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Stronghold 2
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Product Description

Stronghold 2 gives players a chance to relive the glories of the first classic Stronghold game. Contruct mighty castles, protect your subjects from plagues of rats and be covered in honor. Players will see medieval life in all its forms, from festivals and jousts to drunken wenches serving their lord dinner. Fortify your citadel or leave it open, appease the peasantry or control them with fear & violence -- it's all up to you. Stronghold 2 is the most accurate depiction of siege-warfare and castle-life ever portrayed in a computer game.

  • Fight daring duels through castle keeps, over walls and inside great towers
  • All new troop units and seige equipment and now formations allow epic warfare
  • Look inside buildings and watch as medieval day-to-day life unfolds
  • Hold lavish feasts and spectacular jousting tournaments that bestow honor upon you

Customer Reviews:

  • despite some poor reviews, this game is awesome!!!
    when i first got stronghold 2, i wasn't expecting much. i had read many reviews from others after it first came out, and they said that it was a sad, sad game. however, when i started playing it, i realized what a thrill it is! unlike the 2nd game of Empire Earth (the original was one of the greatest games EVER), this game follows the same layout and scheme as the first two strongholds. the simplest way to say it is, it's Stronghold Crusader on crack. there are so many new things you can do in this game, and new opponents, and the soundtrack is FANtastic! they integrated the original 2 soundtracks and added to them! this entire game is simply pumped-up with new features and ideas, and i definately recommend playing it.

    *to address the "slow" problems, i have noticed a little lag on my older computer. that is, however, to be expected, as this is a new game. however, when i set the graphics setting to "low" it helps tremendously. i also (wierdly enough) notice little difference between the low and high settings anyway. ... also, i have an ATI x600 card on my laptop, and the game runs smoothely on it... not quite sure as to the earlier problem with ATI support. i don't even have the game patches yet either. make sure your graphics driver is updated, i have had that problem with other games before.

    **another note... if you are more of a war-based player, i suggest you go with the new Empire Earth 2 or something like that... this is a game where you have to have to have the economy in order to have the military. i LOVE that, but some do not.

    ENJOY!!...more info
  • Just Terrible
    I guess when it comes to computer games, sequals are always much worse than the original. They always take the novel, fun concept of the original, and ruin it by adding tons of complications to it. Thats the case here, more complex dosnt mean more fun.

    All the new features are ok in theory, but of course very few of them actually work the way they're supposed to. Even after patching to 1.2, sometimes i'll get piles of "gong" all over the castle, while my gong farmers just stand around doing nothing. The only fix for this seems to be deleting all my structures, and then starting over.

    The first Stronghold focused mainly on defense, with only a few attack missions. I found that to be a very nice change of pace, i dont recall ANY game that ever focused purely on defense before. Of course, the second one seems to mainly be an attack based game. The castles aren't nearly as strong as they were in the first one. Most siege weapons can destroy even the strongest castle in a matter of seconds (as well as your brave defenders now). But the gameplay and features of the game are moot points, the big problem is the game flat out dosnt work.

    The 3-d graphics suck, let's face it. I'm not really picky about graphics, but whats strikes me is that the graphics are very poor...yet the game runs like it's Doom freaking 5; lots of waiting times and choppyness. In fact, the game itself can take upwards of around 3-5 minutes just to boot up. This is on a high end gaming computer as well.

    What really upsets me though, is i tried playing the game all the way through, even though i didnt really enjoy it all that much. I got about halfway, and then suddenly the game just started crashing every 15 seconds on a particular mission. I wrote tech support, and after about a week of writing back and forth, their only suggestion was to reinstall the game. I did that, started all over, enjoying it even less this time and when i got to that mission again, i found it still crashed. As it is now, the game is completely unplayable, and i've given up. I really do feel as if i've been robbed of $40.

    All in all, i'm completely sick of companies that sell these games that they're not even finished building. This sort of thing really has dissuaded me from purchasing ANY pc games anymore. ...more info
  • Stronghold2 A look for a buyer/a kids veiw
    I own the 1st 2 stronghold games and am fully anticipating the upcoming stronghold ledgends game. For Parents with kids who want this game , but worry about the rating, all Stronghold games feature no nudity or gore or any other things taking up the world today! Blood is in this game, and at first you may stick your nose up, but it is not disgusting and rather unrealistic.
    For Adults and kids who want to know what stronghold games are like, i strongly reccomend the 3 games because they are fun due to

    . Castle Management
    . Medeival Warfare
    . Historicly Correct Castles
    . And Humor Among Other Things!
    I personnaly adore these RTS games and like some kids out there have parents that are skeptical, but this game is A OK!!!!
    *****!!!...more info
  • Stronghold
    My son really enjoys this game. It arrived in a timely manner, and in good condition....more info
  • Fan
    I loved the first Stronghold and the add on pack. It was simple to learn and more importantly it was fun. I purchased Stronghold 2 the day it was released. I had a lot of trouble loading it onto my computer, and I have tremendous slowdowns with the game. I don't have the very best computer, but it is new and in the upper end of systems as far as gaming goes. The game itself adds a few new things to the mix. I do like the fact that they give you a choice between a peaceful campaign or one that leans more toward battles. The game is a bit on the buggy side, so I would certainly say to head over to the publishers website to download the latest patch to get everything up to speed. This game could nose up to a 4 if they manage to correct all the problems....more info
  • Great first version, poor second version
    Thsi game is all over the place. All they had to do is add more castles and characters to the first version. Instead they changed the whole outlook. This is nothing like the first version which was great. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!...more info
  • Somebody really dropped the ball
    This had the potential to be such a great game. As it is, I'm just feeling ripped off.

    It feels like the development team was too rushed. Clipping errors are endemicyon my computer most of the buildings just look like random piles of triangles, and often you get a mysterious object floating across the screen (that's probably a piece of some object you shouldn't see). I've honestly seen students' graphics projects that looked better. This is even the case when I turned the graphics quality all the way up. I'd guess that they just didn't test it enough, with enough different hardware.

    Lag is also rampant. Much of the time it doesn't respond to your clicks, being busy (I assume) rendering the scene. The need for this is questionableythe graphics are comparable to those of games a couple of years old. (I think specifically of Warcraft 3.)

    If they could just fix these two things, it would be a much better game. But even with the latest patch (1.3.1), it just fails to be seriously playable.

    It seems to have worked fine for other people, but my system isn't very unusual (Win2K with an nVidia card). It's probably a [...]shoot as to if it'll work on your computer. I'm very disappointed, and will think twice before purchasing anything from these guys again....more info
  • a disapointing sequel
    when i bought stronghold 2, i was extremly excited. i own stronghold and the crusader expansion pack, and in my opionione stronghold was one of the best games ever. If you like ordinary RTS games, stronghold isn't for you. in order to get a swordsmen, for example, you need to: have a baracks for him to be made at, you a blacksmith to make the sword, you need wood and gold to build the blacksmith, you need a wood cutrer's hut to make the wood and you need a peasant to work at the wood cutter's hut. Than, the blacksmith need iron to make the sword, so you need an iron worker. in order to have extra peaseants, you need a hovel to house them, wood to build the hovel, and food to feed them. you need to sell excess goods to get gold, so need all the indusrtries to make the goods.

    As you can see, there are huge production chanes in this game.

    overall, i didn't really like stronghold 2. here is why

    They have both a peace and a war campaigne, so you can play wichever is more to your taste.

    they have 3d graphics, which some people might argue is better.
    (more on that later)

    more units and building, wich add another layer.

    not to expensive

    the 3d graphics don't add anything to the game. yes, they are pretty, but they just slow the game down. i had to buy a new graphics card for this game, and it still ran incredibly slow.

    every time you start the the game, the intitall loading time is almost always upward of six and a half minuets.

    on the peace campaigne, you can't load a particular misson, you can only load a saved game. For example, if you just lost mission 7,and you think it was because of something in mission 6, unless you save at the beginning of each mission, you can't go back. and it you didn't save before you died, youa will have to go all the way to you last save point.

    once you get to the fourth of fitth missions, they become imposible. missoin 4 of the war campaigne is impossible, but missio three is a sinch.

    also, the game just isn't fun. most of the the time you are just sitting and waiting for the woodcutter to chop the wood so you can build wahatever building you need for the goal.

    over all, if you are thinking of buying stronghold 2,don't. buy the originall stronghold, and if you have that, the crusader expansion pack....more info
  • Excellent Medieval SIM
    If you are looking for a great castle sim, with a challenging combat/siege warfare system, look no further. I'm a medieval history buff, and have always been interested in everything from combat to politics to feudal life. This game, while not perfect, is a fulfilling escape into the world of knights and barbarians.

    As far as hardware issues go, I have had none. My computer exceeds the recommended specs and I play with all settings maxed in 1600x1200x24 resolution (AMD Athlon 64 3500+, 2gb Corsair PC3200 RAM, PNY GeForce 6800GT). However I would not recommend that someone who has only the minimum or even recommended system requirements turn on all the eye-candy. Castle siege scenes can become quite demanding on both the processor and video card, but if you have the hardware it is quite beautiful and realistic.

    I haven't encountered any in-game bugs - at least none that have impaired my gaming experience in any noticable way. This seems to be a very well designed game, and although it may still be a work in progress, the foundation is there for a very fun, replayable game. The support staff and developers seem dedicated to continuing to update this game and provide help for users who encounter problems.

    I would highly recommend this game to anyone interested in historical sims, real time strategy, or castle wall demolition....more info
  • premature release results in tragic flaws
    Unacceptable performance for ATI Radeon 9x00, Radeon Xx00 cards. CPU, memory type and speed are irrelevant. This graphics engine has critical issues with non-Nvidia cards.

    There are menus and assets in the installation directory that do not appear anywhere in game. Several very basic gameplay bugs were not addressed until patch 1.2. Several bugs exist in campaign that if encountered will not allow you to finish subsequent missions. Less variation in game types than Stronghold: Crusader. Unreliable online play with frequent crashing experienced by many players. Stronghold 2 is clearly a victim of premature release without adequate QA testing.

    If you do not own a recent Nvidia card, I would not recommend purchasing the game before seeing how the demo performs on your computer.

    There still is no english demo, for good reason.
    German language version available here:

    I am a happy fan of Stronghold, Stronghold:Crusader and Space Colony, so I do not write this easily.

    Review update pending patch 1.3 and/or Stronghold 2:Conquest Edition...more info
  • Grandioso
    El juego esta fantastico, solo es que debes de tener mucha memoria de sobra en tu computadora por que sino no vas a poder disfrutar el maximo de las graficas, pero aun asi esta tan bien detallado que me parece increible que FIREFLY alla podido recrear con exactitud la epoca medieval tanto en cultura como en sociedad....more info
  • very disappointed
    I really like strategy games and managing an economy, and I was excited to try this game since it was described as a "castle sim." Unfortunately, the controls are clunky and it runs very badly on my computer. It crashes a lot and there are many annoying graphics bugs. I wish I had listened to the other reviewers and skipped this one....more info
  • Dont buy the game if you just have a realy bad computer.
    Everyone is saying its bad because it can load or it freezes alot ect. Overall I think the game is very good but alittle boring after awhile i dont have much to say but if you have a bad computer then simply dont buy the game. This is a recommended game for all those people who dont have slow computers or old computers.
    ...more info
  • Wasted my money
    Never before have I bought a game where I truly felt I was ripped off. I bought the game even knowing some of the negative reviews. Actually I cannot write an accurate review because the game never loaded for me. It kept erroring out after 3 attempts at installing I gave up and felt robbed....more info
  • If you're unsure about Stronghold 2 - then read this review FIRST!!!
    Okay, so this is the deal. I wanted to write the best possible review of this game BECAUSE of the horrible publicity it's gotten, that is in my opinion, ABSOLUTELY unfair. First off, I am a Stronghold Crusader fan since the first one came out and I bought it as a double CD along with Tropico by GameSpy. Then I bought the Stronghold Crusader CD which you can get at Wal-Mart for 10 bucks. It was the best game I'd ever played! The only thing that bothered me about that game was that the trees disappeared after several hours of playing and I always wished they had a night-view scene. Other than that I thought the game was flawless. Then one day while cruising the video game section at my local Babbages, I spotted the Stronghold 2 - newest edition to Stronghold Crusader. I read the box cover to cover but at that time it was like 40 something dollars so I opted to read the reviews on first. Boy was I disappointed. So much so I decided never to buy the sequel of my favorite game. :o(

    Then the other day I was browsing Wal-Mart again and saw that Stronghold 2 was now listed at $20.00 and I had just enough left from my unemployment check to get it. In reality I didn't expect much because of the bad reviews but boy was I wrong!!! This was like playing the old Sims and finally getting Sims 2 and being BLOWN away by the new 3D engine and the new graphics features of that great game. Stronghold 2 is absolutely the BEST upgrade of my all time favorite game ever. Why is it so good? I can't even name all the kewl things they've added but I'll give it a shot.

    So before I mention all that, let's get into the specifics of game play itself. Yes, I tried playing the game before I downloaded the patch and it lagged pretty bad. BUT then I downloaded the patch, some 62 MB of download off the Internet with a dial up connection that took about 3 1/2 hours (lol) but it was well worth the time. I realized the patch GREATLY improved the load time and the way the sim worked as a whole. My computer is just average compared to today's standards. I have a 1.8 Ghz Computer with 512 MB ram with 32mb video card. Very average. And btw, if a game's MIMINUM specs are a 1.4GHZ processor and recommended Ram is 512 - then figure it out guys. You need a pretty good computer to make this game work so stop F#^%# WHINING! This game plays GREAT on my pc and it's not a top of the line computer in ANY way. Not only that, but I created a castle and surrounding kingdom including EVERY option available - all the farming industries, churches, stone quarys, weavers mill, apple orchards, armory and all that that entails and the ONLY time my computer started to noticeably hesitate was when I pressed F1 and created a massive invasion to test the strengths of my castle. Another awesome feature unavailable in the original Stronghold Crusader.

    So that being said, the new Stronghold 2 is just absolutely unbelievable. The new 3/D graphics are UNREAL. Building a castle on a precipice surrounded by moving trees and water below with NO limit as to how you can build and where you can build really satisfied my creative side. Then the DETAIL of every aspect of this game is flawless. You can now see directly into the stone keep and zoom in to see the King and Queen feasting around a large table. This little servant dude delivers everyone's meals on a silver platter and then they eat and drink until they're totally wasted and stumble around burping. Then they dance around and it's major bonus points when it comes to your honor rewards. Then the queen goes back to her chamber and actually takes a bath while the servants wait on her. Come on now, how much more could you ask for in the detail department? The only thing noticeably different in the mechanics of the game is the gong, rat and crime factors. All you have to do is place several gong pits, falconer's stands and guard stands. Problem solved. It worked for me. And like the original Stronghold Crusader, the basic principle is still the same. Set up apple orchards and stone quarys first. Then develop tree mills and build your armies. They kept the original principle that made the first Stronghold Crusader such a success and at the end of my first game I had (without cheating - >:o{ ) $10,000 - 3 stockpiles full, a fully amassed army and every factory and industry available in the game. It was AWESOME! Not only that but they have more missions and scenarios than every before. Although my favorite thing is just building my OWN castle in the map editor and decking it out with every bonus available and then putting it in the free build mode and storming the castle with a large invasion. So cool to watch! And yeah, you can still build an awesome castle and surround it with enemy castles that will try and take it over as the game progresses.

    But the real perks for me are small things like the wide-angle view. You can even zoom into the small houses and watch the approaching armies. There's a Lord's kitchen with this lady and her two kids that sit on the benches waiting for the festivals. There's jousting tournaments with spectators that sit in the stands cheering them on. There are even detailed facial features on all the AI! My favorite though is hanging out in the torturer's guild and watching the villagers get put up on the rack or beheaded - so kewl - lol. Once again the ONLY thing I wish they had in this edition is a nighttime view like the latest edition of SimCity4.

    So if you're hesitating about getting this game - don't. And don't expect to play it on a 500 MHZ computer or even a 1.0 Ghz because it won't work. And yeah, I'm gonna get a new computer just to play this awesome game...

    Thanks Firefly for all your great work!!!

    Lord Mitchell

    ...more info
  • 40$ Down the Drain!
    I bought this game only recently, and what do you know, it doesn't work! I meet all of the requirements and have gone to every possible measure to make it work, but it it just a piece of junk! If their software is terrible enough that it doesn't even work, I don't even want to know what the game is like!...more info
  • Great game!
    I love this game as I have all the Stronghold games. I like the fact that I can turn up or down the graphics quality to fit my system. This is a good idea because if you have a power rig you can take advantage of the great graphics and if you have a standard up to date system you can turn the graphics down and still play the game. I run this game on the middle graphics setting and still run into a little lag from time to time mostly with big battles. My system is an Intel 2.8g OCed to 3.2G, 512mb ramm with an Nvidia Geforce FX-5900 graphics card. I do turn off all of the extra programs that are running before I play Stronghold 2.

    I did not have any trouble installing this game and I have played for hours straight without a problem with Version 1.2. I will admit that I have had a few game crashes that could have been this game but a few times it might have been something else in my system that triggered it.

    I have completed both the economic campaign and the battle campaign plus a few of the king makers and the only bug that comes to mind is the one when I try to drag a box to select troops and it does not pick up. This does not happen all the time though.

    Bottom line is I love this game. I like watching the people make wine by jumping up and down in the vat of grapes and watching the dogs from the hunting camps bring the birds to the granary. I really like this kind of detail. And for those of you that like laying siege to a castle there have been times when I would pull out a few catapults for an enemy castle instead of using ladder man just so I could watch the stone wall fly apart and the soldiers on the wall go flying right along with the pieces of wall. I am glad I bought this game.
    ...more info
  • blek
    wow, i just bought this game from best buy on a whim. i loved the first stronghold, and strong hold crusader. i just dont know how they went so wrong on this one. it is completely user-unfriendly. the game itself takes somewhere between 5-10 minuits just to load, and the game play itself, not so great. gone is the custom game plays where you can just play a random map with enemies. build your own city, etc. the game-play is slow, and hard to follow. the units are frail, and easily killed. and the fortress's just arent as fun to create. in other words, save your fourty bucks, and buy the cheaper, more fun first versions. STRONG HOLD 2 BLOWS THE BIG ONE!...more info
  • Fun, but flawed
    Overall this is a very fun game, but it suffers from some bugs. There are two parts to the game. The first is really just an extended tutorial that shows you how to build up and manage your castle. I found this part kind of boring. The second part is where you defend your castle and attack others. This is when the game got fun for me as I explored different strategies. Unfortunately once I got good at the game, it became too easy to outwit the very stupid computer opponents. For example, on one of the missions I had to defend my castle from a large squad of invaders. The definition of success was that my lord stayed alive and all of the attackers were dead. Even if the computer destroyed all of my castle and all other units, as long as my lord stayed alive I would win. So as an experiment I literally did nothing to protect my castle and let it got completely overrun. I left all of my defenders where they were when the mission started without issuing any orders and watched as most of them get slaughtered. Then when the bad guys came for my lord, I just had the lord run in circles. They followed him all around the map, but could never catch him. All the while my handful of remaining archers on the walls managed to shoot and kill dozens of heavily-armored knights who were ignoring the archers. I also could lead them to walk over and under traps.

    * Low cost ([...])
    * Good sense of humor
    * Great 3-D graphics
    * Nice balance of making your people happy and making them your slaves
    * You can build and issue commands while the game is paused
    * It's fun to build castles
    * It's fun to defend you castle
    * It's fun to attack other castles

    * Too short
    * High system demands
    * Non-combat missions can be boring
    * Very stupid computer opponents (they often don't realize they are being attacked and just stand there and let you kill them)
    * Estate system doesn't make sense (there is rarely any reason to take over another estate since you can't effectively use its resources)
    * Serious bugs where you cannot produce certain resources under certain circumstances (for example, it sometimes would not let me make bread or wine), which kept me from being able to complete one of the missions...more info
  • Stronghold 2
    I liked this title. Simulated siege warfare is always exciting, especially when the graphics are tuned enough to communicate the particular brand of chaos and action inherent in medieval conflict. And I've always enjoyed the idea of building a massive fortress.

    In Stronghold 2, the object of the game is to build up a castle and, in some modes, to build an army and overwhelm your enemies' castles. The focus in the game on both of those things, really, and not one over the other. You have to pay attention to your settlement's economy. Is there enough food in the granary? Enough variety? How do the peasants feel about you? Are they happy or sad? Should you lower your taxes, or just build an inn and a brewery to make the peasants not care?

    These considerations are not unimportant, because if you manage your castle badly enough, peasants will start to leave. This means no one will be working your orchards, and there will be no one to recruit into your military. In other words, your development halts completely.

    Once you've built a semi-stable economy, you can concentrate on your military. You'll want to build walls early for protection. These can be anything from simple wooden palisades to triple-thick stone behemoths. Once you have the walls of your castle built, you can fortify them with several different tower designs. Don't forget to send archers up the towers. They can achieve incredible range if placed correctly, and will devastate enemy troops who aren't wearing metal armor. For metal-clad foes, stick a ballista or two on your towers as well, then watch the fun when someone comes too close as a three-foot spike is launched at them your tower-mounted Barry Bonds-like crossbows.

    In this game, the best offense really is a good defense. Make your castle an impregnable fortress, and you can take your time preparing sorties against the enemy.

    There is a wide range of unit selection, and each has a situation in which they excel. Thieves infiltrate the enemy castle and steal gold for you from their treasury. Assassins (incredibly useful) use grappling hooks to scale castle walls and open gates for your troops. Swordsmen and Knights are tough to bring down thanks to their armor, and make excellent front-line troops. And if you manage to run a unit of Crossbowmen up an enemy tower, they will dominate the entire courtyard below with their bolts.

    Fighting a large-scale siege is a singularly thrilling experience. Watching several hundred individual units charge a wall, set up ladders, and climb up to do battle with defenders all under a withering hail of arrow-fire and ballista bolts is incredibly fun. You feel sort of like a warlord from ages past when you give your swordsmen the order to charge and hear them roar a battle cry as they run.

    Set up a few trebuchets for some real action. Imagine those swordsmen charging while boulders fly over their heads, smashing into walls, spraying chunks of stone in every direction and sending wailing archers head-over-heels through the air.

    But wait. If warfare isn't your thing, would this game hold any allure for you? Sure!

    There's a whole campaign dedicated to castle life rather than siege warfare. And while combat still has a role, it's rather limited. In this campaign you'll be more concerned with keeping rats out of the settlement or providing enough food to keep a neighboring ally's peasants alive, or reducing the local wolf population.

    I found this campaign to be just as fun as the combat-oriented one. The peasants are funny, and their working animations are interesting. Curious onlooker-type gamers will find themselves following around individual peasants to see what they do, and what they say while doing it. For example, vintners make a subtle Kids in the Hall reference while stomping grapes: "I hate grapes. Hate 'em. I'm crushing you, grape. Crushing your head. Die, die, die." And since all those who share the same profession look alike and have the same voice, it's only natural every now then for them to break the fourth wall and comment "Do you ever get that feeling of deja vu?" Tax them too highly, and they'll complain when you click on them. Feed them double rations, and they'll laud your generosity.

    If you like siege warfare, or castles in general, or realtime strategy games, or simulations--you'll probably enjoy this game. The only quibbles I had with it were a paper-thin story and a rather un-customizable multiplayer experience. ...more info
  • fun but wish it was better
    I love this game and have spent a long time playing it. I love that I have to manage castle life and build a military at the same time. I actually wish that I had more castle responsibilities, and activities.
    Here are the things it needs to be 5 stars.
    1. I want to be able to play a multi team vs. the computer. As far as I can see I can only play people online. That sucks.
    2. I would like to have a difficulty level to choose from, easy, med, hard, hardest. When you are new to the game it is frustrating because it seams too hard, when you get good at it, it seams too easy.
    3. I would like to be able to read my stats at the end of the game. You know like how many military units I killed, how much gold money, honor, food, weapons total. When you win that is it. Victory, done, I like to see what I accomplished.
    4. I wish there was some options for upgrades.
    5. I wish it had information on my military units, like how powerful they are, or weak or the level of their armor, how great is their attack, what they are strongest against. I would also like to know how much damage/protection the pits, dogs, and other military protection can do and also know their weaknesses.
    6. I wish when I play a single player game, I could be one of the other opponents.

    Ok, how about this. What I want is for the makers of Age of Mythology and Age of Empires to make this game, then it would be perfect. Because the overall idea of Stronghold is great.

    I still really like it. But I find myself really longing for some of these features.

    I think it is really funny that you can catapult a dead cow, and it is all gross and smelly. The comments from the peasants as well as the military are really funny.
    ...more info
  • coastfire
    This game is more of the same if you own Crusader or Stronghold. The major difference of the aformentioned games is that they are playable. Stonghold 2 has many problems the major one is the constant lockup or freezing of game play. Don't waste your money....more info