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Contains Call of Duty and the expansion pack Call of Duty: United Offensive. Call of Duty Developed by Infinity Ward - a newly formed studio including 22 of the individuals, and all of the production leads, who developedthe critically acclaimed PC title Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Call of Duty is the most immersive first-person action game yet. Call of Duty delivers the gritty realism and cinematic intensity of war as never before. For the first time, Call of Duty capture

  • Call of Duty
  • Play as American, British and Russian soldiers.
  • Battle through 24 missions spanning 4 interconnected historical campaigns.
  • Take on mission objectives ranging from sabotage and all-out assault to stealth, vehicle combat and rescue.
  • Authentic weapons, locations, vehicles and sounds of war all contribute to the realism, immersing you in the most intense World War II experience yet.Call of Duty: United Offensive

Customer Reviews:

  • A must have for any FPS fan or WWII buff
    This game is now getting more attention because of COD IV, but it is a very good game itself. I really enjoyed the first levels of the expansion specifically when you are repelling a German attack in the snow. It feels like you were actually part of a battle. Because you have to complete so many tasks, it seems that you are part of a movie like Saving Private Ryan. The controls are awesome on a PC; you can't beat a keyboard and a mouse, and you can also access cheats through the game's console. This game gives a good blueprint for developers on creating a fun game....more info
  • Great game
    This game is amazing. Play the single-player to get the skills you need and then hop right into multi-player. The multiplayer on Cod:UO isn't full of dickwads like other games. These people won't yell at you, cuss you out, or even annoy you. They're there to play the game. :D I've been playing this game for about 3 years and it's STILL fun!...more info
  • purchased Call of Duty Deluxe edition case missing CD key
    I purchased this game from an Amazon partner and received it yesterday. Game arrived promptly, but upon opening the case, couldd not find a a CD key for the life of me. I have been in communication with the Amazon partner, who has been repsonsive and assures me that packages.

    I want to make sure that I am not missing something here. I've pasted in a portion of the e-mail that I sent the merchant.

    snip --->

    I received this product and upon opening it could not find a CD key to load the
    software on my PC. Without the CD key, it's useless. The two instruction
    manuals refer to the CD key being on the "jewel case" (there is
    not jewel case in the package) and being on the "CD booklet"
    (again, no CD booklet)

    I have looked on the plastic case, on the cardboard sleeve, inside the
    envelope, etc. etc.

    <--- snip

    Your thoughts are appreciated...more info
  • Saddle Up!!!!
    Very cool first person shooter. My favorite feature of this game is the fact you can use the weapons sights to aim with... no floating reticule!!! The action is fairly realistic with the enemy AI being consistent if not diabolically clever. I can gush 12 pages about the things I like about this game, so instead I will cover what I found to be shortcomings for the sake of brevity. Like all games of this nature I have played, the game has "trigger points" to generate enemies.... so being clever and knowing there is an ambush around the next corner or through a doorway and bouncing a grenade through to clear the way only costs you a grenade... you have to allow the trap to be sprung. Second, the game is objective driven... it will keep generating enemies no matter how many you kill until you complete certain objectives over the course of each mission... so keep moving!!! Third of course is the sometime ridiculous nature of the mission... you have a whole squad yet you are the only one capable of doing anything and your buddies have no fear of a hail of bullets it seems and none of them will lend a hand sticking bombs on that tank over there.... Granted some of these complaints are typical of any game so they aren't uttered as a shout but a whisper. A very cool addition for any war buff or FPS fan... I look forward to future releases that perhaps let us play some other scenarios (like Polish slums or French underground), or perhaps even the other side!!...more info
  • CoD, CoDUO.
    This game is, Very FUn. The original call of Duty is required to run Call of Duty, United Offensive. There is one game mode in the Multiplayer of Call of Duty United Offensive called base assault,which is really fun. Also, in the single player you are virtually unstopable and you kill thousands of Nazis. Its also nice that you ALMOST always fight in a squad. Exept for a few missions. Good Game....more info
  • amaki is an idiot
    whos this japanese fool talking about this game sucking? its hecka good. its the best game ive EVER PLAYED. its sooo realistic the soldiers look like theyre real OMG i play it every single day and i think im addicted to it. my momma keeps on telling me to stop playing it but it is too fun so i just disobey her. one time i played it for 16 days straight. when i stood up, i broke my neck. my momma sent me to the hostpital. when i was there i played some more on a labtop. then i broke my wrists. now i am paying some guy $100 per letter to type this because my wrists are broken. amaki is an idiot....more info
  • SWEEEEET AAAACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this game ROCKS OUT LOUD!!! i played the demo and i was drawn into its sweeet aaaaction. the graphics ROCK OUT LOUD!!!!! hecka nice!!!!!!!!! ohh yea baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooooooooo!!!!!!! man no one could ever beat this game baby cuz it mega rocks out loud. (this game sucks)...more info
  • A solid WW II FPS
    I bought this game after seeing all the hype of it's successor COD2. I have periods that come and go where I want to play a good FPS that is usually based on WW2.

    I was, and am, still a big fan of Hidden and Dangerous2 which was not only an excellent single player game, but had a fun multiplayer. Alas, in the recent year or so the numbers have dwindeled except for the early hours since the game was very popular in Europe.

    So I bought this game with high hopes to be the replacement for H&D2. Well, I have to say that it has really met my hopes and expectations. The action is very intense, and the sounds of the various weapons are very accurate(except the .45 pistol, IMHO)

    It's good to see a game where the MG 42 both sounds and fires like it really did.

    You really get a feeling that you are not the star of the show, but just another grunt in the thick of the war. There are random shellings that could possibly kill you even though you have defeated the enemy that was around you. The game does a great job at making you feel like you are there, and the actions of your fellow soldiers doesn't feel artificial. Some will charge in and shoot the enemy, possibly getting mowed down. Others will take up a defensive position, while others try to guard your flanks. (or rears, lol)

    The multiplayer is the best I've experienced in a WW2 shooter thus far. The servers are packed with tons of people that you can join in with for deathmatch, team deathmatch, and a bunch of other styles of play.

    Graphically, the game really shines. The only gripe I have is that you can't really damage your surroundings. I want to be able to shoot out lights, blow down doors, and take a chunk out of a building with a panzerfaust. Other than this, there are no complaints.

    Even though it's successor is now on the scene, please don't think this is a second rate game. It is a great game, and it is a great deal of fun for the money. The current price is sweet!...more info
  • The endless ammo problem
    First of all let me just say that I have both this game and the Medal of Honor war chest. These are two fantastic FPS in the WWII campaign where allied forces are supposed to kick ass. On to COD now.

    1 - Plot line: It is interesting to play 3 different campaigns, with the yanks, the brits and the soviets. However, you shift back and forth in the campaigns, making you lose track of where, in history, you are. If you were to follow a single squad from all the way until the fall of Berlin, in 3 different story lines that you could choose from, it would be more envolving. Nevertheless, this games wins to MOH in this respect.

    2 - The endless ammo problem. Now, can somebody tell the developers of these games that even MG42 needed reloading at some point? This is crucial when you want to attack a german position that is held by MG42 since you either hit the guy behind the gun with a single shot or you'll be minced meat trying to do it. This was somewhat fixed in the expansion pack (the Bastogne campaign) but only on your side: the german MG42 keep pounding while you have to reload yours. A bit unfair...

    3- The graphics: simply amazing. Good quality renderings of the buildings, explosions, soldiers, tanks. Very good quality.

    If you enjoyed MOH, you'll enjoy this a lot more!...more info
  • A Great game for FPS and WWII buffs
    This game was amazing. The action was top notch graphics were stunning and they had great missions. It couldnt get much better. GREAT BUY!...more info
  • Awesome, BUT...
    Call OF Duty and it's Expansion (United Offensive) are truly great games... if you've never seen a war movie in your life. It has GREAT effects, low hardware requierments, great gameplay... but the story seems like it's pieced together from WW2 movies like "Saving Private Ryan" and "Enemy at the Gates". It seems like i've played this game before. Never-the-less, as far as WW2 games go, this one is sure one of the better ones. ...more info
  • Fun Game
    I'm still new to the game, but my impression so far is that is an excellent FPS game. However, Counter Strike-Source is the KING!...more info
  • The last reveiwer dont no wut hes talkin about
    The previous veiwer stated that this game is possibly the best war game ever. I appreciate the over-exaggeration in attempt to make the wasted hours sound useful because he played "Possibly the Greatest War Games Ever Made!" For its time, possibly put anyone who is in the KNOw realizes that MoH or medal of honor allied assault far surpassed Call of Duty way before its time. Alright, maybe not that long ago. But i can recall when liberating the PoW camp (AND NOT THE COD KNOCK OFF BUT THE LAST LEVEL OF MOHAA)a tear in my ear and a song in my hear as i gassed the germans with their own poison gas and sent the boys in the camp home. CoD single player is OK. Its entertaining the 1st time, repetetive the 2nd time, and well, on the third time you want to shoot yourself Or put your head through the monitor. THE REASON the game is good is the multiplayer if you dont have a high speed connection i woudnt waste the 40 bux + s & h. However, this game is getting older now and many of the proffesional gamers have left, leaving inexpearienced noobs grovelling for 10 points. The proffesional gamers easily scor between 30-60 a game. NOW thats just sad. Both COD multiplayer onlines are in their death throws but nontheless its fun. If u got a high speed connection, check it out. ...more info
  • Great, enthralling and tons of fun!
    Call of Duty is a great WWII shooter plus historically accurate. The most important thing for me was that is you can replay this game so many times before it becomes boring. Im still playing the campaign, and im still having fun with it. You get more then what you pay for. With amazing battlefields, pretty good graphics and good in battle action, call of duty could be on its way to the top of all WWII shooters. The online play is good although its hard to play with your friends since its almost impossible to tell were your friends are so you must communicate over the phone to make sure your in the same room. All together this is a great game, and i will be playing it for a long time to come. It is certanly more realistic the MOH and its more fun. This game is so addicting it has me on the edge of my seat for COD 2!...more info
  • For Mac users - this Edition is Not the Version for the Mac
    Amazon made a mistake and put down that this version is for the Macintosh OS X operating system in addition to Windows. That is not the case. Activision does not release games on the MAC platform. They work with other, third party companies to do so. Aspyr is the company that makes Call of Duty on the Mac. Search for games by Aspyr and you'll find it there.

    Just an FYI so Mac users don't buy the wrong game....more info