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Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Fan - Us
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Product Description

Thermaltake is a respected leader in computer thermal solutions technology. Thermaltake has increasingly enjoyed the adoption of its thermal strategies by OEM and ODM companies worldwide. Its engineers are masters of airflow analysis, material conductivity and efficiency design. Thermaltake's unwavering devotion to quality and customer satisfaction has earned its products the approval of computer enthusiasts everywhere.PRODUCT FEATURES: Application: for Notebook and Desktop; "Thermaltake" convenient solution with extreme "Mobile" concept inside; Perfect accessory for notebook and PC; Brilliant Blue LEDs light up the surrounding; Powered directly from USB port; VR knob: adjust fan speed manually; One-touch retractable USB power cable; Slim USB power cable, only 0.6 mm in depth; "Tt" badge fan grille - to prevent objects from touching fan blades.

  • P/N - A1888
  • Dimension - 80 x 80 x 25 mm
  • Rated Voltage - 5V DC
  • Started Voltage - 4V DC
  • Operating Range - 3.5 V ~ 5.5 V DC

Customer Reviews:

  • Works Great
    I have 3 of these. I'm actually ordering a few more. I use them in multiple locations. My Media Center PC is in a cabinet that did not have any circulation, Just like another reviewer, I cut a small square hole in the cabinet and pulled the warm air out. Works perfect!

    Another area I use this for is my satellite receivers. My AV rack is in an area that gets A/C, but not enough to keep all my AV equipment cool. I put one of these attached to my DirecTV HR20 receiver and it helps keep it cool.

    In summary, these fans work great, they are quiet and really help solve heat issues for electronics with USB....more info
  • Great for XBox 360 and DVR
    I use this in an enclosed entertainment center to cool a DVR and XBox 360, and it works great! The Xbox puts out a lot of heat, so keeping the fan next to it is essential....more info
  • Just What I Was Looking For
    My office desk is an old (pre-computer) banker's desk that I have modified with the help of a hole saw to make computer friendly. I am using one of the drawers for my external USB hard drives (1 TB and 500 GB LaCie drives) connected to a hub in the drawer. Those suckers can get hot and disk drives don't mix well with heat.

    The Thermaltake Mobile Fan II is a perfect solution to keeping cool air flowing. It's quiet, but powerful and my drives have surface temps 15-30 degrees *cooler* than they did before I bought the fan....more info
  • Nice Little Fan
    Now that my son is mobile, I had to move all my home theater components into a closed cabinet. Anyone who has a PS3 will tell you that the thing throws off a LOT of heat. Connecting these fans to the USB ports did the trick. Having the fans draw hot air out, lowers the inside temp considerably.
    One minor "Con" is that they can be a bit noisy when the speed is at max. Adjusting them to approx 80% makes them barley noticeable while a movie is paused and unnoticeable while the movie/ game is playing.
    ...more info
  • Thermaltake USB Fan
    Great little fans. I purchased 4 of them for a video recording kiosk box. I love that I can just plug them into the computer rather than have to figure out the wiring. They are quiet, but not silent at low speeds. Instead of using 2 fans in the kiosk (one cool air in, one hot air out) I had to only use one since the microphone did pick up some air noise. The air noise could just be related the box that the kiosk is installed into. The air speed control knob is solid and feels quite high quality and easy to control. I would highly recommend these fans. Hopefully they will last the run of the kiosk....more info
  • Very cool!
    This is the second one of these I'e bought. Use it for cooling hard drives when working on them outside the box....more info
  • Well built.
    I installed this in a computer cabinet. Now I can close the non hermetically sealed door and the computer operates in the normal cooling range. Even though I use prosessor intensive programs, the box doesn't even warm 1 degree. Being driven by the power from a usb port, I turn on the computer and the fan operates without intervention. ...more info
  • Sturdy & portable
    Great little fans. They are very sturdy (which is great since they are meant to be transported around a lot) and very portable. I like the retractable USB cable that it comes with too. ...more info
  • Nightmare
    These fans are wonderful, I now have 4 of them. I use them to cool my PS3, 360, HD DVR, and surround sound receiver all of which I have in an entertainment center. I also purchased a hub so I only have to use 1 usb port. Every piece of equipment I'm using one on stays nice and cool, even after playing games online for hours!...more info
  • Cool Running!
    I ordered one of these to use with my overheating external disk drive (no AC here!) for my desktop, but ended up trying it out by taking it on the road with my notebook. It is QUIET! The hard drive on my notebook is louder than this fan on low, and so far I haven't had to run it any higher to keep my normally hot-running notebook completely cool. It's kind of spooky, really, it works so well.

    The fan speed knob is prominent enough that you don't need tiny hands to turn it, and turns smoothly enough that you'll find yourself casually adjusting the fan speed without even thinking about it. The stand is nice and springy, and has no trouble at all supporting the fan when it -is- turned on high. There's no blowing this fan over!

    The other nice aspect of this fan is that it has a nice long cord and a wide enough range that it can be aimed to cover several devices at once -- including the notebook! Pair this one with an inexpensive USB hub to make sure you've got plenty of ports on hand, and you've got yourself an all-weather kit for your notebook that can take any heat.

    I can't wait to get this home to use on my desktop and external hard drives!...more info
  • Works great.
    I have a Directv HD DVR with an external Seagate SATA 750g Hard Drive that was running very hot. This fan plugs into the USB port on the back of the DVR. The fan is then aimed at the external hard drive. The hard drive is now running cool without any heat build up whatsoever. The fan has a variable control for the speed of the fan and a retractible usb cord for adjusting the length of the cable. Highly recommended....more info
  • Quietly move air.
    I ordered another USB power fan installed in a kitchen cabinet (approx. 2'x2'x2')to cool inside where computer is housed. The fan was quiet but didn't move enough air. When the doors were closed(not completely) the inside temp would be about 10-15 deg. hotter than room temp. Now with the Thermaltake Mobile Fan II installed the temp sits about 2 deg. higher than room temp. And that's not at it's highest setting....more info
  • The perfect multi-use cooling solution
    I have a home theater PC (the HP Digital Entertainment Center z555, which is infamous for overheating and causing internal components to fail) that needed a couple of external fans to help cool it off. And this is the ideal solution. Sure, these things add extra fan noise to an already noisy PC, but they beat frying internal components every couple of months (I've lost 2 video cards, 1 hard drive, and a power supply). Being able to adjust the fan speed is a useful feature, and the retractable USB cord is a thoughtful touch. If I had to knock it for something, it would be that it lacks a nice-looking enclosure; as it is, it looks like an internal PC fan with a USB-powered cord (which it is, of course)....more info
  • great little fan
    I bought a couple of these last year.

    One was to put in my cube at work for during the hot summer months, the other was to put in my A/V cabinet to keep my PS3 cool.

    I have no complaints from this fan, does what it is intended to do and does it without making a lot of noise (this thing is near silent on half power)....more info
  • Great for the media / av / stereo cabinet
    Great for enclosed spaces - I use 1 on each shelf of my media cabinet, where I have 2 components each. Brought down the temperature from 85c to 50c (as measured by my Tivo box).

    If you don't have a component w/ a USB output, buy a USB power supply ($10) and portable USB hub ($8) and you can hook upto 4 (or 3 plus your iPod dock).

    My only wish would be adjustable height. I've had to cobble together some wood blocks to get them to blow between the 2 components.
    ...more info
  • A gift from the Gods! lol
    WOW, this little thing is amazing! I just got it today, still have not got my fan pad (that goes under my laptop) and this little fan is already cooling my laptop. I have a GATEWAY FX gaming laptop and it gets HOT HOT HOT. This little fan brought my computers temp down way more then my old fan pad (before it broke). So with this little fan teamed up with my soon to come fan pad my computer will be nice and cool.

    Thanks Amazon! FAST shipping!...more info
  • Works Great!
    I purchased this to keep my media cabinet cool. My Dish DVR was running so hot it would cause my Wii to shut down. Pugged it into the USB on the back of the DVR, put the fan on the lowest setting and problem solved. Very quiet and moves a lot of air. The USB cord it comes with has a handy automatic spool to keep your cords nice and tidy. Great Product!...more info
  • Quite and strong - bought several
    Completely as advertised, but more durable and quieter than expected.
    I bought several, and placed the extras on my office and home work desks.
    Mainly purchased to ventilate my desktop tower which sits inside a home desk compartment; there was a cable access hole that I placed the fan into ... now I can run my desktop without keeping the compartment door open for cooling.
    ...more info
  • Quiet fan, moves lots of air, great for cooling a PS3 running folding@home!
    I noticed my PS3 was getting a little hot after doing a few hours of folding, so I got this fan. The noise level ranges from quiet to loud with the knob on the front. It moves a decent amount of air! I leave it on maximum all the time and it is hard to notice once you get a movie or game going. My PS3 was getting really hot from the folding@home program and the fans inside would rattle, but with this fan blowing cool air on the back, heat hasn't been an issue!

    Now my only wish is if there was a 120mm version!...more info
  • Great solution for underdesk cooling
    I needed a fan to cool two CPUs under my desk, but I wanted it to turn off when I put the computers on standby. This little fan cools the entire area and is so quiet, it does not "exist". I'm very happy with this product....more info
  • Excellent performance!
    I was looking for a fan to cool my laptop and tried the Targus PA248U Notebook Chill Pad which couldn't keep the laptop cool and didn't look like it was very sturdy.

    I returned the Targus and bought the Thermaltake and have been very happy with it. It is extremely quiet and is very efficient at cooling the laptop. The only restriction is that you need a surface for this fan, unlike the "under the laptop" cooling fans. Overall, a great product at a very reasonable price....more info