Swann Telephoto Lens
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Product Description

Swann Telephoto lens will increase the viewable distance of your miniature video camera, such as a Swann Audio SpyCam, Swann DIY Security MiniCam, or Swann's TV Camera Observation System. Simply unscrew the standard lens (a) and screw on the Telephoto Lens (b) for long distance viewing.

  • Easy to use camera accessory
  • See close-up - indoor, outdoor, transactions, important details
  • Comes with lens adapter to fit large & small cameras
Customer Reviews:
  • Swann Telephoto Lense
    Were stuck with something that does not work.

    It was new in its package but it did not perform the job it was supposed to do.

    This is one product I would reccomend seeing at the store before purchasing it....more info