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Campbell Hausfeld FP2048 2-Gallon Air Compressor & 8 Piece Accessory Kit.
List Price: $134.00

Our Price: $98.95

You Save: $35.05 (26%)


Product Description

Sturdy retractable handle allows for comfortable handling and for simple storage. Conveniently placed gauges allow for easy monitoring of air pressure. Great for inflation or running small tools around the home or garage. Includes 25' recoil hose, tire chuck, 1/4" coupler, 2 inflation nozzles and inflation needle. SPECIFICATIONS: 120V, 1.0/.07 air delivery SCFM at 40/90 PSI. Maximum pressure 100 PSI. U.L. Listed.

  • 2 Gallon Tank for greater stored air power.
  • Easy to read gauges
  • Oil-Free Pump
  • Cool Running Motor
  • 8 piece accessory kit

Customer Reviews:

  • Small and Light, but LOUD and Slow
    I'm in the market for a small and light air compressor. I don't like having to drag my big compressor around just to drive a couple of nails. This one IS small and light. It's also unbelievably loud, louder than my big (also oilless) compressor that I previously thought was intolerably loud. It's also very slow to fill the tank. If I only had to listen to all that noise for a few seconds I might be able to tolerate it, but this thing takes several minutes to charge up.

    I give it two stars, but that might be generous. If all you want to do is pump up a bike tire, get a hand pump. It will be faster, and you won't go deaf in the process. A car tire would be a closer call, but I'd still bet on the hand pump getting the job done sooner. You certainly don't want it in your house. I'm hard pressed to figure out what value it has, but it's conceivable that someone might figure one out.

    I returned mine, so I'm still in the market for a small and light air compressor. Now I'm more particular about checking out the noise before buying. ...more info
  • Fits my need perfectly.
    Very compact unit. Very easy to operate. I use it mostly for inflation but I can see that it will be very useful for working with tools. It's very easy to move around. ...more info
  • Great price for just what I wanted.
    I don't know if the reviewers who complained about the noise have ever used an air compressor before but this one is not that loud at all! Also, oilless compressors always take a little more time to pump up a full charge. And I don't know how one could expect a 2 gallon tank to provide any type of continuous airflow for cleaning, spraying etc. I am a professional woodworker and this lightweight little guy is so perfect for pick-up air nailing work or where a small trim job is needed and I don't want to lug around even a pancake unit. This is a fantastic machine for small nail jobs and inflating things so I don't know what others are expecting. Also, I bought mine brand new on sale from Ha**** Fr***** for $55.00! But even Amazon's price is well worth it. My only tiny complaint is that I wish the max pressure was 120 instead of 100....more info
  • Excellent compressor.
    Bought this compressor to inflate tires on two autos and two bicycles. Works great. Included accessories are all I need. Plenty of pressure for auto tire inflation. Properly inflated eight auto tires (32PSI) in about five minutes. Very happy with my purchase. No longer have to pay for air at service stations. ...more info
  • LOUD!
    I bought and returned this compressor on the same day.

    I was warned that air compressors are loud, but I thought, "Hey (being totally naive about compressors) it's just sucking and blowing air, right? How loud can it be?"

    Answer: VERY LOUD.

    Imagine a lawnmower running inside your house and you have an idea of the noise this thing makes.

    I'm sure this compressor works fine outside, if you were operating a nail gun, inflating tires, etc. But I needed a compressor strictly for indoor use, and this model just isn't made for that job....more info
  • Satisfyed
    The producet was exactly what I expected. It shipped in a timely manner in good condition....more info
  • Great
    Great product for the size and price. Works wonderful on tires and is compact....more info
  • Air Compressor

    Campbell Hausfeld FP2048 2 Gallon Air Compressor & 8 Piece Accessory Kit.
    This compressor worked as it should. It is great little unit. that is its only drawback. To Small...more info
  • A little noisier than I had hoped
    This compressor works as expected, except that it's a little noisier than I expected. The description said it was quiet, but in my opinion, it's not. Still, the portability is what I was concerned about, and it has performed satisfactorily....more info