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Logitech 961400-0403 Quickcam for Notebooks Deluxe
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $18.90

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Product Description

When you rely on your notebook PC to communicate with business partners and family, it's critical to use high quality, reliable accessories. You want a hassle-free experience... but you've also got an eye for cool design. The Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Deluxe offers just that: powerful, sophisticated functionality wrapped in one slick package. You get crisp VGA video - perfect for video IM and the latest video calling services - and smart optics that handle low light situations with ease. And there's no need to sit tight: the QuickCam for Notebooks Deluxe has Logitech's unique, intelligent face tracking that keeps you in the picture without the distracting image jumps that plague other cameras.

  • Enjoy high tech style that¡äs super functional underneath
  • Stream high quality VGA video for business, family, or play
  • Add live video to your favorite instant messenger - MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo! Messenger, and Windows Messenger
  • Speak and be heard with the integrated microphone; no extra parts to connect or lose
  • Upgrade to video calling and take your Internet communication to the next level

Customer Reviews:

  • Need Macam to use it with a Mac
    I use this with both a PowerBook G4 and a Dell Inspiron. It says it doesn't support OS X but once I installed macam ( it worked perfectly. Logitech support told me that the Quickcam Deluxe for Notebooks (note confusing reordering of words in the name) supports OS X....more info
  • great product
    product was received in record time and was a great price love this cam was also very easy to install...more info
  • Must Have
    Excellent, inexpensive & works fine with Windows Vista & Skype. Very happy my communication problems have all been solved. ...more info
  • Good value for money
    I was looking for a webcam to use for chatting with my mother. I wanted an affordable, reasonably priced webcam that does it's I bought this one.
    I had some minor glitches computer hangs and shows black screen after using the webcam with voice while chatting. I have to remove my battery and unplug the power cord of the laptop to restart or reboot. Luckily, I'm a little bit of a techie, so I just did a little research and found a way how to fix the problem. I haven't encountered the same issue since then. ...more info
  • Good value for money
    I was looking for a webcam to use for chatting with my mother. I wanted an affordable, reasonably priced webcam that does it's I bought this one.
    I had some minor glitches computer hangs and shows black screen after using the webcam with voice while chatting. I have to remove my battery and unplug the power cord of the laptop to restart or reboot. Luckily, I'm a little bit of a techie, so I just did a little research and found a way how to fix the problem. I haven't encountered the same issue since then. ...more info
  • notebook cam
    I can't get the webcam focus corrected,and the image remains too blurry to even identify who it is. After trying several times to use the webcam I gave up and put it back in the package. ...more info
  • Good picture, but lousy clasp
    I purchased this Quickcam for Notebooks Deluxe as a gift for my parents who wanted to do video conferencing with me. The webcam arrived very soon as promised and was easy to set up. Also, the picture and audio quality are very good.
    However, I have taken two stars away from this review as the webcam doesn't hold well on the LCD screen of my parents' Toshiba Satellite laptop, which has a LCD screen curved at the top. While other webcams (with a clip clasp) hold it easily, this one is very dicy. They have to be careful everytime they move the laptop even slightly, to be sure that it doesn't fall off! Moreover, the webcam lacks a lateral tilt, which means that the user has to mount it in the center of the LCD screen and then sit exactly in front of it to make sure he/she is in the center of the frame.
    Overall, the product is good, but I would ask my friends to prefer other better webcam models for notebooks by Logitech for their personal use....more info
  • Quickcam for Notebooks Deluxe
    Even though this seems to be a good basic webcam I can only give one star because the software for this webcam really slows down my computer. I tried it on three different laptops with the same disappointing results. I ended up uninstalling the software and don't even use the webcam now....more info
  • Good camera for the price
    The camera has a fair image, but WHAT I could ask for this price.However, the integrated microphone is not good. You plug your camera and suddenly, the sound starts coming back (weird feedback) with annoyng sounds. I tried everything to fix it, but ended up bying a external microphone, which I did not want. That is why I will give 3 out 5 start to this camera. ...more info
  • very good deal
    I have bought this Quickcam for my husband and I am really happy about my purchase. The video quality is good and no problem with it.
    Very cheap and good quality.
    ...more info
  • Out of date camera sent
    When I installed the camera and its software, I had problems with sound and picture on Skype. When I contacted Logitech, they checked the serial number and found that I had been sent a camera and software that was made in 2005. It was completely out of date,and and after 2 hours with Logitech, they were able to install current software that worked. I still have problems with the picture. Don't buy a camera from this seller!...more info
  • Terrible image
    You get what you paid for!
    I saw all the good reviews and thought that maybe technology went down in price and can offer a good camera for that price.... not such chance. The image is terribly grainy, I can hardly recognize myself on the screen, it's that bad. ...more info
  • Great little camera!
    Wow, this camera is even smaller than I expected. It works well. The manual focus takes some getting used to, but overall it's a great little camera for the price....more info
  • Great Web Cam with High Quality Output
    This is a great little web cam that I primarily use for Skype Video calls. When one uses Skype, one can not only see the other person's video but their own. Nine out of ten times, my video quality is superior. The web cam shoots live video, records video on your hard drive, or takes a snap shot. Installation is easy. There is nothing that I do not like about the camera. In addition to all the automatic bells and whistles of the web cam, the lens can be manually focused for fine tuning. The only hitch that I have had is figuring out that the base of the web cam spreads toward its back so that it will fit on my laptop. I have a Lenovo T61 and it is somewhat of a tight fit and I'm somewhat of a Klutz which doesn't make for easy installation....more info
  • Great Webcam for 23$
    The webcam is cool, small, portable, with high quality picture and good light adjustment software. I buy it for 43 and got 20 rebate so I think it worths. But if I have to pay the full price, I may rethink.

    The webcam is designed to attached to the notebook only. You cannot place it on the table. You cannot adjust the angle much either....more info
  • good small camera for your laptop
    I really like this camera. The price was right, the quality very good and easy for me to set up and use. I use this often and have for months without a glitch. All good....more info
  • quickcam
    Logitech 961400-0403 Quickcam for Notebooks Deluxe
    nice camera, pictures are clear from close up to about 10 feet away. easy installation. ...more info
  • Not a bad webcam for the price.
    I bought this webcam mostly because of the price, and the fact that it is a logitech, which is a pretty decent company. One thing I really like about the webcam is that it is flat, and comes with a case to store it in when not in use. It takes up less room than some of the round versions that I have seen. My sister in law wanted one too, so I wound up buying two of these and I am very happy with it's results.

    I did read alot of the reviews prior to buying and installing the webcam on my computer. I am running vista home premium, and I took the advice of others and went to Logitech's website and downloaded the drivers right from their site instead of using the install cd. The newer driver is 11.5 and the cd (being from 2006) has version 10.5 Installing the drivers was easy and the rest of the install went well.

    I read some reviews of people having issued with windows crashing. Ok, I had it happen once, and this is what I was doing. I had yahoo messenger open and the webcam running and being viewed, while having the Quick Capture also running, which is what you use to send video emails and use the webcam to take pics. If I don't have the Quick Capture running during the messenger webcam application, there is no problem at all.

    The other thing that is very cool is the integrated microphone, and only one plug to hook up the whole thing. When using the webcam along with yahoo messenger, and using the call feature on yahoo (which is free pc to pc calls all over the world by the way), you can see and hear the person that you are talking too, no matter where they are. Of course, the video is a little slower than the voice part, but for $24.00 are you really gonna complain?

    Some mentioned about the cam being difficult to attach to the laptop. I have a compaq, and the top is rounded off. It would prob help if the arms that hold it were a bit longer, but with using the rubber add on piece on the back, it works pretty good. Also, the back of the holder is spring loaded, so if you need to put it on a wider screen, simply spread it and hold it with your fingers before you slip it on.

    Hey, thanks for reading this review, and I hope you all the best in your purchase.

    I am very happy with the purchase of this webcam, and would recomend others to buy one too.
    ...more info
  • Impressed
    This product is exactly what it says it is. The picture quality is pretty impressive for such a small camera. I have read many who dislike the clip but it fits fine on my Dell 1505 laptop. I would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • My Best Webcam
    This is the best of three webcams that I own. It has great resolution, easy to use, portable and fits easily and securely on my laptop. No disappointment at all with this item. Great value and makes me smile....more info
  • Good deal
    The camera is a good deal! It does its job well and it is not that expensive. If you adjust the light and sharpness, it should work fine! Unless you are looking for an amazingly perfect picture, then the quickcam is good for you! I am satisfied and recommend it....more info
  • Good camera, small footprint
    Used this to keep in touch with family on business trip. Worked great. Detected backlights, poor lights, etc. Was able to use to connect with work as well. Clarity was good, not great - but for paying a total of $15 for camera and headset (per Amazon deal) - it's a steal.

    Recommend this camera if looking for a small footprint and easy to carry. Take along pouch is small and wallet size. Camera and "follow-me" link on software is good, but can get annoying with the constant resizing.

    Overall, recommend, especially at <$30 if you can get it.
    ...more info
  • Excellent web camera
    I am amazed with clarity of the picture.
    Works well with MSN Messenger, Skype and Yahoo Messenger....more info
  • Logitech 961400-0403 Quickcam for Notebooks Deluxe
    I am pleased with the product. I was looking for a basic camera. The Logitech 961400-0403 Quickcam for Notebooks Deluxe meets my requirements....more info
  • Supersharp optics, low light performance, best price / quality!!
    Call me a bit of a webcam aficionado but I keep on buying webcams in my quest for quality and performance (my familiy lives all over the globe and this is how we get to see each other). Nothing is more annoying than frozen pictures and / or grainy video.
    I own a Logitech Orbit MP, their former top of the line as well as:
    Philips Vesta (no longer produced, EXCELLENT optics though)
    Intel Pro (no longer made, the old 'standard')
    Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Deluxe (yes, I already own this one but it is so great I am getting another for my wife)
    Veo Connect )the first 1 megapixel USB 2.0 cam, a piece of JUNK)

    To cut to the chase: paper stats do not tell the story of whether or not a webcam is well built and good for webcamming. Case in point is the Orbit MP. I paid 130$ for that one and it is not of the same picture and framerate quality in webchats as the Notebook Deluxe.
    Nor are the other cams.
    The Notebook Deluxe works under extreme low lighting conditions and always delivers crisp video and high framerates. I can particularly recommend it with Sightspeed on a Vista Machine.
    Even thoough the stats may not look as good I assure you that this will surprise you with its quality....more info
  • Recommended for notebooks
    This is a great camera for the price. I use it with Skype and Google Talk, and previously have used it with MSN. I notice no difference between this camera and any others that are more expensive. It has an effective built in microphone.

    It nicely clips to the top of most notebook computers. If you use a docking station or don't have your laptop open, you'll need to find something else about an inch in width to clip it to. (Mine is on a picture frame next to my monitor when I use a docking station)....more info
  • Not for all Laptops
    The quality of the webcam is great, but it is not made for all laptops. I have a Dell Inspiron 1150. My Laptop is too thick to clamp the webcam onto. This was a gift given to me from a friend who is serving our country overseas. I greatly appreciate the gift. I have to try to figure out how to clamp the cam onto my computer inorder to use it, so I can communicate with him. It works great for him and this is why he bought this one for me....more info
  • webcam review
    I was excited about the webcam with all the great reviews. I was particularly excited about the built in speaker. The speaker is good part about this webcam. List of pitfalls I found so far

    1) I was showing my apt in the webcam. It froze couple of times. I used yahoo chat and google talk.
    2) It didn't capture anything when I pointed outside my apt. May be because it was cloudy outside?
    3) The self image was blurry. Didn't know if people on the other side had a clear picture.

    -H...more info
  • Good enough compared with usual webcam
    Logitech 961400-0403 Quickcam has high quality for normal dynamic image catch in MSN or SKYPE. I think the quality matches his price. For less budget guys, it's a notbad choice. ...more info
  • Easy to use!
    I am pleased with this purchase. For the price, it is extremely easy to use and the quality is great for my needs....more info
  • Not what I expected!!
    First of all I had to go onto the website for instructions on how to install the software and driver for Windows Vista users. Finally I got it up and running after about a half hour. The webcam didn't track hand movements very well and the video came out really blurry. My built in laptop webcam was much better in that regard. It's good for someone who stays still and just speaks into the video. The camera didn't fit on my laptop and kept falling off, which got really annoying. After a few hours of recieving this product it's now boxed up and ready to be returned....more info
  • crashes computer
    either I got a defective one or this webcam really sucks.
    It crashed my computer twice.
    Never using again...more info
  • Works well, (now that the software has been fixed)
    This little camera is working well now that I have finally got it working!
    When I used the installation software that came on the CD, it would crash my laptop (Windows XP Pro) each time I tried to use the web cam. The latest installation software available from the web has fixed this problem. So great camera, but watch out on the install!...more info
  • very disappointed
    This product does not work in any acceptable way with an Apple notebook. Had to return it. Only saw a very blurry image - not even recognizable.
    I had read a review saying it worked with Apple notebooks. Very disappointed....more info
  • Good camera for the money
    This webcam got decent reviews from other sources on the internet. The price was right and I didn't need a fancy webcam with features I would never use. I just wanted it to communicate with my son and daughter. It set up easily with SightSpeed and Skype.

    My only complaint is the clip that is used to attach it to your notebook. It isn't flexible enough to make a secure contact. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad and the rim around the screen is too thick for the webcam's clip.

    Other than that, it works fine....more info
  • Great camera, good price.
    I got this camera through a consumer reports website, it was one of their best picks. Fantastic image resolution!, I don't use it every day but so far it works great, although I had some problems between their software and the Windows Vista, I don't know which one is to blame. The camera it's a great product though....more info