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Lego Star Wars (DVD) (Mac)
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Product Description

LEGO Star Wars blends the unique world of LEGO with the adventure of Star Wars, for unforgettable action and fun. Live the most popular moments from The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Episodes I to III come to life -- and you can become a part of the story!

  • Unique world of LEGO toys meets prequel eras of Star Wars universe
  • Choose from 30+ Star Wars characters; solve puzzles using special abilities
  • Use The Force; progress through game to unlock new characters
  • Hidden levels and vehicles; free-play mode adds to game's re-playability
  • Single-player mode, plus "drop in, drop out" 2-player co-operative mode

Customer Reviews:

  • awkward and mindless, but my son loves it so that is OK
    We had problems with this game, which is annoying given that we just bought a G5. Either it didn't load properly or this game harkens back to the way computers were in the mid-80s - where you had to figure out how to do things (which key to push in an utterly counter-intuitive manner) to get it to work; for example,the only way we found to exit was to hold the tab key for a time rather than press it once (yes, some of it works by pushing some buttons longer than others, not that you would guess which button does what anyway). For whatever reason, we do not have a cursor in this. Nonethless, my son is figuring it out and enjoying it greatly, to the extent that he wants to play it first thing in the morning. It is also not too violent - baddies vanish in a puff of smoke when hit - which my wife was worried about.

    Recommended, but it isn't easy to use....more info
  • returning it
    This game is very machine specific..I ordered it for my grandson's birthday and have to return it because the Mac at his house is not the right one for this game. A great disappointment. The technology exists to make things more diverse & be compatible with many computers...this game isn't....more info
  • the best game in the galaxy
    couse you get to buy grivius that means on free play you get to be him and have 4 light sabers! plus, it is in 3-D! i like this game also because it has freeplay, where you can be prievios earned charechters and you can change in to certain people on command!!! ...more info
  • Lego Star Wars is fun
    I had a lot of fun with this game. The charactars are very fun to play with. The blaster people (ex.Jango, Royal Guard) are really good attackers because they are good at aiming but are not so good at defending. They usually have an ability to use their guns as grappleing hooks.The lightsaber charactars (ex.Darth Maul, Mace Windu) are good at both attacking and defending. All of them except Greivous can use the force. BEWARE. Gonk droids may be indestructable but have no purpose what so ever. I really don't like a level called Gunship Cavalry. At some point in it you have a time limit and if time runs out you automaticly blow up in your gunship. If you get all the miniikt pieces in any level you get tons of blue studs. (This is good) If get true jedi status in every single level you get a superkit which unlocks some of Episode Four. Whats cool is that you can have two people playing at one time. You start out in Dexter's Diner where you start out as Qui Gon Jinn. Over time you can collect lego extras and more people. Also, you can enter in a code for a specific charactar and then buy him/her/it. You have to beat Episode 1 Negotiations to unlock Episode II and Episode III. If you are being overwhelmed by an enemy attack press and hold the attack/defend button....more info
  • Workaround for problem with OS X install to non-admin users
    [Copied here from a blog post of mine as this will be of interest to any OS X user buying this game]

    I really dislike buying desktop computer games. The software quality is poor, and the vendor support is usually lousy.

    Unfortunately my 9yo prefers Mac games to Wii games, so when he's earned a big incentive for overcoming a real challenge, we end up with another OS X game.

    It's just as well there are so few of them.

    The latest problem came with Aspyr's Lego Star Wars (DVD) (Mac) (2005). After I'd installed it my son couldn't play. It started up oddly, with a long video loop. A key press produced a gray screen, then the loop resumed. Finally it crashed.

    So what was the problem? There's nothing like this on the Aspyr site and the only update patch is a long delayed and apparently troublesome fix supporting native execution on Intel Macs. I was running the game on my PPC G5 Mac.

    I suspected a security/privileges bug. Game vendors, who usually outsource development to very junior engineers in international markets, rarely bother with security models. They build to the usual XP assumption (everyone runs as admin) then port the game to OS X.

    Sure enough, from my admin account the game worked. I suspect the game tries to write to the Application folder. That's a no-no. Non-admin users on my system, including my usual account, don't have write privileges in the global Application folder.

    I could have reinstalled to the user-specific application folder, but then the other kid accounts on the family machine would need their own installs. Since Leopard gives more control over permissions, I could have installed in a folder that everyone could write to.

    In our case though I have an external drive with open space. OS X doesn't enforce permissions on external drives, so after installing there everyone could use it.

    PS. On my G5 the game defaulted to lowest resolution. I set it to the penultimate resolution and it worked find and looked MUCH better....more info
  • Great game
    |My son loves this game. It works well with Mac. I like the game because it is good clean fun. ...more info
  • A good distraction
    Okay, so I would've given this game three and a half stars, but I had to bump it up to four... oh well ;-) Anywho, I would say most of all that this game is a good distraction. Huge Star Wars fans (of which I am a party to) will really enjoy the details and references and the unlockables in this game - which will allow you to finally get to a point where you can kill Jar Jar Binks in the fighting mode (snicker, snicker...). The game play is simple and easy, yet there are definite problems with some of the controls and camera angles, which are OFTEN jerky and awkward, causing repeated falls down cliffs and blaster shots to the plastic behind, dropping down your cutesy little life hearts to zero before you can even turn to face your stubby attacker.

    Altogether, the cute little figures and neat-o weapons and unlockables (including droids! oh, dozens and dozens of useless droids...) fail to really make up for the crappy gameplay. I would say, if you're a Star Wars fan, shell out the forty and pick it up for a nice 3-5 hour distraction. If not - well, then, don't....more info
  • way too much
    When you first open up the game it is a thrill. THe kids love identifying their favorite characters and the sounds are the genuine article straight from the movie's soundtrack. But the game gets complex quickly and the frustration level soon rises. Add to that the ease of use and the constant presence of enemies and the kids end up spending way too much time just in fights. And what kid can resist a light saber? The net benefit of this game is minimal. ...more info
  • Great game for all ages
    If you'd like a game that you can play with your young child at the same time this is a great one. My son is four years old and he absolutely loves this. Characters never die so you can play as long as you like. It also has challenges for the adults. It's cute while also action packed. Clearly, this is not a game for the hardcore gamer but a lot of good fun....more info
  • Very pleased
    I loved the game. Some challenging things to figure out, kind of. I do not have a lot of time to play games and so this game was nice because it didn't require a billion of hours of practice to be good at it, all you have to do is play it, which was really nice. Very simple controls. Great game!...more info
  • Review for the Alaska Apple Users Group
    Star Wars is undoubtedly one of the most popular fantasy franchises in the world. Legos are certainly some of the most successful children's toys in the world. So what happens when you put popular fiction together with famous building blocks? Pure enjoyment, that's what!

    Lego Star Wars renders the people, places, and events of the Star Wars prequel films in a block-built universe. With an aesthetic that leans heavily on actual Star Wars Lego kits, the game closely follows the epic plot of Episodes I, II, and III.

    Everything starts in Dexter's Diner, a locale that received brief attention in Attack of the Clones. There you can or interact with all unlocked characters, select levels to play and replay, or order up extras, codes, hints, and more at the counter.

    As you progress through the chapters of each episode, you unlock new characters and collect hidden Lego part canisters and Lego "bits". The parts come together to form mini-kits and collecting sufficient bits in each level gets you parts for a super-kit. When completed, each kit resembles one of Legos real Star Wars offerings. If you head outside the diner you can even examine the kits you've collected in the parking lot.

    There are several main character types with different skills. Jedi can deflect blaster bolts and use the force to manipulate Lego blocks and push enemies. Blaster-equipped characters can use their grapple guns to reach out-of-the-way locations. Droids can open special doors and are immune to attack.

    Some characters even have unique abilities. Jar Jar Binks can jump higher than most. Astromech droids like R2-D2 can deactivate other droids and fly for a short time. Sith like Darths Maul and Sidious can use the dark side of the force to manipulate some objects that jedi cannot.

    The variety is important because progress often requires the combination of different character. What's more, many of the mini kit pieces can't be reached without replaying levels using different characters than originally intended.

    Some of those puzzles are challenging, so you'll probably appreciate that you can't really die. When the last of your hearts is taken from you, you'll simply explode non-violently into a pile of Lego components. You'll suffer a penalty in bits lost, but you'll immediately regenerate at the same spot. This keeps the momentum of the game going no matter what.

    The ability to have a second player join and drop out at any time helps a lot too. Some parts of the game are easier with just one player but most are more fun with two. The game lends itself to teamwork and demands problem solving which is easier with two heads than one. Though this feature is harder to take advantage of on the Mac than on consoles, it's still an awesome innovation.

    Though this Mac port has a lot of advantages over the console versions - such as better graphics and much faster load times - control is not one of them. If you don't already have one, this is a game worth buying a controller for. It's less expensive than most games, so you should have enough left over to pick up a console adapter or a USB game pad.

    Other than that, the game is awesome and incredibly addictive. It's a lot of fun for gamers of all ages. It's easy enough for kids to win, yet it poses challenges even to adult players. Here's hoping that the Episode IV teaser at the end is a sign that a sequel covering the original Star Wars films is on the way!...more info
  • Lego Star Wars for Mac by aspry
    Does not work on a normal G4 iMac. Must have a G4 PowerMac or better. Recommended is a G5!!!...more info