Swann Night Hawk 2.4 GHz Wireless Outdoor Add-On Security Camera
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Product Description

2.4GHz wireless transmission to optional receiver / No cable installation required / Professional quality image / 330 feet signal range

  • Tiny camera can be concealed almost anywhere
  • Improved range & clear color video images
  • Receiver can be easily connected to DVR, VCR, TV, LCD Monitor or PC (With Capture Card)
  • Camera totally portable by connecting 9V Battery
Customer Reviews:
  • Wireless interrupts home network.
    The video quality is adequate for what it's for. I don't plan to make movies with it. I like being able to see the front and back of my house. However, the user manual is worthless. The biggest drawback is that the wireless cameras totally knock out my wireless home network. Laptops put next to the access point can't find a signal. It uses the same 2.4 GHz band as home routers. Swann said there is no solution, buy a wired system. Defeats the convenience feature, doesn't it? It could possibly interrupt your neighbor's as well. This must go for any other wireless system.

    I gave this product a low score because of the wireless network problem.
    ...more info
  • overpriced for what it does
    This camera is worthless. It's not worth the price. They all look the same and sell under different brands. The wireless signal is ok, it's the image quality that is as poor as it gets. Night vision is almost non-existent it's a joke. Works very poorly when it's bright out. This camera is worth no more than $20....more info
  • Swann Night Hawk Camera
    This camera dose not work with any other Swann Night Hawk camera this was no good to me....more info
  • I want to give this product five stars - Now I can give it 5 Stars
    This product worked better then expected. The pictures in day and night was crystal clear and the range was far better then on some of the reviews I read.

    So why only two stars? Because three days later, this camera stopped working. I had already trashed the packaging (my fault) and ran the camera for 24 straight hours. Other then that, I'd most definitly recommend this camera.


    I notified AMAZON that the product went bad and that it could've been my fault for leaving it on for 24 straight hours. AMAZON sent a replacement via overnight express. Very impressive. So now I give the product 5 stars and give AMAZON 6 Stars....more info
  • worst wireless camera system ever.
    it interferes with my wireless linksys system,it wipes it out despite changing network frequencies,I gave it away to a relative who does not have the same the same situation hopefully he will not have the same problem....more info
  • swann night hawk wireless security camera
    I had to return the entire system for a refund. The camera's came with a "warning" that electronic interference might occur. "Might" is putting it lightly. I have no devices under5.8Ghz other than the camera system itself. The poor reception quality was truly outstanding. After moving the camera closer and closer to the receiver (I got within three feet) the reception did not improve nor worsen. I suppose in ideal situations this might work out fine. I have a hardwired system now and am completely satisfied with the Swann hardwired cameras. Wireless, not this system....more info
  • not bad
    The system is nice, but it will wipe out your home network. I can't connect to my wireless network in any area that is near one of the cameras....more info
  • Poor range
    The camera is very rigid and can sustain outdoor operation. the Night vision is very good but the range is very poor....more info
    I had already purchased the camera and monitor and needed extra cameras. Signed up with Amazon . com and ordered two more cameras which give me fantastic coverage and viewing clarity....more info