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Product Description

Bring this keyboard anywhere for the most comfort without any angle or direction limits. This keyboard is ideal for living room multimedia PCs, conference rooms, mobile, workgroup project environments and modern office environments. The Wireless SlimTouch Mini touchpad keyboard featuring 2.4GHz RF connectivity, an ultra-slim, ultra-stylish design with clean lines, and an integrated touchpad. It also fits beautifully with contemporary PC systems, flat LCD monitors and Tablet PC's in modern office environments. It can sit in a conference room or office and can instantly go mobile easily fitting in a briefcase or backpack. When traveling, the USB mini-receiver plugs directly into a notebook or another PC providing connectivity up to 100 feet away. Dimensions - Length 11.75 x Width 8.25 x Height 0.5 inches Touchpad Area - Length 2.8 x Width 1.75 inches Requires Windows XP, 2000, Me, or 98SE and USB port

  • 2.4GHz Smark Link w/4 Auto-Changeable Channels
  • RF means no line of sight restrictions.
  • Two-button touchpad takes the place of your mouse.
  • Includes embedded numeric keypad and function keys.
  • Small and good looking -- goes anywhere.

Customer Reviews:

  • Works as Advertised
    I was looking for I/O to use in a "budget" HTPC setup. I didn't want to hassle with a separate keyboard/mouse, and didn't want an IR setup. I also didn't want to spend a lot. The Adesso is just about perfect. It's small and light, yet large enough that the keyboard is useable. I've always preferred using trackpads on laptops, so the trackpad was not an issue for me. I especially like the slide on the right side of the pad, although you do have to remind yourself that it's there. Battery life seems OK so far, but I have not had the unit long and don't use it daily. It was a bit more costly than I wanted, but it seemed like the only logical choice, and I have not regretted it....more info
    Very pleased with product. Very convenient. I sit in my recliner 8 feet away from my 32 inch plasma and can easily work my email, etc....more info
  • Bought for a home theater PC but beware
    I bought this to control an iMac that is hooked up to a 46" HD LCD TV so I could launch movies or play music. I initially had some issues with getting my Mac (Leopard OS) to recognize the keyboard. After some trying, my Mac finally recognized it. The keyboard works pretty well and is just like using a laptop keyboard. We don't keep the iMac on all the time so when we want to fire it up again, the keyboard seems to have issues with waking up. My workaround has been to open the battery compartment and jiggle the batteries a bit as there is no ON/OFF switch on the keyboard. There are no lights on the keyboard to indicate whether it is on or not. I thought I would use this more but find that sitting 6 feet from the large LCD screen while controlling a keyboard is not an ideal way to surf the web or do other things. I ended up playing with the resolution and hit upon 800x600 as an ideal resolution for reading but which results in an awful web surfing experience.

    Overall, the keyboard works well and I am glad I didn't pay the $25 premium for the Mac specific version of this wireless keyboard. If you're looking for a home theater PC keyboard, this is probably the only game in town with an integrated mouse trackpad. Oh yeah, and like everyone else, the mouse button clicks are too loud and make the keyboard sound like cheap plastic!...more info
  • Don't bother: inferior quality
    This keyboard is a great design with the small footprint, touchpad and RF wireless as highlights. However, Adesso managed to build it so cheap that it won't last beyond a couple of months of actually using it. Lots of disconnects, no connectivity to speak of when using wifi / bluetooth simultaneously and keys come off when typing. After a couple of months the whole thing died and you loose your $$$.
    The product is not fit for sale.
    ...more info
  • Sleek, functional, easy setup
    This is a good addition to any HTPC setup. Excellent range, and the key board works great.

    Touch pad is a different story. It simulates button down drag motion when you clearly are not expecting. This can be very annoying... in the media player I use, it lowers the volume control unexpectedly. In a dialog box for my audio controller's application, it scrolls a drop down list box content without warning. There are no drivers on the manufacturers website that I can use to tweak sensitivity and control this behavior....more info
  • Works fine
    Easy to install (no drivers) and easy to use. Very versatile in use and frees one up from being stationary in front of the computer and monitor....more info
  • Great price great product
    This keyboard is great. I have used it for over 6 months now and under normal use I only have to change the batteries once every couple of months. It is 2.4 wireless and doesn't even have to be close or pointing at the computer it is plugged in to. I would recommend it highly.

    Cons - It is a little hard to get used to the sleep mode. The mouse and keyboard turn off to save battery after a couple of minutes and only turn on with a key press and not the mouse pad.

    Pros - Everything else, well worth the price. Just like using a laptop....more info
  • poor build quality
    The keyboard only worked for a few hours before some keys dropped out. The "3" "e" "d" "c" stopped working completely. A cool concept, but the product quality is too lousy.
    ...more info
  • Two bad experiences in a row
    I loved this keyboard when I first got it. As other reviewers have noted, it occasionally missed a keystroke, or would even duplicate keystrokes, but I assumed this was par for the course with a wireless device. After about 6 months, performance had gradually degraded to having to hold the keyboard in just the right position to get it to recognize even a single keystroke. Another few weeks, and the device didn't work at all.

    I bought a replacement (the RMA process for Adesso seemed like a hassle, and I didn't have the original box which was a requirement) and the new replacement keyboard is worse than the first! Right out of the box, the touchpad doesn't work at all, but it does appear to be sending a left-click periodically, often when I'm nowhere near the keyboard. I'm going to have to take this one back immediately. If the third time's not a charm, I may try out the Logitech diNovo Mini instead....more info
  • Very Convenient Portable Keyboard
    This is a great portable keyboard that simplifies using the keyboard and mouse. Good size, range and feel. The touchpad and associated pushbuttons work fine. However the left-right pushbuttons seem unnecessarily loud and add mechanical sounds to what could be a quiet early morning computer session.

    On the right side of the slide pad is a scroll bar that I cannot find a way to disable. Often, while using the regular slide functions, my finger may accidently enter the scrolling area and cause the cursor to fly off into another part of the document....more info
  • Cheap quality, but does the job
    I'm using this with my HTPC, and it saved a lot of space and made it more convenient to use the mouse while lying on the couch. However, I have 3 gripes with this keyboard:

    1) No NumLock/CapsLock/ScrollLock indicators. The numlock indicator is especially important for this keyboard, because when numlock is ON (which it usually is on bootup by default) many of the letters on the right side of the keyboard will type numbers. This was a big problem when logging into windows, as you can't see your password while you're typing it. Easiest workaround is to turn off NumLock on bootup through your BIOS.

    2) I sit about 6 feet from the computer with this keyboard, and I still get missed characters and repeating characters all over the place. This is possibly due to the existence of a wireless network in my house, but still quite frustrating. Losing trust in your keyboard forces you to constantly look at the screen while you're typing, which is a giant inconvenience to me.

    3) This keyboard is so light, that I'm almost certain that I'll break it within 6 months. It's completely made of thin plastic that would snap in half if I accidentally sat on it....more info
  • About to Buy One for My Niece
    I own two of these. The first one since fall 2007 and it still works fine on my HTPC with Win Vista Dell 530. The second on since Nov 2008 for my Archo 5 DVR station and it works flawlessly.

    I'm about to buy a third for the Archos 5 IMT setup I'm giving my niece for her 21st birthday.

    After over a year with my first one the paint is coming off where I rest my hands and the lettering is coming of of my heavily used keys. This happens to all the keyboards I use.

    I love this little beauty....more info
  • All my expectations and more.
    I love this keyboard. Its everything I expected and more. I was so affraid that the keys would be to small or there would be great lag. But its prefect. Its honetsly just like a normal keyboard with out the wires. The track pad is what sold me and I am so happy it works so well. The size is amazing. I was even shocked to find all the needed batteres (4 AAA), a name brand at that. It worked instantly.
    I know its a lot to cough up, but its perfect....more info
  • great product!
    Very nice combo of keyboard and touchpad . . . better than the trackball or joystick varieties of wireless 2 in 1 keyboards...more info
  • Great wireless keyboard
    We bought this for our PC-based DVR (TiVO) and it has made working with this system SO much better.

    We just bought an HDTV and now run this PC for web-browsing (in hi-def) and if we had wired keyboard/mouse we'd never be able to do it across the living room from the couch.

    Keyboard works great. Wakes very easily with SHIFT key and both the mousepad and the scroll bar on the mousepad work flawlessly.

    Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it does not have a built-in rechargeable battery but at this price I can't complain too much.

    Great product....more info
  • Solid product; no sightline required
    I use this keyboard with a Wyse terminal connected to my TV. I plugged the USB receiver into the Wyse terminal and the keyboard worked perfectly the first time. Since the Wyse terminal does not run Windows, it was important to have a hardware-only product which requires no special Windows drivers or software.

    Keyboard does not use infrared for communication, so it does not have to be pointed toward the receiver. I can continue to keep the Wyse terminal in the cabinet and can use the keyboard in any position.

    Have used it as far away as 20 feet; no problems.

    Yes it is true that you have to hit a key or two to 'wake up' the keyboard before it will respond....more info
  • Wireless Keyboard -

    I was looking for a wireless keyboard that I could use with PCs and Macs to communicate with my LCD t.v. and projectors. I sometimes had limited lap space and wanted to be freed from having to also use a wireless mouse. This keyboard works with both platforms. However, you will need to learn some different command key sequences when using it with the Mac. I have used PC keyboards with various Macs, and this was no problem. The company also provides a Mac version of this keyboard, if you have only one system.

    My only criticisms are the lack of an on-off switch and cap or numlock indicators. While the keyboard will turn itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity, a button switch would have been nice, particularly if the inactivity circuit fails when the unit is out of warranty. Once the Adesso has turned itself off, it wakes up quite well with the documented keystrokes mentioned in other reviews.

    While the unit feels a bit flimsy, it performs well enough for my needs.
    ...more info
  • excellent wireless keyboard
    I had been looking for a decent wireless keyboard to use with a laptop that is connected to our home theater system in our living room. This little guy is very light and unobtrusive. It has a nice range (we are about 10-12 feet away) and nice battery life (lasted maybe 4 months on set of batteries). The touchpad is much better than the one on some of the laptops I have used too. We are planning to purchase another of these for our media room as well. I would recommend to others....more info
  • Great Wireless Keyboard
    The ADESSO WK4000US is a boon to anyone doing commercial work who gets tangled in the keyboard and mouse cords. It saves time and is very responsive. I highly recommend it for it's ease of use, small footprint and portability....more info
  • Look around and you will see it's the best option
    I've used this keyboard heavily for 2 years now in my home theater for a Mac Mini HTPC. I'm getting ready to buy the new white one with the true Apple keyboard. It IS only RF, but I get about 18 feet out of mine, from behind a glass door on my entertainment center. I do have a clear line of sight, other than the glass. You MUST hit any key on the keyboard twice to wake it up. If you obstruct it with your leg, ottoman, lap shelf, etc... you will cause performance issues. There is a very cheap transmitter ( and very small ) inside the keyboard. ALL of that said; it is by far the best and most consistent wireless keyboard with a BUILT IN laptop-style mouse that you will find. It has a built in scroll feature, and supports cntrl+scroll for zooming the entire picture on a mac...very useful. It is plastic and flimsy, but Bluetooth is a max of 20 feet, and the only one of use is the Logitech DiNovo. Read the product reviews for that one and you'll see why this one rates higher. It's also cheaper. If you're looking for an HTPC keyboard with a great built in mouse and scroll features, this is your unit. Just be patient and read up a little about it. Change batteries every 3 months. Good luck....more info
  • Nice for occasional use
    Like this key board, I purchased it to use with my mac-mini Apple Mac mini MB139LL/A (2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB Hard Drive, SuperDrive) to make it a media PC for my LCD screen.

    Pros: Small footprint, good to lay around on your TV viewing area.
    Cons: Turning it on after it hibernates is hit and miss, I think if the mac sleeps then there is nothing to get the two to wake back up, usually have to pull out the bateries.

    Also don't expect to draw something complex with this keyboard, you need a proper mouse for this....more info
  • Happy
    Love the keyboard and the built-in touchpad. Occassionally, my MAC Mini doesn't recognize it until I unlug & re-plug the USB bluetooth device. But that's not often....more info
  • Works great w/ easy setup
    The keyboard works perfectly, has good range and response, and couldn't be easier to setup. On Windows (Vista) no drivers are required; just plug in the USB dongle and go. I'm using it right now to type this review while watching a basketball game on NBA League Pass BB.

    I only wish there were some competition out there, becasue I do think the price is a little high--still a great product, though....more info
  • perfect for what we needed
    have a monitor mounted over our ovens that functions for both tv and pc. the compact form of the the keyboard is perfect for accessing the internet and light computing. wouldn't recommend for number crunching but works great for how we use it. ...more info
  • Great Keyboard
    Keyboard was great right out of the box. I didn't experience any of the quirks that some other users have mentioned - I've had it for about a month now and it works flawlessly on my living room 42" LCD as a media center. ...more info
  • Trackpad is poorly implemented
    I bought this for my home theater. It has three significant flaws and I would not recommend it:

    1) It goes to sleep very quickly and you have to press the Fn key several times to wake it up. This is a minor annoyance to be but a big problem for my guests who don't know this. I have other wireless keybaords that don't require this unorthodox wake-from-sleep methodology, so this is an unwelcome and unneccessary annoyance.

    2) The trackpad has a fast-scroll part on the right-hand side that you can't disable, and even when I constrain my movements to the left side of the keyboard it still manages to fly all over the screen and scroll thru whatever list I'm on. This is a huge pain, especially in iTunes.

    3) As the batteries start to fade it will stop working correctly and you'll think your PC is acting up or the touchpad is broken. There ought to be a better way to let users know to replace the batteries.

    A nice idea, and nice and compact (I use mine on a rack shelf) but poorly executed. I will be replacing this with something else....more info
  • Wireless kbd
    Great kbd. Able to work the PC from almost 20 feet. Although, like most wireless kbds, you can't type as fast as a wired kbd. I use it on a media pc. Its connected to a 61in screen. I wouldn't use a wireless kbd for work, but for my use - music selection, movies and basic web operations, its fine. ...more info
  • Perfect for my application
    This keyboard with its integrated trackpad has worked out great for controlling a Mac, while in bed. I use this wireless combo on my lap, with a Mac which has a video projector for its monitor, creating a 100" diagonal measured image on the wall. I'm still using the first set of batteries with this device after having it for 7 months. This system does see light use, since many times I only use the keyboard long enough to select an iTunes video to watch.

    This keyboard/trackpad combo device is just what I needed, for my application....more info
  • Great Wireless Solution !!!
    I bought a HDTV and connected my desktop to it. I can sit on my couch with this keyboard and use the TV as a monitor. No wiring mess.
    Works like a notebook.
    Good battery life. Goes into power saving mode if not used for a while. Clicking on any button activates it again.
    Good range....more info
  • works great!!
    works great!! went the best buy way and had to return asap as their key boards had a range of 3 feet this unit works great up to 30 feet away from laptop hooked to plasma tv...more info
  • Great Product
    I bought this 1 month ago and it's worked great for me, it even works with my MacBook Pro with no issues. i also think the price is decent....more info
  • The right choice for my budget HTPC.
    This keyboard finished off my budget HTPC project quite nicely. It was actually the most expensive single item on my parts list. The choice was obvious for me as this is one of the only wireless keyboards with a touchpad. After following the advice of previous postings about 802.11 interference I found the keyboard performed very well. The range for my setup is around 50 feet. I did purchase a three foot USB extension cable so the USB dongle would not be tucked behind my machine but rather in the front.

    The problem I did encounter with this keyboard is the auto-sleep feature. When using the supplied Energizer batteries I simply could not wake the device after a ten minute idle period. Only after visiting the Adesso website and reading their FAQ did I realize that a specific type of battery was required for this feature to function. A quick trip to Office Depot for some Energizer AAA NiMH 900 mAh rechargeable batteries enabled the keyboard to wake with a single keystroke.
    "When I leave my WKB-4000US Wireless SlimTouch Mini Keyboard for more than 10 minutes it goes into sleep mode and does not wake up.
    If you are discovering this problem you need to replace the batteries with or try using AAA NiMH 750 mAh or greater rechargeable batteries."

    ...more info