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Victorinox 10-1/4-Inch Curved-Blade Bread Knife, Black Fibrox Handle
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Product Description

The bread knife is handy for slicing bread, of course, but also for slicing through croissants, cakes, and soft-fleshed tough-skinned fruits and vegetables such as citrus and tomatoes. R. H. Forschner is a division of Swiss Army Brands, Inc, renowned for the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. These knives are specially ground and tempered so that they can be resharpened over and over again, keeping a sharp edge throughout their lifetime. State of the art technology blended with old world craftsmanship produce cutting instruments of excellent quality, at reasonable prices. Forschner Victorinox Fibrox knives have earned high marks in a well-known cooking magazine which stringently tests kitchen products.

  • High carbon stainless steel blade can be resharpened over and over
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Will stand up to years of daily use without undue deterioration or wear
  • Black Fibrox Handles is slip resistant for maximum safety.
  • Wavy edge is especially useful for cutting soft products with a hard crust (bread) or rough skin (tomatoes or sausages)

Customer Reviews:

  • TOO sharp?
    This is a great bread knife. I bought it because the bread knives that I had from block sets weren't long enough for one of the bread indexes (those things that have slots in them to cut uniform slices of bread, like the Norpro Bread Slicer with Crumb Catcher) that I use. I had switched to an index that I had gotten with an electric knife, which was narrow enough to accommodate the short knives.

    When I got this knife, I continued to use the narrow index. BIG mistake! The narrow slots on this index made it easy to go a little off course and take a big chunk out of the plastic, and believe me, it went through it like you wouldn't believe.

    This is typical of all the Victorinox knives that I have in my kitchen. I won't buy anything else from now on....more info
  • Best bread knife

    This is the best bread knife that I have owned. It's long blade cut slices of bread evenly and gives me more control when slicing. ...more info
  • Victorinox 10.25 inch serrated knife
    This is a knife that was reviewed by Cook's Illustrated and highly recommended. I agree with Cook's! This knife works wonders in the kitchen!...more info
  • Love It
    I'm a very casual cook, and I absolutely love the Victorinox Break Knife. It works fabulously on baguettes, bagels, rolls, anything requiring a serrated blade. I'm especially pleased with the quality given the relatively inexpensive price. I would recommend to anyone who appreciates effortlessly slicing bagels in half....more info
  • Excellent Knife
    This is a great all around knive, solid and comfortable. R H Forschner by Victorinox has won me over, thanks to America's test Kitchen's / Cooks Illustrated's reviews of this knife. I wouldn't have tried it if it weren't for them.

    I have always thought you needed to pay big bucks for a great knife, but this really a great knife at a great price.

    Blade is flexible, yet strudy.

    This knive is so much more than a Bread Knife. It is extremely versitile.
    I am impressed!...more info
  • Great knife
    This is one great knife! The grip is very comfortable and feels secure. The balance is perfect. It slices through fresh baked bread and brownies more easily than any knife I've ever used. And it slices hot chicken without shredding it. I got the knife one week ago and have used it every day. I highly recommend this knife....more info
  • Great knife, but huge.
    It's great for the reasons others mention. But be forwarned that this knife is huge. It's 15 inches long in total - more than my big 10-inch chef's knife. Most standard knife blocks have only one slot that would hold a knife this big, and that's the slot for your big chef's knife.

    My wife says this knife is way too big for her. She much prefers the Good Grips bread knife.OXO Good Grips 8" Bread Knife...more info
  • Victorinox Knife
    The knife turned out to be larger than I expected (have to get used to handling it for usage other than cutting bread), but it is incredibly sharp, surprisingly pleasant to work with....more info
  • Ultimate Bread Knife
    My identical knife, after many years, had worn smooth.
    This one is just like it, perfect for slicing bread or
    tomatoes. Rated highly by Cook's Illustrated....more info
  • Excellent Value
    I've had several bread knives and this is the best. Forschner knives for the money are head and shoulders above their more expensive cousins....more info
  • Highly recommended by Cook's Illustrated
    Perhaps I shouldn't rate this knife because, though I just ordered it, I haven't received it yet. It was rated by this month's Cook's Illustrated Magazine. They were assessing serrated knives by testing how they worked on four foods: bread and tomatoes, club sandwich, cake, and sticky dough. The top choice (when considering quality only, not price) of the two "highly recommended" choices was Wusthof Classic Bread Knife, 10 inches, but that knife costs $79.99. The second of the "highly recommended" choices was this knife. It got top ratings on all four types of foods, just like the Wusthof, but is $24.95, according to Cook's. They gave it their "best buy" rating, which they give to their best choice, with price taken into account.

    There was only one "recommended" choice, which is their next level down, and that knife, the Viking 10-inch serrated slicer, was $108.

    I've never been steered wrong by Cook's Illustrated. If you're not familiar with it, they are a cooking magazine that uses a tests kitchen to test many varieties of a recipe, scientifically changing one factor at a time, until they get what they consider the ideal recipe. They also tell you at the start what the characteristics of the ideal recipe they are looking for is, so that if they are trying to get a crispy crust, and you don't want that, you can look elsewhere. They also include in every issue a scientifically-done assessment of some type of cooking implement or gizmo....more info
  • A Great Knife
    I read reviews about the Forschner and wondered, do I really need another bread knife? I bought it and realized that, yes, I really did! Slices very thin and even. I love it and use it whenever I can. I also use this knife to score the tops of my artisan bread before baking. My son used it and now he wants one, too.
    p.s. My other bread knives are history....more info
  • Forschner's bread knife

    Wedding gift in 1954, has never needed sharpening
    and is used every day....more info
  • Comfortable, effortless
    After reading a review of this bread knife in one of my favorite culinary magazines, I decided to order it. It's everything it was touted to be. I love it! I would recommend it to friends and may even get a few as gifts....more info
  • Tremendous value
    This knife will cut through a crusty bread with very little effort. The handle is comfortable and light, but well balanced. I agree with other reviews that the 8" Forschner bread knife is a great alternative if you are looking for something a little smaller. Overall, the Forschner line offers the best blade for the price, hands down....more info
  • Mislabeled product
    After six weeks of ownership of this knife (Forschner 40547) I can tell you it is mislabeled. It is called a "Bread Knife," but it should be called a "Bread, Meat, Carving, Sandwich, and Other Stuff Knife."

    Here's how I made a sandwich a few minutes ago. Use knife to slice large rye bread. Use knife to slice some corned beef into slices so thin you can't pick them up with your fingers. Go ahead and use same knife to swab some mayo onto the bread. Use knife to slice sandwich in half (duh). Use knife to pick up two sandwich halves from cutting board. That's five uses for one sandwich, and not one other utensil needed.

    The edge is still deadly sharp.

    The Fibrox handle gives a good, solid grip.

    The curved edge allows you to cut through only the very center part of a tough bottom crust. And if you draw the knife straight across, say, a slice of soft bread, the curve causes the knife to act as a guillotine as it enters the leading edge of the victim, which reduces tearing.

    Although I haven't tested it because my little brother does all the fancy knife-work at family get-togethers, my guess is that this knife would carve a turkey or a smallish emu just dandily.

    At a total length of 15 inches, this will likely be the longest knife in your collection, so I'm not saying it would be your first choice for slicing an olive. But if you can learn to handle a knife this long, it does a lot more than slice bread, and it does it well.

    My only complaint is that the top edge of the blade is also curved, so you can't use it to scrape a cutting board of its contents. But maybe there's a design reason for that that I don't know about.

    I wish I had owned this knife 20 years ago.

    Update of December 2007: The more I have this knife, the more I realize how often I reach for it first among the five knives I use.

    Update of January 2009: Still sharp, still a favorite....more info
  • bread knife
    this great bread knife slices easily through even the softest breads without squashing them, however it does not come with a blade guard so - be careful when storing it....more info
  • Great Bread Knife
    I highly recommend this bread knife.

    It works very well with the big loaves of gluten-free crusty French bread I make in regular loaf pans for regular size sandwich bread....more info
  • This is a knife you will mention in your will, so toss away your Bread Slicing Guide and buy now.
    Watch Video Here: After reading all the reviews I was skeptical at first.
    This knife slices better than my electric and any other knife I own.
    Using this knife I can easily slice hot fresh bread in quarter inch slices with almost no crumbs and without a bread slicing guide.

    I did see a similar knives for less, but don't we deserve the best!!! My mother deserved the best also which is why last mother's day I bought her one of these knives after giving her a bread machine several months earlier. Mom still thanks me for getting her this knife.

    My recommendation: Toss your old bread slicing guide and knife away after you purchase this knife.

    OOPS: Yes the review on slicing the meat and making your sandwich all with one knife works also. Reading all the reviews first will make you confident that you are purchasing the right knife.
    ...more info
  • Any way you slice it, this is a great knife...
    I'm so happy that I signed up as a member of the Cooks Illustrated site. They recommended this knife as a sensible alternative to another knife costing 3 times as much. I've been baking a lot of rustic breads lately, and sometimes the top of the loaf is, well...rustic so with a "regular" bread knife, cutting perfect slices is a challenge. Not with this knife. It's sharp, accurate and a pure joy to use. Dead on slices, as thin as you dare to cut them. Like another reviewer said, I wish I bought this knife 20 years ago! The best $25 bucks I've spent in a long time. Highly recommended....more info