JBL Duet PC Speakers (2-SpeakerS, Aluminum)
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Product Description

If you're spending more and more of your day in front of a computer or game box, make it quality time. JBL Duet improves any multimedia experience with clear, accurate JBL sound, from an advanced 2-channel system that fits anywhere and connects to anything. Tired of using those headphones for your portable audio player at home, or need a small set of speakers for your computer? Well look no further! The JBL Duet Stereo Speakers from Harman Multimedia are lightweight and small, taking up less room and adding a futuristic design to match your computer or audio player! Frequency Response - 60 Hz to 20,000Hz 5K Ohms input impedence 60Hz-20kHz frequency response 80dB Signal to noise Proprietary Adverse Pressure Gradient (APG) port design greatly enhances bass performance for rich, low-frequency sound Each Speaker - Unit Dimensions - Width - 3.94 x Depth - 4.93 x Height - 7.3 / 3 lbs Consists of 2 Speakers Elegant and stylish Aluminum Finish 120 Volts AC Powered Harman Multimedia 1-Year Limited Warranty

  • The JBL Duet speaker system provides smooth and accurate sound for any portable music player or computer - PC or Macintosh / Also iPod friendly
  • Uses patent pending Tangential Strain Relief (TSR) technology. With TSR you get extra bass and lower distortion
  • Neodymium magnet creates more power and sensitivity. Duet also uses a proprietary port design which enhances the bass performance
  • With its incredibly easy setup and use, Duet is a sophisticated approach to achieving great two-channel sound
  • 12 Watts Total - 6 Watts per speaker

Customer Reviews:

  • Best computer speakers, I have bought.
    These are the third set of computer speakers, I have owned and they are the best so far. If you like clear and succint high pitched sound these speakers can give it to you. The sound is clean. My kitchen is large than the average and the sound produce by these speakers is more than enough to fill it up....more info
  • great speakers for the price
    I bought these speakers for new computer and monitor. I was unaware it did not come with build in speakers. Great sound, great price and nice look. Would higly recommend home computer speakers. ...more info
  • I LOVE these speakers.
    I absolutely love these speakers. Great, clear, full sound and pretty compact too. If you're not a picky music geek and just want a nice pair of speakers for your computer or iPod that plays out music nicely, at a reasonable price, look no further. I'm so happy about these. I can't get enough of them. I could just sit here and listen to my music all day....more info
  • Great speakers for your computer
    I purchased these speakers for my son. He wanted some speakers for his computer. He is very happy with them, they sound good and take up little space....more info
  • Great speakers but with some caveats
    As many other users have stated, the speakers sound great. Voices and music sound clear, and have noticeable bass.

    - The knob is slippery, so you probably don't want to adjust them that often. Use audio controls on your computers instead.
    - The speakers absolutely will not turn on without the power cord. On my old Sony SRS A37s, I could run them without power at the cost of bass and lower volume, but no sound comes out the JBL's at all. ...more info
  • Great speakers (JBL Duet PC Speakers )
    I bought this speaker from Amazon, after going through lot of reviews. The speaker works wonderfuly and I'm very pleased with the buy.
    ...more info
  • Speaking of speakers
    Plain vanilla but good, simple speakers for your PC. They sound fine. Cheaper than found in any of the "discount" stores....more info
  • Great full range speakers
    I bought a pair of these for my mom a while back. I must have heard them in a store because I already knew they had the most bang for the buck. I got a new laptop I use on my desk a lot and wanted to enhance the sound. I knew just where to turn. The silver speakers match all my apple gear and sound great. I live with a sound engineer and he was amazed at the sound that comes out of these little speakers....more info
  • Great Sound and Design
    These speakers were easy to set up, they sound great and look good as well.
    I use them for music and general web surfing. My only complaint is
    they must be turned off manually using the volume knob.
    I would have liked them to go off automatically when I shutdown my computer.
    Overall I would recommend them as an excellent value, quality built with a reasonable price.
    ...more info
  • Great match for our Mac Mini
    We needed some new speakers for our Mac Mini, and these have worked out great. Nice sound, and they don't take up a lot of space. Plus, the white matches the rest of the components....more info
  • Excellent Product!!
    I bought these speakers for my wife to use with our MP3 player in our kitchen. It is a smaller kitchen, and a under cabinet CD Player wouldn't fit, but these work perfectly. The sound quality is great (although I don't have much to compare it to), and they look really sleek. Excellent buy!...more info
  • They broke in about a year.
    These speakers stopped working after a year. It seems like they should have lasted longer than that. There are better sounding systems with sub-woofers available for the same amount of money. ...more info
  • Great Speakers
    JBL Duet PC Speakers (2-SpeakerS, Aluminum)
    Awesome speakers and do just what is needed....more info
  • JBL Speakers
    The pair of JBL Speakers we purchased are great! I like their appearance. They're white, & modern looking, & they are weighted in the base, so they're more stable, less tippy, than some I've had. And most importantly they do the job of being speakers for the computer. I'm not an expert at sound equipment, but they seem to work fine for our needs. Thank you....more info
  • Awesome little speakers!
    These speakers are incredible for their price. I was looking for a small, easy to store, but good quality set of speakers for my laptop and these fit the description perfectly....more info
  • Great Sound for the Money
    This purchase was one the best that I've made. Speakers have excellent sound quality and they look attractive next to my MAC. If you're looking for a pair of speakers that are inexpensive but high-quality, these are a good choice....more info
  • Computer Speakers
    JBL Duet Speakers, White
    The delivery was prompt and the item satisfactory for my needs. Thanks for your concern!...more info
  • works fine!
    These speakers work fine. I don't hear any hissing and the sound is fine. I use them in my office with three others surrounded by computers, telephones and other electronics and no distortion. good purchase and I would recommend. ...more info
  • Good Price; Won't Crack Your Skull
    Speakers have good sound for the money. They add a lot to the built-in speakers on my iMac, which left much to be desired. For you audiophiles, you are going to get what you pay for... The speakers have rich sound at a moderate volume level, but they will never make your head explode. The speakers look good, but the volume knob is slippery. I cannot seem to get them to sleep with my computer, so I have to turn them on and off quite a bit. Four-stars for emphasis on price in regards to sound. ...more info
  • Unbeatable speakers for this price range.
    After reading most of the reviews posted here you might think that these speakers could literally blow your socks off with awesomeness... Well I can say that they are indeed excellent but don't lose sight of the fact that these are sub-$50 speakers so, while very impressive, they aren't going to sound like a $500 speaker system, so have realistic expectations. I have been using $200 Klipsch speakers at my workplace for 4 years - two little speakers and a huge subwoofer. I just bought these JBL speakers for my home office and although I definitely notice the lack of subwoofer I would say they easily sound as good with perhaps even better mid-range. I don't miss the Klipsch speakers at all.

    The clarity is superb. The closest comparison I can make is to the Bose Sounddock - I think if I heard them back to back I would be hard-pressed to tell the difference, which is a compliment to these speakers. As for design and visual appeal, the white speakers are pretty decent-looking next to my white iBook.

    The only thing I don't like about these speakers is the on/volume dial. It's quite tricky to grip with two fingers as it's made of smooth plastic and is bullet shaped, so I find myself often having to stabilize the speaker with my other hand while I turn the dial. It's a fairly minor annoyance though.

    If you're shopping for computer/iPod speakers on a budget then look no further. They're perfect for a bedroom or office. Don't waste your money on other speakers in this price range - I've tried a few and they're always disappointing. Just don't expect these to blow your socks off!
    ...more info
  • expected more from JBL
    garbled,distorted sound with fade in and out. Now I have to spring for return postage. ...more info
  • I like it
    I buoght it in Dec. 2008. It looks good and work veruy good. It is the right size for my laptop. The sound is great. ...more info
  • Great Sound for the Money
    This purchase was one the best that I've made. Speakers have excellent sound quality and they look attractive next to my MAC. If you're looking for a pair of speakers that are inexpensive but high-quality, these are a good choice....more info
  • Great Price, Great Sound, Great Style
    The speakers on my lap top just weren't cutting it anymore. I wanted to buy a new set of speakers so I could actually enjoy listening to music, watching TV shows, movies, etc. But, I didn't want to have to spend a ton of money either. They were the right price and are a lot nicer to look at compared to many other speakers offered in the same price range. I know most people probably don't care about the way speakers look, but being in a small space I can't exactly hide my work area away in another room. The sound quality is great and it is hard to believe such big sound could come from such little speakers! I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a small set of speakers, but doesn't want to break the bank....more info
  • Nothing special, barely average.
    All the great reviews here had me hoping for something that was at least better than its peers in its price range. Nope. They perform just like other $30 speakers. The clarity the folks speak of simply isn't there; these sound just like cheap full-range PC speakers except they have slightly better-than-average treble extension. There is very little bass extension, even less than I expected from a small full-range speaker.

    Overall, I'm not unhappy with these speakers, but they are surely nothing special either....more info