Swann Bulldog Security Camera
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Product Description

Do away with the cables between wired security cameras. Use the Wireless Converter to transmit any video signal on powerful 2.4GHz up to 100m / 330 feet. Perfect for 'hard to get to' locations.

  • High Resolution - 420 Lines
  • Color Video Capture
  • Robust Metal Casing
  • NTSC/PAL Format Support
  • 1/4 CCD
Customer Reviews:
  • good camera, exceeded specs
    I installed this camera on the roof in September 2007, and it still performs well after a hard winter. The specs say it will work down to 32 degrees (f), but if worked well even though we had numerous days below zero. it never seemed to be bothered by the brutal winds or temps.

    The camera had exposure to snow and rain, and more snow, and now rain rain rain rain and freezing rain!

    the camera is shielded from the north wind, and sits approx 3 feet under a small overhang, but the lens of the cam is not protected by this overhang.

    I recommend this camera for security recordings. Picture quality is good, night recordings are good. My application has low level street lighting which provide enough light to give me a clear picture of the activity.

    I haven't had to call for support, but I wouldn't expect gold star support for $100 cameras.

    the only problem I had all winter was a smudge on the lens. I was considering a call to the factory to demand a technician fix the problem on site, but a high-tech Q-tip solved the problem.

    The camera is connected a Dual-Tuner Tivo, and the tivo is tricked into thinking it is a satellite dish. I can still record regular shows on one tuner while the camera is being recorded on the other tuner. The schedule is setup to record 1/2 hour "shows", every 1/2 hour. the recordings are deleted as needed by the Tivo to make space for new recordings. The fast forward ability of a Tivo allows me to view a summary of activity is seconds. That's a sweet setup. (Note: Tivo does not support this use. Their software update killed my first setup, and I had to find this work around. Tivo, Inc. has the right to do whatever they want to your Tivo - and they will)

    I just remembered: installation was a bit of a hassle because of the base which holds the camera steady via a very thin aluminum thumb screw. It broke very easily. The camera "head" is far too big and heavy for the base. (Think Bobble-head) I had to improvise the installation to provide a solid connection to the building. It was a hassle at the time, but the camera has been worth the money spent. Perhaps they've made the newer units with better bases?...more info
  • better
    I have been looking for a good baby monitor and none of them seem to have good reception and privacy. So I bought this camera to put in the baby's room and hook to our television in the bedroom and living room television. My wife loves it. Full color and night vision she can keep taps on the baby with peace of mind without inference and privacy concerns since it is hard wired and not wireless. You will have to drill a few holes to get set up and run some wire but its worth at the end. Been thinking about purchasing more in the future. (You will have to have a cheap baby monitor for sound.)...more info
  • Great Camera for the Money
    This Camera has great picture quality, good resolution, good range, crisp night vision, all at an affordable price and in a low profile. I have 3 of these in a 4 camera set up, and plans to replace the one off. I have been very happy with these cameras....more info
  • bulldog cam
    i found this camera to work very well, images were sharp and clear with good night vision compaired to others i have had in the past,i would like to see it come with a wide angled lens for more area coverage its a bit tight for the area i want to cover,i will see how well it works this winter as it gets much colder here then its rated for....more info
  • Excellent Cameras
    I'm using 2 of these cameras, 3 Q-See cameras, and 3 Sylvania cmeras. This camera has excellent daylight picture, and good night vision capability from 20-30 feet. The Sylvania cameras have good daylight pictures, but not quite as sharp as the Swann Bulldog. Stay far, far away from the Q-See cameras. They are advertised as having similar capabilities as these, but daylight picture is grainy, washed out, and extremely dark. Night vision was useless. I've got 2 Q-See 4-channel PCI capture cards, which work well....more info
  • Excellent product
    I can't testify to service or warranty from Swann but the product is great. I have installed five about six months ago and have had no issues. I am now helping a friend install four at his house. I tried the Swann Max Day/Night camera because it had 66ft for IR but it was no better than the Bulldog 33ft of IR. I would highly recommend the Bulldog....more info
  • Security Camera
    I am very happy with the Swann Bulldog security camera. It is easy to use and set up. I have it hooked up to my TV/VCR and I pop a tape in every night to watch my car which had been vandalized. I have it in my apartment window and I can easily park in 4 spaces and can easily view it. It's very clear. I can also adjust it if I am parked a little out of it's current range....more info
  • Swann camera
    very good day and very good night vision will buy another one ...more info
  • Great picture on this one
    The image from this camera is very clear and want to record all activity at the storage gates. think we need some way to tie all cameras together and still use for different type jobs....more info
  • Very pleased
    Bought this for my parents, to make it easier to see who was in their driveway and at the front door. Very good picture clarity! Would buy again!...more info
  • Does the job
    Infrared is bright. Does the job, but picture quality could be alot better in daytime....more info
  • Average quality, good value for its price
    The picture quality is ok and night vision functioned as expected. The camera's field of view was too narrow and zoom was too far for my requirements as a backyard camera. I had to twist off the lens cover, buy a separate wide-angle fish-eye lens to get the proper coverage. The picture quality suffered of course. I highly recommend that buyers understand how wide an area they need to monitor. Installation was simple and I'm glad that many CCTV cameras are using standardized 12V power cords and BNC to RCA connectors so any DVR/VCR system can be made compatible with a simple adapter....more info
  • Interesting toy, no support
    Interesting toy, no support. When first installed picture was great both during the day and at night. Picture quality started to break down over time to the point that IR was all but useless. Replaced cameras and had same result. Installation is simple. Don't expect any support or warranty backup from Swann. Swann does not seem to be interested in taking care of their product and our experience was that they were grossly unprofessional. Even getting a phone call returned was a major task.

    PRO: Inexpensive, easy to install. Interesting toy.

    Con: Picture quality breaks down over time with IR mode worse than daylight mode. Don't try to ID anything from it as the picture quality is too poor. Don't waste your time trying to get support or warranty service from Swann.

    Having purchased these units and replaced them twice, if you are interested in any serious level of security or ID go to a better quality unit not Swann. ...more info
  • An outstanding camera for a bargain price.
    This little camera really surprised me, its got an incredible picture, so good its scary! I actually had someone watching over the internet while I was testing the 3 bulldog cameras I purchased and they were able to easily tell me what I had to eat for lunch by viewing my drinking cup which was about 15 feet away from the camera!

    It works very well in both normal lighting and low light conditions and hooks directly into the Swann PC DVR 4 Net so you can record or monitor it over the internet and also includes RCA adapters so you can hook it directly into a TV or DVR. For referrence, it was about $85 as of this review, but in my opinion, it is on par for quality with cameras costing much more.

    Bottom Line:
    An excellent camera for a bargain price! ...more info
  • SWANN Bulldog
    Now this is a fun little camera. It has great specs for its price, and is incredibly easy to install. I spent about an hour crawling through my tiny attic to run the wiring, but the rest was a cakewalk. This camera uses the CCTV connections, but includes an RCA adapter so you can hook it straight to your DVR or TV. I have 2 of these hooked up to a SWANN PC DVR for Net to provide security to my driveways, and they work great day or night. It surprised me when I got such great night vision footage from the very dim-looking red LED's in the Bulldog. The only downside I see to these cameras, is that you have to really crank the tensioner down tight to keep the camera from wobbling when brushed by wind. Overall, I am very pleased with the image quality, frame rate, and night vision of this camera....more info