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Dead Like Me - The Complete Second Season
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Proving that "reapers are anything but grim company" (Cleveland Plain Dealer), this "deliciously dark comedy about the afterlife" (Newsday) returns for "a second season as strong as its first" (Philadelphia Daily News). Thanks to breakout star Ellen Muth's prickly charm, Dead Like Me has "an amusingly odd and touching energy all its own" (Detroit News and Free Press). After more than a year as a grim reaper, George (Muth) has realized that being a teenager in the afterlife is as complex as in real life. There are still unrequited crushes, agonizing dilemmas and the occasional bad attitude. Along with her kooky "co-reapers" Mason, Daisy, Roxy and Rube, George struggles to collect souls while managing her own awkward development¡­into an adult reaper!Disc One"Send in the Clown," "The Ledger," "Ghost Story," "The Shallow End"Disc Two"Hurry," "In Escrow," "Rites of Passage," "The Escape Artist"Disc Three"Be Still My Heart," "Death Defying," "Ashes to Ashes," "Forget Me Not" Disc Four"Last Call," "Always," "Haunted," Bonus Material

In the second season of Showtime's Dead Like Me, teen grim reaper George (Ellen Muth) returns just as she left the first--dead. (Technically, undead.) That isn't about to change, but some things will. In season premiere "Send in the Clown," she'll get a promotion at the Happy Time temp agency (a dead ringer for Office Space¡¯s soul-sucking cubicle maze). Meanwhile, Roxy (Jasmine Guy), a tough-talking fellow reaper, will make the move from meter maid to police officer. After all, even reapers have to eat.

There are other changes. George's parents, Joy (Cynthia Stevenson) and Clancy (Greg Kean), finally throw in the towel on their foundering marriage. The other reapers experience their share of good and bad luck. Sweet, if narcissistic Daisy (Laura Harris) finds religion, larceny, and love (in that order), while bad boy Brit Mason (Callum Blue) gives up the bottle only to take it up again and no-nonsense reaper boss Rube (Mandy Patinkin) spends most of the season trying to track down someone from his mortal past.

There were 15 episodes in the second season. Guest stars include Michael Des Barres as a washed-up rocker ("In Escrow"), Barbara Barrie as George's free-spirited grandmother ("Rites of Passage," "The Escape Artist"), and Eric McCormack as a cocky TV producer who falls for Daisy (three episodes, starting with "Death Defying"). Unfortunately, 2004 wouldn't turn out to be creator Bryan Fuller's lucky year. Despite fan devotion, critical praise, and Emmy nominations, both of his distinctively quirky dark comedies, Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, would not be renewed--but at least the latter made it to the end of the year. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

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Customer Reviews:

  • Too bad this show ended so soon
    A must have! Yes, this DVD set is practically limited to the very 15 episodes from season 2 of DLM (not many extras there, alike the DVD set of season 1), but hey, these are the last you'll ever see of this show, who died ironically young, after only 2 seasons. But weren't they 2 seasons of true excellence? You too don't understand why DLM was ever cancelled? Well, even if it's now too late to bring it back on the air, you can still send a strong message to the network responsible for this by buying the DLM DVDs. That way you tell them how foolish they've been not to keep believing in Ellen Muth/Georgia and her fellow reapers!...more info
  • Even better than the first season (and that was amazing already!)

    The second season of DLM deepens the characters of the first and adds, in the second half, a confrontation with true evil and a profound sense of menace. DLM losses much of the breezy quirkiness of the first season, and with it matures and grows into a multitude of narrative dimensions.

    The last few episodes become very dark indeed, and out of them emerges 'George' very much transformed from the nihilist teen that she was at the beginning of season one. In the end it is she who declares "I'm not afraid of anything," and demonstrates that this, by and large, may well be true.

    The potential that Delores Herbig (brown eyes) saw in the surly teen who came to Happy Times to get her very temporary job has finally realized itself; as has whatever else it was that Reuben obviously instantly saw in her. A fitting round-off to the series--leaving one to wonder, of course, what might have been, if it had been allowed to continue.

    I miss DLM and will probably watch it all over again. Maybe more than once.

    ...more info
  • What More Can I Say?
    There's 137 other customer testimonials as of writing this attesting to the greatness of this show. This show ranks among the best shows ever to get canceled and its easy to see why. Season 2 adds to the greatness as the show carefully builds up to the arch event that unfolds in the final minutes of the last episode. You're left with but taste of what could have been for a fantastic season 3. Rarely to comedies really resonate on very human levels, especially from the perspective of something so outlandish as a grim reaper.

    Mandy Patinkin's portrayal of Rube is top notch, a performance to the caliber of his famous Inigo Montoya, and its a shame that Hollywood hasn't found a use for Ellen Muth since. Its edgy, its funny, its sad and you're left wanting more. Only if they'd had a 3rd season, at least to tie up the main plot line with Georgia's guardian angel persona, and give us some more sarcastic banter along the way.

    The worst thing about the show? You'll be sad it didn't last longer. This is one of for the books next the other canceled way too early greats like Firefly, Sports Night and Arrested Development. Its just the most under-appreciated of the lot....more info
  • Dead like Me
    Dead Like Me Seasons 1 and 2 Bundle

    Most entertaining TV series ..........laughs and chuckles through out

    I wish there were more ................more info
  • Excellent Series
    DLM is an excellent premise executed into an excellent show. Every episode is slightly bittersweet and there's a dark humour that permeates through the whole series. Season Two gives more dimension to the characters, especially Mason, Daisy and Rube. There's also a definite maturity in Georgia in the last season. It puts the fun in funeral....more info
  • Excellent series - can't believe its over!
    The Dead Like Me series wasn't even on my radar until it was put on regular (non-cable) TV last month. I had never seen it, but after just one episode I was hooked! Can't believe how much I laughed out loud! I saw the second episode and couldn't wait another week for the rest so I purchased both seasons. I had people over for an insane Dead Like Me marathon evening. We had a blast! Most of my guests had never seen the series before, but all thoroughly enjoyed it. I hear there is a movie, going directly to DVD in 2008, to finish out the series since season 2 dead ends (no pun intended) into nothingness. I can't wait to see what they do, even though they have replaced one or more of the main characters. I'll have to rent that one first....more info
  • Good series
    I saw some of the episodes on TV and had to see the rest. Very good comedy....more info
  • Dead like me
    I can't belive they cancelled this show. I'll never forgive showtime. Fun lighthearted look at death. If you're weird like me you might enjoy it too. Great characters. When is season THREE coming out I've been waiting for years now. Bummer....more info
  • a show about life after life
    this is the most creative show ever. it's unfortunate that it only lasted two seasons....more info
  • Great!
    This series was awesome.
    Too bad it was cancelled, for it leaves us with a couple lose ends that might have made great stories.
    I really hope they will rethink the cancellation of this program, and bring it back to death, as it was truly a genuine jewel....more info
  • "Dead" On
    Dead like me is a great series. Funny and poignant. The dead get into as much trouble as I do. Mandy Patinkin at his best. The rest of the cast are able to keep up with him and at times excel past him. And I'm a big Patinkin fan....more info
  • Excellent Series at a Fair price
    This is one of my favorite TV series that I did not learn of until it went into syndacation. Season 2 is the perfect item for my video collection and helped me get it at a fair price. 4 stars for my transaction for this movie....more info
  • Dead Like Me - The Complete Second Season
    This was a great show to watch. Season One was odd, but it got better in season two. Please E-Mail me when season three comes out, if their is one. I will tell all my friends, and share with family. Keep up the good work. thank you ...more info
  • GREAT!
    I ordered this and the first season together. I love the series - I only wish it hadn't been canceled....more info
  • awesome
    what a great series of shows to bad they canceld it but hear they are making a new movie....more info
  • An Original Storyline Series....AT LAST!
    Dead Like Me is the most original television series to come along in a very long time. As far as I can think back, it is the only show to deal with grim reapers.

    The program offers a rollercoaster of emotions. In a single episode you can laugh and in a matter of moments your eyes will well up and feel a tear escape and run down a cheek. This is the true test of an excellent show.

    My only complaint with the show is there are some episodes that the amount of obscene language does get rather tiresome, especially the "F" word. ...more info
  • Funny, and less dramatic than the first season
    I've always loved this show, and it's too bad it was canceled.. on the other hand maybe it's a good thing; shows have a tendency to get dorky after the first few seasons... Anyway, this season is better than the first. It's got the same great dark humour(if not better than the first season's), less dramatic(the first season was a little too dramatic for my taste, but this one is perfect), and you get to learn more about the character's pasts, as well as meet new characters along the way. George's mom yells a lot less (thankgod) than she did before. Reggie's character has developed more. Mason's just as funny as before, and Rube is a little more laid back. We also get to learn a lot more about Rube's past, which is interesting. Although by the end of this season there are still quite a few questions left forever unanswered, it's complete enough that it doesn't leave you hanging by a thread. The last episode is my favorite one, which takes place on Halloween, and has a great ending(for the episode as well as the series).
    ...more info
  • Dead Like Me Season 2
    It is an great tv show. I wish it would return....more info
  • What a loss
    This was a great series. It is too bad that the network canceled it after the second season. It is an enjoyable series with fine acting and good, dark, plots.
    It is a shame that the series was canceled!...more info
  • Rest In Peace Oh Great Show, You Were Taken From us Long Before Your Time!
    The characters of Death Like Me took a lot of people in their prime and like those characters this show did not die after becoming old and stale but while it was still young and fresh. Its abrupt cancelling took not only fans but cast and crew by surprise as well (as is evident by Jasmine Guy comments in the Dead Like Me Again special feature who was looking forward to playing Roxy for a long time to come). I guess the only positive thing we can take from the axing is that it parralleled what the show was about, the unexpected waking up and finding that something you love and looked forward to the company of is abruptly no longer with us and we will never see them again and wish we'd learnt a little bit more about them while they were still alive.

    The second season of Dead Like Me is funnier than the first, the first season although great had to in order to set the series in motion to deal with a lot of issues with George coming to grips the whole reaper situation and aspects such as finding her place in employment at Happy Time as well. Also her family members had to come to terms with her being gone and the inevitable tension and strains amongst them while doing so. There's still some of this in season two but with the second season the other reaper characters get to be explored in greater depth, in fact the show became more about the reaper family as a whole, rather than a show about George. This allowed a lot of funny moments such as Mason having to reap a naked old man who wouldn't leave until his funeral. Heavy drama moments as well such as Daisy dating a domestic violence control freak, Rube letting viewers in on the existence of his daughter and much more. George scenes at Happy Times were a lot funnier with her being promoted to interview clients for employers (who are just hilarious applicants) and giving an office thief his comeuppance. We also get to see the Gravelings in a lot more detail with this second season (and you can see how they and other special effects such as the death ripple were created in the special features).

    It is a shame this show was axed, it a very good and unique TV program. Do yourself a favour and get a copy of this and the first season while they are still reasonably priced. There is a Dead Like Me movie coming out with Ellen Muth and some of the reaper actors from this series which may give us fans some closure but although we can hope, I've never seen a series resurrected after a few years off air. I hope I'm wrong though! I really hope I'm wrong! ...more info
  • Dead Like Me-2nd season
    I really enjoyed this series as did my best friends and roommates. It's really too bad it was canceled....more info
  • Why cable gods, why?!?
    I'm cursed by the cable gods. The really great shows I really love, Dead Like Me, Arrested Development, and Firefly get axed. Dead Like Me is one of those rare shows that will have you laughing that hearty laughter that picks you up, drops you on the floor and kicks you in the ribs. It's too cussy, but I have to admit the prolific use of the F word is horribly funny at times. I love the situational humor, produciton quality, human issues, and the general indifference of "Peanut" as demonstrated by her everlasting scowl. I appreciated that the gore is usually inferred and not graphic. ...more info
  • i liked it from the very first one thay had on showtime
    back when it was getting ready too come out i seen the ad on showtime and i liked it so i keep a note when it was going too air i watched the first show i was hooked ellen played the part so well then i didnt get showtime anymore so i missed it for a long time i got the first box set a wile back then i got this one it has soo much on young people what thay may go thorough in life im not saying you should buy it or shouldnt but im saying its a good show on my seeing it but i was so sad that thay one have 29 shows then it was stoped but the last one makes it wonder ...more info
  • Dead Like Me-The Complete Second Season
    Missed this show when it was on TV, My son brought the dvd over to watch and I was hooked! Ordered this dvd and loved it! I never tire of watching this and the characters are great! Wish it was still on!...more info
  • Dead Like Me to Return
    I have heard news that Dead Like Me will return next year in a cable movie. No word on whether the original cast will return. Thought everyone would like to know....more info
  • Fabulous
    One criteria for the greatness of a movie is how often I can watch it. The second is that if I stumble across it while channel surfing, will I stop and watch. Dead Like Me is one of those shows....more info
  • Great show -- greatly missed
    This show had so much depth and intelligence to it. I guess the dumbing down of America started with the executive branch and moved to all executives. Such a pity. Get the DVD's and watch them all in a row-- what a plesure! ...more info
  • Faster than a thunder
    Hi, my name is Severin Ohlert, I am from Germany.
    I ordered Dead like me-season two in America, because here in Germany it was too expensive.
    The expected arrival of my package should be the 5. March, but o wonder, o wonder, I got it today!!!! The 11. February!!!
    All what I can say: amazon, you are great!
    My Order was very fast and cheap.
    The films are great and superb.
    Thank you.
    Your Severin Ohlert from Germany...more info
  • Death in a Box
    Great DVD of a series that was cut down in its prime. Fortunately this DVD does it justice so one can enjoy the dark humor of this comedy. ...more info
  • Worth every penny
    I think this is getting better every season. I bought it for myself after buying season 1 and even my daughters and grandchildren love it....more info
  • "It's not so bad, being dead like me"
    Dead Like Me. Greatest show about grim reaping! So sad this show didnt get more season but it's said that HBO was making room for other shows, bummer. From beginning to end it was just great. Loved the ending sentence....more info
  • Who was the Idiot that cut this series.
    This is the second series of the wonderful dark comedy, Dead like me. It's arguably the best of it's type ever made, why it was canned at the end of this 2004 season is beyond being a mystery, its criminal, and the culprit should be forced to fess up, A movie length one off may help, and if it's made as a pilot, then let's support it and show the studio that a new series will be a hit. I am obviously writing to the converted here, as newbie's won't have had a chance to see this series 1 & 2 on TV, unless some kind TV channel in USA is showing it, but here in Australia it's gone. It can be hired from a mail order DVD rental house, and at least if you hire it here you get to see the last two episodes that were never shown in Australia, shame on the cable network here. As you can tell I am not reviewing this series, just trying to drum up support for a new series, if the cast & crew can be enticed into another season, and producers can be found to back this quirky but fantastic series. Dave Australia ...more info
  • Dead like Me
    fantastic series - should never have been cancelled. That the series was canceled shows the lameness of the executives and the brilliance of the film makers ...more info
  • Oh how the mighty have fallen
    It was quite a surprise to find out the reason Showtime hadn't resumed showing a new season of DLM. It is quite disheartening to see such an intelligent funny dark comedy cancelled and replaced by more of the usual "rubbish" that the networks grind out.

    The second season of "Dead Like Me" wasn't as strong as the first, but it was pretty close, still very engaging and better than most other television shows on cable and the networks. The main problem with season 2 is that it sets up many interesting questions that were meant to be answered in future seasons, but we'll never get those answers because someone at Showtime decided to kill its best show. In this season we really saw the character of "George" grow up into adult, something she couldn't do while alive. The entire cast was excellent, and the interaction of the "reapers" among themselves and with their "victims" was hysterically funny. There were so many unanswered questions woven into the plots about the reapers that we will never know the answers to. The development of this mismatched group of characters was so interesting, plus the subplot of George's family gave such a deep dimension to the overall story. What will happen to Joy and Reggie? How did Rube die? What was his history? I'm sure the writers would have given us a wonderful ride, if only Showtime stuck with it. All of the extras are located on the fourth DVD. "Dead Like Me...Again" is an 11-minute featurette about the show. The cast talk about their characters and gush about working on the show. Sadly, the irony is that everyone talks as if another season is in the works when we know that the show has been cancelled.

    "Putting Life Into Death" takes a look at how the special effects technicians bring the CGI Gravelings to life and how they pulled off five other effects, such as souls passing through live beings and how the death ripple, when a reaper touches someone before they die, is achieved.

    Also included are nine deleted scenes totaling 11 minutes that are not put into context, so, at times, it's difficult to figure out which episode they come from.

    Finally, there is a photo gallery featuring some stills from the show. At least we will have two seasons of DVD's to keep the "Dead" alive.
    ...more info
    ...I did'nt see this show when it originally aired,but through a friends recommendation,i rented the pilot movie dvd through netflix,and was FLOORED by it! ended up buying both sets....i'm frankly amazed that showtime would cancel kinda shows the INCOMPETANCE of the people running that company...hopefully,some other station like hbo or sci-fi channel or even cw11? would pick this up....i now hear there will be a direct to video movie coming out....i'll certainly get that!......more info
  • Excellent Series
    One of the better shows I've seen recently. It's really a shame it is not still running. The DVD extras are pretty weak but, the price is right if you just want to watch the series in order, at your leisure....more info
  • A tragedy this show was cancelled
    This show was awesome - I own both seasons on DVD and lend them out to friends routinely, who also fall in love with it. The only tragedy is that, amid studio politics, this show thought saved by Sci-Fi Network, got cancelled. Sad....more info