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Koss SPARKPLUG - Stereo In Ear Ear Plugs
List Price: $23.74

Our Price: $6.98

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Product Description

A Portable headphone is a headphone that is used on-the-go. When used in your iPod or other portable player, you want to match superb sound with absolute comfort. That's when the Koss Spark Plug stereo earphone makes sense.

The SparkPlug features a dynamic element that is positioned just outside the ear and connected to a tubular port structure that is inserted on a soft expandable cushion into the ear canal. The soft foam cushion expands for a custom fit to improve isolation and enhance deep bass and treble clarity. Now with improved slow memory ear cushion made of hydrophillic, formed urethane, you are guaranteed a custom fit every time. Ths SparkPlug also featues a white cord to compliment many mp3 players. The fit enhances isolation when you want to plug out ambient sounds that interfere with the listening experience. The SparkPlug has a frequency response performance of 10Hz-20,000Hz and full Sound of Koss. Combined with your favorite music and a portable sound system, it is the ultimate accessory on the go. Built to last, The SparkPlug is covered under Koss' No-Questions-Asked Lifetime Warranty - the only warranty of its kind in the stereophone industry. Reliable L plug for improved reliability and durability Straight, dual entry 4 foot cord

  • Frequency Response - 10-20,000 Hz
  • Dynamic element for extended frequency response
  • Unique earbud design directs sound into the ear canal for deep bass and extended frequency performance
  • Speciality ear cushion material forms slowly in the ear canal to provide a custom fit and maximum isolation
  • Includes replacement ear cushions

Customer Reviews:

  • great for low price
    New Spark Plug need tempering (to make its quality improved and stabilized). After that it is perfect for its price to enjoy Rock music or Pop music....more info
  • not doing their job!
    These are pretty bad given other in-ear earphones in this price range. Both sizes of the earbuds are very large and oddly shaped and don't fit well in the ear at all. The sound quality is rather poor because the earbuds don't fit properly into the ear canal. They are constantly falling out of my ears because of the shape/size. Given that you can't really get the earphone IN-EAR, they aren't really doing their job!!

    Good for an extra pair (if your other earphones break!) and they are obviously quite cheap. Maybe these are great if you have gigantic ears?......more info
  • Koss Spark Plugs Rock!
    After reading for several weeks about sound isolating earbuds I settled on the Koss Sparkplug earbuds with self expanding foam earpieces. I read everything from that they were ok, or junk, all the way to being the best ever. IMHO these were my observations. 1. I never could get standard earbuds to fit right or stay in my ears without one side or another constantly falling out, and if I did manage to finally get them to stay in, my ear(s) would hurt and I would get a headache after a very short period. with these because of the self expanding foam, these fit fantastic and after a while I even forget I'm wearing them! (That is a huge plus to me) by the way, Koss includes an extra set of the foam pieces. 2. despite what the naysayers are saying, these are hardly overrated, people are buying so many of them because they sound good. The sound is incredible coming from such a small device. I never have had such deep rich bass from any earbud no matter what the price, and I've owned very expensive sets. The sound I get from these rivals my full size headphones, and that is saying a lot. most any earbuds in this price range are tinny sounding pieces of junk. These sound incredible. I've read that for some folks these are too bassy and there are simple modifications such as covering the little holes on the back of them with common tape to tighten up the bass and bring out the mids and highs better. With my setup at home I have an EQ so it was no trouble for me at all to dial them right in for superb sound. For folks using portable devices without an EQ, they might want to try the simple mod or even try placing them less deep in the ear. Some folks said after experimenting with them a bit, they found a "sweet spot" for great sound without mods of any type. 3. I am a music freak, an audiophile, and a musician, and a producer for a popular radio program, and in my opinion they are awesome. What does that mean? NOTHING! why? because sound quality is subjective to each individual. To my ears these sound great, and the stereo imaging is incredible, I'm hearing things I never noticed before. I have heard before that this a common trait in Koss products. but to others they will sound different. The sound isolation for me was perfect, but people should take care using these in area where the might have to hear, such as jogging near traffic etc. 4. PRICE,- as inexpensive as these are, they sound better than ANY other earbuds I have owned regardless of price! I saw one person mention in review that even with any mods they still only sounded like 11 dollar headphones. maybe to him they did, I disagree entirely. At full retail they run about $15.00 but I have seen them higher and lower, but they are definitely worth the risk to try them for yourself and experiment a bit. I LOVE mine. If you don't, get a refund, or give them to your kid, or a friend. I guarantee someone will love them! 5. The no questions asked Koss lifetime guarantee. - if something happens to them, it doesn't matter what, stick them in an envelope and mail them to Koss with $6. and they will repair or replace them and send them back to you. So if they short out or anything, or you step on it by accident, no worries, you can get a new set for about half price forever with no limitations. you just can't beat it.
    7. In conclusion, at this price point, or even at a much higher one, you'd be hard pressed to find a set that sound this good, so take a chance and find out for yourself. Don't trust my opinion or anyone else's' - you can always get a refund or give them away if they don't sound good to YOUR ears! :)...more info
  • Great bass, somewhat thin trebles
    These earbuds have awesome bass, but the treble is somewhat lacking. I noticed it mainly after immediately switching to wearing these earbuds after listening to music on my computer with Sony Studio Monitor headphones They are very comfortable and I can wear them for multiple hours at a time. They aren't the best earbuds I have ever owned, but they are by far much better than stock earbuds that come with an iPod or any other mp3 player and definitely worth the $10 they cost me. If you love thumping bass you will love these earbuds....more info
  • Sounds great, but hit or miss for some.
    I was looking for something that would fit in my ears better than the Apple earbuds and wouldn't constantly fall out. These seem to work pretty well for that. Haven't done anything really vigorous, though, so jogging could be a different story. However, whether they fall out or not is only a tiny part of why people are buying these up.

    $12 through Amazon. That's all I had to spend and shipping was free. I'll have to admit that I believe I spent too little for these, because these certainly rank up there with high-class earbuds. Many reviews seem state that some modification is recommended to get them to sound less bassy and muddy. One review, though, said that simply pulling the buds a little further out of the ear could help tremendously, and I agree. I still modified the buds though. All it took was covering up all but ONE port hole on the outside of the earbuds. Now they sound great. Unfortunately, still not as bright as I'd like.

    I've read a few reviews of these here and elsewhere and some people say they're terrible and others say they are perfect. They're not perfect, but they're very, very good. Even if price wasn't a factor. Those that think they are terrible are probably doing something wrong, modified them incorrectly (covering up the ports entirely will result in a very tinny, unpleasant sound), don't know what they're talking about, or don't have the right ear shape for the foam inserts (which can be fixed by modifying some standard ear plugs. Just search for 'modify koss the plug' and it's right at the top).

    Plus, don't expect miracles from earbuds. These are designed to go in the ear and are very weak compared to a nice set of over the ear phones or a high end, well placed hi-fi system. You want something that, to your ear, has a defined bass, vibrant and clear vocals and mids, and tingly, bright highs. I think some are assuming that these are going to perform as well as say their home theater system or some such.

    Also, consider the source from which you're listening. iPods sound pretty nice, but if you're using a generic MP3 player or you've plugged it into a computer with generic onboard sound, you're probably going to get generic results. In fact, I plugged them into a computer with onboard sound and tried to listen to things with iTunes and I couldn't hear the vocals AT ALL. No amount of equilization settings or even turning it off helped.

    I give this only four stars because I have noticed that they do get a little uncomfortable for extended periods of time and they're just not as bright as I had hoped they would be. This is a minor point considering the price, and the fact that I can hear things in music that I have never heard before, even with my $140 Bose Triports. That's pretty damn amazing for $12. And if I lose them or they break, hey, whatever....more info
  • Great for the price
    These plugs fit well because you squeeze them down to fit inside your ears. Once in they swell out and fit comfortably snug inside your ears. You don't need as much volume as other plugs because the ambient noise is attenuated well. The frequency response is okay. Good at the bass end, and okay for the rest of the spectrum. They're great for working in the yard or at the gym, because they don't fall out. They are well worth the $10 I spent for them....more info
  • Comfort+
    I have tried many different types of ear buds and none were as comfortable as these. Good quality sound at an affordable price....more info
  • Sparkplugs
    This is my second pair and they are great. I use them on a motorcycle and they really block out the wind and exhaust noise because they go right into your ear canal. They have great range of sound and for the money you can't beat them!. ...more info
  • Great cheap ear buds!
    Great sound quality for such a low price.

    My favorite part is the squishy foam on the ear bud. You squish it and let it expand in your ear. This is great not only for blocking out some of the outside noise, but it keeps them in place.

    I have no problems with these coming out when I exercise. They stay in even when you are upside down.

    ...more info
  • can last longer with fix
    I love these earplugs, but hate that they poop out after a couple monthes, then I discovered that its usually the part that plugs into the device that goes out. By tying a loop near the end and attaching that to clip of my mp3 player it took the stress off the plug and prolonged the life of it. I have been using the same pair for about 10 monthes now and both sides still work. And I use them every day!!! now if I could just get the foam parts in bulk!! ...more info
  • Sparkplugs make your radio run
    These compact earplugs have great performance, keep out most exterior noise and transmit voice very well.
    Another surprise: they don't tangle. Even after wrapping them around a mini-radio they extend to needed length quickly...more info
  • BIG improvement over the original iPod earbuds!
    I hated the earbuds that came with my iPod--they wouldn't stay in my ears unless I jammed them in until they hurt. I read some good reviews of the JVC Gumy headphones, so I bought a pair. Another disappointment--they are virtually identical to the original Apple ones, except that they only come in weird colors that don't go with my iPod. So I tried a pair of these Koss Sparkplugs. Success at last! They sound great, they stay in place, and they're comfortable to wear....more info
  • Koss Sparkplug ear buds
    These ear buds are comfortable and they block out surrounding sounds better than noise canceling ear buds. The earpiece is made of neoprene, the same material as earplugs.

    I have 2 pairs of these ear buds. The first pair has great sound, very clear. However, the second pair has too much bass. I would recommend this product if you get a pair that is clear like my first pair but not the second pair unless you have an equalizer.
    But these are the most comfortable that I have tried.
    ...more info
  • lightweight, good sound, & keep a lot of ambient noise out
    I've used these for quite a few years now, but the one thing that always bothered me was that one plug always went dead after a few months, and I'd have to get a new set. Granted, I used them when working out among other things, so I gave them a beating, but it was still annoying. I then bought a much more expensive brand, based on reviews I read here at Amazon. And I have to say, those others REALLY annoyed me. They're too heavy and didn't fit into my ears as well. And because the wire's heavier, they're more cumbersome. Also the sound was supposed to be so superior, but I found very little in the lower frequencies. So I'm back to these. And I have to say, the ones I've gotten recently don't seem to break as quickly. Maybe I'm being more careful, or maybe they're making them better, but for the 12 bucks or so that I spend, they're definitely worth it....more info
  • OK for non-audiophiles
    I just got these ear plugs and have used them a few times, and I can confirm what many have said about the sound--to me it has a somewhat muffled quality. I only use them for podcasts, though, so for this price they're fine. The buds themselves seem a bit flimsy and may not last as long as others I've had, but a big plus is ready availability of replacement cushions. Koss PLUG Replacement Cushions I don't care what anyone says--they get a little funky after awhile. Fine for the price....more info
  • They Don't Hurt My Ears
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!

    I have ear problems and all the earphones I've tried physcially hurt my ears, but not these. The black part is soft and molds to your ear. Sound is good, not great, but good.

    ...more info
  • The best low cost earbuds
    These are the most comfortable earbuds I've ever used. The form fitting foam inserts are the best on the market and the frequency response is exemplary. Great bass and exceptional hights. For the price, there isn't a better set of personal earphones and even when price is considered, they rank near the top

    Koss pioneered headphones way back when and they continue to be the standard for this type of device...more info
  • Finally, earbuds without that "tinny" sound
    I have searched long and hard for a pair of earbuds that don't make music sound like it's being played out of a tin can. For a year I have purchased and return many pairs.

    If you are annoyed by earplugs, then these may not be for you because they are inserted into your ear just like earplugs. The black "plug" is very pliable. I actually have small canals and these are comfortable to me. This feature also results in greater volume and noise reduction.

    Lastly, these stay on (or rather in) better than regular earbuds. When moving around, standard earbuds frequently fall out or get knocked off. This still happens, but to a much lesser degree....more info
  • Good earbuds but don't get the version with mute button
    I have a pair of these earbuds that incorporate a mute button in the cord. It appears the version sold here is the same but without the mute button. As the mute button is the worst component of the product I wish I had bought this version.

    Apart from the mute button the only issue I have with these earbuds is that the cord feels unpleasant to the touch - a bit like those rubbery insect and snake toys that will stick to windows.

    The sound quality is excellent and the ear inserts are not as repulsive as you might assume at first. You have to crank the volume up a long way before they start distorting and the bass response is very solid. They are more comfortable to wear for long periods of time than other earbuds I have tried.

    They come with two slightly differently shaped ear inserts and a very convenient storage pouch. At least, mine did.

    As I said, avoid the version with the mute button. It shuts off the sound everytime it touches something and is very annoying....more info
  • Amazing for the price
    I have used many headphones till now (and returned many of them). By far these are the best in the $15-$20 range. Great bass and clarity. I would definitely buy them again....more info
  • Tried 5 different earbuds ranging from $20 - $130, these were the best
    I listen mostly to indie pop & electro. I dislike audio hardware that sacrifices mids/highs for unnaturally deep lows, which was my big concern with these Koss, but I'm very satisfied with them. I've tried the following earphones recently:

    $130 MSRP - Ultimate Ears 3 Studio - The best mids & highs of the earphones I've tested, but the least comfortable and the lows were mediocre. The fit physically hurt my ears.

    $80 MSRP - JBuds J2 Premium Hi-FI Noise Isolating - Never felt really *in* no matter what tip you use, sound quality was balanced but nothing special, couldn't replicate full range in many songs (Ted Leo's "Ghosts", particularly, felt flat when ted hit the high notes).

    $50 MSRP - V-MODA Bass Freq - The worst sounding of everything I tried, deep bass but mids/highs were very muddled, it sounded like someone turned the treble all the way down.

    $50 MSRP - JBuds Hi-Fi Noise-Reducing - Poor sound isolation and poor sound quality. A tiny step up from stock earbuds.

    $20 MSRP - JVC HAFX34B Marshmallow - Really great for the price, only the $130 UE sound better. Equivalent sound to these Koss, but not as good of build quality (came apart at the plug) and are less comfortable when it's cold (the tips harden in the cold).

    All of the above sit in a tangled pile near my computer, these Koss are my earphones of choice. Comfortable, balanced sound, very good sound isolation.. all around a solid choice. The only fault to consider in this pricerange is semi-excessive white noise. If you listen to your music at very low volumes you may want to get something like the Jbuds or JVC instead. Also note most of the above headphones can be found for half of their MSRP (or less)....more info
  • A pretty crude pair of earbuds
    At ten dollars, you get what you pay for. The Koss Sparkplugs are heavy on the bass, tinny at the top, and possess no discernible mid-range. If you believe strong bass equals quality sound, these might just be for you. Otherwise avoid. Suitable for beats but not much else....more info
  • sparkplug is exactly how i'd describe these...
    because that's what i'd rather have lodged in my ear, and at least i'd get better sound quality out of them.

    Bought these after reading other glowing reviews. Someone specifically recommended these after claiming to be 'somewhat of an audiophile'.

    i'd love to put a file to that person's audio after wasting my hard earned cash based on their recommendation.

    I rarely write reviews of anything, but due to the utter disappointment of these duds, I felt compelled to ward off any other unwary consumers:

    1) Terrible sound. Some claim these have lots of bass-- which i thought would be ok since i like rap and other genres w heavy bass. but other sound frequencies also sound awful. imagine what alexander graham bell must have heard when he invented the telephone because that's what the sparkplug must sound like.

    2) Comfort is awful. I tried using these in my bed, as i like to watch old rerun movies on my ipod before sleeping. but the earduds kept stabbing my eardrums. if i rested on one side of my head, they would smash my eardrum so much i couldn't hear out of it. the one-size fits all pads also feel like sticking an oversized wad of half-dried glue in your ear canals. i don't know which i dread more-- the snail-like feel of these pads or the wet willies i used to suffer as a freshman in high school.

    after initially reading the reviews, i thought i had found an alternative to the sony fontopias-- which have great comfort and sound quality, but whose earbuds keep falling off and getting lost faster than george w's staff. the search continues.

    in summary-- do not buy. these are by far the worst earphones i have ever bought and i've bought a few. ...more info
  • They are ok but there are better products for same money
    When I bought these I was looking at them for my MP3 player. However, I found "Smokin Buds" Inkd earphones for same price and far superior comfort, sound and general wearability. My wife and daughter liked the fact that they could get colors to match their ipods- and neither of them liked the spark plugs- too "squishy" and too heavy, and they tend to slide out if exercising....more info
  • Muffled Sound Ruins Good Design
    Everyone has their preferences in phones and their dislikes.

    I ordered these when I ordered the KEB-24s, thinking I'd like these more. These fit better but to my ears, they are muffled. I like the others better....more info
  • Great for the price
    As good as the $40-$80 equivalents, in my opinion. I had one pair of these fail on me after a few months, but that could always be coincidence. The pair I have now have lasted me at least a year.

    Not only does the in-ear foam design drastically improve bass and lower-end frequencies, but it's also a lot more comfortable and stays in your ear better than other earbuds....more info
  • Good solid product
    Did my research, bought in quantity. Have gone thru about 3 pair in last 2 years, which is a pretty good lifespan for such an inexpensive product that I use for at least two hours every day as a runner. They stay securely in my ears, canceling some noise, offering pretty good sound quality. Much better than the original iPod set.

    Only vulnerability is where the wire connects to the plug. Lots of repetitive jostling over time results in cracking of the thin wire. I've addressed the problem by simply wrapping some tape around that vulnerable point, which keeps the wire straight and unstressed.

    I recommend it....more info