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Product Description

Photoshop CS2 is the new Professional standard in Desktop Digital imaging. Its groundbreaking creative tools help you achieve extraordinary results. With more creative options, a more custom-fit Photoshop for the way you work, and more efficient File handling, you can stretch your imagination and let the ideas flow. Advanced noise reduction for high-ISO shooting plus JPEG artifact reduction 32-Bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) support Customizable workspaces and menus for easier access to task-based presets and custom menus Spot Healing Brush retouches in a single click One-click red-eye correction lets you set pupil size and darkening level

It's hard to imagine that Adobe can make Photoshop any better than this. Long considered the professional image-editing standard among graphic digital artists worldwide, CS2 is certain to cement that reputation even further with its array of new features. Artists, creative professionals, photographers, and industry professionals will find that the workflow and image customization enhancements will be worth far more than the price of the upgrade.

Achieve amazing results in a fraction of the time with the groundbreaking Vanishing Point tool, which lets you clone, paint, and paste elements that automatically match the perspective of the surrounding image area.
Adobe Bridge (formerly File Browser)
Adobe Bridge software is the new-generation File Browser--a navigational control center that allows you to browse, organize, label, and preview graphics and files quickly and efficiently. Adobe Bridge takes File Browser a step further by providing centralized access to your suite project files, applications, and settings. With Adobe Bridge, you can process multiple camera raw images at once; resize, rate and label thumbnails; review images in slide show mode; and more. With file organization and sharing, plus Adobe Stock Photos at your fingertips all the time, you simply search for the files you want to place using metadata--such as key words, colors or image resolution--and seamlessly drag and drop your files into Photoshop. You can even page through an entire Adobe PDF file right in the preview panel of Adobe Bridge. And with Adobe Bridge, you can also browse, search and purchase royalty-free images from leading stock photo agencies without ever leaving InDesign CS2. It's as simple as that.

Revolutionary Vanishing Point and Image Warp
Photographers especially will be amazed at the effects that Vanishing Point can bring to a project. Clone, paint, and paste elements that automatically match the perspective of the surrounding image area in a fraction of the time that it currently takes. With Image Warp, you can easily create packaging mock-ups or other dimensional effects by wrapping an image around any shape. Place your client's logo around a coffee cup, or stretch, curl or bend an image across the hood of a car or around the Space Shuttle, for that matter. The effects you can create with Image Warp will be limited only by your imagination.

Accelerate your raw file workflow with simultaneous processing of multiple images while you continue working.
Digital Camera Raw File Support
Accelerate your raw file workflow with simultaneous processing of multiple images while you continue working. You can import images into your choice of formats, including Digital Negative (DNG); enjoy automatic adjustments to exposure, shadows, and brightness and contrast; and much more. This exciting new enhancement provides fast and easy access to the "raw" image formats produced by many leading professional and mid-range digital cameras. The Camera Raw plug-in--now available as part of Photoshop CS2--has been updated to support more cameras and include more features.

Spot Healing Brush and One-Click Red-eye Correction
Never have touch ups been so easy. With the Spot Healing Brush, you can effortlessly retouch photos--including 16-bit images--in a single click. Red-eye Correction lets you instantly neutralize red eyes and also lets you set pupil size and darkening level.

Effective red-eye reduction is only a few clicks away.

Use the new multilayer select feature to more intuitively edit and control your work.

Other New Features
Exciting new features designed to help artists and creative professionals in all fields stretch their imagination and increase their work and creative efficiencies:

  • Smart Objects: Perform nondestructive scaling, rotating, and warping of raster and vector graphics with Smart Objects. Even preserve the editability of high-resolution vector data from Adobe Illustrator software.
  • Multiple Layer Control: Select and move, group, transform, and warp objects more intuitively by clicking and dragging directly on the canvas. Easily align objects with Smart Guides.
  • Nondestructive Image Correction: Improve the color, contrast, and dynamic range of any image using a comprehensive set of professional correction tools and nondestructive adjustment layers, which display corrections while preserving the original.
  • Full 16-bit and New 32-bit Image Support: Work with absolute precision thanks to support for 16-bit images in all channels and layers. Create and edit 32-bit images, and take advantage of High Dynamic Range, 32-bit support.
  • Advanced Noise Reduction: Reduce noise and remove JPEG artifacts for cleaner images.
  • Customizable Workspaces and Menus: Get easier access to the tools you need with task-based presets, highlight new or commonly used menu items, and even set up and save custom menus and workspaces.
  • Web Animations: Quickly create dynamic GIF animations directly within Photoshop CS2 by taking advantage of the new Animations palette and layer palette animation options.
  • Revolutionary Vanishing Point technology lets you clone, paint, and paste elements that automatically match the perspective of the surrounding image area
  • Smart Objects perform nondestructive scaling, rotating, and warping of raster and vector graphics with Smart Objects
  • Multi-image Digital Camera raw file Processing - process multiple images simultaneously, adjusting exposure, shadows, and brightness and contrast -- all while you continue working
  • Image Warp creates packaging mock-ups by wrapping an image around any shape or stretching, curling, and bending an image
  • Multiple layer control for selecting, moving, grouping and transforming objects intuitievly

Customer Reviews:

  • Not necessary for amateurs
    Photoshop is incredibly awesome!!! And in reality most professionals already know that fact and have no need to read further about the program, it is a must have for them. However the learning curve here is extremely steep. This program is designed for people that use it in their jobs daily to produce images for sale. There are less inexpensive and easier to use programs out there for people looking to edit images for personal use including Photoshop elements. ...more info
  • photoshop cs2
    i don't have to be the one to say that adobe photoshop cs2 is the best photo editing program on the market, but it is.
    every time i go onto photoshop i learn some new way of enhancing my photos. there are so many books available to help you learn techniques in this program that i buy 3 books at a time and sell the ones i don't need. adobe also has a website that is excellent for getting free downloads on a multitude of topics. i recommend that you join NAPP for more tutorials and sundry other topics. if you ever need to enhance your photos, and you will, if you shoot digital, then buy this program. if you can't shell out 600 bucks then spend 89 to get their elements program....more info
    I LOVE PHOTOSHOP! SO I bought the newest version of CS2 because of all the new features.

    BUT, I have the fastest computer made to date. 3.2 Pent D, 4 gigs ram and 2 250 gig hard drives. I can't even run this program, it is SOOOOO SLOW. It now sits in its box on the shelf collecting dust. I am using 7 now, because you can actually use it to design. If you use photoshop daily. DO NOT BUY THIS VERSION! It is garbage and a computer hog. ...more info
  • Decent Product / Lousy Company
    I had an older numbered version of PS, and upgraded to CS in 2004. Unfortunately, the old version, which I bought online, was represented a registerable, but it wasn't. Adobe said they would go ahead and activate it, and they would transfer the registration if I would fax them the information regarding the seller. I was happy to do that, hoping they would bust the creep.

    Six months ago I upgraded again, to CS2. It is painfully slow, but the features are great. The upgrade loaded over CS without a hitch.

    I just got a new machine, and had to go through all the rigamarole again, only this time they wouldn't unlock the CS2 upgrade, because the old numbered version was still registered to the original seller. They agreed that I had sent them everything they requested, but the transfer had never been done. "So, can't you do it now?" "No." "Why not?" "Because it is registered to someone else." "That's not my fault, it's yours." "We still can't do it." "Why not?" "Because it is registered to someone else." Arrgghhh!

    After an honest 2.5 hours on the phone to five different people, I gave up and bought the full version from Amazon. I will be sending the bill to Adobe. My chances of getting reimbursed? 0.005 stars.

    I just wish there were a real alternative to Adobe....more info
  • Frustrated I can't open program help
    I like the program but I can't open the program help menu.
    Calling Adobe does not help because they say they don't support the program anymore. I can't understand why Adobe lets the program be up for sale and then won't support it.

    ...more info
  • Adobe Certified Expert is disappointed
    I am an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and have been using it for years. This release crushes my heart. It is so buggy and awful. The support on blames everything from other drivers to temp files to other programs. Well, Adobe, how come Photoshop 5, 5.5, 6, 7, and CS1 all worked perfectly without excuse? Photoshop is the greatest software known to mankind. If you are new to Photoshop, please do not judge it on this version WHICH IS WORSE THAN SPYWARE! Don't get me wrong, the new aesthetic changes, multiple selection of layers, and spot healing tool are AMAZING innovations (also, the new Animation Palette is a great idea- I like where that is going). Unfortunately, they are trapped in a version of Photoshop that is a buggy, slow, monstrous mess! If you need this version, I might recommend that you get it from your friend; you know, the guy with the eye patch with a parrot on his shoulder? He talks like Keith Richards and looks like Johnny Depp in that one movie. He should have what you're looking for, and he'll help take the hurt away....more info
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 (not the current version, which is CS3)
    Some of you may be wondering why I chose to purchase an older version of what is probably the most complete and versatile photo editor on the market today. The primary reason is that I still run Windows 2000 on my primary pc. The new version requires that you have Windows XP or Vista. I still run Windows 2000 for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that I have a lot of DOS programs that will not run under XP. The next reason is that I have found Windows 2000 to be a much more stable OS. I do run XP Pro on a newer pc, but it is not configured as overall powerful.

    Now for the review of Adobe Photoshop CS2. The is far and away the most complete photo editor available (except for version CS3). I have tried just about all of the available products on the market. I even tried the condensed version of Adobe Photoshop called "Elements 6". The full version is feature rich. It also allows levels of undo, which is most helpful. I have just started experimenting with a collage and the software is simply great. Special effects available are the most complete set that I have seen. I cannot imagine what features have been added or improved to get to the new version. I am a semi-professional photographer that has only been working with digital for about 5 months. I have over 40 years experience with conventional film. I only wish that digital had been available 20 years ago at reasonable costs. I am almost convinced to start upgrading my newer pc or actually buying a new one to run XP Pro so that I can try the new version of this fantastic package. One downfall of the program is that it consumes enormous amounts of CPU resources and also memory, but that is the inherent nature of any graphical software....more info
  • Short on RAW file support
    Granted photoshop is the standard for digital photo imaging but cs2 and previous versions may not support your (or my) camera's RAW files. Presumably that is because of the number of new DSLRs on the market and a lack of standardization of RAW file formats. The dng patch from Adobe didn't resolve the situation. However, the cs3 version does support more RAW file formats (incuding my camera's!). So do your homework. Check Adobe's web site to see if your camera's RAW files are supported, or take advantage of their free software trial. In the end, although I needed to upgrade to cs3, my purchase of cs2 followed by the upgrade to cs3 was still a cost savings over buying the full version of cs3. ...more info
  • Great program, but steep learning curve
    This is a great program to use for anyone looking for a more enhanced version of MS Paint. It has tons of features, and any well-trained user can really use PS to its true max. The program does take a bit of time to learn however, just not to know what the different tools are, but to use each one to see what they do, and the knowledge of when to apply them. I use it often, from basic photo editing, screen captures, full-art (I use it for Deviantart and stuff) and just fun. I've been using it for a while and still basically a novice, so that should give you an idea of how powerful it is. However, the price holds many people back, but any person with a bit of internet experience can find cheaper versions. Great progam all-in-all....more info
  • the king
    The absolute hands down winner for graphic creating and manipulation.
    CS3 just around the corner....more info
  • comments by a long-time, professional user
    I won't include my website URL here, but I'm a professional photographer, who displays and sells his work at juried exhibitions. I've been using Photoshop since version 5.0, roughly 6-7 years.

    Frankly, I'm surprised to see how many negative reviews there are here of Photoshop CS2, and that overall the product only gets three stars. I understand all the frustration, though. Even on a top-of-the-line machine, "PS CS2" can be slow at times. However, in my case, that's because I'm working on incredibly large files.

    For example, my camera / scanner combination typically produces 50 megapixel images. By the time multiple layers are added in PS, one image file can be 500 MB - 1 GB in size. This is exactly why I have a dual-Opteron system with 4 GB of RAM: so I can work on these monster files in Photoshop!

    For me, Photoshop is a must-have. There are *no* alternative programs for me to consider that can handle my files and do what I want to get done. I don't even want to mention all the advanced features that I use on a daily basis, frankly because that's part of my edge as a professional. I've spent over five years working in PS everyday, and have carefully studied several advanced books on PS. The learning curve is long, but the rewards are great if you have high goals and high standards.

    Yeah, Adobe's got some major improvements to make, along the lines that other reviewers have mentioned. For me, the only real problem is poor and often wasteful use of system memory. And I would agree with other reviewers here that for most people, the full Photoshop CS2 is probably a waste of money. Photoshop Elements is probably a better way to go, though I haven't used it personally. I know a good web designer who uses Paint Shop Pro, and who seems to be happy.

    IMHO, some people are probably drawn to Photoshop the way others are drawn to AutoCad or Solidworks or 3D Studio Max. All these programs are incredibly powerful tools that can support an entire career if one puts in the time and effort to become a true expert user. You can't make a career out of PS Elements, or Paint Shop Pro, or GIMP, or whatever else other reviewers may mention. PS CS2 is "the standard" for image manipulation....more info
  • I'm furious about this!
    I installed a perfectly legal upgrade of Photoshop CS2. It worked fine for a handful of months, and then it quit. Technical support was of no help. I had to reformat my hard drive and essentially rebuild my entire machine. I am so frustrated about this. I probably spent 100 hours with the data backup, moving data, reformatting, and reinstalling. If I were a small business, I would be out of business. All because this piece of crap program, which I purchased legally, decided to quit. Totally unacceptable!...more info
  • Fast Delivery for Photoshop CS2
    Curly's Store provided very fast delivery. Ordered Feb 25 and received Feb 28. Was very happy to get it and installed so quickly. Thanks
    ...more info
  • very good program
    this is a very good program. doesnt have too much help with the program, to tell you how to do things but you can look up online tutorials to get the basics of what you need. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    Have greatly enjoyed using Photoshop CS2. It has worked well for me, being a first-time user. Have used other photo software products; but have admired some of the complexities of this program, allowing more fine tuning. ...more info
  • Forget it
    The addition of Adobe Bridge loses this 'upgrade' 4 points. Bridge was always a badly-implemented idea, but now it seems to be turning the entire CS2 suite into an awkward, lumbering behemoth (and yes, I am running a very fast, modern, hi-spec computer).

    What idiot dreamt up this clunky, steam-powered piece of bloatware? It'll make you feel like you're trying to run Photoshop on a pocket calculator, guaranteed, no matter what kind of computer you have.

    Still, you can enjoy a nice cup of tea while you wait for Bridge to lumber and bumble over a big folder of pictures, thrashing your hard disk furiously in the process, and even put some toast on while you try and get any 2 components of the CS2 suite to run at the same time without bringing your computer down with virtual memory crashes. I kid you not, Deep Thought couldn't run this piece of crud at a decent speed.

    Why am I harping on Bridge when I don't have to turn it on? Because it is AUTOMATICALLY on as a background process if you have more than one component of the CS2 suite active.

    Woe unto you Adobe, thou art become the Microsoft Office of bitmap-editing software....more info
  • Photoshop CS2 WOW!
    I am amazed what this program can do. It is a big difference from PS 5.5. It is a new learning curve but well worth it. What used to take me hours to do is now an action and done in 2 minutes. Amazon had the best price for me from a source I trust ordering from. It is worth it....more info
  • Gotta Love Photoshop!!!!
    This produce is great for everyone, from the expert to the kids just having fun. ...more info
  • If you are serious about digital imaging, this is what you HAVE to use...
    Where to begin? The product has so much in it. How about the brush engine for instance... did you know you can make a brush out of anything? Any set of pixels can be converted to a brush. Amazing. As are all the non destructive edits you can make to a photo. How about Liquify, an amazing filter you can use to take 20 lbs. off Aunt Ida. And what's not to love about Vanishing Point, which allows you to clone and paint IN PERSPECTIVE!! Everyone knows it costs an arm and a leg. But you'll do that just once, and then you'll be upgrading from that point on. But here is what makes the product phenomenal. Not what is in it, but rather what surrounds. Photoshop has the greatest user support and educational community (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) for any software product that has ever existed. Learning this product is ridiculously easy as there is so much available to draw from. The NAPP Site ( is wonderful. There must be 30-40 Videos on the product (the Total Training stuff is fantastic... and of course, there are countless books on the product. Has any software product ever had more? So while it may look daunting at first, don't hesitate. Because of the shear volume of information available, you can learn this product quicker than any comparable software. I'm living proof. I committed myself to learning the product in November '05 and today, while I won't claim master status, I feel I can hold my own against nearly anyone save those brilliant souls like Deke McClelland, Katrin Eismann, and Scott Kelby (all authors, speakers, with great books and other stuff). So what are you waiting for? If You're like me and you want your images to look the best they can, than this is what you have to use......more info
  • photo soft ware
    I purchased this product because my son uses it at school. I know he is glad we purchased it and enjoys using it....more info
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2
    This new version of Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Ver 9)improvements are worth the investment! A CD tutorial shows some of the new features and how to use them, and the new Browse Menu is more user friendly, and it gives the user a chance to view their images in many different ways. The coolest features include a non-destructive way of scaling of graphics, a new spot healing brush, and the easiest red-eye reduction of any graphics program out on the market today. I have been using Adobe Photoshop for the past 4 years, and this is the best product on the market for the serious photographer or graphic artist. The only downside is the tutorial lessons are too few for people that don't already understand how to use Adobe Photoshop....more info
  • Slower than an asthmatic tortoise...
    Sorry to offend any asthmatics, but this version of Photoshop is seriously slow. We bought this product as our printing company needs the latest in graphic design to get the best out of our work. We had Photoshop Elements for a while, but it is hard to do good printing on an RGB output (especially as we send many of our proofs via email, and the final output, in CMYK, can look drastically different), so we made the grade and purchased this monstrously priced piece of software mainly because of the CMYK facility, but also because of the new cool techniques - such as the healing brush.

    Don't get me wrong, the new features are excellent. The design and outlook is very cool and classy. But the slowness is so unbearable that, unless it is very, very necessary, we still use Elements when designing and editing our images. It takes a few minutes to even load up, even though PE is super fast.

    Even opening and saving a file takes forever, and the useless Adobe Bridge running in the background does more harm than favours. I have used Photoshop 7 in the past, and its speed is relative to Elements. But for the few extras, and the near impotent Bridge, is it really worth the torturous suffering of staring at the monitor screen watching an egg timer spin round?

    If you are still unsure, this may make you decide. This program crashes a lot - so if you do purchase this product, then be sure to save your projects every couple of minutes at least (especially before you use some of the consuming tools, i.e. the 3D tools).

    On the plus, when we got our CS2 we got three free Photoshop Magazines. Yippee. And rare these days, you do get a paper manual inside the box (instead of some sufferable PDF file)....more info
  • Photoshop CS2 is a terrible program.
    PS CS2 is a terrible program. There are a couple of major bugs I found:

    First, and most annoying, is it's 'sluggishness'. For example, there is often a lapse of a second or two from the time you try to execute a command and that command actually starts. While this may not be too serious a problem for a novice, it is a real pain when you are trying to use the program professionally on a powerful computer.

    Second, the new "Bridge" is a total flop. It's too slow to use, and full of bugs. For example, it sometimes loses files! That's an unacceptable bug, but it still hasn't been fixed by Adobe. Some files, like large tiffs, won't preview at all. And that's only the beginning!

    PS CS is a much more stable and reliable program compared to CS2. In fact, I uninstalled CS2, got a refund from Adobe, and went back to CS....more info
  • the swiss army knife of photo software
    Trys to do everything, not very gracefully, not the least intuitively, and sometimes not even very well, a massive resource hog, overkill for many photographers....more info
  • The Gold Standard
    Adobe Photoshop CS2 is the Gold Standard and that's a well-known fact. I am totally skeptical of any negative reviews that have been posted on this site. For the people who complain about it running slow on their computer: add memory. This program is so versatile. Why would you invest this kind of money if you weren't serious about having the very best?? And please: don't let anyone tell you that the learning curve is too steep. I've never taken a single class for Photoshop [though I totally want to now]. I am self-taught on the basics. Beyond that, my knowledge was obtained by doing Internet searches for "Photoshops tips" or "Photoshop tricks" - there are tons of them!! For free!!!! Also, I've picked up a couple of step-by-step books by guys like Scott Kelby and Deke McClelland. The fact that their books exist proves my point: Photoshop is not just for professionals. Once you make the investment, you're golden: you pay only the upgrade price for future versions. Also, I recommend that you take advantage of the powerful camera raw interface. I shoot using Nikon's raw file format and I've been very pleased with the ability to adjust exposure, white balance, etc., without degrading the image....more info
  • Great product
    Well i'm an artist at deviantart, and i use cs2, corel painter ix.5 with wacom graphire, and boy will i tell you how much this product is usefull, for all those out their who are second guessing whether or not you should get this product, here's what i did download the 30-trail cs2, use it, trust me it helps you to make the ritg decison in the end. ...more info
  • Amazing Adobe Photoshop CS2
    Excellent photo editing program. Photoshops amazing ability to create superb and awesome graphics, for use on websites, e-newsletters, business cards and so on.
    Great product....more info
  • FAKE!!!
    I purchased this item thinking it was authentic. I was wrong. It kept asking me to register it everytime i opened it up. So i called Adobe annd had them run the serial number for verification and it came back invalid. The seller made a prompt refund, and had excellent communication. It was just unfortunate. So be very aware of high priced software for really cheap, even on Amazon!!! ...more info
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2
    This program has many many advanced image processing capabilities. Layer tools are the best of any image processing programs I have used.

    I use Adobe Photoshop CS2to process astronomy images and for touch up of old photos which were scanned in digitally.

    It was very easy to touch pictures of my grandmother and grandfather to bring out detail from shadowy regions of the images and sharpen them up. The result was so lifelike....more info
  • The only PRO photo/paint package but not the only package
    Okay here is the lowdown on why you should get this product and why you should not get this product.

    You should get this product if:
    - You want to learn the #1 photo/paint package that is an industry standard.
    - You do not mind the massive learning curve.
    - If you do not want something that you pop out of the box and use right away without spending weeks learning it.
    - If you want total control over every aspect of paint/photo manipulation.
    - If you do not mind it being a bit slow on anything less than a cutting edge computer.
    - If you do not mind it taking up a lot of hard disk space.

    You should not get this product if:
    - You do not need to learn an industry standard package.
    - If you want to use something right away out of the box.
    - If you do not need total control over every aspect of paint/photo manipulation.
    - If you want a fast package.
    - If you want to conserve hard drive space.

    If you are looking for a paint/photo package that you can use out of the box and has lots of features then use Paint Shop Pro. If you are looking to learn the industry standard with the most features then learn and use Photoshop.

    However I would like to finish this off by saying that I have worked for various multimedia groups that have demanded experience with this package and yet when it came to working for them they used 10% of this package and should have been using Paint Shop Pro instead. If you mention Paint Shop Pro in an interview then the interviewer will look at you sideways. What a load of mumbo-jumbo. They simply use this package because it is the "industry standard" instead of actually looking at a package that suites their needs. If you are an interviewer and someone says they also use Paint Shop Pro then you should actually listen to them for not toeing the official line. You might learn something there that will save you time, money and wasted space. Why bother training people for a couple of months to learn this package when they can do your intermediate tasks on a package they can use out of the box? That is the bottom line.
    ...more info
  • Shameful Release
    CS2 appears to have been released prematurely with minimal, if any, quality engineering. Bugs are rampant and the "complimentary" technical support is on the same par as the program itself.

    In fact, I wonder if many of the support people are experienced Photoshop users themselves. They appear to be non-technical individuals who are capable of reading support documents but the average person can access these for themselves on the Adobe website. Beyond the documents, support personnel have little to offer beyond denial, which is extremely frustrating given the myriad of problems with this release of Photoshop.

    I would strongly recommend staying the course with PS7 or CS. The new features, including Bridge, are not worth the hassles involved with basic functionality of CS2. Many features that worked fine in CS do not function well, if at all, in CS2.

    Apparently, Adobe is more intent on integrating Photoshop with it's so-called Creative Suite than it is in maintianing basic functionality of what used to be a great program.

    I would suggest either sticking with PS7/CS or perhaps waiting for the trial versionof CS3 to arrive. Hopefully, Adobe will clean up their act. ...more info
  • Still the best, but Adobe's taking risks with users' loyalty
    I concur with the review that points up the problems with Adobe's new "license manager" method of activation. When you pay as much as you do for this app, or the entire suite, you should not be faced with complete lockup should you have hardware problems, or can't connect to the Internet from "location shooting." I took one star off for this egregious marketing tactic.

    That said, this version of Photoshop is superb, an otherwise 5-star app. If you take the time to use the tutorials included in the help (used to be separate folders, with chapters 1 - 4 of the Classroom In A Book, but no more alas), or get one of Deke McClelland's fine tomes and do all the lessons, there is nothing in this app that the novice can't start to use from Day One. With today's point & shoot cameras packing more resolution, and more manual control, into their functions, use of Photoshop becomes more than just a hobby. You can really "rescue" photos that are too dark, too bright, exceedingly color-shifted, from the "cut" folder and still make prints. Further, the Camera RAW functionality allows anyone with a sufficiently functional digicam to touch up snapshots into fine photography.

    A warning: you need the fastest processor you can afford (a Core Duo or Quatro will be superb), and as much RAM as your system can take. There is an optional performance plug-in which maximizes performance on systems with more than 1 Gigabyte of RAM. You need AT LEAST that much under Windows XP to get good performance out of PS CS2. If you can use 2GB or more dual-channel memory, that's even better (the dual-channel RAM adds a small boost when handling large file sizes, e.g. Camera RAW image sources). If you don't have these, don't expect Photoshop to act fast.

    Adobe Bridge is a major improvement for this version. It offers superior file and image management functions, and can even do batch editing on images. You can even perform Camera RAW adjustments right from Bridge. Bridge can perform batch processes WHILE YOU EDIT IN PHOTOSHOP. If that isn't cool, I don't know what is. If you doubt me, check out Deke McClelland's PHOTOSHOP CS2 ONE-ON-ONE tutorial for his chapter on using Adobe Bridge. His video introduction (included on a DVD in the book), and chapter on using and customizing Bridge, are terrific introductions.

    If you're a user of versions 5.x (as I was), 6, or 7, upgrading to CS2 is a no-brainer. Don't wait. Get it now before the Adobe License Manager gets worse in 2007....more info
  • As expected, for a classic.
    Photoshop is a little tough to use, but extremely powerful for photo manipulation.

    The browser combined with the RAW editor is a great combination to process the quantities of RAW pictures I take with my trusty EOS 20D.

    In the rare cases I do red eyes (that unfortunately still, though rarely) happens, I would like an easy tool to get rid of that, like Paint Shop Pro provides.

    Photoshop works extremely fast on dual-core CPUs like my AMD64 X2....more info
  • CS2 is great
    I am a photographer, and Photoshop CS2 has done wonders for me. I can greatly improve the quality of my photographs by just using a few layers. Once you learn to get around this massive program, you will fall in love with it. It is so much fun, and there are a thousands of things you can do with just one picture. I know they have just come out with the new CS3 version, but CS2 is still very up to date, and is worth the money. However, if you have never worked with photoshop at all, getting started can be frustrating. I recommend joining NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) or taking some classes so you can learn to use the features. Next to my camera, this program has been the best business investment I have made....more info
  • Photoshop CS2
    I am used to Photoshop 6 and purchased this as only 7 was upgradeable. It is just like the old versions except it has redeye reduction which you get in Microsoft Picture it for about $40. The spot healing tool doesnt work very well and areas pop in that you dont want. Sometimes I do not notice any difference between healing and the regular clone tool. The program is good like regular photoshop, but IMO all photoshop programs should only be about $100 not $1000 like the newer ones Cs3 extended. The thing I dislike about this program is the filter tab which brings up a larger edit window and doesnt let you minimize it compared to older versions for side to side comparison ( So you can see both at the same time,while you compare adjustments to the original). I also like the desciptions like Pressure before that they now call Hardness in the tool adjustment settings. I hate all software upgrades basically because they usually change everything instead of leaving it the same and adding to it. I was hoping this had new filters, but it had about the same amount and had alot of useless filters instead of more painting filters. I also like Picture it, because you can select a file and grab it and move it all around and set it on to another picture and stretch it up down and sideways without having to go through a lot of steps like photoshop. Photoshop does alot of other things that other programs cant do and the image warp and vanishing point make this a good upgrade. The learning curve is steep because the program goes through alot of steps that other programs like picture it do easily and quickly. I got this cheaper since it is the older program compared to CS3 extended which like I said is way over priced. Next is CS4 which will only work with 64 bit Vista and not the current 32 bit Vista and will be very expensive and I wont ever get it. Adobe will take a dive on this one and it will cost at least $1000 plus. Its pretty sad that after 9 editions that they had auto redeye correction when picture it had it long ago. This alone justifies the fact that Photoshop is full of itself and way over priced. Still Photoshop is a good program to have but it tells you how to make picture borders for instance while other programs have picture borders in their program and you can easily select from a multitude of different ones. Conclusion a necessary but hard program with a step learning curve that is way over priced for what it does. CS2 and Cs3 extended upgrade for 3D may be worth having after prices go down instead of the CS4 64bit pogram that wont work on most Vista operating systems. I basically use Photoshop for Cloning and Vanishing point and Image Warp and Picture it and MGI photosuite for Borders, colors, frames and manipulation of objects....more info
  • Photoshop CS2
    I am learning more and more each day plus taking a photography class using this product in the class at my local Junior College. It has so many features that it will be awhile before I can truly give a complete review. What I know and have learned so far is well worth the price.

    Thanks, Sandi...more info
  • PhotoshopCS2
    Like other Photoshop products this is a good one but it is the old one now. They have Photoshop CS3 out already and I do not know how much better it is than this. I am satisfied with this one and it is as advertised. It is much better than Photoshop 7 and like that....more info
  • A worthwhile Investment
    I purchased this product several years ago as a Christmas Present for my son. He has aspirations of getting into the Graphic Arts field professionally. I thought the product was a bit pricey and because I really didn't have any past experience with simular products I wasn't quite sure about the purchase. I asked around, then read some of the reviews here online. I think that if you plan on learning the ins and outs of graphic arts/photography in general this is a great investment. Not only for the student but also for the person thinking about a small business. There are so many things you can do and learn with this product its unbelievable. Education and Knowledge is always a worthwhile investment. ...more info
  • No Regrets
    This is a must have for anyone desiring to create awesome photographs. Takes some work in learning to use but it is well worth learning. There are many tutorials, books,and videos which will help to make you a master of this photoediting software. You will never tire of using it. No nits from me. ...more info
  • Great Imaging Software
    Exceptional Software. Great for Professional and Amateur Photograpers, Hobbyists & Graphic Artists. I upgraded to Photoshop CS2 from Photoshop Elements 3.0 and it was never going back to any other imaging software. I have got some great pictures, learned a great variety and i am still in the learning process, love every bit of it. Highly Recommended for Photographic Quality Development, Editing & Excellence. ...more info
  • Old Version of CS2
    Based on using trial versions, this old version is only slightly below the later, and I cannot say about CS3 yet. CS2 is somewhat better than CS, which was itself a huge leap up from version 7. It is a burden to keep upgrading almost yearly, and I would recommend picking up any version of CS2 and planning to stick to it for a long while in that it does what almost everyone needs to do. Adobe will keep having newer versions of Photoshop and I wish they were not so pricey. I bought a trial version from an Amazon reseller which in itself is not that useful, but by telephone I was given the codes to register and validate it. No box came with it, nor book, but that is probably the most affordable way to get it. ...more info
  • The best photoshop software around
    If you are a graphic designer you will know that Adobe Photoshop is the best software that is around. Possibilities are unlimited using this software. The only problem with it is just the fact that if you are not really into the graphic business you shouldn't get this because it is very expensive. This program is resourceful though, and it really fixes and creates graphics in the most professional way. ...more info
  • Avoid CS2 - all pain, no gain
    All pain, no gain!! This product is very slow, running on Windows XP Pro, 1.25GB memory, and 2GHz machine. Even the menus are slow. No gain -- only one "new brush" the spot healing brush. If you like Photoshop 7.0, you will really like it after trying CS2....more info
  • Adobe Photoshop Cs2
    A gift for my daughter. It was the wrong software, and returned it....more info
  • It's... decent.
    I'm personally a huge fan of Photoshop 7 on the Mac. I Just am. Photoshop in general, too, but especially PS7: Mac.

    Anyhow, I have mixed feelings with this product. It's great by itself, but not that great compared to past products. The new filters are neat, but somewhat complex.

    As for the reviewer below stating a two-year college course is required- that's a bit extreme; I learned how to do this (without bothering with the manual, or asking questions) in a couple weeks, when I was fourteen. It's really, NOT that complicated. Just some of the newer things are.

    An incredibly powerful tool, obviously, and Adobe Bridge is pretty useful too....more info