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Missing: Game of the Year Edition
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Product Description

Missing: The 13th Victim is a gruesome point-and-click adventure that challenges your wites and your tolerance for blood. Hunt down the information and clues you need, to find the identity of a serial killer before it's too late. A madman's brutal killings have to be stopped and only have the skills & knowledge required to solve the mystery.

  • Ensure Jack and Karen's safe return in this terrifying abduction game
  • Receive clues via e-mail from virtual characters including the maniacal killer
  • Visit various Web sites to obtain valuable info vital to solving the case
  • Analyze video excerpts, photos, soundtracks, and piece together evidence
  • Includes 13th Victim Expansion Pack and bonus CD-ROM with making-of video

Customer Reviews:

  • Doesn't Work
    Game installs fine, initial video plays, but then during registration it can't connect to the server. Support is non-existant. The webpage doesn't even list this game under it's support section.

    Supposedly there's a patch, but I can't find one...

    I'd review the actual game for you, but, well......more info
  • MISSING takes you for a wild ride!
    i play all types of games... fps, rts, mmo, puzzle/adventure; and few games have captured my imagination more than Missing. its fantastic fun that will at times frustrate, scare, titilate, shock, and enlighten you. overall, the quality is onpar with the Myst series. i bought the game but didnt start playing it until one night i threw a party at my house and 2 curious friends installed the game and started playing.... it was a pretty rocking party but no later than 10 minutes had gone by before half of us were crowding around the computer to play Missing. its a wonderful blend of interactive play, puzzle solving, and historical research. in the end id estimate it took us about 40 hours to resolve this first installment of the game. my wife just bought me the expansion "Evidence: The LAst Ritual" so im waiting for a free weekend to lock myself away in our study with a pot of coffee hehehe. most people arent aware of it but---BE HAPPY THERE ARE PEOPLE LIKE THE ADVENTURE COMPANY MAKING THESE WONDERFUL GAMES!...more info
  • Not worth it
    This game is not working at all. I have been constantly trying to install it since Christmas, and it wouldn't work until this morning. When it finally did install, it said the server was down. I called the helpline and they told me to install a patch, which I told them I already installed. He told me more junk about re-installing it, which I had already tried many times. This game is not worth the trouble ...more info
  • Too frustrating
    This game has a great premise and the puzzles are fun. However, the logistics of the internet and mail is terrible. When I try to do research on the internet I am booted off and the system is extremely slow. Same with mail. It is very frustrating. Half the time I just went to the walkthrough to get the answers hoping that by getting further into the game the internet search engine would improve. No such luck. Unless you are extremely patient and don't mind constantly "ending program" and starting over I would not recommend this game...more info
  • Don't Miss "Missing"--A Different And Innovative Breed Of Adventure Gaming
    I don't typically review video games, but the other overall reviewer scores did not do justice to this innovative game. I do love adventure gaming--particularly if it's a dark and disturbing journey. The more wicked, the more macabre--the better. I have enjoyed the traditional point-and-click type of game ("The Beast Within" was my first foray into computer games and will always hold a special place in my heart as one of the absolute best!) They can be a bit corny, they can be a bit repetitive and most of them follow the same formula--but I lean toward this convention because they are the most "movie-like" of games. "Missing" uses some of the same storytelling devices, but provides a new twist (which is rare in this day).

    This unique game sets you up as an investigator looking into the disappearance of two reporters and tracking a serial killer. Unlike a point-and-click adventure, however, you are not navigating a character through the action. You and your computer are the action. You receive messages, clues, and puzzles that you must decipher to get the story to unfold and follow the murderer's trail. The video segments used are jaggedly cut and reminiscent of the film "Seven" in motif. You actually communicate with the killer, he taunts you. You receive email from him and other interested parties--it is a fully immersive environment. But it is a smart game, too. You use the Internet to research clues, you need to be logical, you need to think--"Missing" is not a kid's game (rated 17+).

    The game also challenges your manual dexterity. Some of the puzzles require you to play rather arbitrary games--some of which are very difficult. While not my favorite part of the game, I always got a huge sense of accomplishment when I finished a particularly nasty challenge. Every time you solve something (physically or mentally), you are treated to more video images. These are exceedingly well done, well acted, and increasingly scary.

    This game won many awards for good cause. It's innovative, different and without question one of the most intriguing games in recent years. Challenge you intellect, for once, and stop a madman in the process. KGHarris, 12/06....more info
  • Missed opportunity: unplayable game
    I love adventure games and played over 20 of them, never leaving even one unfinished. From the reviews, I gathered that this game would be an interesting and stimulating new experience within the genre. I know that many people enjoyed the game and admitted to little or no difficulties finishing it.

    So, what is wrong with me? With considerable trouble and stubborn tenacity, I managed to get to the point of becoming initiated in the game and even completed the first 6 sections of the second chapter (called AQUA). However, for the life of me, I could not advance with any of the last 3 sections of this chapter: 1. The first section (OUPHISIT) in this group would not give me the expected letters in the circles, no matter what I did to them. 2. Another set of floating circles in the following section, called SOTHIR, got together and lit up the Saint Sophia, but the game would not advance. 3. Finally, the word SOLINVICTUS in the last section of this group, called CHNOUPH, would always be destroyed by the fast moving "killer stars". Even my teenage son, well trained in first person shooting games and the likes, could not get further than SOLIN.... - could it be that my 2.13 GHz Duo Core processor accelerates the animation of these minigames too much?? -. I tried very hard, using walkthroughs and sending 2 e-mails to the game support. There was no reply from them and the tech support number in Toronto is off the hook until sometimes in February of 2008. So, to preserve my sanity, I uninstalled the game and made sure I will never get tempted to reinstall it.

    Nevertheless, it is pity. Although some Missing game enthusiasts came out with fairly good walkthroughs - I used 2 of them -, they could not adjust the difficulties of the mini action games in a way that the emphasis could have been shifted from the action sequences to the intellectual challenges. This lack of customization short-changed a large audience of adventure gamers who could have been up to a real treat.
    ...more info
  • Missing Is the Most Inventive Interactive Game Ever!
    If you are looking for a true adventure that requires problem solving skills, this is the game for you. It is so interactive, you feel like you are actually part of the game as you research on the web for clues hidden on websites and you get taunting email from the "serial killer" as well as other characters within the game. It was so immersive and realistic, it was just great! I highly recommend this as it blows other games away. I've not found any other games that come close to this one. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I read other reviews on this game before buying it. I was excited by the internet element. However, I was disappointed when I got the game because it wasnt like a traditional adventure game that I play. I thought I would get to be the character and actually be able to go around places in the game and solve a mystery. This game is all puzzles, and they are relatively difficult puzzles. I stopped playing in the second session of puzzles because it was so frustrating. If these puzzles had been incorporated more into the game than just puzzles and movie clips I would have been more interested. ...more info