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Tripp Lite P516-001 VGA/XVGA Monitor Y Splitter HD15M/2XF
List Price: $14.99

Our Price: $3.89

You Save: $11.10 (74%)


Product Description

Tripp Lite's 1ft VGA/XVGA Monitor "Y" Splitter cable provides an inexpensive alternative for splitting the video signal from your PC's VGA port to two monitors that use standard 15 pin plugs. Perfect for laptops to display on a separate, larger monitor. Use for short distance applications only.

  • Product Type - External
  • Length - 1 ft
  • Package - Retail
  • - Inexpensive solution for presentations

Customer Reviews:

  • Solid Splitter
    Workes fine, I used it to split my VGA display of my HP Media Center PC to my HDTV that has a VGA input this works great gives me a bigger screen to watch some of the recorded TV from the PC.

    Not much to it just a Y connector so not much to go wrong and as always more than happy with ording via Amazon, not a Dud order yet and I order lots of stuff, mostly tools, books, DVD's....more info
  • Works as it should, with side effects
    The splitter works fine, but was really unusable for me because it reduced the brightness on the monitors to a level that really made it hard to see. It's not a problem with the product itself, though -- just a side effect of splitting a signal in half. I tried using a signal booster in conjunction with the splitter, but that didn't seem to help....more info
  • Splits the quality of signal
    I split the signal between my monitor and an LCD projector in my classroom attached to a 20 foot cord. The quality on the monitor become too poor for me to use. The brightness decreased and there was a ghosting or double vision kind of effect on the monitor. Our tech guy explained that you are splitting the quality of the signal in two....more info
  • Splitter
    We purchased a VGA/XVGA monitor Y splitter. It did the job we needed. We had a hard time finding what we needed and for the price it was worth it to us. Other places were so expensive. I would recommend purchasing this item from them....more info