all its colorful, musical, corniness we can still learn that if we are too prejudice and if we let our pride get in our way that we will miss out on enjoying new people and their culture. It also teaches us to accept the fact that just because we are used to our own ideals and culture that someone else's isn't wrong. Different people live different ways and what works for one person may not work for someone else. This work reveals a lot about marriage in the Indian Culture. Lalita feels that men in the Indian culture (especially those who have been westernized, like Mr. Kohli) only want a little obedient wife but we are shown that in the Indian culture love too is an important part of marriage in India. She learns that love can grow in a marriage, when she sees how happy her best friend ends up with Mr. Kohli, just as it can be there from the start.

    ...more info
  • Great girls night movie!
    This would be great for a girls movie night,it's funny,and romantic. I watched it with my friends and we couldn't stop laughing....more info
  • terrible!!
    I really love everything about BOLLYWOOD films and adore the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, so I was really looking forward to watching this film. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a huge disappointment. It has a lot of music and color, but the acting is so bad, and the abrupt interruptions of song and music so annoying, that they produce an unwelcome mess of a movie. I realize some serious messages were to be transmitted, but it perhaps tried to do too much, and failed at everything miserably. If you want an entertaining movie with a good message, try Lagaan directed by Ashutosh Gowariker or Water and Earth by Deepa Mehta. Don't waste your time with Bride and Prejudice....more info
  • Wish I could give it 7 stars
    Yes, Bride & Prejudice is exuberant, over-the-top, perhaps even corny -- but that's what is so fantastic about it. These types of Bollywood films celebrate life and love, with great, colorful costumes and energetic dance sequences. Yes, the relationships may be idealized, but the portrayals are a refreshing change from the cynacism that permeates our culture. Bride & Prejudice is simply cheerful entertainment; I have seen this movie at least 10 times, and I never tire of it. I highly recommend it, and often foist the DVD off on my friends!

    (As a side note, a gorgeous Martin Henderson cast in the role of Will Darcy doesn't hurt either...:))....more info
  • East Meets West.....
    One part musical, one part Bollywood, and one part romantic chick flick and you have a great movie! Great wholesome fun...... This movie is inspired from Jane Austen's novel "Pride & Prejudice" with an Indian flair to it.

    Lovely film! I enjoyed the music, singing and dancing seen through out this movie as well as the acting. Highly recommend this movie!...more info
  • Corny, fun movie that crassly celebrates class and caste
    A fun movie for all the reasons listed below, PLUS a subtle and I'm sure unintended look at how the images that Indian society and American society each proffer differ, as exemplified in their movie treatments.

    In this movie, the (poor) child of a servant (a Brit), otherwise wise and culturally sensitive, makes one mistake in adolescence, only to find himself tarred for life. There is no redemption for your mistakes, especially if you're lower caste.

    On the other hand, the culturally insensitive and boorish man (an American), one born into wealth and who has no issues with exploiting the underclasses, is the one who wins the gal - a gal who, ironically, spends much of the film railing against Western cultural imperialism. To that end the film's preachiness can be unbearable at times as it, with a painful lack of sophistication, attempts to slay the demons of American excess through embarrassingly stupid stereotypes and hackneyed dialogue.

    How different than American film treatments! Americans love a story of redemption, and as an American viewer I expected the poor and downtrodden striver to prevail. But in a land of castes, it was the scion who trumps all. He's high caste, and you just don't knock those people down even if they are jerks - cute and naive jerks, but jerks nonetheless.

    Still, enjoy the movie! The above is not an indictment but an observation. It's tons of fun - colorful, silly, with good energy and some genuinely touching moments. And like I said, beyond that, I feel like I learned a lot.......more info
  • A colorful movie
    Very well directed and produced. This version of the "Pride and Prejudice" book, takes us to two different worlds that at the end find each other.

    Jane is played by Aishwarya Rai (beautiful indian model and bollywood actress) in the movie her name is Lalita, a smart girl from amritsar India. And just as the story goes, meets Mr. Darcy,(Martin Herdenson)a wealthy and handsome man whom at first judges as someone arrogant and conceited at first and can't get away with because of different circumstances and thanks to those circumstances they're "forced" (without knowing) to really get to know each other and find out there's more to each other than meets the eye.

    This movie has fun, drama, dancing, beautiful views and a good flavor to it....more info
  • Fun, but missing something...
    It's easy to have certain expectations of Bride & Prejudice - from the character temperaments (based on Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice characters) to the bright and colorful set. The filmmaker does a really good job of bringing the characters to modern-day India and Los Angeles, and choosing which aspects of each character to modernize. The story really does fit well , and the movie is entertaining to watch, but it's difficult to avoid comparing the story and characters to the original. In that aspect, it tends to come up short.

    There's just too much being crammed into this film, from trying to fit in all the bits and pieces of Pride & Prejudice and the Bollywood type numbers, that the storyline and character development fall to the side. ...more info
  • What a hoot!!!!
    Bride and Prejudice is a fun film in the style of Bollywood and 40/50's Hollywood musical. Lots of cleverness and colorful style....more info
  • Bollywood at its best---a fun adaptation
    I love Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and the recent movie adaptations of it (Colin Firth '96 and Keira Knightley '06). This movie cleverly weds the wit of Austen with the song and dance of Bollywood. In Bride's family, we get counterparts for elder sister Jane, Mary with her dubiously entertaining "snake dance," and Lydia and her doomed attraction for Wickham; there is no parallel for Elizabeth's sister Kitty. The storyline is pretty comparable and the deleted scenes complete the Lady Catherine/Elizabeth confrontation and Darcy's apology to Bingley.

    While the young man who played Darcy was very handsome and came off as quite the gentleman, I thought the actor who played Wickham (Daniel Gillies) took the cake in the hottness factor (at almost 5'10", I tend to be attracted to tall men with nice builds--I like the illusion of feeling petite). Normally, I'm not competitive with other women in the looks department, but I admit to having been jealous of Aishwarya Rai's intense, angelic beauty. She has naturally blue-green eyes and auburn-streaked hair, rare coloring for an Indian woman. I always thought that Brooke Shields and Grace Kelly were arguably the most beautiful women of my awareness, but perhaps Aishwarya is a close third. Of course, I'm violating the Dalai Lama's admonition to be happy for other people's good fortune with this jealousy of Aishwarya's beauty :-)

    I loved the singing and dancing scenes. The director said that she tapered Bollywood Eastern music to Western taste. Ashanti makes an appearance, fusing many different musical styles with her performance.

    The guy who plays Mr. Kholi (Mr. Collins) was amusing in his self-indulgent portrayal of a nerdy man who was trying too hard. The mother wasn't quite as obnoxious as Alison Steadman's rendition, but you get the point of a pushy woman with questionable social graces.

    One of my favorite things about this movie were the bright colors that pervade every scene. From the clothing, the interiors, to the backdrop of an Indian village, everything is kodachrome.

    ...more info
  • Loved it
    This was my first introduction to Aishwarya Rai and Indian films. I know it's not pure Bollywood, but I enjoyed this so much that I had to start watching "the real deal".
    The story was engaging, clever, and humorous, and the singing & dancing were a joy to watch. I *love* the dancing especially.
    Even my husband is hooked now. I don't know how we missed this when it first came out, but I'm glad that I finally got the chance to see it for myself. ...more info