SM2000 Step Pedometer
List Price: $9.99

Our Price: $3.75

You Save: $6.24 (62%)


Product Description


  • Steps up to 99,999
  • Belt Clip
  • Cover to prevent resetting
  • Various Colors

Customer Reviews:

  • They are ok
    My kids are using them for a school project and they seem to work ok, but the reset button gets accidentally hit quite often while they are wearing them. It's a little frustrating to the kids. for the money, they're ok, as the kids tend to lose them too!...more info
  • pedometers
    The product is very small (1 1/2" X 1") and as stated has about a 70-80% accuracy. It took some time for the package to reach me. As for the price, you get what you pay for and this is no exception. ...more info
  • great!!! If you like to start over alot
    The price is right. However my kids were quickly disappointed when all of their steps were erased. The reset button is way too easy to hit. ...more info
  • not bad for the price.
    It serves its purpose and not bad for the price....more info
  • falls off and price almost doubled
    I purchased a few of these- being female don't usually have a belt to attach it to. It was sort of accurate while it worked BUT it falls off all the time (even when it seems securely fastened eg when lowering pants for um "biological" functions)- frequently breaking or falling off when not noticed (leading to loss in shopping center or....). A clip fastener would work better.

    Now I originally purchased b/c of low price and knowing I'd likely break/lose a few - went to purchase more today and for this and another low cost model I found price increase of 60-100% in 2 months. Definitely NOT WORTH the increased price = barely worth the original price....more info
  • Step In The Name
    Unit is good for the value. You get what you pay for. This unit gives me the need incentive in my quest to shed the pounds. I derive pleasure from people asking about the "blue thing" clipped to my belt. They can't help but notice the 4 notches I have tightened in my belt so the accolades far outweigh the intermittent inacuracy of this budget priced pedometer....more info
  • pedometer
    I brought this pedometers for my church"s walking program and we are not happy with them. My pedometer keeps falling off with a leach. Also,the biggest thing is that it keeps restting to zero. If I had to buy over again, I would not buy this pedometer....more info
  • CW Multifunction Pedometer
    This is a great product and cheap the only problem I had with it was that there is no cover and everytime I lean against something or put my seatbelt on the pedometer reset button was pressed....more info
  • Missed A Step
    I am the captain of a walking team and I purchased several of these pedometers as incentives for my team members. I wore my pedometer before giving the rest out just to test it. On the very first day, the pedometer lost count of my steps on three occasions, and by the end of the day, one of the buttons had fallen off. I do not feel comfortable giving these pedometers to my walkers. I should have invested a little more money per item to get the best value for my money....more info
  • good little pedometer
    I read the reviews for this pedometer before I bought two.
    They are simple to use and work rather well. They are very sensitive to movement, so it needs to be placed where you don't juggle.

    I wear mine on the back and it works great. My daughter wears hers on the front.

    You should have it attached to snug fitting waistband or belt for best results and accuracy. Again they are sensitive to juggling....more info
  • Easy for Senior Citizens
    This is the third time that I've ordered this product to use for my Senior Citizens group. It is easy for them to use. I will continue to use this product....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    I bought 2 of the pedometers. One worked, the other didn't. It was cheaper to throw out the odometer than pay the postage as required by the vendor....more info
  • Save your money
    Actually I rate -5 stars. This device is a piece of ........worthless junk (we are asked not to use profanity). Yes it was cheap, but with shipping, price doubled. Ten steps can be 20, 5, or 14. Very disappointed. ...more info
  • Get what you pay for
    These pedometers are great because you can track distance, calories, and steps but it is inaccurate uses a standard rocking mechanism to count. I ended up giving them to my kids and they think they are great....more info
  • Great Pedometer!
    I bought this pedometer because I walk to and from work everyday and I was curious how much I walk everyday! Working in a restaurant, you're on your feet all day walking! I was very surprised how many steps and miles I walk everyday!! It's a little I think it counted a few more or less steps than in actual...But for the price it gave me a very good estimate of walking I do!! I love this product!...more info
  • Meets its purpose
    The product worked okay for the price. We bought about 100 of the pedometers for a wellness event at the office. We had a few to break and several fell off and were lost. However, it met its purpose and worked fine for the reason we bought them. Would recommend for use of a large event but would suggest spending more money if you are looking for a pedomenter for personal use....more info
  • Replacement order of Multifunction pedometers
    Received the order of Multifunction pedometers to replace the single-function pedometers that were mistakenly sent. They seem just right.
    Many thanks,
    Carol Connolly
    Parish Nurse...more info
  • You get What you Pay For
    This pedometer is not very reliable. It is very inaccurate in its count. It counts a step at the littlest movement. I put it on counted out a hundred steps and checked it and it said 260. Just moving it to look at it recorded more steps. If you want something really accurate spend more money....more info
  • Great Gadget
    Wonderful Gadget. The cover helps prevent reset. Accuracy rating was right on at 98-99%. A little tough to open at first but does get easier with use. Highly recommend this model...more info
  • Cheap, Cheap, Cheap
    This pedometer is so cheap it isn't worth the $1.88 pricetag. Unless you want to cheat yourself, this is not the pedomter for you. You gain 20 steps just putting it on your pants, then walking to my co-workers desk five steps from mine I gained about 30 steps. By the end of my work day I had apparently walked 11,953 steps that I mostly acquired turning in my office chair, and I won't even go on to say how many steps you gain driving in your car. On top of all this, the company wouldn't refund me on the pedometers I ordered for my co-workers....more info