Swann DIY Security Camera w/Bonus Wide Angle Lens (Color)
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Product Description

Swann's SWPDSCEX DIY Color Security Camera helps you keep your home secure, without costing your a small fortune. Hook this little camera up to your TV, VCR or Swann monitor for preventive security.

  • All-purpose video camera - for your home or business
  • Quality color images & audio for DIY monitoring
  • Plugs into any DVR, VCR, AV TV or Swann security monitor
  • Versatile bracket for easy wall/ceiling mounting
  • Lightweight & tiny in size for discreet surveillance
Customer Reviews:
  • Swann DIY Security Camera w/Bonus Wide Angle Lens
    This is a good camera for tight places. The wide angle lens could be a little more wide angle....more info
  • what you get is NOT what is pictured
    it is a small mini camera that is not in a housing at all.
    There is no housing with LEDs go to the swann website and you can see what you really will get.

    ...more info
  • SWANN Wide-Angle Cam
    This is a good all-around indoor camera. It uses an RCA connection, so if you are plugging into a DVR that uses the CCTV-style connection, you will need an adapter. I got the adapter at Radio Shack for a few bucks. The "wide-angle" lens was wider than standard, but a bit dissapointing for me. I got around this by moving the camera back until I could see what I needed to monitor. Overall, this is a great little camera for the price....more info