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Logitech R-10 Speakers
List Price: $13.16

Our Price: $12.99

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Product Description

The Logitech R-10 2.0 speakers enhance your games, movies, and music. They offer optimal audio in a sleek, compact design and connect easily to PCs, CD and MP3 players thanks to a plug & play feature. Volume control and a headphone jack are conveniently located. The satellites are shielded to enable interference-free usage near a PC monitor or TV. 2-year guarantee. Full product support.

  • Product Type - Speaker
  • Localization - English
  • System Components - 2pcs system
  • Response Bandwidth - 70Hz - 20kHz

Customer Reviews:

  • Good speakers for the price
    I wanted speakers to listen to background music while I am working. So very low volume. And for this price, I think they are perfect. I don't play any games that might benefit from better speakers, and as far as music goes, I think you'd be hard pressed to have a PC match the quality of your separate stereo system. Good luck....more info
  • I've learned my lesson!
    I had to replace the speakers that came with my computer and didn't want to spend much money, so I bought these. It's been less than a year and they have stopped working. At first, I thought it was my computer, until I plugged them into another computer and had the same problem. It's as if there is a "short" when I first touch the outlet (for lack of better term), then it's dead.

    I didn't keep the box and I doubt it is worth my time to try to dig for the receipt which, unfortunately, is buried deep in my "toss it in" drawer, I'm just going to buy another brand/better product today....more info
  • It's gotta be the speakers????
    Up until I purchased these my portable DVD players sound quality was a joke. Now I find myself having to turn it down. This work great and sound great!...more info
  • Best Low Budget Speakers
    Using these speakers for my secondary computer. They work great and get pretty loud. Love Logitech!!!!...more info
  • simple speakers, no fills, surprising sound.
    great little speakers. i was surprised at the volume and clarity for the price. Good deal....more info
  • No bass to speak off
    The speakers sound much better than built-in notebook speakers, and they have OK sound but no bass to speak of. So: great for listening to talk radio and a violin converto, but bad for music with bass. The V-20 have much better bass playback.

    The previous el-cheapo speakers I had had unshielded cables. If I plugged them in, I could hear some FM radio station. These speakers have shielded cables and feel of reasonably good craftsmanship. For this price range, if you don't need to hear or feel the bass in your music, these are good speakers....more info
  • Great deal!
    They sound great (especially compared to my crappy laptop speakers), are incredibly affordable, have a decently long cord, and are still going strong after a year!

    ...more info
  • Disappointed
    When we received the speakers one of them did not work so we were sent another set. the sound quality was really good that is why I gave it at least a 2 star. with in a couple days one of the speakers stopped working but we continued to used them and now it's only been about two weeks and the volume button has become loose and the plug that inserts into the computer is also not working properly, I think there is a problem with the way the wire is attached to the plug thingie.
    These speakers seem to be cheaply made which suprises me becasue we have other Logitech products and they are very nice. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    Sound quality is extremely poor with these speakers. Sounds as if whoever is speaking is standing in the middle of an empty room. Fortunately, they came free with a computer I purchased, otherwise I would be standing in the return line!...more info
  • not bad for the price
    I wanted a basic speaker for my laptop and these are doing a decent job. Three annoying things are
    1- hissing noise when no music is going thru
    2- music does not great when the at high volumes
    3- short power cord
    Overall, not bad for that price!...more info
  • Not the best if you want temporary
    these speakers are OK if your just looking to have temporary sound on your computer but if you want to listen to some music don't even bother because the volume cant go high or else the sound breaks up so in conclusion these speakers are good for just temporary sound on your computer ...more info
  • good speakers
    I've had this speaker for less than 24hrs and for the price it was worth the purchase. I tried the speakers with my mp3 player and the sound was more than what I expected. I also watch movies on my laptop and I wanted the additional speakers for a louder playback. I am more than satisfied with my purchase. And the speakers also arrived a day earlier than I expected....more info