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BLACK is the world's most brutal and enigmatic strike force -- and you've just joined them. The BLACK tactical squad operates under the cloak of complete anonymity and deniability to protect the US from threats foreign and domestic. It answers to no one, allowing it to carry out brutal and covert operations around the globe. From manipulating politicians to controlling intelligence networks and militaries, BLACK operatives are trained at the highest level in psychological warfare, espionage, and lethal arts. Go deep into the world of clandestine warfare as you use any means necessary to get the job done.

  • BLACK operatives do not hide in shadows or sneak behind walls waiting for the right time to engage their foe - they destroy the wall, enemy and anything else that gets in their way
  • An explosive arsenal of weaponry lets you experience the awe-inspiring power of the world's most exotic lethal firepower
  • Reduce cities to rubble in a world where virtually nothing is impervious to your bullets -- if you can see it, you can shoot it!
  • Visceral, destructive action sucks you deep into the gameplay as you blaze and blast your own path through open-ended enviornments
  • Use destructible worlds and explosive objects to take out enemies in cover, frag multiple enemies at once or just wreak massive destruction for its own sake

Customer Reviews:

  • black
    didn't get to play game .it will not work on xbox 360 need hard drive to play game . sold it to a friend...more info
  • Very Satisfying Shooter
    I loved this game. I can hardly think of any other shooter where you get a better feel of the damage your weapons are inflicting on your enemies or the game environment than Black.

    The graphics - original x-box wise - are definitely above average. Sound direction is top-notch as well. The cut-scenes that serve to propel the "story" are kind of weak, but this game isn't really about telling a story. The scenes are only there to set up the action in the next level.

    I found the game to be somewhat frustrating at times, but overall it was a very satisfying and rewarding experience....more info
  • very difficult
    "black" meaning black ops of course and ops short for operations.the term black ops refer to military manuvers that they dont admit they really did like sending troops into china during viet nam.this game has a really long entrance scene every time you turn it on.guns have few bullets,enemies regenerate if you stay still.there is danger everywhere!i mean EVERYWHERE!even the very first level is quite difficult to pass.its harder than some games' last level.its fast paced and screaming with adrenaline!a great military game for the patient and if youre not.....whered your head go?like the package says"every bullet is your baby"....more info
  • KABLOOM!!!
    Ok, first off, I'm no game expert, so excuse me if I don't use the correct video game aficionado hoity-toity verbiage. Do you just like running around shooting everything in sight? I usually don't. While I would normally gag at the thought of such mindless gameplay; this game was different (although the cut scenes were fairly well done). Why? GUNS, GUNS, AND MORE GUNS!! EXPLOSIONS GALORE!! SO MUCH AMMO, SO MANY BAD GUYS!!. There is so much kabloom in this game it's friggin ridiculous; and the music during and between the action is top notch. And your reticule is this little tiny dot that adds a ton of reality to it, I think. I like the accuracy aspect to it. One straight round to the head, or 10 rounds everywhere else; you choose. The graphics are very good (for an xbox game). No strategy. All kabloom. No guilt. Gotta love it.

    There was only one thing that I didn't like in this game.. There are several annoying little ramp thingies (yeah, I know it's not a word) in every level that prevent you from backtracking. Half the time you don't even recognize them until your already over them. Presumably, it's to let you know your headed in the right direction, right? Problem is, maybe you're just wondering around the map looking to complete your objectives, but no, mr. developer guy says if you've wondered this far without completing your objectives, that's too d**N bad, there's no going back; so, if you haven't completed enough objectives, guess what? You only get to unlock the next mission level one difficulty level down from the difficulty level you started the previously level with. If you want to start the next level at the same difficulty, you have to start the previously level all over again and complete enough objectives. It's like getting a middle-finger to your face after you put in all this hard-earned work. Lesson? Watch your step (especially when leaving or entering big buildings).

    Oh, yes. Did I mention all the guns?...more info
  • Black
    This game is first person shooter , very violent.
    If you like this kinda thing , its a great game. ...more info
  • Guns, Lot's of Guns....Woah
    You cannot complain about a feature that isn't in the game when the game's creators have already said that it wouldn't be in it, and when it is also on the box that you either purchase or rent. No, it isn't a multiplayer game. But that shouldn't detract from it. Look at two recent popular games: Half Life 2 and Battlefield 2 or Battlefield: Modern Combat. Half Life has a great single player mode, but their multiplayer is Counter Strike which was a mod that went commercial. Then there is Battlefield: modern combat whose single player campaign IMO sucks. You only play that game for online gameplay.

    BLACK nails the FPS just fine. Criterion just put their spin on it as they did the racing genre. I'm sorry but what made Burnout BURN was the spectacular crashes. Without that it would be just another racer in an oversaturated market with games that far surpass it.

    Criterion said in the beginning when they began advertising that this game was all about the guns, and I'm sorry, that's one of the main reasons that I play modern combat games like the Clancy games and Battlefield: the variety and authenticity of the in-game weapons. Most of us will probably never get to actually wield the real-life counter part of any of these weapons (and would you really want to given what using them would entail?). They modeled, skinned and animated the guns with great detail and then the sound. *sigh* wow. Turn the bass up a little and crank the mid's and highs on your 5.1 and be prepared for an ethereal experience.

    And I don't know what this talk about the game being too short is all about. Maybe I need to get a little further, but I've played 6 missions and the game says that I'm 25% complete and I'm playing on normal. I've gone back to the first level and played it on hard and passed it then checked my status again, and it was still at 25% complete which leads me to believe that I have way more than just 2 missions ahead of me. And if it's only 2 more missions that take up 75% of the game, then that's groundbreaking in and of itself. The levels are HUGE and YES, it has averaged me about an hour and ten minutes per level because I try to move with stealth as much as possible and I like to get all the secondary objectives. All that's going to do is enhance your experience and extend your gameplay so go all out.

    Bottom line is this game is cheaper than other new FPS' and the sound and special effects are awesome. I don't believe any other game has gotten it so close to the Matrix lobby scene, outside of Matrix: Path of Neo, but then that's not an FPS is it?

    If you're a gamer then you need to check this out, whether you rent or purchase. I typically purchase any game I like and rent those that I'm unsure of. If you're a FPS gamer then yes this needs to go into your library.

    What are you doing still reading? Click add to cart or run out to your local store and pick it up. I'm not kidding. You won't regret it. The bigger your screen and better your sound, the better you experience....more info
  • Great game fir those who just want to just shoot the heck out of everything
    Just picked this game up from Gamestop. I'm only on my third mission, and I can't stop playing. Amazing sound, amazing graphics. If you want a game where you just shoot everyone and everything then this is for you. My biggest gripe is that you can't save within a mission, so I recommend you allocate 30 minutes to an hour of free time to play out a mission or else you will have to start from the beginning. ALso, I don't like the fact that it takes more than a couple of shots to kill a soldier, I'd rather kill them quicker and have more soldiers coming at me. More to kill!...more info
  • Fantastic gameplay and little else...
    As always let's start with positive because everyone likes good news. The core gameplay is phenomenal. Phenomenal. Guns sound realistic, environments blow up and can be destroyed, there is always plenty of ammo, many objectives to complete through out a mission, seriously this is a very well put together single player game. Yeah, I said single player - I'll get to that a little later. The men and women of Criterion are the same people who brought you the fantastic Burnout series and have decided to take a swim in the FPS pool. In my opinion, they've nailed the gameplay. While the game is a blast to play (pun intended) it's not without its flaws...

    As for the bad news. The game is single player. Criterion said they purposely did this to focus on the best single player experience possible without having to divert any effort into making a possibly flawed multi-player add on. The focus was single player all the way and I'm very glad they took this path. Now, while the single player is great - it seriously is way too short. For those of us lucky people who've played the demo, you can beat the first mission (there are 8 total missions) in under 10 minutes. I'm not even joking. I tried to go as fast as I could and ended up besting mission in under 4 minutes. Sad. Granted, the rest of the missions take anywhere from 25 min to 35 min, any seasoned FPS player can beat this game in under 5 hours. For a game that launches at $40, that may be a bit steep.

    Let's talk replay value. 4 difficulty levels. Beating the game on normal gives you silver weapons which means unlimited ammo. Beating the game on hard gives you sliver weapons and unlocks black ops difficulty. Conquering black ops will give you a wonderfully powerful gun that no one has ever heard of before in a FPS game. Ready for this one? It's an M16 with grenade launcher. Thrilling. And for that awesome BFG, it's nothing more than a large machine gun with 500 bullet capacity with 150 round clips. I mean, it's not like I've spoiled anything by telling anyone who's ever played a FPS game about weapons that every game already uses. So there you have it, those are your incentives for playing through a second or third time.

    To close this review on a positive note, I'd like to say that I did love this game. I loved every minute. It is short. It does have some short comings but if you can see past these things and just want a game where you can blow up everything in sight and use destructible environments to your advantage against the enemy, this game couldn't give it to you any better. It's still in my top 5 for FPS games. My only suggestion to you the consumer is that you first rent or borrow the game. Unless you will keep it to play again to relive the ultimate destruction, you may feel a bit ripped off. I know many of the people that have this game reviewed haven't played through the entire game. They will see what I'm talking about. For what it's worth, I applaud Criterions first effort into this genre. I applaud loudly. Everyone who has played this, I can guarantee, is going to be looking forward to Black 2. ...more info
    picked up this game yesterday from my local gamestop. I was very apprehensive making the purchase knowing from early reviews that the game was very short and the review on gamespot made me very worried that the game would not be worth a purchase. Never the less i really wanted this game. So i went home and popped black into my x-box. As the menu screen appeared i couldn't help but sigh when i saw no multiplayer option. So i started single player on normal difficulty. So this is my take on Black.
    The opening cutscene, which by the way is a live action cutscene, shows the main character of the game Keller in chains and being grilled by some gov. guy. The plot in Black isn't very involving and the live action cutscenes aren't impressive in the least. So my first impression of the game wasn't an expecially good one. The first thing you'll notice about BLACK as how great the graphics are. The lighting effects and explosions are spectacular. Steadily the game picked up and got better with each level. I wasn't very impressed with the first couple of levels in black. Your stuck using the AK-47 for the first two levels and though there was a good amount to blow up the environments aren't as destructible as i would have hoped. But around the third level is were Black really gets good. You start getting to use the different weapons in the game and i found the majority of them to be very cool. The missions in Black are simple basically you go around shooting terrorists and collecting info. There are a lot of side objectives like finding secret documents and such but none of it's actually required. The action is intense and a hell of a lot of fun. This is another one of Black's strong points. The firefights are loud and intense. The a.i isn't terrible but they don't tend to do much beyond shooting at you and hiding behind combustible objects. The game makes up for some of the a.i's shortcoming by throwing **** load of enemies at you so you'll always have your hands full. There are also friendly soldiers that
    occasionally accompany you. They shoot at the enemy a lot but

    unfortunately they don't hit very much. Basically all they are good for as drawing enemy fire. But that won't matter because you should have enough firepower to handle everything yourself because you get a generous amount of ammo from fallen enemies and it is very likely that there will never be a point in the game were your running low on bullets. Enemies also will drop plenty of health kits to keep you going. The weapons in the game look good, sound good, and most of the games 13 weapons are a blast to use. But there are some weapons you simply won't bother to use because you can stick with your basic machine gun and be better off. Some of the explosive weapons in the game really kick ***! The level designs are solid and generally there are ****load of things to blow up. You'll be sending a lot of terrorists flying in every direction thanks to the conveniently placed explosives and rag-doll physics are top notch. Some environments are more destructible than others and some are not as destructible as you would like. Some of the better level designs allow for Matrix Style destruction. The music in the game is actually pretty good but believe or not their is a custom-soundtrack feature in the the x-box versian of black. I was very surprised and delighted that i could listen to my own music in game. As far as i know there never has been a FPS with custom soundtracks,

    unfortunately most fps's have multiplayer which this game lacks. This blacks largest flaw besides the short campaign. I don't understand how the **** this game can not be multiplayer. Criterion claimed they were going balls out on single player, which granted kicks *** and offers ok replay value. But a six hour campaign that's really going all out! We can only hope that their are future installments of black that include multiplayer and hopefully a longer campaign. Though it isn't likely i hope that maybe jsut maybe Criterion could release an expension to black on the current systems that includes multiplayer and an extended campaign. It is a longshot but there is always hope.

    Overall is a great FPS that is lot of fun while it lasts. I wouldn't recomend buying this game obviosly because of the short length but i don't regret purchasing BLACK because it is lot fun time and time again but i know it won't last forever. If you do anything you must rent BLACK and experiance the hollywood stlye action.
    I would give BLACK solid B.
    ...more info
  • A great first person shooter
    I have only had this game for a day now and love it. I can't pull myself away from it. And, at $40 it is a great deal. Not too much strategy invloved, just kill the bad guys. Only two complaints; one, you can't save within a mission, this means I have to play mission all the way through else I have wasted my time and two it is a one person game, I personally prefer playing videogames that allow me to play with a friend....more info
  • Fantastic
    I am 40 years old and have been a Gamer since PONG came out. I have NEVER enjoyed a game as much as I have this one. The only thing they could do to POSSIBLY make this game any better would be to have it Hand-Delivered by Jessica Alba.
    Great Job!
    ...more info
  • Brilliance
    The creators of the best-selling Burnout series brings you Black, an awesome game that I put with Halo and Half-Life (I think those are great games). The graphics are really awesome! The sound is actually really good as well as the physics. Cars explode, balconies fall on your enemies by shooting them, you get the idea. Almost everything is destructible. Back to the controls- it is similar to Halo, Half-Life and Doom. The sound of the guns/sound effects are cool. The only thing I wish you can do is drive or jump. Now I'll simplify things:

    -Excellent graphics
    -Excellent sound
    -Super strong weapons
    -Very fun

    -Enemies are a bit too strong (Takes about 2 or more shotguns shots to kill one.
    -You're a too to weak and need many health packs.

    -You can't jump?
    -Can't drive?
    -So... why fight terrorists again?

    Oh, and unlock now and get the BFG! (Big F**cking Gun)
    Hope this was helpful.
    ...more info
  • Revolutionary
    I got this game opening day myself, and it's not dissapointing. Practicly everything is destructable. Action is non-stop, and Like the other guy said "you can't hang out in one place for too long". Try it on the third level near the end and your done for. The game is long too. I've gotton to the 4th level and it says 5% done. Anyway hopefully you can get the silver weapons, and the BigFuc*ingGun (BFG). In the end this blows Halo clean away, and for $40 it's a bargin....more info
  • Destruction
    After watching all of the trailers online I couldn't wait for the release. I pre ordered the game and picked it up today. I went home for lunch and had a BLAST. I can't wait to get home this evening and play it some more, but from the first few missions it's as solid as they said it would be....more info
  • Non-Stop Action Guns Blazing
    This game by no means is not a splinter cell. If Sam Fisher stuck his head out in this game it would get blown clean off. I just got the game and find it challenging and fun to play. The evironment is destructable all around you and you cant hang out in one place for too long. Let me tell you in level one the RPG is a bad ass gun. I stongley recommend this game if your into FPS....more info
  • Great FPS!! - Black
    Great game, especially if you are a fan of the FPS game. Graphics are great and story and content are good. Characters are a bit limited in what they can do (jump, run, etc.) but overall fun....more info
  • Cool first person shooter
    I haven't been too much into first person shooters so I decided to pick one up one day. I read some reviews and decieded to give "Black" a try. I liked the game and thought it was great for a first person shooter for someone just to get a hang of dealing with FPSs. I really like the gun visuals and sounds. Good game....more info
  • Needlessly dull and dimwitted...
    Black is one of those games that you either like or dislike - no middle of the road. In my opinion, this game has no redeeming qualities. The explosions are fun, but don't even kill the enemies 90% of the time. The guns are impressively rendered, but don't even kill the enemies 60% of the time - you have to unload an unreal amount of bullets into an enemy just to make them hop around on their foot. And the enemy spawn points are so ill-designed - you destroy a room completely with bullets and explosions and then an enemy comes from behind a box that survived the mayhem. All and all, I really wish that I had wasted my money on some game that had a good story, had interesting levels, and gave me good replay value for my gaming dollar. If you want to try this game, let me know and I'll send you my copy! Be forewarned - you'll be bored before you're even halfway finished......more info
  • 5+ stars!!!!
    I am not a big "gamer" I play to kill time here and there, and I pretty much only play FPS's (doom 3, black, chronicles of riddick ...etc.) This game has a tendency to have so much going on that I start having massive adrinaline rushes. I got freakin hooked on this game! the graphics and lighting are amazing in my opinion, and the sound is the best ive ever heard on any game! a lot of people say its to short but it is actually pretty long with seemingly never ending levels, of course you want more!!!
    Buy it!! its worth every nickle....more info
  • Tedious
    Big bangs and powerful weapons are cool, but levels are long and dull with few save points. People who like tactical shooters might like this. I like immersive story shooters like Halo, Max Payne, or Half-Life. No immersive story here. Got bored. After awhile you just ask yourself, why am I playing this? Didn't bother finishing; it seemed a chore. Try Rogue Trooper if you're looking for a recent good shooter....more info
  • Black and Noir!
    I just got through playing this game for the first time and have to say I absolutely loved it. For someone who has played so many FPS type games - being a staunch fan of all the WW2 Shooters - Ghost Recon series - Halo - Medal of Honor - Tom Clancy Splinter Cell etc etc etc; let me tell you, I was in heaven with this game. Maybe it's just the type of shooter I am but this is the first game that has ever given me such a cinematic thrill in gun play terms!

    The game has a few quirks such as the lack of a jump button - hey, I like to be able to jump! - but you soon get over the lack thereof. The way things look in this game is just lush and pure noir. For lighting and graphics think Splinter Cell but whereas others may find Splinter Cell superior I found BLACK better for some reason. Perhaps Splinter Cell can look a little too much on the bleeding side of saturated colour that it's a tiny bit Disney for me at times. With BLACK I was in a very gritty, visceral environment at all times and with some really convincing scenery that only enhanced my playing experience.

    The guns are superb in this game - you may have played games with similar or even identical weapons before but they never looked and handled like these I promise you. The sound and feel when in use is second to none in gaming for my money and when you hit something it actually does what it should ... shatter, fray, splinter, split, shard, crumble, explode, obliterate, implode, crumple, twist, break, snap ... you get the idea?!!! No game I've played delivers like this one for target response to fire - this is just killer! There are so many things to hit and detonate in this game and it's never been so much fun having at it with weapons.

    The AI are pretty darn fun to go at it with - there are some mean mofos out there, look out for the cats with the extra padding and hockey masks! Then later come the same cats but with bullet proof riot sheilds humping shotguns!!! The AI are excellent all round and act fairly consistently but not stupidly - I was all at once challenged and kept in a high state of tension whilst gunning against them. Any game that puts me on the edge of my seat like this game did deserves 5 stars. The music in this game and the overall atmosphere are pure Noir ... perhaps the French version got called what I reckon it ought to be called, Noir!

    It may have had some short comings overall - I was a bit annoyed at not being able to adjust the panning ( left/right/up/down ) sensitivity of my weapons - but who cares, there are so many things going for this game that I can't find a thing to complain about. You won't find a better FPS this year....more info
    This game looks and sounds so good it's scary; It controls like a dream and has a gameplay level for everyone; But make no mistake...This can be one tough game. But the sheer destruction involved as you struggle along is mind-blowing. Enemies behind a car? Just shoot a couple of shotgun rounds into it and blow them all to hell. This is the best first person shooter I have played in a very long time, and the different locations and weapons keep things fresh. High replayability, too. If you want a game to show off your surround sound system, look no further. Online play would be nice, though......more info
  • Good
    I'll make this quick.
    Pros: Great graphics, gameplay, fun factor. Sound is perhaps the best of my Xbox games - hook it up to a good speaker system and make your neighbors think you're at war. Critics are wrong - the different automatic (and other) guns do have unique characteristics, and the guns are satisfying to shoot. Criterion knows games. Seeing everything blowing up and gunning down tons of enemies is gratifying. Unique feel. Kept me hooked until the end. Videos worthwile.

    Cons: No blood. Swearing (I don't mind it in real life, but in games, it's annoying). Short - I'm an inexperienced gamer and it took me 9 and 1/2 hours taking my time. It is kinda like gun porn - everything is there, right off the bat, and you kind of get desensitized to the cool stuff of the game quickly because it's so chaotic all the time. AI kinda out of whack a lot. Guys sometimes take a clip to kill. The last level made me angry - it's hard but that's what a last level is I guess.

    Overall - worth twenty dollar sale price, not forty. Fun, but not well rounded. Look forward to a gorier, more complete sequel....more info
  • Black brings nothing new to the genre
    Black is a pretty cool game. You're a special ops guy who uses a bunch of different machine guns, sniper rifle, RPG, grenades and an assortment of handguns. The problem is....every other game has that stuff, too. Add in the fact that there is no online play and you have a game that's been done a million times before. Black does have one thing that most FPS don't...NO JUMP BUTTON. Fancy that! You can't jump over stuff so often times you get stuck on the edge of a box or railing and the enemy just blows you away. Also, you can't get to the places where your enemies are sometimes. That's bunk!

    Anyway, Black is simply ok. Its fun for a while, but the entire time you are playing you just keep thinking, "haven't I played this game before?"...more info
  • Luck and load
    I'm hunkered down in a corner of a room on the second floor of what once was a metal hospital. The limp body of the last soldier to cross my path lies across a thin, stained mattress on the floor. I'm down to the last of my shotgun ammo, my AK's down to 20 bullets and my heartbeat is thrumping insistently. I try to regain my composure and take stock of my surroundings, using precious time to plan my next move while the enemy closes in. That is, until the world begins exploding around my ears. Above my head, a section of the wall is ripped away by a teeth-clenching shotgun blast. As I stand and turn to face my assailant, the windows to my right are diced with a spray of automatic fire. It's pointless to return fire as the afternoon sun has made any attempts to pinpoint the shooter(s) location blindingly unrealistic. I run for the door, only to find two more armed goons awaiting my arrival. Unfortunately, they remembered to bring heavy machine guns with them.

    This is the world of Black - one of the more realistic and satisfying shooters to come out in the past few years. The graphics are at times stunning, owing much to the realistic lighting. The way moonlight reflects from the barrel of your gun is often breathtaking, and the harsh glare of the afternoon sun is as beautiful as it is frustrating.
    Much has been made of the designer's attempts to create fully destructible environments, and they do succeed to a point. But keep in mind that it's impossible to turn a city street into a flat, rubble garden. While you can fire a rocket launcher and take out a few stories of a building, the building will (in most cases) remain standing. Also, barriers such as fences, walls, and other obstacles that delineate each level are indestructible, which only makes sense. That it's impossible to pull a "Rampage" and level everything in sight is a minor quibble, and those who claim otherwise are missing the point.
    This game is all about the guns and the pleasure that firing these guns provides. If your enemies are behind cover, then destroy their cover and pick them off. If your being shot at by a sniper in a building, then a few shots into an adjoining propane container will take out your foe and necessitate several architectural refurbishments.
    The designers intentionally make your enemies harder to kill, thus necessitating an assessment of your environment, the positions of the enemy, and ways in which to exploit your surroundings to your advantage. While this can, at times, be frustrating - you'll certainly find yourself killed at least once by an opponent that you just emptied a clip into with little effect, causing you to swear like a sailor and throw down the controller in disgust. But trust me, in five minutes you'll be back. In time, you'll recognize the importance of strategy over run-and-gun heroics, and will reap the satisfying rewards of several well-placed headshots and a nicely timed grenade throw or two.

    Now, the game has some problems, which does bring down the rating. For one, it is short and an experienced gamer who takes his or her time playing at the "normal" level will likely finish the game in about 10 hours. While this doesn't affect the initial excitement and playability, the lack of a multiplayer mode (either online or otherwise) seriously diminishes the replayability. Also, since the "Hard" difficulty and "Black Ops" difficulty are so insanely HARD (no health packs!!!) and the save points few and far between, few players will glean any satisfaction from making incremental progress through a game they have already completed. Like the real field of battle, there is no learning curve and while the enemy may not wear as much armor in earlier levels and use cover less effectively, their bullets still do as much damage.

    Another problem comes from the AI. While they are semi-intelligent and do a good job of working co-operatively and defensively, you will soon figure out that, in a fire-fight, they move in a predictable pattern from position to position - over and over again. Therefore, it makes it easier to take down your opponents, but not in a satisfying way. In certain missions you'll be teamed up with AI soldiers who will help you during the level. Fortunately, they're tenacious fighters who cannot, under any circumstances, be killed. Unfortunately, they also can't hit the wide side of a barn from 10 feet and will let enemies shoot you without bothering to assist. It seems that they were included to make the game feel a bit less Rambo, and help alert you to dangers as they appear. They also shout orders like "Take out that RPG!" which becomes even more annoying when you've just taken your third hit of collateral damage from that RPG and realize that if you were working with soldiers who knew how to aim, RPGs wouldn't be much of a problem. As far as the co-op missions go, you're still on your own.

    Finally, the lack of save points has been a major complaint from people who've reviewed this game in the past. While it's understandable and would have been nice to have more of them - it also would have made the game too easy and equally unsatisfying. There's an exciting sense of dread when you're hunkered down, health meter close to gone, surrounded by heavily armed opponents and know that, if you get killed - it means spending another 45 minutes getting back to this point. It gives you a reason to weigh your options, proceed with caution, and maybe - just maybe - you'll make it through this alive.

    That said, the game probably isn't worth owning. But once the price drops a bit, it'll be worth checking out. For now, renting is probably the best option - since the long term possibilities are limited (4 difficulty levels and that's it) although the ability to drop into a level once you've completed the game and cause some mayhem may help you while away a few hours when you're bored.

    As for the pickle I'd gotten myself into in the mental hospital, the second I stepped into the hall I knew it was over. I managed to take one guy down with a hip shot from the shotgun, but caught one round too many as I furiously tried to reload. Then, everything went to grey. Then I screamed for the tenth time that day and loud enough for my neighbors to hear, how I would never "play this *$%#@ game again." And I'd shout the same thing ten times more before I was through. When a game can be equally frustrating, satifying, and fun - it's definitely worth a gamer's attention.
    ...more info