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Weight Watchers WW34D Glass Precision Electronic Scale
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $37.38

You Save: $2.61 (7%)


Product Description

Weight Watchers Glass Precision Electronic Scale is engineered to the highest precision standards with semiconductor technology and a multiple load cell system. Contemporary curves frame an elegant, impact resistant, tempered glass platform

  • Easy to read 1.3" digital display
  • Displays weight in 0.1 lb or 50g increments
  • 380 lb, 172 kg weight capacity
  • Tap on scale activator
  • Lifetime lithium battery included

Customer Reviews:

  • It's pretty decent
    It's a pretty alright scale. The weight reading is fairly consistent and it's a gorgeous design. The one minus is that every now and again it gives a strange number... but it really is every once in a blue moon. ...more info
  • 2nd try a charm
    The first shipment of this Scale did not work at all. Turned on but would not register any weight. I called the manufacturer and they told me to return it. Perhaps it had a bad battery?? Amazon sent out a replacement immediately w/o waiting for me to send back the first.
    Replacement works great. Very accurate to a tenth of a pound. No problems so far. Also sits low to the ground so I can slide it under almost anything to keep it out of the way in the bedroom. Easy to read numbers except it is not back lit so you need some light shining on it.If it holds up over time, it will be the best scale I have ever had....more info
  • Great scale
    These scales were sold on promotional display at our grocery store a year or so ago and I purchased one for myself. Since that time everyone who visits our house wants to know where to get one of these scales. However, I haven't been able to find them locally again. I got two more as Christmas gifts for family members that really wanted one. The order arrived the next day even though I selected two day shipping. Pretty impressive. The scale has been great for me. It weighs to the tenth of a pound (or you can change it to kg)....more info
  • Useful Digital Scale
    This digital scale has been helpful in measuring small increments of weight in U.S. measure as well as metrics. This is important when you're trying to monitor weight loss and difficult to determine on an old fashion type scale. There is no problem in tapping the sensor with the foot to turn it on. The numbers are large and clear enough for easy reading. We also found it very useful in measuring luggage in order to keep within the strict weight limitations for airline travel. ...more info
  • This scale stinks.
    This "Tap on scale activator" is annoying! We've had to "tap" it numerous times for the scale to even come on (if it ever does). Sometimes I give up trying and decide not to weigh myself, which defeats the purpose of me buying this scale to be sure I am keeping up with my weight on a weekly basis. It doesn't make any sense and I just want my scale to work when I step on it....more info