The Sound of White
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The Australian success story of 2004, 21-year-old singer-songwriter Missy Higgins had her critically acclaimed album The Sound of White certified quintuple platinum in her homeland and won an ARIA (Australia's Grammy) for Best Pop Release. Now The Sound of White, produced by John Porter (Ryan Adams, Los Lonely Boys, The Smiths), and the sincere, earthy, passionate sound of Missy Higgins arrive to conquer America.

Customer Reviews:

  • Doesn't leave my cd player!
    I discovered Missy plainly by accident. Her song, "Where I stood", played on Grey's anatomy. So I immediately went out to amazon and ordered On a Clear Night. After playing that cd out, I decided to try The Sound Of White. I don't know which one is my favorite album. They are both equally great! If you're looking for great music from an up and coming artist...look no further. Your world will definitely be changed! Enjoy!...more info
  • I can't believe Erica's Review reviews of Missy!!!
    Has Erica ever heard a 'real' Australian accent?! Or a Scottish/Irish one for that matter ?! Missy sings with her real natural native Australian accent (I should know, I'm Australian too!!) instead of putting on a fake American accent like so many pop and rnb singers seem to do. I have no idea how Erica can suggest she has no soul or passion when she sings straight from the heart. I bought this album and played it non-stop for months. What is more, she wrote, performed instrumentally and sang each one of her songs, unlike many RnB artists today....more info
  • A Masterpiece
    What an extraordinary CD! I've been playing it almost non-stop since I received it. Missy's songwriting and vocals are stellar. Her songs will haunt you for days and days. This CD is just a complete piece of work, not a filler song on the CD. If you appreciate superb singer-songwriters, this is one CD you'll really want to have....more info
  • Definate fake accent
    This debate as to whether she has a fake accent or not is crazy. The answer is Yes She Does. She's supposed to be australian, but sounds like Eliza Doolitle. Yes all you ignorant people; watch My Fair Lady and then you'll know whether her accent is australian or a Cockney sounding accent. That aside, this music is boring and too comercial sounding. I'm not a fan sorry....more info
  • Wow!
    I, too, had the wonderful chance to see Missy tonight along with Howie Day (who was great as always) and Anna Nalick (who was horrible). Missy is wonderful, and one of the best live preformers that I've ever seen. I'm getting this CD post-haste!!! It's amazing!...more info
  • Great Breakthrough Artist
    I had the opportunity last night to see Missy perform at an Anna Nalick and Howie Day concert in Salt Lake City. I had never before heard of Missy, but was pleasantly surprised at the talent she displayed. Great things will definitely come from this young artist. After listening to her album, I can hear multiple similarities to Tegan & Sara, both lyrically and vocally. Missy is a great musician, and very gifted on a piano. Buy this album! Support great musicians!...more info
  • Adorable
    I had the great pleasure of watching Missy perform live at a Howie Day concert on Saturday in Atlantic City, NJ. She held the crowd captive with her lirics. Not only was she the cutest little lady but what a voice! I'm buying her CD today! ...more info
  • She's going to be a HUGE star!
    I heard Missy Higgins for the first time on a mix CD a friend gave me after she came back from Australia, and I fell in love with the song "Nightminds." It is a beautiful song - very raw and emotional and Missy's voice is truly haunting. Then I listened to a few of her other songs on Amazon and bought the CD thinking that it was going to be a good album, but I was sorely mistaken because this CD is PHENOMENAL!

    The first time I listened to the entire CD I liked it and thought her voice was pretty in an unusual sort of way and that her lyrics were interesting. However the music just grew on me and within three or four times listening to the album I have discovered so much more than just a talented singer/songwriter. Ms. Higgins is a musical genius, capable of tapping into every sort of human emotion, with a voice and likabilty that will surely make her a huge star. One a selfish level, I wish I could keep this CD as my little secret, but its just too incredible not to tell everyone about.

    I would recommend this CD to anyone with an interest in really great and original music. Also, she's won't just appeal to women - my husband loves the CD as well. ...more info
  • Horrible voice
    Doesn't matter what kind of accent it is, that voice is just dreadful. She is like the female Bob Dylan. Can I put a negative star on this?...more info
  • Accent!
    As an Australian reading these posts, what I find really fascinating is the number of people who really don't know what Australians (or Irish, or English or New Zealanders for that matter) actually sound like - and when they hear an artist like Missy Higgins, they think the accent's fake. How ironic, when we can probably think of thousands of songs from dozens of nationalities who've had to adopt fake Yank accents to get airplay in the good ole US of A........If you're talking about fake accents, look at the whole top 100 at anytime over the last 40 years! But back to Missy - anyone who wasn't electrified by the opening lines of "Scar" should not even consider buying this CD. That being said - someone compared the lyrics to reading a twenty-something's diary - I agree, it has that same total self-absorption ("what does he think, what do I think, does he like me, I don't like him, but I'm better now") which can wear after a few listens....but it's a great change to INXS, Powderfinger, ACDC and rest of the (admittedly great) Aussie blokes!...more info
  • An honest album from an honest singer/songwriter
    Let's get a few things straight about this album - I know people who don't like it, but they were under the impression that it was something it wasn't:

    Firstly, Higgins' accent isn't fake. There's plenty of Australians who speak exactly like that, and there's plenty who don't. Not all Aussies speak like Steve Irwin (thank goodness), or Missy Higgins. So, if you have an Aussie friend, and they speak with a different accent to what you're hearing from Higgins, that can be perfectly normal. She speaks with the same accent as she sings - and it never changes. It's not "put on" to appeal to anyone.

    Secondly - I'm getting the impression that many people are buying the album expecting all the songs on it to be similar to "Scar", a song that seems to be internationally famous. In fact, "Scar" is the exception, rather than the rule, and the rest of her work is rather different.

    What this work is, however, are songs driven by real acoustic instruments, often with absolutely no drums driving the beat. The songs feature a substantial amount of acoustic guitar and piano, not surprisingly, since these are played by Higgins herself. If you don't like music without a heavy bass backing, move right along, there's probably nothing for you in this album.

    You can't dance to the music - and you'd be nuts to try to, too. This is music to listen to, and if you've got the right ear, it's also music you can play on your own piano, with its simple, but appealing melodies. Listen to the music - and you'll find another rarity in modern music. That is, lyrics that make sense.

    I'm admittedly a little biased, not because I'm Aussie, but because I'm a fan of Higgins' work, and have been ever since she was playing in small venues as a support act.

    Kylie Minogue and Delta Goodrem might have the spotlight internationally and even domestically here, but personally, I think that Higgins is the best of the three, and most definitely the least 'mainstream'. To make a comparison to Goodrem - Higgins plays her songs in a similar style to the more piano-driven songs in her first album, "Innocent Eyes".

    This music is more ballad than pop - and if people that buy it realise that beforehand, it'd probably ease a bit of disappointment with what is in fact a great CD.

    Another way to ease the disappointment of a misguided purchase is to listen to the music at Higgins' own website. If it's your type of music, it's very likely you'll be compelled to buy the album. It's worth it....more info
  • Exceptional
    I recently saw Missy in concert in Las Vegas and she was amazing. I didn't think it was possible for her to be better in person, but she blew me away. She only had one person accompany her on guitar while she played both the guitar and piano. Her voice is angelic!...more info
  • Amazing lyrics and harmonies
    Missy Higgins's debut cd is amazing and her live performances are even better. Her sound is clear and resonating with warm tones. I wish her second cd, "Steer" was available in the US, but you can listen to all of her tracts for free on [...]...more info
  • Zero star if possible
    To all those people who disagree with the two reviewers who say this singer uses a fake accent! You are wrong they are right. I (in the past) have lived in Ireland and that's what she sounds like. Not Australian. And I know an Australian accent when I hear it. That being said. Apart from her phoney and fake accent, the music isn't good at all. It's too folksy and bland and I don't believe she can be a big force in the United States. She'll never be mainstream. I just don't think she has the skills. Sorry. Boring cd....more info
  • Possibly the greatest album of this century...
    I have had 'The Sound of White' for a year now and it still has that same fresh sound it did when I bought it new. To a market saturated with bubblegum pop and pop/RnB rubbish, Missy Higgins brings back the concept of a song being beautiful both musically and in its lyrics. This is an album which can be left in the CD player without any skipping over 'boring' songs.

    To those critics who claim that her accent is 'faked' or Irish, I, as an Australian, can guarantee that Missy's speaking/singing voice is an entirely natural Australian accent!

    'The Sound of White' has now spent 14 months in the Top 20 on the Australian charts, with 4 Top 20 singles, winning five ARIAs (Aussie equivalent of a grammy) and countless other awards. If you have this album, you will know why. If you do not have this album, BUY IT - you will absolutely not regret it....more info
  • so great
    I really love this album. I heard Missy Higgins on an alternative radio station and had to hear more. So glad I did. She is expressive and her music is beautiful. I highly recommend it....more info
  • I See You've Painted Your Soul
    There has been a plethora of young singer-songwriter of the fairer sex to come along lately that almost makes you wish the return of the Lilith Fair. There was the eclectic pop of the group Eisley, the introspective pop of Anna Nalick and the quirky country-pop of Kathleen Edwards. You can now add Missy Higgins to this group. Higgins is already a star in her native Australia who is now trying to join the like of INXS and Midnight Oil with some American success.

    The Sound of White is a polished album with soothing melodies and lush arrangements that will bring up comparisons to Sarah McLachlan. Higgins has a signature sound here on the album, but the song are diverse that that the album is worth repeat listenings. Higgins strong point is her songwriting. From deep (I see you've painted your soul into your guard) to longing for romance (I've tried cutting the rose, letting you go, but you're still the only one that feels like home). ...more info
  • Accent accent accent!
    I've got to write this review! I've been to three performances by Missy Higgins and I can absolutely say that her accent is NOT fake! She sings beautifully and using the same accent as she talks! Which, by the way, is how Australian's actually talk (info for some of the reviewers who likely have never heard an aussie accent other than the croc hunter!).
    On the topic, Missy Higgins is rightly one of Australia's best singer/song writers who deserves all the praise anyone can give her. I look forward to her next album and her next live performance!...more info
  • Disappointed
    I had heard such great reviews for this artist and didn't bother to listen to any of the tracks and was disappointed in the cd. Don't know what I expected but it was a letdown....more info
  • Most amazing artist!
    Missy Higgins is one of the few artists that I would say has true talent. Her lyrics are absolutely touching and the music, needless to say, was unique and perfectly fitted into the meanings of the lyrics. Her vocals are truely amazing also. I would give this album 50 stars if I could....more info
  • What a talent!
    After being mesmerized by seeing Missy live with Ben Folds, I have started to fall for her music. She is quite a talent with Piano, Guitar and what a voice!...more info
  • The Best Aussie Export since the Boomerang
    I had the great pleasure to spend much of the month of May in Australia and one of the things I wanted to do while there was find music that wasn't being played in the US, and I found a lot. While I enjoyed the likes of Delta Goodrem, The Cat Empire and Kasey Chambers the CD I have listened to most since coming home has been "The Sound of White" by Missy Higgins. I heard one of her singles on the plane somewhere over the Pacific on my way to Oz and then kept hearing it the whole time I was there, be it in a cab, on a boat, or just walking through a store it seemed like some one was always playing Missy Higgins. I started off by getting the full length album but after listening to if all the way through 5 or 6 times I made a quick trip to a record store to buy all of her singles as well. I can't do her song writing justice by comparing her to some other young American female popstar of today because they all seem to fit in to the same over produced "show biz" mold. Missy Higgins' songs feel like they might just be pages torn out of her (or any other late teens, early twenties person's) diary. The words seem poetic without the tendency to seem sappy or forced, and I couldn't help really hearing what she had to say, not just listening to her words. In the end her words seemed to rattle around in my head a bit longer as much for how she was singing them as for the subject matter and writing. She sings with an Australian accent, that seems to just be melodious incarnation of her speaking voice. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but with so many singers from all around the English speaking world all sounding like they come from the same place it truly is a breath of fresh air. As I have already said I would hesitate to say that this album sounds a lot like so and so's best work or reminds me of another famous artist because those types of comparisons are so rarely true from one listener to another and are for the most part subjective. So let me say that Missy Higgins sounds to me like a fantastically talented singer and an uncannily poignant songwriter who should be very successful anywhere she is heard. In a world where so much of the crap on the radio all sounds the same and so many of the artists tend to care more about what they can take out of our wallets it is nice to listen to something different that feels like it wants to tell us what Missy Higgins has to offer. As I said I bought the Australian version of "The Sound of White" in Sydney over a month ago, but, I just picked up the American release even though it has almost the same track line up, just because I want to cast my vote for a very deserving artist. ...more info
  • A breath of fresh air from Australia
    Being a member of a massive online gaming group called Sturmgrenadier (, I am fortunate to know many people throughout the world. One day in late August of last year, one of our Australian members made a post with a link to a website. The website was, and he wanted us all to go and check it out. He said her CD had just come out, and we could listen to the entire album from her website. He was fiercly proud of Missy Higgns. Why? Because she is his first cousin, and they both are around the same age. So they grew up being good friends.

    I instantly fell in love with this album and bought the mp3's online. I am always looking for something different to listen to, especially when it's from a different part of the world. I like to keep an open mind to music. Missy Higgins is so unique and so different from anything else I've ever listened to. Missy really is a gifted person. But don't take my word for it. Visit and listen to this album. Feel her lyrics, and dance to the music. Then support her by buying her album. You won't be disappointed.

    I'm thankful I found out about her last year, and I look forward to hearing more great music from her....more info
  • Pretty piano
    I bought this CD a few months ago, after seeing how many ARIAs it got, and how long it was in the top 10 (I am Australian, like many others reviewing this CD). I found it to be one of the best new albums around, and I love the piano parts. The only shame was that "The Cactus that Found the Beat" (from the Scar EP) wasn't on it....more info
  • Beautiful Voice & Beautiful Songs
    "The Sound of White" by Missy Higgins is a timeless classic. In today's world of disposable and meaningless pop/r&b, it's with relief that there are still some artists capable of writing real music, with real lyrics, about real life. Missy Higgins has a very beautiful and accessible voice. Her "ordinariness" is as much a part of her appeal as is her music. She is, as is captured in this album, just like everyone one of us - a person struggling with life and all its complexities. There are a number of great tracks on this album but clear standouts for me are "The Special Two" and "All For Believing". If you crave to listen to music that talks about real life, and by a singer who can genuinely sing, this album comes highly recommended. 5/5. ...more info
  • Simply put...Missy is a great artist...refreshing
    I can't think of much more to say other than Missy's music is great. My friends say this CD is great to chill and relax to. She has both slow songs and upbeat songs on this CD. If you get a chance to check out other songs I strongly encourage it because there are some incredible Missy songs missing from this cd (However, the composition in this cd is definately not lacking in quality, afterall you cant have every song of hers on one CD). I think she has a new, refreshing way of mixing jazz with singing/songwriting, and making it all really pleasing to the ear (and if I were to be corny, the soul)....more info
  • Love you Missy Higgins
    I went to her concert last night in Chicago. She's so amazing. Best song writer and singer in Australia right now besides Delta goodrem (I love Delta as well). Her song "The special two","ten days", "The sound of white", and "They weren't there" are really touch and I can totally relate to (the lyrics and the way she sang made me cried). "The sound of white" is about her cousin/brother who passed away because of cancer when she was young and that was her first time experiencing the death....very touchy song. I would recommend this album to everyone. LOVE you Missy Higgins.

    ...more info