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Everlast for Her Twist Board
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Product Description

Twist your way to slimmer abs, hips, and thighs. High-impact, rotating platform provides a vigorous form of aerobic exercise. Precision ball-bearing ride for smooth, fluid motion.

Twist your way to slimmer abs, hips, and thighs with Everlast for Her's Twist Board. It offers a high-impact, rotating platform that provides a vigorous platform for aerobic exercise. A precision ball-bearing ride provides a smooth, fluid motion. Small and compact, this trainer is easy to use and store at home.

  • Includes twist board and fitness guide
  • Twist your way to slimmer abs, hips, and thighs
  • High-impact, rotating platform provides a vigorous form of aerobic exercise
  • Precision ball-bearing ride for smooth, fluid motion
  • One-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • excellent, small, portable aerobic exercise device
    I must do aerobic exercises daily, but since I live in a studio apartment, there is no room for aerobic equipment. Fast walking is great when the weather is good, but bad weather and traveling hobble my exercise efforts.

    This little device is excellent and I've recommended it to friends. I recently brought it on a 3 day trip and was able to exercise several times daily without interrupting the flow of events. I wish I could bring it to the office with me! It's really easy to use anywhere.

    I get my heart rate up to 125, which isn't super high, but does the trick. Note that I ordered a different make with a wider diameter from another company as I think more foot room would increase comfort and speed. That said, I'm very satisfied with this product and use it daily, which has been especially helpful as I'm recovering from a hip injury....more info
  • Fun and functional
    This thing is fun! But this silly, little disk also helps me work the kinks out of my hip and lower back like no other exercise I've found. And you can't beat the price. I keep mine at the office and take a few minutes to "do the Twist" after I've been sitting for hours. Two thumbs up!...more info
  • Nostalgic fun
    My wife inquired whether or not they even built these anymore so much to our delight we went to Amazon and sure enough there's even more than one model. It seeemed small to us when we first got them, one each, but they perform perfectly and have been proven by my weight to be quite sturdy. We use ours while watching TV instead of just sitting there and getting bigger. The workout you get is low impact and gets you moving a little bit. We both had these when we were kids in th 50s and 60s and its still just as fun to use now. Highly recommended. The price is right too....more info
  • Twist to Reach Your Weight Loss Goal
    At the end of the day, when I look down at my pedometer and notice that I am no where near my goal of 10,000 steps for the day, I step onto my new twist board. I twist while I am brushing my teeth. I will then continue to twist for an additional 5-10 minutes. I like to squeeze my stomach muscles tight while I twist to tone my abdomen at the same time as my waist. I love how quickly the twist board gets my heart rate up. It is also a lot of fun.
    Jill Fleming, MS, RD
    Author of "Thin People Don't Clean Their Plates".Thin People Don't Clean Their Plates: Simple Lifestyle Choices for Permanent Weight Loss (The Thin People Series)...more info
  • Works Well
    I've used this product for about 3 months now and it hasn't given me any problems. It works just as described. Great product for women....more info
  • Fun and Easy
    I might not feel like I am getting much of a workout, I don't get out of breath or very sweaty, but it is fun and easy to use and gets me off the couch. :-)...more info
  • Love this little thing...
    After using this for a week or two my husband noticed my abs looked a little tighter. All you need is a little motivation & to combine it with other routines....more info
  • Makes it easy to exercise
    This small devise makes it easy to exercise while I watch TV. I now spend at least one program using it. It's not all I need, but it is a beginning.
    It is easy to store too....more info
  • Great Exercise Tool
    I think the twist board is great. I am a group fitness instructor I use the twist board with a weighted ball and the results are great....more info
  • Twister - Take it and go!
    This product is a classic and still great! You can move it wherever you want and twist away - it's great in front of the tv. I use weights with it for added benefit. ...more info
  • lots of fun!
    this is lots of fun and actually works your nid-section :-) and its onlu 10 bucks....i like it, makes exercising a lot more fun :-) Plus i keep it right by my bed, so what's my excuse to not hop unto it while i am listening to the radio or watching TV....more info
  • twisting again...
    We love this twist board in our family. Everyone does it, but me especially. It's fun, easy to do in front of the television and you can really feel it afterwards, it's doing something!
    And in terms of value for money, it's amazing! Unbelievably good value.
    We'll probably get another one and then have twist offs. Suitable for everyone with some sense of balance - 5 years and up? Our 10 yo loves it.
    It's really lots of fun, excellent value and genuinely aerobic - what more could you want!? Very happy and confident to recommend it. ...more info