Swann SW-P-HGA Wireless Network Booster
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Product Description

The Swann Fish Eye Lens will increase the viewable angle of your miniature video camera up to 150 degrees. Designed to fit 12mm 'board' and miniature cameras the Swann Fish Eye Lens is ideally used with the Swann TV Observation System, DIY Security Cam, SecuraCam, Audio SpyCam and more.Use the lens to see more than ever before including the whole office, an entire car park, the showroom floor plus more.

  • For wireless cameras and WiFi receivers
  • Double the range of your 2.4 GHz wireless products
  • Yagi Antenna multiplies the output power of your unit, allowing it to transmit greater distances
  • Increased reception through walls, buildings etc.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
Customer Reviews:
    Told by Swann Tech Support that their 2.4 Ghz wireless camera inside an average house would need a booster antenae to eliminate the interference. Bought this antenae and still got interference, so I called tech support and was then told their wireless camera system is not labeled correctly and it is unsuitable for use inside or in an urban area, because it gets interference from cell phones, microwaves, wireless phones and cable television. Swann tech support lied about needing this device, and it did not help at all to avoid interference or get a better image....more info
  • I don't know how much differance it makes.
    picture still comes in a little fuzzy. I'm not sure the booster makes any differance...more info
  • Network Booster
    This item did not work out for me and I would like to send it back if possible....more info
  • Disappoint
    We still unable to installon the roof the antenna because looks like need to conect a receiver, and I can't find on your site, and the antenna doesn't come with any instruction.
    Can you help us with that?
    ...more info
  • Swann SW-P-HGA Wireless Network Booster
    Did nothing to improve my indoor reception,don't waste your money....more info
  • network booster
    Money wasted. I don't see where this helps at all. Reception isn't any better with or without it....more info
  • not needed at all
    The antena is not at all helpful. it does not improve the range significantly. It may be helpfull when using one camera only as it improves when pointing directly to the camera but still not imroving the reception noticably....more info
  • Swann SW-P-HGA Wireless Network Booster
    Unit boosted signal strength when attached to my network card, but failed to boost when attached directly to wireless sending unit, and actually produced reduced signal. Did not meet up to expetations...more info